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January 26, 2015

Sunday Snapshots & Ice Sculptures

Hello! I hope you all had a great weekend and that your Monday is off to a great start so far.

Last weekend was very chill for Scott and I. He had a few work events that kept him busy, so I was able to make a lot of progress organizing and typing up things on the back-end for the new site. My biggest goal is to make it super easy to find content and informational archives through pages and sub-pages. Slowly but surely, they are coming together.

(By the way, I finally finished an Orlando & Florida page!)

So yeah, I didn’t do much off of the computer until Sunday. Such is life.

Scott had practice in the late-morning, so I stayed home and streamed our church service online with Roadie. He loves snuggling with me while I sip coffee and watch from the couch. He’s kind of a 60 pound lap dog. #itsfine

As soon as the service ended, I changed and got ready to go for a run outside. You know you’re living in the Michigan when…

“…you look at the weather forecast for the week and think you can sneak in one more run before it gets ‘too cold’ (anything under twenty degrees).”

True story. I couldn’t find Roadie’s coat, but I just couldn’t leave for a run outside without him. He loves going just as much as I do!

running sidewalk with snow

A lot of our normal sidewalks were covered in snow, which wasn’t surprising at all. As challenging as it can be, I really want to stay committed and keep running with him this year. No excuses.

So, off we went, running on snow, pummeling through ice patches, and searching for as much pavement as we could find!

running with roadie in the snow

I probably just sound really dramatic. The truth is, I hate to love running outside when there is snow on the ground. It’s beautiful, and I actually do enjoy running when it’s chilly out (hence the word chilly, not cold), but gosh… running through snow takes another kind of motivation, y’all.

I shared some of my thoughts on Instagram, but here are some of the things I realized while running with my main man in the cold yesterday…

running with roadie in the snow and ice

1. You can’t really stop, just keep pushing through the ice patches.

2. Less stops = less time you have to be outside. Just. Keep. Running.

3. Roadie loves any run I take him on, snow or shine.

4. Gloves can also double as tissues. #sorrynotsorry

We made a quick 2.5 mile loop around the neighborhood in just under 25 minutes, then headed back inside. I don’t like to keep him out too long without his coat when it’s that cold!

Since it had been a couple of days since my last workout, I went down to the basement and pulled up my Fitness Pilates Circuit Burner workout to lift some weights. It was a good one that had me burning for sure!

at home fitness pilates workout

Yes, you can perform the entire thing in socks, and yes, you will be sore the next day. (I seriously can’t wait to foam roll later!)

I hopped in the shower and couldn’t wait for lunch when I got out. I filled up my water bottle with About Time Birthday Cake protein powder to tie me over. It was fantastic and, surprisingly enough, tasted like birthday cake.

about time birthday cake protein powder water bottle

As soon as I got back downstairs, I turned to the refrigerator in hopes of finding something worth eating. I found a tiny portion of chicken, steak, and shrimp fajitas leftovers, so I rolled with that.

I only had enough to fill one corn tortilla, so I layered three with spinach, cucumbers, and red peppers first. It was the perfect plan and did a great job of filling me up!

leftover fajitas with extra fresh veggies

A friend of ours came over with his pup right when Scott got home, and the three of us drove over to Downtown Rochester to see if we could catch the end of the Fire & Ice Festival.

downtown rochester fire and ice sculptures

We were about an hour too late, which was a bummer. We noticed that there were still ice sculptures lining Main Street, so we took a lap down and back to see the creations. They are always neat to look at!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

ice sculptures teenage mutant ninja turtles

Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots

ice sculpture rock 'em sock 'em robots


ice sculpture furby

Each business has a sculpture outside that describes something about it.

A ballerina jewelry box in front of a jeweler.

ice sculpture dancer

A chess set in front of a chess set (in a furniture store).

ice sculptures chess pieces

Woody from Toy Story in front of a jeweler.

ice sculpture toy story woody

(Okay, fine, that’s just random.)

Since the festival was officially over, a lot of the sculptures were cracked or broken. Don’t worry… Scott’s got it covered.

ice sculpture rex

We stopped into The Cupcake Station on the way back to the car and picked up a few treats for later on!

cupcake station cupcakes and pupcakes

I really don’t know if I was more excited about the cupcakes for us or the pupcakes for Roadie. Hehe, pupcakes. So freaking cute.

Ours were absolutely dreamy. I had the Samoa flavor (as in the Girl Scout Cookie) on the right, and it might have been the best cupcake I have ever eaten. The cake portion was light, fluffy, and reminded me of a sponge cake, while the icing had a toasted coconut taste with a crispy edge. It was so good!

Roadie loved his as well, obviously. We gave him one last night and I’m looking forward to giving him the other one tonight.

Is that sad? Do we need children? Ha.

Right before we got back to the car, we stumbled upon Thomas the Train and I couldn’t help but to stop and get in for a ride.

thomas the train ice sculpture

Hahaha. Sorry. That’s me laughing at myself.

thomas the train ice sculpture 2

I’m ridiculous.

And to answer my own question, yes, we clearly need children.

Does anyone want to let us borrow theirs for a weekend? We’d really love to go see Frozen on Ice when it comes to town in March and need an excuse. Thanks in advance. <3

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September 22, 2014

Unfortunate Squirrel Sighting

Hello, hello! How’s the day going so far? Hopefully great.

Mine is just swimming along with an extra long (and late) lunch break that looked a little something like this.

salad with ground turkey and salsa chips

On my plate: spinach, spring mix, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, mushrooms, black olives, ground turkey, and shredded cheddar cheese with a side of salsa and blue corn chips.

ground turkey on salad

No need for dressing when there’s salsa and (even better) chips!

I worked up quite the appetite on today’s training run, which is where my “lunch break” actually started right around 1:30 p.m. Today called for three miles, which seems like a piece of cake these days. Isn’t that crazy?

3 mile training run with polar watch

That’s usually how training goes though. In a couple of weeks, six miles will feel like as breeze as well. Too bad it isn’t always like that!

You probably wouldn’t have noticed this, but I had my left pant leg rolled up for a reason, and it’s not because I joined a gang.

Last Wednesday, I was burned by Roadie’s retractable leash on a walk.

As a (mostly) Rhodesian Ridgeback, he never walks straight and constantly zig-zags in front of me. Hunting tactic, perhaps?

He’ll often stop abruptly at the sight of a squirrel, then charge forward at it with full force. I’m usually on my game and stop him before he does it, but every now and then he’ll sneak attack and catch me off guard.

leash burn retractable leash

I happened to have shorts on and the thin part of the leash whipped the back of my legs, which caused it to cut and burn that area. It’s happened before when Scott was holding his leash and he decided to sprint behind me for no reason around a year ago too.

I’ve also kicked myself for holding the leash when he’s trying to dart and burned a couple of my fingers. Bad. That Roadie sure can be a stinker!

I’m not sure what do to though. I bought a shorter leather leash for him last time it happened but I don’t like using it, and especially not on our runs. I like the retractable because I can control how close or far he is, which makes running with him a lot easier.


But then… I endure the occasional retractable leash burn.


So what’s a girl do to? Do any of you have this problem?

I can’t really get mad at him, either.

He’s just doing his thing… being a dog and hunting rabbits and stuff.

water break with roadie on run

I would love to hear your stories and suggestions of the best way to make our future runs and walks more pleasant. Thanks in advance!


• Do you run with your dog? What kind of leash do you use?

• For the dog walkers, has this ever happened to you?

My friend was just telling me about a co-worker of hers who got burned badly the same way, except on the front of her shin. Her dog was small too! She ended up needing 25 stitches to repair the cut! Yikes!

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