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January 31, 2014

Friday Favorites #22: Week of 1/31

Hey, hey everybody! I’m coming to you bright and early this week, finally.

I swear. Getting up early is getting harder and harder for me to do naturally. Am I just getting older? Or am I falling back into my teen years? Whatever it is, I hope the phase passes quickly. I really do enjoy my quiet, productive mornings!

Anyways, this week was filled with favorites. I’m going to stray from the normal I love the snow but hate the cold themed #FFavorites posts I have been turning to lately to keep this one on the up and up with happy thoughts. Because it’s Friday, and that’s reason enough.

Am I right, or am I right?

Friday Favorites #22: Week of 1/31

Friday Favorites Button Housewife Glamour

Don’t forget to join in on the party by linking up and/or telling me some of yours in the comments section at the end!

• “I Love You” Foldover Clutch

Just in time for Valentines Day, Hearts came out with this adorable red leather clutch.

Hearts Red Leather I Love You Clutch

I own (and love) a similar denim and leather purse and think the pop of this red color adds so much fun to the clutch version! Also, the message on the inside just gives me the warm fuzzies.

Hearts I Love You Clutch inside

Just in case you haven’t heard of them, Hearts is an ethical fashion accessories company that does so much more than supply cute products. They promote positive product values and support important world changes in hopes of creating a movement. Why?

“To change the way products are designed, created and sold. To change the way people buy. To help people realize that they have the power to stimulate a shift by changing the way they spend their money.”

I heart Hearts.

If you have the urge to browse their website (tons of unique and fashionable items to pick from!) don’t forget to get 30% OFF any regularly priced items by using the promo code HOUSEWIFE30 upon checkout!

• new protein bar flavor

While aimlessly perusing the health and beauty aisle at the grocery store (c’mon… we all do that), I came across the Zone Perfect protein bars and noticed a brand new-to-me flavor pop out!

blueberry pomegranate zone perfect bar

(Please ignore the over-stuffed giant dance bag and locker room mess in the background.)

I loved the fruity flavor of the Blueberry Pomegranate bar. A definite new fav I will continue to rotate in my pantry!

• Pistons on New Girl

I’m seriously obsessed with this show and now I finally have a reason!

Jess from New Girl in Pistons shirt


I realize I am a few weeks late posting about this particular episode, but it’s still so, so great to me.

Jess becomes a Detroit Pistons fan in order to bond with their roommate, Coach. The Pistons just so happen to be the rival team of her boyfriend, Nick’s, favorite team, the Chicago Bulls. They have several stand-offs throughout the episode, but this might be the best clip.

Plus, the episode is titled “Basketsballs.” Because that’s what Jess calls the sport. Because, technically, “there are two baskets.”

Plus, Jess is wearing a sweater with black horses on it. Subliminal shout out to HOOPER? I still can’t bring myself to delete it from my DVR. (Go Pistons!)

• Saying YES in 2014

With a little encouragement from my friends over at Yes To, I am joining the #YESTOMOVEMENT to say YES to the little moments this year. Some ideas (small, big, and everywhere in between) include:

Yes To Momoment Ideas #YESTOMOVEMENT

All of those things would do nothing but produce great moods! I love it. If you are on board for saying YES, sign up to win free stuff, share it on your social media pages, and use the hashtag #YESTOMOVEMENT to see your moment pop up on their website!

Heather on Yes To #YESTOMOVEMENT

Pretty neat! :)

• kitty snuggles

Wherever we go, whatever we do, there they are.

Points one, two and three.

Aspen snuggling with Scott

cali snuggles with me

aspen cuddling wiht scott

…which reminds me of this article just for you, animal lovers…

these animal photobombers via Just Something

#5 and #9 made me literally laugh out loud, #18 is Aspen 100%, and #39 is still freaking me out.

• the return of monster salads

Finally. I’ve gotten the motivation to go nuts with the veggie drawer and create obnoxiously large and colorful salads again.

monster salad with beans and olives

This one started with a spring and baby spinach mix. Layered on top is grape tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, green olives, chick peas, and leftover black and chili beans from Scott’s turkey chili. I drizzled it with plain balsamic vinegar and finished it off with a few twists of ground pepper.

Hopefully the inspiration has now been passed on to you!

and to leave you with a laugh…

• Mr. Pants


Still dying. Happy Friday!


Housewife Glamour

Have a great start to your weekend! :D

December 24, 2013

Candlelight Christmas Show

Merry Christmas Eve! I hope the majority of you reading this are enjoying a day off to relax (or last minute holiday shop…) with (or for…) loved ones.

Today we are up and at ‘em extra early trying to get on Paris time, which is six hours ahead. We fly out this evening and are doing our best to get a head start on the whole time difference thing. We are scheduled to arrive early Christmas morning, so our master plan is to sleep on the plane the majority of the way over. Let’s just hope that doesn’t backfire!

To keep me occupied, I am working on a series of posts to keep you entertained while we are away. I believe we will have Internet access once we get to our hotel, so I’ll try to keep you updated and sneak in photos of what we are up to as much as I can while we’re there!

Candlelight Christmas Show

Scott and I met a few friends last night for a candlelight service at the church we have been attending since moving up here a year ago. Since we started dating back in 2008, Scott and I have always gone to a Candlelight Christmas Eve service. Last year we ended up taking a spontaneous trip over to Chicago, so this year we were hoping to get back into the tradition.

Coincidentally, Alex – a friend and teammate of mine – invited us to a Christmas show that included one on Christmas Eve Eve.

christmas show 2013

I loved the performance and it reminded me of when I used to be a part of a production at our church back home in Orlando called The Singing Christmas Trees.

After the opening singing and dancing portion, the show went on to a creative drama scene and message from the pastor, closing with a candlelight singing of In Excelsis Gloria. It was beautiful.

candlelight service kensington

After the show, we gathered in the church lobby and took advantage of their set up trees and props photo area. Because really… why wouldn’t you?

going to see christmas show 2013

That extra long Santa hat Scott is sporting is ridiculous and I am kind of jealous he got to wear it. (Says the girl wearing a white fuzzy beard.)

We all parted ways soon after and Alex met us at our house along with a few other close friends for dinner. Scott had something delicious on the menu!

homemade caprese salad

(Caprese salad + Pesto Pasta)

pesto pasta

(Recipe will be coming to you soon!)

We also devoured a few platefuls of warm brie and crackers, salsa and chips, and baby carrots dipped in hummus. I have come to the conclusion that snacking might actually be a hidden talent of mine, and I’m at peace with it.

As the night went on, we somehow ended up getting the idea to open all of our Christmas presents under the tree since I had a feeling we might want a few of them for the trip. (Santa just so happened to come early this year. He’s good like that.)

Scott and I took turns opening the small stack of presents we had wrapped for each other, but I found the greatest joy watching Roadie and the kitties “open” theirs.

cats on presents

Roadie loved and may have already destroyed most of his presents. Anddd the cats’ presents too. I swear he thinks he is the only child around here. When he stole the cat nip play ball away from Aspen, we had to put him in check by only letting him have one toy and one treat for the rest of the night.

It reminded me of what my parents used to do with me and Halloween candy. Do you remember how hard it was to ration that out? I always made piles and saved my favorites for last.

Just for fun, we took bets on which cookie treat Roadie would go for first: the gingerbread man, the Christmas tree, or the bone. Any guesses which one he picks?

I picked the gingerbread. Eh, you win some you lose some.

We ended up chatting the night away and didn’t say our goodbyes until the wee early hours of the morning. I guess that’s what happens around the holidays… catching up on quality time with those you love.

We are missing getting to spend this time with our families, but are making the best of it with our “Michigan family” up here. We are very thankful for them!

Alex in kensington christmas show

Here’s hoping you have a great rest of your day. Time to get moving and pack already… Au revior!

Questions of the Day

• Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions with your family?

• If you aren’t celebrating, what holiday or plans are you looking forward to?

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