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July 18, 2012

Wedding Photos We Didn’t Show

Good Morning!  I would guess a good majority of you read a post or two from the Wedding Wednesday series I featured over the past few months.  They seemed to be pretty popular, and a considerably large little part of me is sad that I no longer dedicate a weekly post to the day Scott and I got married.

If you ever care to revisit some of my favorite memories and elements from our wedding day, you can catch a full breakdown as well as our wedding planning on the Wedding Page.

With our 1 Year Anniversary quickly approaching this weekend <- crazy!, I thought it would be fun to put together a montage of my favorite and some funny wedding photos that didn’t get shared through my wedding recaps.


Funny Bride and Groom Wedding Photo

1…2… 7.22.2012

Scott will be traveling this week as well as next, and will only be home for a day and a half to celebrate our anniversary.  Nothing incredible is scheduled to happen on Sunday, but I’m okay with that.

With everything going on in our lives right now, spending the day together is all I can and will ask for.

I am excited to start a handmade 1 Year Anniversary (Paper) project for Scott’s gift, while he leaves for a few days.

Once I give it to him, I’ll be sure to post all about it! :D

June 13, 2012

Wedding Vendor Recap

SURPRISE! I decided to sneak in one more Wedding Wednesday

As much as I would love write about our wedding day each and every week, I’m not going to.  I know I could pull out a few more great stories to share, but I do not want to drag the series out either.  A set of twelve wedding recaps represents our wedding day well, and if you ever want to know more, you can scroll past the recaps and spend some time reading the posts about planning the wedding.

Is there anything you are dying to know? Ask me!

I wanted to compile the list of what we call our “A-Team” of wedding vendors.  I frequently receive e-mails asking about who did what, and I respond with a paragraph and links to a few different posts.  Today, I will now have one place to direct anyone asking about who we hired to do what.  This is very exciting!

*All photos used in this and all wedding related posts from here on out are from Elegant Imagery.

Our Wedding Vendors

Three cheers to the wonderful people that made our wedding day dreams come true!

Wedding Planning

Day-Of Coordinator: Ashlie Shea, Weddings in the City

Bride and groom at sweetheart table

Hiring a coordinator for the day-of was a must for us.  If there were any problems brewing that morning, I did not want to know about them.

Ashlie knows what she is doing and made planning our wedding as close to easy as we could get.  She was a delight to work with and stayed positive and patient with all of our tedious details.

Photography & Videography

Photography: Elegant Imagery

Videography: Sugarpop Films

fun and cool Wedding photo ideas

We saw Elegant Imagery at a bridal show and fell in love with their fun and artistic photos.  After a few consults, they knew exactly what we were looking for and delivered ten fold.  Scott and I could not be happier with how our wedding photos turned out, and I am very thankful for our Rock the Dress Photo Shoot!

Brian from Sugarpop Films is a true artist and professional.  We hired him last minute, which a little over a month before the wedding.  He showed up early to tape personal interviews and came through with even more than we had hoped for.  Looking back, I could not have imagined documenting our wedding day without our Wedding Day Short and Surprise Bridal Party Dance videos.

Hair and Makeup

Hair: DeMarco Mireles, Stella Luca Salons (bride and side ponytails)

Hair: Jessica Hartwick, Parlour Salon and Spa (side buns)

Makeup: Kat Quiel, MAC Cosmetics

wedding hair and makeup stylists

DeMarco has been coloring and styling my hair for years, so it was comforting to know I was in good hands on the big day.  He did my hair and four other bridesmaids side ponytails.

Jessica did the updos for my friend Brittany’s wedding and did a perfect job on the remaining bridesmaids’ side buns.

Kat has also been doing my makeup for years, and I trusted her with my wedding makeup one hundred percent.  I had a makeup trial scheduled for the morning of my Bridal Shower, and after almost having to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, she went above and beyond to make it into town for me.


Lee Forrest Design

Bridal Bouquet Hesington Wedding

Lee Forrest is creative, efficient, goes above and beyond expectations, and did my bridesmaid Brittany’s wedding – which was gorgeous.

We met with two different florist companies, and by the time we met Lee it was like a breath of fresh air.  He got us.  Read more.

My Dress and Accessories

Priscilla of Boston – which, sadly, is no longer in business.

bride ready to go

I genuinely loved my wedding day look from head to toe and have a lot of people to thank for it.  Let’s start with the dress.

Since Priscilla’s is no longer in business, some of their pieces were sold to David’s Bridal, but from what I understand a lot of their collections and pieces were lost.  It’s a pity, because I truly loved the store, service and atmosphere of the bridal shop.

Accessories were also purchased from Priscilla’s of Boston.  You can get a detailed look at everything I wore in my Getting Ready recap.  One thing you don’t see there is the bottom of my shoes.  I’m now taking the opportunity to share them with you because I worked very hard on them.

Wedding monogram on shoes

Our wedding monogram was penciled and bedazzled by yours truly.

For the reception, I changed into a custom made reception party dress and sparkle boy shorts made by costume designer and friend, Bunkie TateRead more.

Bridesmaid Dresses and Groomsmen Tuxes

Taking advantage of the small percentage off for purchasing at the same store, my bridesmaids also got their dresses from Priscilla of Boston.

Bridesmaids outside Grand Bohemian

Our groomsmen and Scott’s tuxes were from Jos. A. Bank.  The girls had matching shoes and jewelery, while the guys had matching ties, socks and sneakers.

Groomsmen lineup

You can read more about those details in the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen posts.

Wedding Invitations & Programs

Angela Palacio, Paper Charm Design

Wedding Ceremony Programs

Angela did a fantastic job capturing the style we wanted.  We supplied her with all of the information to print and with the descriptions of our Bridal Party, we set the tone of a fun, personalized wedding right off the bat.

She was creative, efficient and wonderful to work with!

Ceremony Venue

Henry Chapel, First Baptist Church of Orlando

Henry Chapel, First Baptist Church Orlando

The location was held at Henry Chapel, a side chapel on the property of our church First Baptist Orlando.  Since a big part of our growth together happened at this church, we wanted to get married right there and share the story with our guests.  Read more.

Reception Venue

Heaven Events Center

Heaven Events Center

We fell in love with Heaven Events Center the first time we ever went there.  It’s located off a few turns off of a main road in Orlando, but not many people seem to know it’s there.

The only thing here before we got to it was white drapery, a white floor, a black ceiling and a few white paper lanterns.  The staff was wonderful to work with and gave us the reigns to do whatever we wanted!

DJ & Lighting

Soundwave Entertainment

monogram gobo

Les and Wendy Kopasz from Soundwave were a pleasure to work with.  Their equipment was top-of-the-line and there wasn’t one song played that I didn’t like at our wedding.  We  hired them for both DJ and lighting and loved the end result.  Shout out to Les for letting our break dancers take over the mics!  Read more.


Chef Lo, Millenia Catering

Sushi station at wedding reception

After meeting with a few caterers, we went with our instincts and booked Chef Lo from Millenia Catering.  I can’t express how grateful I am towards that decision, and I would hire him again in a heartbeat.  The food was amazing, the set up was gorgeous and Chef Lo was more accommodating that we could have ever imagined. Read more.


Anna Cakes

wedding cake funny photo

Anna did a great job of re-creating a uniquely beautiful cake we created on paper together.  Out of everything in our reception photos, I get the most compliments on our wedding cake.  I absolutely adored it!

Special Thanks To…

Our Parents

All of our Families

The Bridesmaids

The Groomsmen

Pastor David Uth

Our NBA Family

FBCO Community

Rusty Morris

Bunkie Tate

Jason Dewberry

Chris “Casper” Lupis

Doug Pierce

Jared Burnett

Street Breakz

Emmy Bibliowicz

DeMarco Mireles

Bride and groom at reception

You and our wonderful team of vendors helped us have a pretty close to perfect wedding, and we are forever grateful!

June 6, 2012

Rock the Dress Photo Shoot

As the Wedding Wednesday series comes to a close, I want to thank each and every one of you for your wonderful comments, messages and feedback.  This has been my absolute favorite subject to write about so far, and I’m excited to have a set of recaps to look back on down the road.

On our wedding day, we took a our Bride & Groom photos during cocktail hour.  This was the only opportunity we thought we were going to have to get some fun wedding shots in.  Halfway through the ceremony, we heard thunder, then what do you know… a downpour of rain came soon after.

Hey, rain on your wedding day is supposed to be good luck, right?

When we got to the reception venue, the rain let up but everything outside was still damp.  We didn’t have much time to shoot and we couldn’t go very far.

A few minutes into taking pictures, our photographer suggested a wedding photo re-shoot a few weeks later.  I have heard of “Rock the Dress” photo shoots where the bride gets back in her dress to take and some cool – sometimes dress destroying – photos after the wedding.  I had actually been thinking about doing this, but didn’t want to add the extra expense to our package.

As it turns out, Elegant Imagery was gracious enough to re-shoot both Scott and I in a fun, non-time restricting photo shoot.  Thanks again guys!

*All photos used in this and all wedding related posts are from Elegant Imagery.

Rock the Dress Photo Shoot

We spent about two full hours walking from one spot to the next on Park Avenue in Winter Park.  We brought a list of fun photo ideas printed out and spent about an hour and a half re-creating them, also throwing in a few spontaneous shot ideas of our own.

wedding photo ideas

Although it was hotter than I ever imagined it could be, we had a blast and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Here is a short video I put together including some of the best shots from the day.

Photo Break Down

We started the day on a side road off of the main street.  I loved the brick wall here, and these first few turned out to be some of my favorites.

Wedding photo ideas

cool and fun wedding photo ideas

rock the dress photo shoot


After browsing online for photo ideas - before Pinterest existed! – Scott and I noted a few we had to try.  Here is one of them:

fun and cool Wedding photo ideas

We stumbled on the next location by accident.  After looking upstairs, Scott noticed the pretty vines growing up to the ceiling and it ended up being a pretty cool background.

fun wedding photos

I love this next photo.  This is really what the day was like.  No fake posing, no forced smiles… just us, enjoying time together.

Wedding photo ideas

Besides the fact that I was walking down the streets in a wedding dress, it was just another day at Park Avenue.

cool wedding photo ideas

I just LOVE this next one.  For a minute it felt like we were dancing at the reception again.

fun wedding photo ideas

Wait… can I have ten favorites? Because this is one too.

bride and groom photo shoot

Wedding photo ideas

and that one.

Okay, this is impossible.  I don’t have any favorites anymore.

They’re all special to me.

Hesington Wedding Photo

All are special, and this next one melts my heart.

I’ve seen rings on the Bible before, but never something like this.  I stumbled upon this same photo in the gallery of our photographer’s website and knew we had to get one in the middle of 1 Corinthians.

wedding rings photo ideas

The verse means a great deal to us, and the center ring making a heart shadow displayed that perfectly.

If you would like to know why, read this story.

The next one is another off of our list of mandatory photos.  We bought the lime green picture from from Michaels for under $10, separated the from from the matting and glass and stuck it right into the grass.

cool and fun wedding photo ideas

These next two are wild.  Again, Scott found this idea online and our photographers did an amazing job editing them!

Wedding photo ideas

Some say I look like Thumbelina.  I say I look like a mini-me.  Either way, the photos turned out pretty cool!

Wedding photo ideas

After close to two hours of shooting, we were both hot and sweaty messes.  We knew we got great shots and felt happy we got to spend as much time as we needed to capture a gallery of cool and fun wedding photos.

wedding photo ideas

For the last shot of the day, we tore up my beautiful bouquet.  It felt so wrong, but since it wouldn’t last more than a few days anyways, we captured something that would last longer.


fun way to use wedding flowers

Did you miss a Wedding Recap?

Catch up on all of them as well as everything wedding related on the Wedding Page.

Thanks for reading!

May 30, 2012

Wedding Recap: Reception Entertainment

It’s Wedding Wednesday!  If this is your first visit to the blog, each week I spotlight a different subject about Our Wedding Day.  Today, we finally get to the P-A-R-T-Y!

*All photos used in this and all wedding related posts are from Elegant Imagery.

Reception Entertainment

Our wedding reception was quite entertaining, or at least we thought so.

Bride and Groom dance at reception

Our guests had no idea what to expect, and the night was full of surprises.

Lets start at the beginning.

If you have been keeping up with the Wedding Recaps, you know we spent quite a bit of time making our wedding day unique.  A lot of thought and planning went into our ceremony, catering, cake, cocktail hour and reception traditions.

Now it was really time to celebrate!

After dinner, Scott and I quietly excused ourselves from the reception and put Streat Breakz up to the challenge of entertaining our guests so no one would notice.  Shout out to our DJ, Les from Soundwave Entertainment, for letting them take over the mics!

Street Breakz perform at wedding reception

The leader of the group, Al Fuentes, is a personal friend of ours and the group started performing at Universal Studios ten years ago.  Street Breakz puts on a high energy, interactive acrobatic show and really got our guests into the performance.

Street Breakz

Some of the stunts they pulled out were insane.

Street Breakz

I didn’t get to see the entire show, but I could tell by the cheering that our guests were impressed.

Street Breakz perform at wedding reception

As were we!

During their performance, I took this opportunity to change into my reception dress and sneakers.  I had my bridesmaids come back with me to hand off a pair of black sparkly high top sneakers to wear for the remainder of the night, courtesy of my fellow Orlando Magic Dancers <- thanks again, girls!

Towards the end of the Street Breakz performance, everyone was on their feet.  Scott and I crept up to the back curtain and watched guests and even family members bust a move.

Get it, Kirk (Scott’s dad!)

Father of the Groom dances at wedding


Surprise Bridal Party Dance

From the beginning of our Engagement, Scott and I knew we really wanted to pull out something special at our wedding reception.  We had seen surprise Bride and Groom dances, couples change songs in the middle of their first dance song, and several episodes of Rock the Reception on TLC.

We knew whatever we did had to surprise our guests and rock our reception.

Bride and Groom surprise wedding dance

When asking my bridesmaids and Scott’s groomsmen to be a part of our bridal party, they knew something crazy was attached to the job.  A choreographed dance for Scott and I was expected, but a surprise wedding dance with the entire bridal party was not…

Bridal Party Surprise dance

A few months before the wedding, Scott and I met with choreographer and friend, Chris “Casper” Lupis to learn a routine.  I created a private YouTube account and taught the entire dance in a few breakdown videos for our bridal party to learn online.

Since most of the groomsmen and a few of my bridesmaids live out of state, this was the only way to give them enough time to learn and feel comfortable performing the routine.

Groomsmen surprise wedding dance

We had two rehearsals the week of the wedding: one for anyone wanting an in-person run through, and one for everyone after rehearsal dinner.  This is when each pair choreographed their own moves down the introduction soul train line.

My Matron of Honor (and sister) Trish, and Scott’s Best Man, Joseph, did the Irish jig, which made me literally laugh out loud.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Intros dance

Other dances were quite comical.

Leapfrog at wedding reception

I’ll stop typing and let you enjoy it for yourselves…

I still can’t THANK each and every one of you for sticking around, working hard and killing it!  THANK YOU again, Casper, for the choreography and for making us do this:

Flip Surprise Bridal Party Dance

You guys all ROCK!

Unexpected Performances

While most of our reception entertainment was planned, there were a few pleasant surprises.  Unknown to me, Scott invited a friend and talented drummer, Xavier Peterson, to play alongside our DJ and violinist.

Live Drummer at reception

I didn’t know this until looking back at the pictures, but at some point during the reception our groomsman, Marc, showed us his drumming skills.

Groomsmen plays the drums

Towards the end of the reception, I saw flashes of light coming from the dance floor.  Our friend Carissa overseas a charity called Hoola for Happiness, and randomly busted out these light up hoola hoops.

Light Up Hoola Hoops at wedding reception

Her hooping skills were serious and our guests weren’t sure if she was hired to perform or not.  She wasn’t, but we appreciated the entertainment!

I’m sure everyone says it, but we had a blast at our wedding reception.  We wanted the ceremony to be meaningful and the reception to be a party, and I can look back confident that we achieved our goal.

Having a blast at wedding reception

Thank you again to all of our wonderful families, friends, vendors, and entertainers for helping us ROCK our wedding reception!

Bride and Groom say goodbye

It couldn’t have gone better.

To be continued next (and last) Wedding Wednesday…

In the mean time, see what recap is coming next on the Wedding Page!

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