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October 30, 2014

Do Anywhere Core Circuit Workout

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of PUMA.

Hello! I hope the day is moving right along for you. We’ve been staying busy at the Hesington household in preparation for Opening Night and also a visit from Scott’s mother this weekend! Lots to do.

We can chat more about that later. Right now I want to talk about a core circuit workout I put together yesterday that turned out to be killer.

Core Circuit Workout at home

Question: When you are completing exercises, are you always in tune with what your lower back is doing?

I thought I was. As it turns out, I have a slight arch in my lower back when I do overhead squats and similar exercises.

I have spent the last six months studying exercise technique and form, but I haven’t been assessed by a professional outside eye in quite some time.

That said, I am grateful for the opportunity to be completing workouts with a personal trainer for the next couple of weeks. One thing he wants me to do to combat the slight arch is strengthen my core.

Enter the core circuit workout you can do anywhere (without equipment) in under thirty minutes!

Do Anywhere Core Circuit Workout

This exercise widget makes sense to me, but Scott got a little confused on how to read it when I showed it to him. It’s easy, promise.

Each circuit is made up of three exercises and there are two pictures demonstrating the start and end position of each one.

There are three blocks of photos in each circuit that go left to right.

Read over each block top to bottom and reference the name and rep amount underneath! Complete each circuit three times, consecutively, then briefly rest before starting the next one.

Exercise Breakdown:

(cues and form tips)

Core Circuit 1 Workout

• single leg squat reaches:

Start with your feet hip-width apart and pointing forward. Begin with your back tall, left leg slightly bent, and left hand on your hip. Be careful not to arch your lower back here!

With your core tight, keep your legs exactly where they are and bring your right arm forward to touch the ground, then return to starting position all the way up. Your left leg stays bent throughout the set and your right leg bends and straightens. Make sure your knees are in line under your feet and don’t let them move in our outward.

Complete 10 reps, then switch sides.

• bird dogs:

This is one of my favorite bodyweight exercises to work the abs, lower back, booty, and thighs.

Starting on all fours, make sure your knees are directly under your hips and your hands are directly under your shoulders. You are also working on balance and stability by working opposite sides of the body. With a tight and tucked core, extend your left arm straight front and your right leg straight back. Aim to get both limbs completely straight, then slowly bend both the arm and leg in towards your body.

If you aren’t feeling comfortable with the balance, you can modify the movement by holding the bottom position (opposite straight arm and leg) for 10 seconds and then returning to the starting position. Repeat.

Complete 12 reps, then switch sides.

• side elbow plank twists:

I love these and include them in the majority of the at-home workouts I put together! Side elbow planks are challenging as it is, but adding the twist also works your obliques and shoulders.

Start in a side elbow plank on your left side. Keep your legs straight and feet stacked on top of one another. The modified version of this exercises is to unstack the feet by putting one in front of the other or placing the bottom knee on the ground. Make sure your elbow is directly under your shoulder and keep your weight there. Place your right arm behind your head and inhale. Keeping your core locked tight, rotate your chest towards the floor and bring your right elbow towards your left hand and exhale. Return to starting position for one rep.

Complete 12 reps, then switch sides.

Core Circuit 2

• standing knee to elbows:

Start with your feet hip-width apart, facing forward. Stand tall with your hands on your head and elbows open wide. Bracing your core, shift your weight to your left leg, rotate your hip, and lift your right leg off of the floor. Crunch your right elbow and right knee together, then return to starting position for one rep.

Complete 12 reps, then switch sides.

• curtsey lunges:

These are also called cross back lunges and target your quads and glutes.

Start with your feet hip-width apart, and your hands straight down or on your hips. Take a big step back with your right leg, crossing it behind your left. Bend your knees and lower your hips until your left thigh is almost parallel to the floor. Keep your torso upright and your hips and shoulders as square to the front as possible. Return to starting positing for one rep.

Complete 12 reps, then switch sides.

• floor cobras:

This is an exercise straight from my trainer! I often do Supermans, but rarely think to bring it back to the basic cobra. I guess since my feet are apart, this is a mix of the two.

Start by lying flat on your mat, arms and legs straight with your palms facing the ceiling. Contract your glutes and the muscles of your lower back, and raise your head chest, arms, and legs off the floor. In this version, I am also rotating my palms to face the floor. In this position, your hips are the only parts of your body that should be touching the floor. Hold for a couple of seconds, then return to starting position for one rep.

Complete 15 reps.

Core Circuit 3

• single knee down push-ups:

This move is what I like to call the middle ground between a straight leg and knees down push-up. With the added single straight leg balance, it also gives you a chance to work your core!

Start by getting into a normal push-up position with your feet together. Place your hands wider than your shoulders and point your fingers forward. Lower your left knee to the ground and straighten your right leg so it is almost parallel to the floor. Keep your core engaged the entire time and avoid any arching in the lower back. Perform a push-up down and up for one rep.

Complete 10 reps, then switch sides.

• straight leg bicycle abs:

Take your normal bicycle abs exercise to the next level by keeping your legs and arms straight!

Start lying on your back with your legs straight, core tight, and pelvis tucked to ensure your lower back stays on the mat throughout the entire exercise. Keeping both your legs and arms straight, lift your right leg to a 90 degree angle and left leg a couple of inches off of the ground. Lift your shoulders off of the ground and rotate your ribcage by bringing your left arm towards your right leg. Keeping your lower back pressed into the mat, switch sides so your left leg is 90 degrees and right arm is reaching towards it for one rep.

Complete a set of 20 reps.

• straight leg triceps extensions:

Start by sitting on your mat with your legs straight in front of you. Your knees should be completely straight and your feet shoulder-width apart. Place your palms on the floor with your fingers towards your feet directly under your shoulders. Press down through your hands and push up your hips to form a straight line all the while keeping your elbows in line (don’t let them move in or outward). Straighten your arms, but don’t lock your elbows. Squeeze your glutes. If you feel pain in your elbows, you are going too far down. Hold the pose for two seconds and reverse the motion until you return to starting position for one rep.

Complete a set of 15 reps.


I hope you all liked the workout! I have to give a big shout out to PUMA for inspiring me to create it and outfitting me head to toe.

PUMA Fitness Fashion Performance Look Fall 2014

Performance Look

(during workouts)

Top: Gym Tank

The Gym Tank features LYCRA® SPORT material for recovery power, fit, and freedom of movement. There is a built-in shelf bra, mesh inserts to keep you cool, and a sexy criss cross strap back design.

Pant: Move 3/4 Capris

The Move 3/4 Capri is ideal for any type of training or workout. I love the tight fit, but not too tight feeling of the layered elastic waistband.

Shoes: Mobium XT

The Mobium XT is lightweight, minimal, breathable, and sleek with support in all the right places. This is the cross training version of the PUMA Mobium running shoe that is built lower to the ground to increase agility, and enhanced by new features like pivot point and TPR layer for support.

There is a Mobium XT Band through the outsole’s forefront that allows the foot to move and expand freely with side-to-side movement support.

PUMA Fitness Performance Look Gym Tank 34 Move Pant Mobium XT shoe

I actually own both the top and pant in other prints and love both pieces. They’re comfortable and versatile to wear during any type of workout.

I especially love the black-pool green color combo on the tank. There is a teal layer that subtly shows through and I dig that.

Along with the performance look, I also received a comfortable, yet fashionable PUMA casual outfit to bum around in.

PUMA Fashion Comfort Look Fall 2014

Casual Look

(before and after workouts)

Top: French Terry Sweatshirt

The French Terry Sweatshirt is very stylish. It’s 80% cotton, 20% polyester and has a comfortable neckline with a drawstring for an adjustable fit. There is a visible outside pocket but also a secret kangaroo pocket inside. Love, love, love this hoodie!

Pant: Progressive Trend Pants

The Progressive Trend Pants are slouchy and trendy. They have a sporty design and fit, but feel loose all the way down to the closed cuff bottom. While they are designed to lounge in, you could easily sport them on a workout thanks to the dryCELL materials to wick sweat and mesh inserts to improve air circulation.

Shoes: Carson Runner

The Carson Runner is sleek and fun in the light grey animal print. This pre and post-training shoe features a breathable air mesh upper that is extremely lightweight and modern at the same time. There is an injection-molded EVA® midsole and anti-microbial sockliner to add superior cushioning, comfort, and smoothness. The EVERTRACK® rubber outsole also makes them durable for actives.

PUMA Post-Workout Look French Terry Sweatshirt Progressive Trend Pants Carson Runner

I absolutely adore the extended collar shape of the sweatshirt and have been layering with this piece all week.

The pants are ridiculously comfortable and are easily becoming a favorite to wear at home or out and about.

The sneakers extremely cute, super comfortable, and I have also been wearing them all week!

Puma Fitness Fashion Comfort Wear Fall 2014

This has been my favorite PUMA haul yet. I am totally on board with the direction their style (in both performance and casual fashion) is going and have a feeling all of these items will be regularly worn, washed, and rotated.

Thank you for allowing me to test out your gear!


More PUMA Fitness Fashion featured on HWG:

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Question of the Day

• Did you like this style of sharing workouts?

It took a little bit longer to put together (okay, a lot longer), but I feel like it’s a lot easier and more motivating for you all to try the workouts I share if I demonstrate the moves myself in an easy-to-follow graphic. If so, I’d love to continue these types of infographic workouts down the road.

Let me know!

October 22, 2014

20 Min. Plyometric Circuit Workout

Can’t get to the gym tonight but want to get in a good sweat after work?

If you have access to a set of dumbbells, you can complete this fat burning circuit workout in twenty minutes or less!

Plyometric exercises generate quick, powerful movements that work multiple muscle groups at the same time. They are great to get your heart rate in the “fat burning zone” and are very popular in boot camp and Insanity type of workout classes.

I often incorporate plyometric exercises into my workouts and absolutely love them. Something is always burning somewhere.

I didn’t want to spend too much time working out last night, but I wanted to still get the most out of my workout session.

Keeping that in mind, I put together the total body workout you see below, and am happy to report that it had me sweaty in no time!

at home plyometric circuit workout

There are three circuits with three exercises included in each one.

Simply go through each circuit of exercises three times, consecutively.

Rest until you feel ready to start the next circuit.

Each circuit takes about five minutes to complete, so (technically) you are resting for about five of those twenty minutes!

living room workout at home

I have a feeling that I will need to start taking pictures of me actually doing the workouts I post.

I love trying and posting new exercises, but the more dynamic they are, the harder they are to explain in words.

For now, I have included video or picture demonstrations for each exercise. Please use them and listen for form cues!

Videos + Demonstrations:

plie squat jumps

bridge chest presses

(If you don’t feel comfortable doing the bridges, take them out and do floor chest presses!)

(Watch your form if you do the bridges.)

v crunches

split jumps

diamond push-ups

(You can put your knees on the floor for a modification.)

(Be careful not to arch your back!)

side elbow plank twists

single arm dumbbell swings

single leg reaches

plank knee twists

If you aren’t comfortable doing high intensity power movements like jumping, this workout probably isn’t for you.

Please be mindful of your posture during all of these exercises. Avoid arching your lower back and keep your core tight! If you decide to give this workout a try, I would love to hear if you liked it.


Well I’m off. I am going to be spending the rest of my day and night traveling back and forth to Lansing. I am meeting my dad and grandmother for dinner before they fly back to Florida and am excited to see them!

Have a great rest of your Wednesday!

*Although I am a certified fitness professional, I will always recommend checking with a health care professional before adding anything new into your fitness routine. I create and share workouts at various levels that work for me, which may not always be the best exercises and/or workouts for you. Always listen to your body and modify as needed! <3

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