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July 14, 2014

Girls’ Weekend Up North

A couple of weeks ago, my best friend Alex invited me to spend the weekend with her and some of her girlfriends from work at her family’s cottage Up North.

We deemed our time away “Save Our Sanity Weekend” and that’s exactly what happened. For forty-eight straight hours, our sanity from the craziness of life was saved… here.

lime lake northern michigan

I left you all Friday sharing that Alex, our pups, and I would be on our way to make the four hour drive up to the Traverse City area by late that afternoon. By 4:30 p.m. the Jeep was packed and the four of us were on our way!

raodie and macy in the car

We hit a little bit of traffic, which was to be expected. Everyone seems to have a cottage they visit Up North during the summer months, and I’m so glad I finally got to have that experience.

Alex’s family share their cottage with her Aunt’s family, and they purchased their lakefront property at an absolute steal over thirty years ago!

up north lake michigan

We arrived to Lime Lake right after 9 p.m. and quickly dropped Roadie and Macy off inside before heading straight over to meet the girls for a late dinner in Downtown Traverse City.

downtown traverse city

I wish we could have spent more time there! I love the Traverse vibe and have only been there to visit the wineries. Scott and I wanted to make a trip up last weekend to attend the Cherry Festival, but I guess that will have to wait another year.

This time, we made our way in and out of the area for dinner at Mackinaw Brewing Company.

We started with a cherry wine (which I am still convinced was some kind of cherry brew), and both Alex and I ordered the exact same meal. We’re kind of obnoxious, but it tends to happen since we have very similar taste.

dinner in traverse city

White chicken chili with black beans (yum!), Spinach Salad with fruit and feta, and a Bailey’s chocolate cheesecake to split for dessert.

We knew this weekend was open for indulging, and I think we took care of that in a great way and in moderation. We spent the rest of the night talking, laughing, and watching Bridesmaids, which I now realize will never, ever get old!


A big goal for our weekend was to make as little plans as possible, but still have an idea of what would take place according to food preparation.

We started the morning with breakfast at the cottage, then packed lunch and headed out to Van’s Beach for the rest of the day!

in our beach floppy hats

With the full group of us sporting big floppy beach hats, we were fully aware that we looked ridiculous and decided to embrace it.

walking to the beach north michigan

We made our way through an art festival that was going on to find the entrance to Van’s Beach for a few hours of fun in the sun. I can’t even remember the last time my toes hit sand, so I was pretty excited!

The skies were a lot cloudier than we expected, but the gorgeous views surrounding us made up for it.

vans beach michigan

vans lake boats

Knowing we came prepared with a picnic setup and speaker to play music, we made our way to the end where we were only bothered by the occasional beach bird.

vans beach michigan sand

Sunshine or not, hours of laying, chatting, reading, and sipping by the water was pure bliss.

picnic on the beach

magazines for girls day on the beach

frozen strawberry margaritas

girls weekend on the beach

There may or may not have also been some beach yoga and barre classes led by the water.

yoga and fun on the beach

Hey… we had a blast and woke up with sore legs the next morning. That’s multitasking at it’s finest, my friends!

It started getting chilly around dinner time, so we packed up and went back to the cottage to prepare dinner in. I was really proud of the girls for planning out all of our meals ahead of time, and we all split up groceries and cooking tasks to get everything together!

girls weekend grilling

(Shout out to Emily for her amazing grilling skills!)

girls weekend dinner at the cottage

Dinner came together quickly, and I appreciated the fact that our meal was light and healthy. Until ice cream, of course.

ice cream at the beach

Eh, it was girls’ weekend. So I lived a little.

After the ice cream, we realized we never ate the grilled corn on the cobb and all had an ear.

Alex even taught Roadie how to gently enjoy his… like a human.

alex teacing roadie to eat corn on the cobb

It was hilarious and he seemed to love the extra challenge and treat.

We closed the night by watching our second chick flick in the cottage and all went to bed two hours later, after loving then despising the movie Message in a Bottle. Have you ever seen it? It’s a great story until the twist of an ending. We were all so upset. Ha!


Our Sunday morning started with two whiney pups who desperately wanted to explore the outdoors.

Alex mentioned taking them to a beach that allowed dogs, and I was all for it. Ironically enough (considering Scott and I are from Florida), Roadie had never been to a real beach before.

sleeping bear dunes beach

He absolutely loved the sand and grass, but wasn’t too sure about the water part. Macy, however, dove right in!

macy at sleeping bear dunes beach

macy swimming sleeping bear dunes beach

Eventually, we ran into a small river that Roadie warmed up to. Hey, any water is a big step in my eyes!

roadie at sleeping bear dunes beach

On our turnaround, I think he finally realized how much fun Macy was having in the waves and decided to give it a try.

Roadie on the beach

I had a proud momma moment and had to capture it. Clearly, Roadie was still second guessing the whole idea of sand and water in his paws, but in my mind I still won the battle of the beach.

heather and roadie at the beach

(His faces kill me.)

We made our way to the car and rode back to the cottage with two tired puppies. Alex and I kept talking about how fun it would be to live this close to a beach and take them several times a week! If only.

After a cup of coffee, the group of us drove into town for brunch and I ate the best Greek omelet in all the land. Seriously, this combo was the jam!

the best Greek omelet

Three eggs, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, red onion, garlic, black olives, feta and mozzarella cheese.

We went back to the cottage and said goodbye to our friends who had to get back home and enjoyed the rest of our afternoon across the lake at Alex’s aunt’s cottage.

lime lake by the deck

I told you, everyone seems to own property Up North! And after this trip, I can definitely see why. It’s absolutely beautiful and so serene.

lime lake michigan

Eventually, we came to terms with needing to head home ourselves, and went back to Alex’s family’s cottage to pack up our things and get ready to make the four hour drive back home.

We might have been in denial that reality would soon return.

sad to leave up north

After hours of driving and plenty of loud singing anyone overhearing or watching would find embarrassing, we entered the outskirts of our home city and spotted a rainbow!

rainbow on the drive home

How’s that for a great ending? A little cheesy, I have to agree, but pretty awesome at the same time.

Now I’m home and am slowly accepting that I don’t actually live on a gorgeous body of water. I will always remember my time at the cottage and hope to return again this summer.

Thanks Alex (and friends!) for an incredible stress-free weekend. My sanity has for sure been temporarily saved!

Giveaway Winner

Before I go, I have a giveaway winner to announce. Thank you to everyone who entered the Emergen-C (fizzy vitamins) giveaway over the weekend!


• Entry #185 – Tonya M.

You won by liking Housewife Glamour on Facebook!

Please email me at hwglamour@gmail.com with your shipping address to claim your prize.

(Linking this post up with Katie for Marvelous in my Monday!)

Have a great start to the week!

Question of the Day

• What is one thing you do to “save your sanity”?

If a vacation or weekend getaway isn’t an option, I rely on things I can do at home to help me relax. If I’m high strung, I usually go for a long run or take a yoga class to de-stress. Also, I turn to my girlfriends to help pull me out of funks with a get together or even a phone call. If that doesn’t work, music or a hot bath seems to do wonders!

June 24, 2014

Travel Running + Circuit Workout

Good Afternoon! I don’t have much time to chat, but wanted to say hello and at least share a great workout meant for the outdoors that I threw together at the last minute yesterday.

Travel Running Circuit Workout

Video References:

Walking Lunges

• Mountain Climber Twists

• Donkey Kicks

• Flutter Kicks

When I’m traveling, I don’t always have a lot of time to work out. I’ve learned that thirty or even twenty minutes is a lot better than nothing, and when I can’t make it to a gym I love doing these types of no-equipment-needed exercises.

Yesterday, I had exactly thirty minutes to fit in a workout, so I originally planned to spend it strictly running around campus.

Running on Southeastern University Campus

About a mile in, I got the urge to target something else besides cardio and came up with the circuit you see above on the fly. It turned out to be a good one, and sure got me sweaty while I made my way around the lake and surrounding streets off property!

Running around Lakeland

After skipping an entire weekend of workouts, it felt good to do at least a little somethin’ somethin’ for my muscles. All you need for these types of workouts is half an hour and the great outdoors, baby!

how to work out anywhere

Well friends, it’s time to get back to camp and family time.

See you tomorrow with a drink recipe, giveaway and another guest post!

Question of the Afternoon

• What are your favorite types of workouts while you’re on the road?

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