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November 18, 2014

Running in the Snow Again

My week kicked off on a great note with an early morning strength class at Rock City Fitness yesterday!

free weight dumbbells rock city fitness

I will be sharing a full review of their personal training program after my last class tomorrow, but for now, just know I’m being pushed.

I signed up for the 7 a.m. Strong class and completed four different circuits using dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, and medicine balls. Each circuit went down in repetitions and up in weight, and my trainer had me doing dumbbell chest presses with a set of 25s at one point. I can’t remember even attempting that before, so it was nice to know lifting heavier than 15s isn’t completely undoable for me.

I’ll be back to share more about my experience soon!

Running in the Snow Again

As much as I like taking classes and getting into a gym, I also miss my time running outside whenever I take a short hiatus from it. It had been over a week since my half marathon, so I was itching to get out there and get my heart rate up on a run again.

As soon as I got home and opened the windows, I couldn’t help but to pout at the snowy ground and dreary looking skies. They aren’t the most inviting sights to “go out for a run” if you know what I mean.

first real snow of winter 2014

Knowing it might be my last chance to enjoy a “warmer” run in the high 30s, I grabbed Scott, put a coat on Roadie, and set out for a quick two mile loop around the neighborhood.

Hesington family run in winter

I almost feel bad for taking Roadie with us in cold temperatures, but then I don’t. He’s been so bored and anxious at home lately. I knew he needed to get out on this run more than we did!

There were ice patches to dodge and slush piles to avoid, but we did our best to stay on the sidewalks and did just fine.

Can you believe how different this street looks in just two weeks time? It’s almost as if fall never even existed.

running in the neighborhood with roadie and snow

It just started snowing this week, so it hasn’t stuck enough to really be a problem yet. I am still very much getting used to running in it, so I’ll be sure to share any tips or tools I come across as the season goes on.

It’s always a little more challenging for me to breathe in the cold, but it’s also kind of nice at the same time. If I am dressed appropriately and hide the majority of my skin, I can sometimes run even longer than I normally do. I barely feel a sweat until I get back to the house!

running in the snow with roadie

We completed two quick and painless miles in 18:40, which is a pretty good pace of 9:20 with the King of potty sniffs and stops. I asked Scott if this was going to be our last run of the year and he said “nope!” We’ll just have to see how often we get ourselves back out here.

running with roadie in the snow

(Look at that mug! So great.)

It’s currently 16 degrees outside, so it might be a couple days or weeks until a run happens again.

Rochester Hills michigan weather

Seriously. What happened?

I couldn’t really tell you, so until I find the answers or motivation to do anything but sulk over the sight of snow, I’ve been keeping myself happy with warm meals and things.

Today’s breakfast looked a lot like yesterday’s!

eggs chicken sausage and toast with cherry apple butter

Organic scrambled eggs, Al Fresco chicken sausage links, and cherry apple butter spread on wheat toast.

When in doubt, just keep layering and drinking warm beverages.

That’s my theory!


All right. I’ve got to get going and onto a couple of projects, but I’ll be back later this afternoon with the start of this year’s holiday gift guide!

Questions of the Morning

• Have you ever tried to run longer than a few miles in snow? (Any tips?)

• Favorite warm beverage?

I was really good about getting out and running in the snow the first winter after we moved. That one was tolerable. With last year’s Polar Vortex and record breaking cold temperatures AND level of snowfall, I got completely overwhelmed by it and didn’t run for months. I definitely felt out my “normal” self, so I hope that doesn’t happen again! I would appreciate any tips you might have on how to combat running in the snow. Also, my favorite hot beverage is coffee, obviously. Hot tea is the runner up!

November 6, 2014

Workout Gear for Winter Running

Hi guys! I only have a few minutes before I need to get out the door, but I wanted to answer a couple of reader emails and comments by sharing some of my favorite workout gear for winter running.

Each category highlights items I currently own and love, along with a collection of pieces on my wish list for the holidays.

I touched on this subject a couple of years ago when I shared my Gift Ideas for Winter Runners, but now I have the knowledge of running in two cold (including one almost unbearable) winters to back me up!

Workout Gear for Winter Running

winter workout gear tips and winter running

• dri-fit layering pieces

From sports bras to tanks and long-sleeved shirts, I can’t get enough moisture wicking materials to layer with in the winter. How much I put on depends on how cold it is, and I always prefer dri-fit materials that help wick sweat away and keep me warm.

winter layering pieces for running

Currently loving:

lucy Run Your Heart Out Long Sleeve ($69)

C9 by Champion Layering Long Sleeve ($17-20)

On my radar:

Nike Pro-Classic Dri-Fit Sports Bra ($35)

Under Armour HeatGear Alpha Sports Bra ($25)

Nike Pro HyperWarm Fitted Hoodie ($65)

Under Armour Alpha Long Sleeve ($35)

C9 by Champion Long Sleeve Seamless Tee ($30)

• insulated tights

I love running in thick tights or leggings, especially in the cold.

It is important to select a pair that offers flexibility and comfort, but also one that is made out of the right materials to keep you warm.

UA ColdGear Leggings

Currently loving:

Lorna Jane Amy F/L Tight ($100)

Adidas ClimaWarm Pant

(I can’t find the exact ones I wear online! #fail) 

Similar: Adidas Sequentials ClimaHeat Tights ($100)

On my radar:

Under Armour ColdGear Compression Leggings ($50)

UA ColdGear Infrared Legging ($55)

Adidas Response Long Tights ($55)

UA ColdGear Cozy Legging ($60)

• warm hats/headbands/ear warmers

It’s amazing how much warmer your entire body feels when your head or at least ears are covered. I usually go for the ear warmer headbands unless it’s almost freezing out. The more coverage in the snow, the better!

Women's UA Cold Gear hats

Currently loving:

Patagonia Better Sweater Beanie ($17-25)

(and lots of Under Armour ColdGear!)

UA Coffee Run Beanie ($25)

UA Infrared Aplinelight Beanine (still available in pink for $23)

UA Mystique Knit Headband ($25) (still available here)

On my radar:

UA Studio Lux Beanie ($35)

The North Face Standard Issue Ear Gear ($20)

• wind breakers/running jackets

Jackets and wind breaking materials are key for those extra frigid and windy days!

winter running jackets

Currently loving:

The North Face Women’s Bernadino Jacket (similar)Moosejaw Primaloft Jacket (similar) (I can’t find either of these anywhere, sorry!)

Here‘s a ton of similar ones!

On my radar:

Roxy Dawn Runner Half Zip Pullover ($70)

The North Face Women’s Torpedo Jacket ($99)

lucy Winter Warrior Insulated Jacket ($128)

• running gloves

I only run in gloves when it’s absolutely necessary. Usually, gloves are the first thing I want to strip off and I always like to be able to still have access to change the settings on my phone for music and such.

Outdoor Research sensor gloves for women

For this reason, sensory (tech friendly) gloves are a must while running!

Currently loving: 

Outdoor Research Sensor Gloves (pictured above) (similar) ($70)

Manzella Tahoe Ultra Touchtip Outdoor Gloves ($22)

On my radar:

TNF Women’s Etip Gloves ($45)

UA Get Set Go Running Glove ($25)

lulululemon Run With Me Fleece Gloves ($32)

• neck warmers/running scarves

Believe it or not, this is one category my closet is missing. I really need neck warmers and scarves that won’t fall off while bouncing about.

This year might be the year, y’all… c’mon Santa!

The North Face thermal scarfsource

On my radar:

TNF Genali Thermal Neck Gaiter ($30)

TNF Thermoball™ Scarf ($40)

lululemon Vinyasa Scarf ($48)

• winter wicking running socks

Again, I have a decent amount of running socks, but none are specifically made to wear in cold climates.

drymax cold weather socks


On my radar:

TNF PHD Running Ultra Light Macro ($16)

Drymax Cold Weather Socks (price will vary)

• puffer vests

I have a serious love for puffer vests. I bought my first one two years ago to wear around town and ended up buying two more right away.

They’re comfortable, warm, and a perfect medium for the days where a full on jacket might be too heavy.

Puffer Vests for winter running

Currently loving:

lucy Winter Hideaway Vest ($128)

On my radar:

C9 by Champion Puffer Vest ($35)

The North Face Women’s Aconcagua Vest ($99)

• lip balm

Trust me, it’s an essential.

When I know I’ll be running longer than 30 minutes at a time, I always bring lip balm with me. Running with the feeling of chapped lips is awful. It may seem redundant, but I wanted to include it so you don’t forget to pack it with you!

lip balm for running

Favorites: Burt’s Bees Beeswax, Yes to Carrots Lip Butter & EOS stick lip balm


Additional articles and ideas:

>> The Best Cold-Weather Running Gear via Women’s Health

>> What to Wear on Cold Runs via Runner’s World

>> The Best Winter Workout Gear via Fitness Magazine

>> Above or Below Freezing: What to Wear for Winter Runs via POPSUGAR

 I hope this helps!

What are some of your winter workout essentials?

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, but it does highlight clothing items I love and includes affiliate links. I truly appreciate any support! <3

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