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October 16, 2014

Newest (fluffy) On-The-Go Accessory

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Puffs through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Puffs, all opinions are my own.

If there’s anything I have learned since moving up north, it’s to never be caught without tissues or lip balm.

As beautiful as the seasons are to experience, they always come hand-in-hand with seasonal allergies. Tissues have easily become a staple in my wardrobe, and I know I’m not alone with (secretly) accessorizing with them.

Since we are well into October, I am enjoying the last scenes of green and leaves on the trees while I can! Fall is my absolute favorite time of year, but I know it will be short lived and my longing for hot cocoa, moisturized lips and a happy, dry nose is only a couple of weeks away.

fall is coming neighborhood run

Just looking at pictures from last winter makes me want to stuff my coat with tissues to prepare myself for the worst!

winter snowfall

In the past, I have grabbed Purse Packs to throw in my bags, car, and even coat. While I am a fan of those little guys, I feel like they only last a day or three, tops. Am I right?

I buy boxes of tissues and have at least four open and spread throughout the house at a time. Upstairs, downstairs, in the bathrooms, and on my desk, they’re everywhere. I’m a girl who loves her tissues, what can I say?

It’s never really bothered me to have them out and about, but why use up the extra counter space when you can equip your house with these…

Puffs SoftPack in kitchen

Puffs SoftPacks are sealed in flexible, water-resistant packaging that makes it easy to store (and hide) in drawers or take with you on-the-go!

Puffs SoftPack on the go

They remind me of bigger versions of the purse packs I have turned to for years, just more ideal for when you need more than just a few tissues here and there. Plus, there’s no need to worry about crushing or tearing the box you always end up carrying around on road or day trips. (Is that just me?)

I threw one into my gym bag the other day and loved the accessibility. I didn’t have to dig around until I found the smaller version I used to carry, and could easily find them when I needed a quick pat down.

I love the soft feeling of Puffs tissues and it has been nice to have something dry, handy, and ready when I am in need of a fresh wipe to the face.

Puffs Softpack tissues in gym bag

I used to keep a box of tissues in both my car and in Scott’s, but I haven’t replaced them in years. I couldn’t tell you why, since I have mastered the art of spilling things on myself.

I can assure you that we are now more prepared, thanks to Puffs.

Puffs softpack tissues in the car

I also like that I don’t have to break down boxes when they run out!

These bad boys are friendly to our environment and came out just in time to stock up for winter. Without the cardboard, you can pretty much squish them into fitting anywhere including the back seat of your driver’s seat or carry-on suitcase. Anybody need a tissue? Boom.

Just think of all the friends you’ll make!

I joke, but really, these new Puffs SoftPacks are great. I wouldn’t share the word if I felt any differently.


Are you also a fan of a fresh face and happy nose? Puffs invites you to go try the new SoftPacks and share how they fit into your life on the Puffs Facebook Page. Sayonara, cardboard tissue box in my carry-all!

October 13, 2014

October Stitch Fix Breakdown

Good morning! I am skipping the weekend recap this week.

You didn’t miss much, you guys. I’ve been sitting in the same chair and at the same table for the majority of the last 72 hours.

Scott was away at a weekend retreat with our church, which was really convenient timing for me to have the house to myself to focus on studying. I literally only stopped to eat (all the snacks), clean up the house (barely), and log in my final long run before my half next weekend (so ready).

I could have uploaded twelve different pictures of Roadie staring at me and an impressive amount of used coffee mugs, but I decided not to. You’re welcome. Instead, I thought it would be fun to kick the week off with some Fall Fashion. Woo hoo!

October 2014 Stitch Fix Breakdown

Almost every month, I receive a box from Stitch Fix (<- affiliate link), which is an online styling service I have blogged about several times.

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, you’re clearly a newcomer, (hello and welcome!) and you can read more about how it all works here.

Whether I end up keeping everything or nothing, it’s always exciting to receive outfits put together just for me at my doorstep and play dress up!

stitch fix collage cover october 2014

The short version of what these “fixes” entail:

• Sign up for the service and fill out an online styling profile.

• Receive your “fix” in the mail.

• Keep what you want, return what you don’t, and checkout online.

That’s it! This month’s fix included:

This Collective Concepts Melandry Dot Print Button-Up Blouse: $34.

stitch fix collective concepts melandry dot print button-up blouse

(with the cutest aztec detail on the top and back)

collective concepts melandry dot print button-up blouse back detail

(similar, similar, similar)

This Urban Expressions Sylvia Front Zip Crossbody Tote: $68.

urban expressions sylvia front zip crossbody tote

(similar, similarsimilar)

urban expressions stitch fix tote inside

This Olive & Oak Kalvin Plaid Button-Up: $64.

stitch fix olive & oak kalvin plaid button-up

(similar, similar, similar)

This Echo Beatrice Diamond Stitch Infinity Scarf: $48.

stitch fix beatrice diamond stitch infinity scarf

(similar, similar, similar)

And this Just Black Jacob High Rise Skinny Jean: $78

stitch fix just black jacob high rise skinny jean

(similar, similar, similar)

Before I tried anything on, I looked at the total price of the box – $204 including the already paid $20 styling fee and $68 off buy all discount – and crinkled my nose. I never like seeing anything over $200.

I just don’t feel right spending that much on five items!

That in mind, I thought I would only be keeping the plaid shirt and scarf at first glance. Both were so comfortable.

Stitch Fix plain button up and infinity scarf fall 2014

I tried them on with the skinny jean and fell for the pants right away.

I have been wanting a good pair of skinny jeans and liked the high rise cut and dark shade of this one.

stitch fix fall outfit plain button-up infinity scarf and high rise skinny jean

I adored the entire look! Crap.

Next, I put on the black button-up blouse, even though I didn’t really need it. I already have a couple of black or navy and white 3/4 polyester blouses in my closet, courtesy of previous Stitch Fix purchases.

stitch fix outfit fall 2014

But… then I turned around and couldn’t get over the pattern on the back.

back details of melandry dot print button-up blouse stitch fix

I was never really on board with the tote. I made a request to receive a small brown crossbody bag for the fall and this one was just too big.

stitch fix urban expressions crossbody tote

Too big, too light, too expensive (for not loving it), and kind of frumpy.

I liked the looks of everything else and needed to decide what to keep and what to send back. This decision always involves scanning the price sheet.

I adored the plaid top and scarf combo, but would never pay over $100 for those two items. They went back, and I am now on the hunt for the same type of pieces next time I see them at a more affordable price.

The purse was an obvious return. I decided to keep the black and white dot print button-up, since it wasn’t out of my price range and is a unique and comfy piece I can dress up or down.

I don’t currently own a high waisted pair of skinny jeans, so I kept those too. I don’t normally spend that much on jeans, but the fit couldn’t have been better. The length is perfect, and I have already worn them twice since Thursday. Love them!

Overall Review

Stitch Fix boxes have always been a hit or miss for me.

I always enjoy the service of receiving a box full of fashion surprises at my doorstep, as well as the inspiration to try new styles and items I wouldn’t necessarily think to attempt pulling off.

I can’t, however, always justify keeping what they send me.

This time around, the jeans cost more than I wanted, but I ended up using some referral credit (thanks, guys!) to make them more affordable.

My last fix was spot on (style and price-wise), so I was a bit disappointed with the dramatic increase in price with this one. On average, I would say I keep 2-3 items per fix, unless I like everything and want to utilize the buy all discount. It usually depends on the numbers!

Improve Your Fixes

(I mentioned this last month, but am re-sharing just in case you missed it!)

I have always suggested this to those who have asked, but in order to make your fixes cater towards exactly what you are looking for, you have to be overly specific in the comment sections of your reviews.

Upon checkout, you select whether you are keeping each item and rate it on how close it was to your desired style, fit, and price. I almost always say “too high” for my price point. I don’t want to see a $100 dress in my box, and if I get one I won’t be keeping it. After all of my previous fixes and reviews, they usually get that.

Also, I make sure to utilize the extra comments box to request a certain style or specific pieces for my next fix.

For example, I am still looking for a nice denim button up and small brown crossbody bag, so I made sure to request both of those items in the checkout notes. I’m also eyeing a specific jacket I saw on Tina‘s blog (my friend Alex just received it in another shade in her latest fix too!), so I mentioned that as well.

To make sure you are getting close to what you are hoping for, periodically update your style profile on their website (I really need to do this) and pin as much as you can to your Fashion board on Pinterest. You could even create a “Fashion for Stitch Fix” board if you’d like.

Every time I get a fix, I get a note from my stylist mentioning she used my boards on Pinterest as inspiration, so it only makes sense!


I hope you enjoy reading these reviews because they are always fun for me to put together. It’s my chance to talk fashion every once in a while, which is a refreshing change from all things food and fitness every now and then.

Well friends, I better go. I have a major test to take tomorrow and a lot of preparing (still) to do for it.

I’ll see you back later with last week’s half marathon training recap!

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Disclamer: Although I included an affiliate link at the top, this post was not sponsored. I pay for my service and the clothing on my own, and wanted to share the company with you because I enjoy the service. I do get a small credit towards my fixes if you sign up using my referral link. Other affiliate links are also included. As always, any support is greatly appreciated! <3

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