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September 7, 2013

Arts, Beats & Eats 2013

I have used the phrase “Arts, Beats & Eats” at least ten times on my social media pages this week. Unless you are from my neck of the woods, you are probably wondering what the heck I am talking about it. Here ya go!

Arts Beats & Eats art

Arts, Beats & Eats is a summer festival in Oakland County that celebrates arts, music, food, and humanity. 2013 marked the 16th year of this popular festival that takes place in the heart of downtown Royal Oak.

Before we moved here, I remember Scott saying he attended a fun festival on one of his trips up. This was it! Exactly one year later, I attended my first AB&E not only as a Michigan resident, but also as a dancer!

Arts Beats Eats Welcome

A group of ten of us represented the Pistons at the festival last Saturday afternoon. Throughout the weekend, we took turns making appearances, and a group of eight performed a few of our routines on one of the main stages during my shift at the booth.

Arts Beats Eats Pistons Danc

A few hours later, I stayed with the group to shuttle back to my car to change and planned to return to the festival with Scott as a patron!


(More than a little hungry, I was glad to find the KIND booth on the way out.)

I met Scott at my car, quickly changed, and just like that we were ready to re-enter the festival to have some fun.

Arts Beats Eats Festival carnival

The first thing we came across was the mini-carnival! We didn’t venture out too far into it, since there was plenty other areas we wanted to check out… along with the fact that I am a bit scared of carnival rides.

Really. (Remember my love/hate relationship with roller coasters?) I have gotten sick on or directly after a handful of them, and you know what? I’m good. I could go my entire life without riding another and be perfectly okay with it. The ferris wheel, however, is one I will always be open to!

Arts Beats Eats carnival

(Maybe when the skies aren’t so gray.) ;)

The first thing we needed to do was purchase tickets. Instead of cash, almost every booth only took tickets as a form of payment.

Arts Beats Eats tickets

A sheet of sixteen cost $10, and if I had to guess how many we bought I couldn’t. Sneaky little system isn’t it?

With a few sheets of tickets in hand, we made our way through the crowds to start my favorite part any big festival: the Eats.

Arts Beats Eats 2013

Keep in mind that this was during Labor Day Weekend when I noted in last week’s WIAW that I did not pay much attention to my normal healthy diet ways. It happens every once in a while, and as long as I get back on track the next day or so I am completely on board with the occasional splurge day. First stop: Mackinac Fudge!

Fudge stand

Both Scott and I have a weakness for fudge, and we just couldn’t pass up the caramel turtle flavor. Throughout the entire festival, we enjoyed what you see below including a Greek salad, lamb over rice, and steak skewers.

Arts Beats Eats food

While I am not normally the biggest fan of red meat, I make an exception in situations like this and like to branch out and try new things when Scott shows interest in them.

Next, we found the Arts area and enjoyed wandering around booth after booth to admire the local handy work.

arts beats eats art booth

Most of it was very unique, and if some of it was a bit more affordable, a piece or two might have been going home with us.

unique art

The most unique part had to have been the artist who made pieces strictly out of children’s toys, frames, and spray paint!

spray painted art

We decided to go say hello to some co-workers at the Pistons booth and on our way stumbled upon the Deaf Arts Festival.

Deaf Arts Festival

Here, we found an entire section of the festival dedicated to honor the deaf community: both artists and festival patrons alike.

“The mission of the Deaf Arts Festival is to celebrate the arts by exploring diverse, quality visuals and performing arts through the support of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing population. The essence of this organization is to enrich and educate the audience through personal interaction among Deaf and Hard of Hearing artists.” -DAF Website

We decided to take a stroll through the area and became quite impressed by both the work and community. It was a quiet and calm part of the festival, and it was really neat to see everyone signing around us!

Eventually, we made it over to our home booth and found a few familiar faces, including our friend, Stephanie, of the Cheer Team. Of course, Scott had to put on his manager hat and fix the sign when he thought the lettering didn’t stand out enough.

Pistons booth arts beats eats

He really does make me giggle sometimes.

Knowing we would be returning to the festival again the next day, we decided to call it a night and made our way towards the exit.

While doing so, a jewelry booth caught my eye and I was instantly drawn to this wrap around bracelet! Normally priced in the $80 range, I managed to score both the wrap around and gold cross bracelet for $40.

art festival jewelry

Gotta love festival bargaining!

While that purchase ended our first day at the festival, we returned the very next day to enjoy the Beats!

We showed up right around 8:30 p.m. with the intention to catch the one and only MC Hammer perform on the main stage!

MC Hammer at arts beats eats

As you can imagine, seeing him perform live was both awesome and comical. As songs like U Can’t Touch This and 2 Legit 2 Quit came on, we couldn’t help but start our own dance party and join in on the fun happening on stage.

arts beats eats concert

Our friend, Kylee, was there with us and we had an absolute blast!

Arts. Beats. and some serious Eats: Check! This festival was everything I expected it to be and we had a great few days of soaking in some Detroit culture. We plan to attend again next year, and I am curious to see what kind of artists will be on the line up.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend so far and are able to get out and enjoy something outside. The weather (here at least) is gorgeous!

Happy Saturday!

August 22, 2013

Summer 2013 Workout Playlist II

I’m finding myself moving a bit on the slower side today.

We have started our regular practices and workouts and (I don’t know if it’s just me, but) they seem to be harder than ever. Last night was three straight hours of learning choreography, cleaning, performing, and blocking several routines. Oh, and don’t forget the 30-minute core sculpting workout at the end. Pistons Dancers are not playing around this year, ya’ll!

As much as my body feels it the next day (and believe me – at 28 years old – I am feeling it), I love the extra challenges this year has already put me through. We still haven’t formed an official team for the upcoming season, so we all have to bring our “A game” to every single practice. It is exhausting, but awesome at the same time.

This morning’s coffee time lasted longer than usual, and then I found myself doing laundry, foam rolling, and putzing around until just a short while ago. I know I need to get my booty in gear, run errands, get to the gym, work on a few projects, and get some groceries in the house! It’s been ages since I’ve even attempted to create a new recipe. Ages. Maybe today is the day?

Anyways, the point of this post is to share my latest go get ‘em playlist with you! As you probably know, I am a music freak and am always putting new playlists together.

I recently shared my Summer 2013 Running + Workout Playlist, and now I am continuing on with the second part of it. The summer time always produces the best hit music!

Summer 2013 Running + Workout Playlist II

Summer 2013 Running + Workout Playlist 2

I can’t for the life of me figure out how to embed my playlist here. I know it’s possible, but think spending more than 30 minutes trying to do so is a little ridiculous.

Summer Workout Playlist on Spotify

For now, click to give it a listen online!

Don’t forget to give yourself at least a song’s worth of a good cool down and stretching at the end of your run or workout. I kind of force it on you by including a slower song in at the end every time. Muwahahaha! ;)

I’m going to keep it short today and get back to my list of today’s To-Do’s. Now that I have my playlist rockin’, I’m ready to get after it. Have a great Thursday!

Question of the Day

• What are some of your favorite workout songs this Summer?

August 19, 2013

Frankenmuth + Chicken Liver Pate

Good Afternoon! Well, today sure has zipped by.

I wanted to publish this post early this morning, but I guess WordPress had other plans in store. I have had the hardest time with my server lately. Not only has it been intolerably slow, but it freezes up and times out every few minutes. Is this happening to any other blogger friends out there? Super frustrating.

Since posting wasn’t in my future before hitting the gym for Fitness Pilates, I am going to start there. It felt SO great to get out of “vacation mode” and back into my normal healthy living routine now that I’m home again.

Although I was incredibly full from a full day of eating in Frakenmuth (sharing that with you in just a sec!), I felt like I just had to go running last night. Do you ever feel that way? My body was tired, but my mind was going crazy without that extra release of workout endorphins it has been missing lately.

5 miles last night + Fitness Pilates + 3.1 treadmill miles today = one happy girl!

Running with PEARSports

monday workout routine

Ahhhhh. That’s better!

Yes To Blueberries Giveaway Winners

Thank you to all who entered the Yes To Blueberries Giveaway! It was great to see your excitement to try out the line of skin care, and I don’t blame you. Yes To™ products have taken over my (twice) daily skin care routine, and I am still loving the way it makes my skin feel every time!


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An Afternoon In Frankenmuth

Okay… now onto the part of the post that coordinates with it’s title. Scott and I both had an event to work yesterday in Frankenmuth, Michigan. Since it is about an hour away from where we live, we planned ahead of time to hang around for a few hours!

Have you ever been to Frankenmuth? It’s known as being “Michigan’s Little Bavaria”, is home of the “World’s Largest Christmas Store”, and is absolutely charming!

Bavarian Inn and Castle Shops Frankenmuth

We didn’t have enough time to fully explore the area, but made the most of our trip down the main strip. The first stop was at the Bavarian Inn restaurant and castle shops.

Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn

We had a hard time deciding where to eat lunch, since we had heard great things about a few places from friends. While thinking about it, we enjoyed the atmosphere and live music around the castle shops.

Bavarian Inn Castle Shops

Frankenmuth photo

Gotta love a good cut-out photo opp every now and then!

While walking through the main courtyard, we noticed it was almost time for the Glockinspiel to go off. Right a 3 p.m., the bells rung and started playing a few familiar tunes. A few minutes later (yes minutes), some figurines came out and began telling the legend of the Pied Piper of Hamel. I was pretty pumped to see the figurines come out and rotate around!

Frankenmuth Glockenspiel Tower

After another few minutes, Scott and I realized this would be a story told on the slow side… so we ended up moving on.

Our tummies were rumbling and we finally decided to eat at Zendher’s.

Zenders World Famous Chicken Frankenmuth

It is famous for their chicken dinners, and always has a waiting line out the door of both main dining rooms.

Zenders entrance

We got sat in a huge dining area, which almost felt more like a cafeteria to me. There was a buffet on the side, offering almost anything German inspired you can imagine.

Since I am not huge into trying too many meats (which is why most people turn to the buffet), I ordered off of the menu. Without knowing it, my meal also came with more than a few appetizers.

Zenders Appetizers

(Chicken Noodle Soup, Cranberry Dressing, Cottage Cheese, Cole Slaw, and a Nut and Fruit Bread with Strawberry Jam.)

Andddddd Chicken Liver Pate.

Zenders Chicken Liver Pate

I know it is considered to be a delicacy, but I really have no urge or intentions on trying anything with the word liver in the title. Sharing this with Scott of course prompted him to offer me cash for my efforts. One piece of bread smothered in chicken liver pate = $75.

Wouldn’t you do it? I’ll just let you observe how that went.

I’m almost certain I will never be trying it again, but regardless, I am now a $75 richer woman. Boom!

At the end of the video, you saw me trying my potato dumplings to try to hide the aftertaste. The side of them, along with my main dish of Chicken Schnitzel was pretty tasty!

chicken schnitzel dinner Zenders

Our late lunch continued with a trip to the dessert bar, and I may or may have not shared some of Scott’s orange sherbert and fruit cobbler. We both left miserably full!

Wanting to walk it off before heading back home, we took a few strolls down Main Street and stopped in a few shops along the way.

downtown Frankenmuth

We Scott also wanted to join in on some ribbon game fun at the fountain.

Frankenmuth fountain

We ended up leaving with a block of Havarti Dill cheese from Frankenmuth Cheese Haus and a small box of taffy from Frankenmuth Taffy Kitchen.

Frankenmuth Taffy

As a child, I remember visiting Frankenmuth with my family and how much we loved the homemade fudge. Scott and I agreed another trip was in order later on this year and we just have to wait until then to get our fudge fix.

Frankenmuth carriage rides

It was a fun few hours to explore, but we still have yet to go see the World’s Largest Christmas Store as well as a few other big landmarks. I think it will be even cooler to visit in the winter when it actually feels like Christmas!

Until next time…

downtown Frankenmuth copy

Auf Weidersehen, Frankenmuth!

August 13, 2013

Fayetteville: Home of the Hogs

Greetings from Springfield! Wait… Fayetteville. No, Springfield.

Are you keeping up with our tour around the Missouri/Arkansas border? Because I feel like I’m even lost.

Every time Scott and I schedule a trip home, we know it is going to be filled with car rides to visit familiar faces and places. With our trip coming to an end tomorrow, we are trying our best to make our final rounds and get in all of our goodbyes.


Yesterday, we spent the day with friends and family in Fayetteville! We missed seeing Scott’s best friend from college (Joe, the best man from our wedding) since his family moved down to Houston, but we got to stay with other friends, Reagan and Roland, to spend a quick visit with them and their kids.

University of Arkansas

Reagan, Scott, Joe and Amanda (his wife) all go way back to college cheer and dance together at the University of Arkansas! Here is a throwback photo of them from our last trip home, right before our surprise engagement dinner!


Each time we go through Fayetteville, we have to stop by their old stomping grounds and visit the Razorback Stadium. I didn’t even go to here and just walking up the hill to the place makes me want to attend a football game so very badly.

scott an U of A

Scott says thinking about the games and traditions still gives him chills.

Andddd apparently chills cause incredible balance.

university of arkansas statium

Woooooooo Pig Soooie!

We didn’t spend too much time on campus, but made sure to visit most of the highlights.

bob walton arena U of A

We drove by all of the Greek housing, and chatted about how we both lived vicariously through our friends in fraternities and sororities while in college.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed my college experience at the University of South Florida, I feel like it would have been really neat to attend a state school with decades of traditions. I love visiting big school campuses!

And, the Razorback(s).

fighting razorbacks

university of arkansas garden

 A Day With Everything Mary

I got a glimpse of what it was like to work in the office setting again yesterday. As I awoke at 7:30 a.m., I worked on the computer for a few minutes before hopping in the shower to get ready for the day.

Instead of putting on my normal workout attire, it felt kind of nice to pick out “real office clothes” and do my hair and makeup before breakfast. I can’t remember the last time I did that, with the exception of game or stage makeup for a dance appearance.

By 9:30 a.m., I was out the door and on my way to Scott’s brother’s office. He works for a crafting and accessories line called Everything Mary, whose owner is looking to branch out into the world of blogging and social media. I felt honored when they asked me in for a consultation and was taken back by how many Housewife Glamour fans there were in the office!

Last time we were in town, we swung by the warehouse to catch up with Rob (Scott’s brother), and I remember noticing how cute everything was. It’s like a crafting and scrapbooking storage gold mine!

Everything Mary production

Everything Mary warehouse

I originally planned to spend the morning there, but Mary and I hit it off so well that I ended up staying a few hours into the afternoon. As we broke for lunch, she mentioned the word “McAlister’s” and my entire face lit up.

McAlister's Deli

I used to frequent the McAlister’s Deli back in college at least twice a week. When I moved back from Tampa to Orlando, I was really bummed to find out we didn’t have one. I haven’t seen any in Michigan, so when we travel and see one I always try to convince Scott to stop in.

Per usual, I ordered the Chicken Tortilla soup and a salad. This time, however, I was able to upgrade from a garden salad to a Southwest Cobb. Woohoo!


We continued to talk shop over lunch, and I was really happy to see how excited she was to start applying what we went over. She’s fabulous and so much fun! Check out that glitzy, PINK glamorous office.

Everything Mary office

As we wrapped up, she took me on a tour and I left with an adorable makeup bag as a parting gift. Although you can’t find this exact design on their website, there are some similar ones that might catch your eye.

Everything Mary makeup case

Thanks for a great day, Mary!

Everything Mary

AQ Chicken House

After a trip back to Reagan’s to get in a quick nap (I wasn’t feeling very well and was trying to fight off a migraine), we were on our way to see the new house Scott’s brother is building and stopped by a few of his childhood landmarks on the way.

feeling sick

(We’re sad because I’m lame when I have headaches.)

Look at that super white face!

We had plans to eat at Mary Maestri’s for dinner, and for the second year in a row got denied by a “We’re Closed” sign. Scott raves about this Italian place and their homemade noodles, but we always forget they close on Mondays.

Next on our list to eat at was a more casual place full of culture.

AQ Chicken House Fayetville

AQ Chicken House has been in business since 1947 and has been awarded the best chicken in Arkansas! Considering AR has some of the best chicken in the country, that’s a pretty tough title to get.

As soon as we walked in, a giant chicken named Ozark Red greeted us. Scott told me to “rub his wattle” and as soon as I gave him a raised eyebrow he pointed out the sign below him.

AQ Chicken Ozark Red

It’s for good luck!

Ozark Red Wattles

As we sat down in a booth, Scott mentioned that the place wasn’t nearly as packed as it used to be. Known for the chicken and spaghetti, both Scott and I ordered the AQ Combo to try a sample of all their best.

AQ Chicken House chicken and spaghetti

Everything was really good, but not as amazing as Scott said he remembers it to be. Back in the day, servers dressed in maids attire, which gave it a home cooked meal feel. President Clinton often dined at the restaurant and even held numerous official presidential dinners in their banquet rooms.

It was neat to walk around and look at all of the photos that told the history.

Before leaving, we made sure to leave our mark behind. I was shocked to see that no one from Detroit had already claimed the city!

making our mark


Well, almost. Apparently I was a little too west to where we actually live, and Scott made sure to hit as close to our neck as the woods as possible.

Scott fixing our pin

A perfectionist he is.

After dinner, we made a few more visits before heading back to Springfield to spend today with Scott’s mom. We don’t have any concrete plans, and for once I am quite okay with that. No plans Tuesday, here we come!

Question of the Day

• Have you ever revisited a place or memory from your childhood to only discover it wasn’t as good as you remember?

This has happened to me so many times. Growing up, I thought of certain places, TV shows, or even movies to be highly entertaining or “the best ever.” If I ever get a chance to revisit something from my young childhood, I jump on it.

Scott and I were just laughing about the dream house he used to pine over as a child. Today, we could easily buy it, and he wonders what was so good about it anyways? I do the same thing with movies. There are always the classics, but some movies I remember loving as I child I will re-watch and ask myself why in the world I thought it was so great. Too funny!

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