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July 7, 2014

Fourth of July Weekend Adventures

Hello, hello! Hopefully by now you have embraced the fact that Monday is happening and the extra long holiday weekend has come to an end.

I know… I’m still dealing with it too.

roadie laying funny

Scott and I had a great Fourth! Friday and Saturday were both spent with friends while Sunday was left to… well… rest. Or fight off the plague that has slowly taken over my body, either way.

I’m the type of person that will deny the signs and pretend I’m not getting sick for days… until I finally have no choice but to succumb to what is happening and raise my little white flag.

Yup, today is for sure a sick day. Yesterday was too. And I hate sick days.

I can appreciate a sick morning or afternoon every now and then, but when they fully take over my functionality and workout plans, I start to have issues.

I guess all I can do is get rest and move on, right? Good thing I have these snuggle bugs by my side for inspiration.

cali sleeping

But enough about that. Lets take a step back and highlight the fun parts of the weekend shall we?


My Fourth of July started early by driving a sported out ambulance in a parade and keeping up with this nut of a mascot we call HOOPER.

Driving the HOOPER truck

With just a bit of patriotic flair, we set out in a local parade with my American Playlist (minus a few tracks) jamming.

HOOPER in 4th of july parade

parade people

Parades with the furry crazy horse are never dull, that’s for sure. We tend to get in trouble for at least one thing every time. This go around it was for throwing mini-basketballs.

As soon as I got home from the appearance, I quickly changed, got a picnic lunch and drinks together, and Scott and I headed out to meet some friends to spend the afternoon at Stoney Creek Metropark.

stoney creek park

The park is awesome and I can’t believe we haven’t taken advantage of living relatively close to it in the close to two years we’ve been here. There’s several hiking trails, camp grounds, and even a beach!

stoney creek beach

Scott, Alex, Alex and I spent the afternoon in the sun and it was the first time it actually felt like summer had arrived in Michigan.

alex and at the beach july 4th

The boys went towards the sand to throw a football while Alex and I stayed on our towels, perfectly content with our surroundings.

beach picnic 4th of july

presley on propel ad

(Oh, hey there Presley!)

All the group of us wanted for our holiday weekend was to find some sun and be by the water, even if it was for just a few hours. Our location turned out to serve us perfectly and we have plans to return in the very near future!

4th of july at the beach

alex and alex 4th of july

We wrapped up our time at the park around 5:30 p.m. and had plans to attend a get together at Alex’s friends house. That was the first time I felt a sickness trying to creep in, but I ignored it and enjoyed the rest of our holiday doing American things.

We dressed in red, white, and blue, ate pizza and patriotic desserts, and spent the majority of our time outside in the front yard.

Have you ever heard of the game KanJam? It’s an ultimate frisbee disc game that tests your aim and teamwork skills. Here are the deets.

To sum it up, Alex and I are not too great at it and left the competition spots on teams to the boys.

scott playing kan jam

We also played a few rounds of cornhole before the sunset and left with the group to watch the Lake Orion fireworks.

Going off of the past thirty years or so, there was supposed to be a great show set up to go off above the trees, right about here.

set up for fireworks

We had prime real estate… or so we thought.

watching fireworks

Before long, we started seeing a few test fireworks go off and realized the show had moved across the lake this year. We now had the absolute worst seats in the house. Literally.

fireworks fail

The people who have been attending this fireworks show for years were pretty upset! Scott and I thought it was a bummer, but more humorous than anything.

Eventually, we gave up and walked back to our ride to try to see if we could see anything from the other side of the lake. Just our luck, more trees!

watching fireworks fail

Eh, you win some you lose some.


I woke up feeling achy Saturday, so I let myself sleep in and laid low with laundry and a little bit of housework through the afternoon.

I had plenty of help and entertainment from these guys, as you might have seen via Instagram.

roadie playing with dryer sheets

I swear, they’re like toddlers. So funny!

We were invited to attend a backyard barbeque for Alex’s father’s surprise birthday that evening, so I wasn’t going to let feeling “achy” stop us. It was great to get out of the house and enjoy another summer night outdoors.

backyard barbeque

healthy barbeque dinner

(Loved the food, and especially that pasta salad!)

We finished off the night with a bon fire in the backyard, which felt amazing when the sun went down and it got chilly.

backyard bonfire

Alex and I have plans to go up north next weekend, so this little preview got me really excited for it!

Right before we were about to go back inside, we heard loud bangs coming from a few doors down. Finally, fireworks we could see!

4th of july fireworks

Three cheers for you, neighbors I’ve never met!


Sunday was pretty uneventful, considering I felt the opposite of incredible. After church, I finally gave in and let myself rest in order to fight off whatever is trying to take it over.

For the past couple of days, I have heated up a lot of soup.

vegetable soup and grilled cheese

(This one was with a small side of grilled cheese!)

And eaten a lot of fresh fruit.

fruit bowl

That’s all my body has really been wanting, and I’m okay with it.

After an entire day of lounging around, I finally started feeling a little better and decided to take Roadie out for a long walk to celebrate.

walk with roadie on the trails

(Don’t mind my bright and obnoxious attire, by the way.)

I felt bad for the guy. When we let him out before bed Saturday night, he came inside smelling awful. Think a mix between a chimney, sewer, dead bodies, and feet kind of awful. I asked Scott what the heck happened on their late night adventures outside and he said “that’s definitely skunk.”

Yup, Roadie got sprayed by a skunk.

Lucky for us, it was just a little one, because normally it can take a week of showers and several tomato baths to get a normal smell back.

We immediately gave him a long bath and sprayed him with some doggie cologne. When it was all said and done, he surprisingly smelled fine. Our carpet, on the other hand, took a beating when he came inside and rubbed a lot of it off before we noticed anything.

I feel like only Roadie would get himself in this kind of trouble.

Gotta love the crazy guy!

walk with roadie

(Also, ignore my hairstyle here. That’s what you call attempting a french braid while you’re laying down, then sleeping in it for hours. Pretty stylish.)

And that was our weekend in a nutshell. Hopefully yours included better views of fireworks and less funky smells!

Linking our weekend fun up with Katie, and off to tackle the day!

What was your favorite part of your weekend?

June 17, 2014

Do-Anywhere Bikini Body Workouts

Hello and Happy Tuesday!

I tried something a little different for my workout yesterday, and it went so well that I have to share it with you guys.

working out outside

While browsing over Bloglovin’, I stumbled upon a no equipment needed workout from POPSUGAR that immediately sparked my interest.

Moves to tone the unforgiving bikini revealing areas that I can do absolutely anywhere? I’m in!

outside with roadie

With my best furry workout buddy by my side, I completed the following circuit right in our front yard.

POPSUGAR Do-Anywhere Bikini Circuit Workout


I absolutely love finding new workouts that incorporate different and new-to-me versions of some of my go-to moves. You can find out more details about each of those exercises if some of them are new to you too.

My new favorite is definitely the superwoman push-up!

I completed the series of circuits within thirty minutes and took Roadie inside for a minute to cool down. This is when I started stalking Pinterest for more workouts similar to this one.

Just in case you’re interested, check ‘em out:

Bikini Body Workout via Tone It Up + Lauren Conrad

Bikini Plyo Workout via POPSUGAR

Dynamic Yoga Sequence to Build Your Best Bikini Body via POPSUGAR

POP PILATES Bikini Bootcamp via Blogilates

Bikini Body MAX BURN Pyramid via Tone It Up

I plan to turn to all of them while we are traveling later this week!

After we both hydrated and I changed my shoes, I took Roadie back outside for a quick jog around the neighborhood. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous lately! Freaking hot… but still gorgeous.

summer flowers

And on a side note, since surviving the last Antarctic freeze that took over Michigan this past winter, you won’t ever hear me complain about it being “too hot” again. Take it from me… sweating is a privilege, ya’ll.

Three miles later, we made our final loop home and I could tell Roadie was done. I included a lot of walking breaks into the last mile, since he’s not quite used to the heat yet. Poor little fella… or dinosaur, whatever.

roadie looks like a dinosaur

That one went under the #manyfacesofroadie file for sure!

As soon as we got cleaned up, I went straight for the blender for some refuel and refreshment.

post-run smoothie with whey protein greek yogurt fruit and almond milk

In my smoothie:

1 scoop vanilla Designer Whey sustained energy whey protein powder

1 cup Strawberry Banana Greek yogurt

frozen raspberries

hemp seeds

almond milk

One of the best post-workout, post-smoothie snack plates to date quickly followed.

post-run snack with veggies and eggs

Sliced cucumbers, mini peppers, hummus, and 1 1/2 hard-boiled eggs.

I have a feeling you’ll see a lot of these in the future!

Giveaway Winners

Thank you to all who entered in the giveaways last week! I loved reading your responses and product preferences.


• Entry #71: Ashley W.: You were selected by liking Housewife Glamour on Facebook!

You are the proud owner of a new Rodan + Fields Skincare product! Please email me at hwglamour@gmail.com with your shipping address and product of choice.

• Entry #57: Anna-Marie W.: You were selected by following @hwglamour on Twitter!

You will receive two Brady Bands (two non-slip or one non-slip, one dressy) headbands of your choice! Please email me at hwglamour@gmail.com with yourshipping address and headband style choices.

Okay, friends. It’s time to get the day started. There’s plenty to do to prepare for our trip and I’m already stressing…

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Questions of the Day

• What is your favorite type of at-home or travel workout?

• Do you ever get embarrassed of neighbors seeing you workout outside?

Ha. I’m pretty sure my neighbors think I’m crazy. Especially when I play my music through a portable speaker and get all into it. I don’t play it too loud, though because I do get a bit embarrassed.

Why don’t I ever see other people workout out in their front or back yards?

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