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August 28, 2014

Work Hard For Chocolate

Good morning! Hope the day is treating you well.

Wait a minute… it’s Thursday? Yowza.

The days and weeks are just flying right by this year. You know how I know? I have a half marathon to run in less than seven weeks. I guess that is why you could say I have been bitten by the running bug again, but we will talk more about that next week.

Reebok ZQuick Goddess sneakers

Yesterday I took Roadie out for a quick two miles around the neighborhood in my new Reebok Z Goddess sneakers. I continue to take my ZQuicks on every trip I have been on, and got excited when I received a new fun and bright version to try out. Thanks, Reebok!

Quickly following our short loop outside, I continued my workout with two rounds of a familiar bodyweight circuit indoors.

Deuces Running + Circuit Workout

It got me nice and sweaty in no time, hence earning the right to wear this Lorna Jane tank. (<- sorry, this particular one appears to be discontinued.)

Lorna Jane work hard for chocolate tank

Absolutely accurate.

You should all know where I stand on this subject by now. I am a firm believer in eating whatever your body is craving, even if your goal is to lose or maintain weight, IF you do so in moderation and pair it with a decent amount of exercise.

Polar F60 HR monitor watch after running

While I do enjoy working out at home, I am starting to miss frequenting a gym and taking part in weekly group exercise classes. Who knows, maybe I will break down and get a temporary membership to my old gym until I figure out what is next. There is a Fitness Pilates class going on tonight with my favorite instructor… just sayin’.


This morning started with an 8 a.m. breakfast I am still picking at.

gluten free waffles and fruit

Van’s gluten free waffles topped in strawberry Greek yogurt and berries.

Speaking of working hard for treats, I wasn’t too hungry after the splurge on pizza and cookies for dinner last night. Oh, and don’t forget the skittles.

In my defense, there was also a (tiny) salad and Scott and I both ate at a church function. I’m excited to share more about what we are doing coming up in the fall!

For now, I’ll leave you with a close up of what I should be highlighting.

vans gluten free waffles topped with fruit

I know… I’m dramatic. But it made you want to go find and eat some fruit, right? Even maybe one of you? Shoot. Mission accomplished.

All right, it’s time to get the day going. I’ll be back later today with the next post of notes in my series of IDEA sessions. Stay tuned!

Questions of the Morning

• Do you enjoy working out at home, or does it take going to a gym to get you moving?

• Favorite type of “cheat food” to enjoy after “you’ve earned it”… GO.

August 22, 2014

Friday Favorites #51: Week of 8/22

Hello and Happy Friday! Did the week fly by for any of you guys too?

Holy cow. But hey, I guess that’s never a bad thing.

I noticed a lot of new faces in the comments section this week, so if you are still getting used to the weekly shenanigans that happen around here, you should know that Fridays are spent looking back at what I loved about the week.

From funny videos to new health and fitness finds, I gather things that I like or that made me smile and share them with you.

The best part about Friday Favorites is that these types of posts have grown like wildfire in the blogging world! At the bottom you will find a link-up to share your #FFavorites as well, and if you’re not a blogger and still want to play, I invite you to utilize the comments section to tell me yours!

Friday Favorites #51: Week of 8/22

Friday Favorites Button Housewife Glamour

(And, PSSST… there may or may not be a giveaway at the bottom too!)

• Scentsy

My sister first told me about Scentsy a little over a year ago. Back then she owned a few of their scented warmers and now has purchased so many (for herself and gifts to others) that she became a consultant!

scentsy scent warmer

If you are a fan of nice smells and night lights, I have a feeling that you would love these warmers.

scentsy warmers

I ordered the Tunis Scentsy Warmer from the Deluxe collection with Business Casual scented wax from the Scentsy Man collection. I kind of have a thing for house scents that smell like Abercrombie Man… remember?

scentsy business casual wax

Really though, I am loving this! It comes with a light bulb and all you have to do is plug it in and turn it on to get a large area to smell fantastic. Warmers can replace the need for candles and over time, can save you money since all you have to replace is the wax!

scentsy scent tulis warmer

And if you’re a true lover of all things that smell good and light candles nightly like me, that will only have to happen about every 3-4 weeks.

• Harmless Harvest 100% raw coconut water

I sampled this Harmless Harvest coconut water at my last trip to Whole Foods. It was pink in color, which intrigued me.

Harmless Harvest coconut water

An explanation of the hue, taken straight from their website:

“All of our coconut water is completely clear when bottled. After bottling, the color simply signals antioxidants interacting with light. Variation is (more than) normal in nature, but everyone thought we were crazy to put pink bottles on the shelf. Rather than change the product, we decided to educate people and trust that they would understand. We hope we’re paving the way for the acceptance of variability, and reconnection with the truth that nature comes in many colors.”

harmless harvest coconut water pink

Rarely do I sample and buy something right away, but this stuff is PHENOM. It is easily the best coconut water I have tried thus far, and the biggest downfall is the price. At almost $5 a bottle, it’s expensive, but very delicious and “worth it” according to online reviews.

I certainly think it is refreshing!

• Whole Foods hot bar

Speaking of Whole Foods, how many of you haven’t visited their hot food bar? For the love… if you are close to one… go NOW.

While I used to stick to getting monster salads or have some sort of theme to my meal, these days I just load everything up into my bowl. It’s fine.

whole foods hot bar salad

This honker weighed two pounds and cost about $15 upon checkout. (!!!) Once again, rarely do I pay $15 for a salad, but when I do it’s when I make my own at Whole Foods. With a side of Whole Foods sorbet, this one served as both lunch and dinner that day!

• IDEA World Fitness Convention & BlogFest

I know I have raved about it throughout the entire week, but I just can’t complete this #FFavorites post without mentioning IDEA. It was an absolute blast and I brought so much useful information home with me!

having fun at IDEA World Fitness Convention

In case you missed the stories or tips I have already shared, read up:

IDEA BlogFest 2014 – Day One

IDEA BlogFest 2014 – Day Two

IDEA World Fitness Convention

I finished up the recaps with my personal tips on what to expect from the conference. My DO’s and DONT’s of attending IDEA, if you will.

The Do's and Don'ts of attending the IDEA World Fitness Convention and IDEA World Fitness BlogFest

For those of you who are fitness and/or blogging professionals (or even enthusiasts!), I hope this helps you decide if you would like to join next year. Many of you have expressed an interest, so I am looking forward to sharing more about the sessions coming up!

• egg white ch(ips)

I also found these oddly fascinating.

egg white chips - ips

At first glance, I wasn’t sure how egg whites would taste in a chip form, but I went over to their both at the IDEA EXPO anyways and I’m so glad I did. Hands down, the cinnamon flavor is where it’s at!

egg white ch(ips)

I took the bag to a session and devoured it all in about ten minutes.

• yoga mats with straps

This is the last mention of IDEA, promise.

But how cute is this yoga mat Reebok surprised us with at our Strala Yoga session with Tara Stiles?

Reebok yoga mat for strala with tara stiles

(similar, similar, similar <- just the holder strap)

I already had a thick yoga mat at home, but have been on the hunt for a thinner one that is more portable with a handle or removable strap.

Or if you’d prefer, I’m digging these yoga totes that fit your mat right into the bottom. Thanks, Reebok!

• favorite HWG post

See? I did more than just talk about the conference this week…

seven tips on how to overcome the annoyances that come with healthy active living

This post was shared a lot on multiple social media channels and I was excited to see your responses in the comments section!

And last but not least…

• National Waffle Day + Van’s giveaway!

I got an email from Van’s this week letting me in on a little secret: This Sunday, August 24th, is National Waffle Day

To celebrate, I whipped up one of my favorite ways to eat them to share the news.

Van's gluten free waffles with yogurt and fruit

Two Van’s Gluten Free Apple Cinnamon waffles topped in Peach Greek yogurt and fresh peaches.

Sick of hearing me talk about Van’s waffles and want to try some?

van's gluten free apple cinnamon waffles with yogurt and peaches

Van’s wants to give one lucky Housewife Glamour winner a handful of coupons for free waffles as well as a Van’s water bottle and tote!

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite waffle topping or way to eat waffles. The winner will be announced Monday, August 25th!

Your Turn

Housewife Glamour

Have a great weekend! xo

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