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November 25, 2014

Scott’s Blogging Debut: Saucony Triumph ISO Review

Oh boy, are you guys in for a treat today…

For the first time ever, Scott received a little something-something in the mail to review for the blog!

Saucony Triumph #whoaface

Excited to open the box and give the brand spankin’ new Saucony Triumphs a look, he anxiously ripped through the packaging that both left us saying ” WHOA.” Engineered to make you want to run, the new Saucony Triumph ISO is the result of a collection of customer feedback.

Saucony Triumph ISO running shoe

Saucony started with popular features from their high-end running shoes like the Triumph and Hurricane. They covered the need for cushioning and impact protection and stepped it up a couple notches with the POWERGRID cushioning.

Saucony Triumph ISO running shoe POWERGRID

Check out the 3D animation featuring the new technologies!

Here are the highlights, straight from the video:

• 20% more cushioning than standard midsoles

• optimized geometry and materials work with the runner’s stride

• maintains fluid transitions for a smooth ride

• ultra-soft inner fit-sleeve crafted out of stretchable air mesh

Saucony Triumph ISO running shoe review

• morphs to the foot for a sock-like feel

• floating support cage cradles the foot

• adapts to foot size, shape and movement

• evolutionary upper meets luxurious plush platform

• superior comfort that moves in perfect harmony with the foot

Saucony Triumph ISO #Whoaface

So yeah, they’re pretty cool.

Before we even got a glance at the shoe, the packaging had us at Whoa. Intriguing, right? Impressed, we took them out for a family test run.

Hesington family run in winter

It was snowy and wet out, so I then asked him to throw them on for the next week or so. I’ll let him take it from here!

Saucony Triumph ISO Review

(by Scott)

It is now Day 42, and the other runners in the community have now accepted me as one of their own. I have grown to understand and respect their traditions and tendencies, allowing me to draw even closer to the inner circle and learn more about their culture and patterns. I now question everything I once thought as truth about running and fear I am incapable of going without it. I empathize with you, Forrest Gump.

It all started with the “whoa” box… that was indeed clever packaging and had me intrigued to see if their product was as well built as their cardboard home. Being a loose cannon who does not play by the rules, I opened the box before Heather gave me permission – a big no-no when it deals with “the blog.” (In fact, I barely get to taste a meal when it is still warm anymore due to the immense photo shoot each one has to undergo – part of our new dietary techniques I assume.)

I don’t know if I “ripped through the packaging,” as described above, but I was sincerely impressed by their marketing efforts and figured these toe ticklers were made to catch the eye of someone like me.

Saucony Triumph ISO review

These sick Saucony kicks are certainly eye-catching, if nothing else, with their eclectic mix of neon hues, ergonomic geometrical patterns, and fancy accents. They look like a mix of a tennis ball, Tetris shapes, and Jell-o shots, all of which are hallowed pastimes of mine. And when I put them on, I could immediately tell that they were not the same as my overused running shoes of days past, may they R.I.P.

I am not a professional runner. Don’t be fooled by my sweet modeling photos above and below, which Heather has so kindly provided, of me in my Rocky Balboa outfit and ridiculously baggy T-shirt (that’s the way we do it in the D, so I’m told). Let me inform you upfront that I have no idea what PWRGRID+ and ISOFit mean, nor do I know how to cure athlete’s foot, avoid runner’s trots, or find Orion’s belt.

Scott in Saucony Triumph shoes

I can share with you, however, that these shoes hugged my foot throughout my runs like my Aunt Cathie did to me as a child, allowing minimal movement inside the shoes. I have had problems with this with some shoes in the past, due to my Hobbit-shaped foot. I attribute this improvement partially to the tongue being attached to the inside casing of the shoe — totally love that idea!

The shoes also provided excellent grip on the slippery pavement, which occasionally concerns me throughout my wintery runs here. Furthermore, they were noticeably lightweight – not that I often complain about the weight of my other everyday shoes, but when running… sometimes. Okay… often.

Scott in Saucony Triumph running shoes

I didn’t get anything to wear these shoes, nor am I getting paid to say good things about them. But I will wear them and I will say good things about them henceforth… do you like that word, Heather?? (And since Saucony did not pay me, you better reward me for being awesome, modeling for you and your readers’ pleasure, and writing my first review on “the blog!”) You are welcome.


Giveaway Winners

Thank you to all who entered in the giveaways over last couple of days! I loved reading all of your comments.


• Shannon Bailey: You have won a Lorna Jane MNB Diary/Planner!

• Meredith B: You have won a The Jar Half Full mason jar!

An email has been sent to both winners. Please respond within 48 hours to claim your prizes!


Questions of the Morning

• When’s the last time your significant other upgraded their running shoes?

• What brand do you usually go with?

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this review. I was given the Saucony Triumph ISO sneakers to review through a campaign with FitFluential. As always, all thoughts remain my own… except for Scott’s.

Those are clearly his.

November 20, 2014

Rock City Fitness Personal Training

Good afternoon! I’m so glad to see some of you enjoyed reading this morning’s collection of random musings. Those kinds of posts are fun to occasionally put together, so I might just have to revisit them every so often.

Today I wanted to share a full review of the workout facility I have been training at for the last month or so!

Rock City Fitness – Personal Training

A little over a month ago, the owner of Rock City Fitness, a new personal training facility in Rochester Hills, contacted me to see if I would be interested in reviewing their 30-Day Personal Training Experience Program.

His timing couldn’t have been better, as I received the email the day I passed my CPT test! I was excited to take him up on the offer and see everything I just studied in text come to life in an in-person one-on-one training experience.

Rock City Fitness Rochester inside gym

Rock City Fitness offers a unique workout environment with three different types of training formats: one-on-one, small group, and large group. Their memberships include a number of personal training options and classes to work with a variety of clients, needs, and budgets.

I started the 30 Day Personal Training Experience the week after running in the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon. I mention this because the owner, Eric, ran in the same race, also a part of Team Kensington for the Hope Water Project! Small world, right?

I scheduled my initial consultation a couple days after the race, and we had plenty to talk about. He explained the ins and out of the introductory program and the services they provide.

Here is the best way to break it down:

• 1 on 1 training offers the most personal experience, including exercise and nutrition programs put together to reach your specific goals. RCF has four different 1 on 1 training plans you can read more about here. All 1 on 1 programs can be structured as private (1 client) or semi-private (2-4 clients), depending on what the client is looking for and what their training budget is.

• Group training is a great option for those who are looking for affordable training with plenty of guidance and motivation. RCF offers two types of group training: small and large group. Small gives more individual instruction while large group offers the dynamic atmosphere and energy of a “team” setting.

• Web-based training: is catered towards clients who want an affordable personal training experience, but prefer to exercise at home or at another gym. Web-based training features custom RCF-designed programs that are strictly online with a unique client dashboard, complete with program instructions, exercise videos, training calendar, progress tracking, and trainer/client messaging. This can also be added to any 1 on 1 or group training program.

I had a specific purpose of reviewing their 30 Day Personal Training Experience, which gives any prospective client an in-depth preview and overview of the gym’s services without having to make a long-term commitment.

Rock City Fitness outside

This program includes an initial client consultation, followed by three 1 on 1 training sessions (with fitness assessments), then three small group classes totaling seven visits. They call it the 30 Day PT Experience, but you set up all of the sessions to fit your individualized schedule and can easily finish before or after the 30 day period. It’s all up to you!

Happy to check it out, I arrived at my initial consult and was immediately impressed by the cool and intimate gym setting.

Rock City Fitness lobby inside

rock city fitness lobby

We began the consultation by going over my goals for training. I was asked questions like “What are your long-term fitness goals?” and “What does staying fit and being healthy mean to you?” He wanted specific answers, which is exactly what I was introduced to in my NASM text: probing for specific numbers or goals to reach towards, also known as S.M.A.R.T. goals.

My first workout session was a 1 on 1 personal training session with Eric. We started by doing a series of fitness assessments (all of which I recognized from my book!) and he quickly gathered information to help create a program specifically geared towards my needs and goals.

Rock City Fitness main gym

As it turns out, I have a slight arch to my lower back during certain exercises and winged scapulas (one predominately worse than the other). I had no idea about either problem! With this in mind, he gave me foam rolling, stretching, and strengthening exercises I could do at the gym and even at home to help those issues.

rock city fitness foam rolling exercises

Each one of my training sessions (both with him and another trainer) started and ended with a variety of these exercises.

My long-term fitness goals (for this program and beyond) are to build up my arm strength (months of mostly running and at-home workouts can only do so much!) and incorporate exercises that will strengthen my legs for running long distances. I’m not interested in gaining or losing weight, but to maintain where I’m at and keep an all-over toned physique.

I left my first training session with a new client binder filled with information on the gym, discounts to stores and services in the area, and plenty of health and fitness tips!

rock city fitness nutrition

At the end of each session, we went over my assessment results, talked about nutrition (the balance of calories in vs. calories out and numbers I should aim for), and overall goals to reach for.

I thoroughly enjoyed the 1 on 1 personal training sessions and was equally as excited to try out the small group classes.

rock city fitness equipment

First I tried FAST Fit, which reminded me of a CrossFit WOD type of class. There was only one other person in my 7 a.m. session, and we each went through a series of total body strengthening power moves on a timer. This class lasted 30-40 minutes and I felt sore before I even left.

Next, I tried out Strong, their resistance-based training class. It moves a little slower and concentrates on doing more (heavier and slower) lifting. This is the class I did dumbbell chest presses with a set of 25s for the first time!

free weight dumbbells rock city fitness

Last, I completed the Rockit class as my final session yesterday. That one was killer! It’s a high energy and fast moving total body workout that usually consists of circuits. The focus is on speed and pumping up your heart rate, so there is also a Rockit Lite class option for program newcomers. This session with high reps (up to 70!) and little rest challenged me the most!

All of their small group training classes and descriptions can be found here.

I really loved exploring the full Rock City Fitness experience.

RCF has a specific mission:

“Our desire is that your new exercise program with Rock City Fitness will do more than improve your physical health — we hope it helps you become more confident and accomplish more than you ever thought in all areas of your life.”

Rock City Fitness Michigan review

They want to build a solid foundation – or rock – to carry you through your happiest, healthiest, strongest you!

Right now, the 30 Day Personal Training Experience (including one consult and six personal training sessions!) is offered at the low price of $79, valued at $340!

Check out their website and give them a call if you’re interested in trying out the PT program for yourself. I highly recommend it to anyone at any fitness level, and especially to those looking for guidance in getting active, getting over injuries, and fitness enthusiasts looking to mix up their current routine!


I want to thank Rock City Fitness for allowing me to test out their program. The opportunity came at the perfect time, and I’m leaving it feeling revved up to jump into the world of training and teaching. I am one hundred percent on board with what their company stands for, and would love to continue training any time I’m invited!

Disclosure: I was not compensated to write this post. I was, however, offered to test out the Rock City Fitness 30 Day Personal Training Program for free in exchange for my review. As always, all thoughts and opinions remain my own!

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