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September 22, 2014

Unfortunate Squirrel Sighting

Hello, hello! How’s the day going so far? Hopefully great.

Mine is just swimming along with an extra long (and late) lunch break that looked a little something like this.

salad with ground turkey and salsa chips

On my plate: spinach, spring mix, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, mushrooms, black olives, ground turkey, and shredded cheddar cheese with a side of salsa and blue corn chips.

ground turkey on salad

No need for dressing when there’s salsa and (even better) chips!

I worked up quite the appetite on today’s training run, which is where my “lunch break” actually started right around 1:30 p.m. Today called for three miles, which seems like a piece of cake these days. Isn’t that crazy?

3 mile training run with polar watch

That’s usually how training goes though. In a couple of weeks, six miles will feel like as breeze as well. Too bad it isn’t always like that!

You probably wouldn’t have noticed this, but I had my left pant leg rolled up for a reason, and it’s not because I joined a gang.

Last Wednesday, I was burned by Roadie’s retractable leash on a walk.

As a (mostly) Rhodesian Ridgeback, he never walks straight and constantly zig-zags in front of me. Hunting tactic, perhaps?

He’ll often stop abruptly at the sight of a squirrel, then charge forward at it with full force. I’m usually on my game and stop him before he does it, but every now and then he’ll sneak attack and catch me off guard.

leash burn retractable leash

I happened to have shorts on and the thin part of the leash whipped the back of my legs, which caused it to cut and burn that area. It’s happened before when Scott was holding his leash and he decided to sprint behind me for no reason around a year ago too.

I’ve also kicked myself for holding the leash when he’s trying to dart and burned a couple of my fingers. Bad. That Roadie sure can be a stinker!

I’m not sure what do to though. I bought a shorter leather leash for him last time it happened but I don’t like using it, and especially not on our runs. I like the retractable because I can control how close or far he is, which makes running with him a lot easier.


But then… I endure the occasional retractable leash burn.


So what’s a girl do to? Do any of you have this problem?

I can’t really get mad at him, either.

He’s just doing his thing… being a dog and hunting rabbits and stuff.

water break with roadie on run

I would love to hear your stories and suggestions of the best way to make our future runs and walks more pleasant. Thanks in advance!


• Do you run with your dog? What kind of leash do you use?

• For the dog walkers, has this ever happened to you?

My friend was just telling me about a co-worker of hers who got burned badly the same way, except on the front of her shin. Her dog was small too! She ended up needing 25 stitches to repair the cut! Yikes!

August 12, 2014

Trail Hike at Orion Oaks Park

Hello! I said I wasn’t going to pop in this afternoon, and here we are. I am just full of surprises, ya’ll. Either that, or I am just postponing any real work I need to get done around here. Eh, it’s fine.

You see, I took a ton of photos over the weekend and have a bit of a photo dump to do in order to make more space on my phone before my trip. A lot of them were too cute not to share, so I am going to back up to Friday and Saturday and post them here. #throwbackweekendrecap ?

Looking over dock at dog park with roadie

I spent most of Friday getting our house ready for a video shoot that night. That’s right, a video shoot. It involved HOOPER, Meatloaf (the singer not the food), and opposing sports teams. It took a lot longer than we planned, but I am excited and slightly embarrassed to see how it turns out.

Also, Roadie got to make a few cameos! Surprisingly, a big furry horse mascot didn’t really phase him like I expected it to. He did great with him and the whole situation and scenarios were hilarious to me.

HOOPER video shoot with Roadie

Just call us the Cleavers!

HOOPER at the house for a video shoot

Saturday was full of events with HOOPER. I saw a lot of him this weekend. We’ll just skip over those photos, although the majority of them were also entertaining. I always take a bunch during our events for his social media channels, but never know if I should include them here on the blog. There’s only so many times you can see the crazy horse appear, right?

Do you you guys enjoy seeing when I post pictures of our appearances? I often feel like I’m beating a dead horse (<- ignore my need for a cheesy pun) saying “hey… look, we were at another event today!”, so I usually keep the HOOPER pictures to a minimum. But it’s your call.

Fast forward to Sunday after church, brunch at The Meeting House, and the Rockin’ Rods Car Show in Rochester, we spent a little down time at home and then were on our way to the dog park with our friend, Adam.

riding with Roadie

Adam is staying with us until he moves into his condo next week and has treated Roadie as one of his own! He takes him to the dog park more than we do, and I know Roadie is absolutely loving it.

Roadie at the dog park

The only one we have been to up here is a huge park, trail, and dog park called Orion Oaks. It’s located just under thirty minutes from us, but is worth the drive when we get to take Roadie off of his leash and watch him play with his bark park buddies.

This time, I wanted to check out the trail that loops around the entire outs and ins of the park and we ended up making a four mile loop. The property looked so desolate! Only trees, gravel, and flowers in sight for what seemed like miles.

Walking the trail at the dog park

We studied the map and figured out the best way to get to an overlook. Okay fine, the guys studied the map. I’m terrible at them so I didn’t even put in an effort to take a look.

Trail marker map orion oaks

I didn’t care how we got anywhere, as I was just excited to be enjoying a nice summer and sunny day outside in Michigan!

Walking the trail at the dog park orion oaks

After a buggy patch, we found a small dock that seemed to be placed there for no reason. I guess it was a true overlook, because that’s all you could really do with it. Regardless, the views were great!

Dock a dog park on hike

The group of us just sat and watched floating lily pads and the occasional animal fly or swim by. It was so peaceful.

Looking over dock at dog park with roadie 2

We knew Roadie had to be thirsty, so we led him over to a patch of rocks that went into the lake. I was nervous that the water was too mucky for him to drink, but it didn’t seem to bother Scott. We told him to go get a drink and he ended up going right in!

Roadie in the lake

Up to his chest is about how far he will go in though. We also walked over to the dog dock about a mile from there and he did the exact same thing. Maybe one day we will get him to try and go in for a swim!

Although we completed a hiking trail, I still want to find one that is a little more challenging to get through. Maybe one with hills and rocks to navigate through? I’m sure there are plenty surrounding us. I think I just need to do some research and go explore!

How about you… do you like taking hikes through the woods or trails?

If you are anywhere close to the Auburn Hills, Orion, or Rochester areas, I would love a suggestion of where to go hiking.

Okay, time to finish packing. I’ll see you in the morning with WIAW followed by *spoiler alert* an exciting giveaway!

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