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March 6, 2014

OMD Reunion Weekend, Part II

Hi friends! This week has been a fun one for me because I have been seeing tons of photos and memories pop up from the weekend.

In case you missed it, I traveled home to Orlando, Florida for the 25th Anniversary celebration of the Orlando Magic Dancers! As a member of the team for four seasons, I was thrilled to get the invite for a special halftime performance and knew I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I was also excited to have my best friend and teammate, Alex, join me!

Day one of our trip was filled with reuniting with family, barre and brunch, laying out in the warm weather, and time out and about with friends and former teammates.

OMD reunion at civeche

I spent the majority of this morning compiling photos for this post, so without much time to chat I am overjoyed to finally share them and details of the event with you!

Orlando Magic Dancer 25th Year Anniversary Reunion

Sunday was one a lot of women had been looking forward to for over six months! All former and current dancers got together and practiced our halftime routine that highlighted all of our years served on the team in segments of five years. As a member of the 2007-2011 teams, I was in Segments 4 and 5.

By Noon, a group of nearly 130 women gathered, practicing counts while getting ready to take center court.

Amway Center game day court

As soon as I made it through the tunnel all of the warm fuzzies I used to get while practicing on this arena came right back. I really missed this court!

While each segment got blocked on court, the rest of us (not in the section) caught up on the sides and enjoyed the pre-game environment we have all experienced before. Before long, it was my turn to take the court and I really couldn’t stop smiling.

OMD Reunion on court blocking 3

Photo Credit: Michael Cairns

OMD Reunion on court blocking 9

Photo Credit: Michael Cairns

With girls I formerly danced with by my side, and a group of others I have come to know over the years just as well, we all joked, laughed, and had a ball being all together on one court again.

OMD Reunion on court blocking 5

Photo Credit: Michael Cairns

We perfected our movements and all couldn’t wait for game time!

OMD Reunion on court blocking entrance

Photo Credit: Michael Cairns

As we wrapped up our final runs, my coach, Jeanine, asked us to make our way into the stands to watch the video that would be debuting each segment. Seeing twenty five years flash by in photos had us all simultaneously laughing and tearing up!

OMD Reunion watching video

Photo Credit: Michael Cairns

In just a few minutes time, memories of auditioning, taking photo shoots, dunking basketballs, traveling overseas, and performing on court came right back. It was a really neat thing to watch as a group.

As we exited the court, we all found our own spots in one of the locker rooms to start getting ready. We had about two hours, but it went by in a flash while we caught up and had fun putting on our makeup and getting our hair done together.

By 4 p.m., it was time to take the court again for a group photo!

OMD Reunion on court photo

Photo Credit: Michael Cairns

OMD Reunion on court photo 2

Photo Credit: Michael Cairns

It’s always a bit of work to gather over a hundred women together, but somehow we all managed just fine. I’m sure all of those years of practice helped out!

Next on the agenda was a pre-game reception, but before we left I grabbed a few of my former teammates and enjoyed the court access.

omd reunion pre game court

omd reunion pre game court 2

They basically had to kick us off the court. Nobody wanted to leave!

Before heading upstairs, I met up with Alex in the main entrance to show her around the arena.

omd reunion amway arena

I danced three seasons in the Amway Arena, which was the team’s original playing grounds. This brand-new, state of the art arena opened on 10-10-10 during my last season as a Magic Dancer!

While walking the concourses, I found a lot of things that made my night.

omd reunion alex with stuff

 This was one of them.

As we made our way around the third floor, we ran straight into the entrance of our reception. I was handed a name tag with the seasons I danced displayed on it and a goodie bag full of Magic swag!

omd reunion welcome sign

Inside, I found a very excited group of dancers of all ages accompanied by friends, family, and even their little ones!

omd reunion former OMDs

Throughout the entire weekend, I was so thrilled to see the faces of women I now call my sisters. Here is my original Big Sister, Kim, from my rookie season!

omd reunion with kim

She currently dances for the Chicago Bulls, and we definitely had interesting conversations exchanging stories about dancing in the NBA again for different teams.

Throughout the reception, I kept running into more and more familiar faces. It was such a treat!

OMD Reunion reception group 3

Photo Credit: Michael Cairns

Seeing groups of these girls come together all at once brought me right back to my seasons dancing with them. Most of us stay in touch quite a bit, so it’s as if time never even passed.

OMD Reunion reception group 2

Photo Credit: Michael Cairns

(Still complete goofballs.)

One of the only things that has changed around here is Malia, the daughter of our coach, Jeanine. I remember her dressed in the cutest little miniature-sized sparkly number during my first year of  tryouts. Now she’s just shy of seven years old, up to our shoulders and dancing with the mini team!

omd reunion with jeanine and malia

Just like those six years, the reception flew by and it was time for Alex and I to meet up with my parents and take our seats. I’m so glad we made by intros!

omd reunion amway center game

There were a lot of things I remember about this arena, but a lot of new elements as well. It was neat to sit back and watch a quarter from the stands before I needed to head down and focus on halftime.

Right after the first quarter, I made my way to the locker room, freshened up, and ran through the dances again. For someone who still dances on an NBA court, I was quite nervous!

When the buzzer went off at the end of the first half, we were all lined up and ready to go in the tunnel. I don’t think one person wasn’t smiling ear to ear!

Each section got introduced along with the video we previewed earlier that day. Even though I had seen it a handful of times by then, it still gave me goosebumps. It was finally our turn to take the court again!

OMD Reunion on court performance 4

Photo Credit: Michael Cairns

OMD Reunion on court performance 10

Photo Credit: Michael Cairns

OMD Reunion on court performance 12

After the end of Segment 5, all of the dancers joined us on the court for a finale. Dancing and performing with all of my Magic Dancer family was such a blast!

OMD Reunion on court performance 14

Photo Credit: Michael Cairns

Watch the full halftime performance video!

Eventually, we got kicked off the court again, and we all made our way back to the dressing rooms. It was hard to say our goodbyes, so a lot of us continued to take pictures and pretended like we were going to see each other again in practice the next week.

Attending this reunion couldn’t have come at a better time for me. As this season dancing for the Pistons comes to a close for me next month, I am reminded of what it truly feels like to be a part of a sisterhood and family in the NBA. I still feel like a newbie to my team here, and there were a lot of things I completely forgot about my previous years in Orlando until I experienced them all over again.

I feel SO blessed to be a part of such an amazing, life long sorority of incredibly talented, beautiful and wonderful women I now call my sisters. Leaving brought up a ton of bittersweet emotions, memories of “quotes” I can’t believe I ever forgot about, and extremely sore abs from laughing so hard the entire time.

OMD Reunion welcome sign

Photo Credit: Michael Cairns

As I made my way back to the stand to meet my parents, it made me smile to look around and see my fellow alumni join the crowd here and there. I knew they were feeling what I was feeling, and that we all secretly hope to do it all again just five years from now!

After the game, I suggested we go to the rooftop bar to show Alex where Scott and I used to spend a lot of our nights after games.

omd reunion parents rooftop

Right on top of the arena is where Scott and I said our goodbyes to our Magic family just a year and a half ago. With the majority of everyone I grew up with still in town, I am very grateful to have the opportunity to visit both my parents and my friends when I come home. This time I even got to share it with a new friend from Michigan!

omd reunion rooftop alex

I feel like I continue to ramble on and gush about this memorable trip home, but I am going to stop there. I owe a big THANK YOU to Jeanine (my coach), Cherie (my assistant coach), and every dancer I got to hug and see make my weekend.

Here’s to the next one being just as amazing!

March 4, 2014

OMD Reunion Weekend, Part I

Hello everyone! Today I am coming to you still on a complete high from an incredible weekend home in Orlando, Florida.

While I am not physically down south, I feel like I am still so surrounded by friends, family, and an amazing group of sisters I met dancing four seasons with the Orlando Magic. Over the weekend, twenty five years worth of Magic Dancers reunited for a special halftime performance and I will be sure to share that experience with you!

Orlando Magic Dancer Reunion Reception

First, I wanted to highlight the start of my trip and include my favorite moments of the weekend off the court.

Since Scott already had his own traveling plans last weekend, my short trip home was officially deemed a girls weekend when my friend and teammate, Alex, flew down with me!

flying to florida

Alex is born and raised in Michigan, so I was anxious to show her as much of Orlando as I possibly could in two days. We were so excited to get down there and enjoy the warm weather!

After a flight delay, a baggage fiasco, and a ridiculously long line for a rental car, we finally arrived in my hometown of Longwood around 8 p.m Friday night. We drove directly home to my parents house, only stopping for a quick sunset picture of our neighborhood beach.

lake brantley beach at night

(So many memories of fun boating weekends here!)

I made sure to spend my first night at home and enjoyed a relaxing night in with my parents, my sister and her family, and a couple of close family friends.

Florida with Trish and Kayla

I really miss being able to just drive thirty minutes or so to see them, and felt so grateful they were able to spend the night home with me.

Barre54 and Brunch in Winter Park

Saturday morning started bright and early with a pre-planned barre class at my old studio in Winter Park. I always say “barre this and barre that” up here, and I was so happy we fit in a trip to my old stomping grounds to show Alex the place I used to teach group fitness.

barre 54 winter park studio

I really do miss that sunny studio!

Just as I expected, Amanda did a great job challenging us in class (welcome back, barre shake and burn!) and we all left feeling great. Okay, we also felt more than a little sore too.

barre54 with friends

Amanda had to stay at the studio to continue teaching, so Alex, Missy (<- a life-long friend I just found out is expecting! Remember her Bachelorette cruise? Where does the time go?!) and I walked a quick ten minutes over to Park Avenue, one of my favorite shopping districts in Orlando.

park ave rose garden walkway

winter park ave rose garden

One thing I truly miss about living in Florida is the ability to go for a walk or run outside year-round. Coming down from temperatures in the negative lows and high of teens this week, walking in a tank top and needing sunglasses on our way over felt like such a treat!

winter park ave

bunnies in the park

winter park farmers market

Past the garden, we found our destination of Briar Patch to meet another friend for brunch.

briar patch park ave

Around 11 a.m. on a Saturday morning it was packed to the rim, but very much worth the wait!

Alex and I split our meals and I made sure to include a couple of Southern staples like fried green tomatoes and grits.

briar patch fried green tomatoes

briar patch pancakes and breakfast

I’m still dreaming about those blueberry fiber pancakes in the middle.

Briar Patch is also known for their desserts and ice cream parlor that I never have room for. One of these days I have to get a slice of their gigantic specialty cakes!

briar patch giant cakes

As brunch came to a close, I said goodbye to Missy and also to Suzanne and her adorable baby girl, Joy.

Winter Park with suzanne

I wish I had more time to see everyone.

Next on the agenda was a group rehearsal for the halftime performance we would be dancing the next day. Before going to the fitness center, we stopped over to a friend’s condo to see a few of my old teammates and bask in the sun!

laying out in sunny florida

I had never been so thankful for a sunny Saturday afternoon in my entire life.

laying out in florida

Alex dropped me off at rehearsal soon after and met up with a local friend of hers while I practiced and reunited with a lot of awesome familiar faces.

OMD reunion practice segments 4 and 5

I spent the majority of my time during the 2007-2011 NBA seasons practicing and performing with these women and felt absolutely elated for the opportunity to catch up with with all of them.

Saturday was a great turn out and we were all looking forward to the performance the next day!

Dinner on Church Street

After a full day of in and outside activity, it was more than time for Alex and I to shower and get ready for a reunion outing that night. Before hitting up the night spot, we grabbed dinner at one of Scott and I’s favorite tapas bars in the city: Civeche.

Ceviche with Alex

We ordered a variety of popular dishes (including these amazing patatas bravas, or seasoned potatoes) and also shared a pitcher of red wine sangria.

civeche sangria and potatoes

It was so much fun to see familiar faces pop in and out the entire evening!

OMDs at civeche

OMD reunion at civeche

Post-dinner, we walked right next door to Don Jefe’s and had a blast dancing and reminiscing well into the early morning.

Today I have a handful of errands to run, laundry to catch up on, and dances to review before tonight’s practice at home in Michigan.

Thank you to all of you who voted for me last week in the Online Shoes Styling Contest! I didn’t win, but I am very proud of fellow FitFluential Ambassador Presley for taking the W. Woot!

Also, if you get a chance, could you please take a second and vote for Alex in the AKD Sports Model Search? We both appreciate any and all of your support. Always. Thank you!

Stay tuned for Part II of the Orlando Magic Dancer Reunion Trip coming up!

February 27, 2014

Orlando Magic Dancer Throwbacks

Hey everyone! How is your day going? I am in a state of confusion on where the heck mine went.

Today is a very exciting one for me! You see, tomorrow I am leaving for Florida to take part in the Orlando Magic Dancers 25th Anniversary Reunion! That’s right… warm, sunny Florida where it is currently in the 60s. That’s slightly warmer than the 9 degrees surrounding me here.

snow pile in our front yard

I have spent my entire day preparing for the weekend. And when I say “preparing” I really mean getting a spray tan (yup… I already scrubbed off last week’s for a fresh coat) and reminiscing over old dancing days through pictures. Whoops.

spray tan in winter

(P.S. I also might be the only one currently this tan color up here.)

Since 10 a.m. I have done nothing but search for pictures online, make collages, and organize them into folders on the computer. Okay, attempt to organize them. I swear I will get them all settled and up one of these days!

And then there were these guys, just laying there luring me in for a quick few minutes of snuggling.

aspen on bed

cali in bed

I have a feeling they all get the sense that I will be leaving them for a few days because the suitcase and piles of clothes are out. Last night, Roadie brought out his extra sad eyes when he saw Scott doing the same thing!

roadie is sleepy

I mean, who has the kind of will power to just walk by that? Nobody.

Subway Footlong for the Win

On the way home from my appointment and errands this morning, I stopped into Subway to get an egg white breakfast sandwich. Somewhere between the front door and the ordering line, I decided on lunch instead. I ended up ordering my go-to turkey on wheat footlong loaded with veggies to enjoy half then for breakfast and half later.

subway lunch

It’s later right?

subway turkey wheat sandwich

Excuse me while I devour this real quick. And we’re back!

I should be doing so much more with my time, and as soon as I publish this post I swear I’ll get to it. But, since it is Throwback (<- apparently an official “thing” now) Thursday and there is a reunion approaching, it only seems right to share a collection of some of my favorite Orlando Magic Dancer memories. Get ready for ‘em!

Orlando Magic Dancer Throwbacks

I could fill this post with countless stories and giggles, but for time’s sake I am just going to stick with the pictures accompanied by brief captioning.

I remember the exact feeling I had making the team for my 2007-08 Rookie Season. I felt on top of the world and had the utmost confidence.

Heather Magic Auditions 200


Right away, I said yes to an opportunity to travel the world and formed a close bond with a group of women I would now call my sisters.

orlando magic china games

I dressed up as a zombie and performed in my own costume on Halloween!

Magic Dancers Halloween 2007 Opening Night Magic Dancers Halloween 2007 Opening Night costumes

I got to belay from the ceiling during the NBA Finals (!!!) and dunk basketballs on-court and all over the globe!

Orlando Magic Dunking Danc

I was chosen to perform overseas a handful of times including trips to China (twice!), Indonesia, and Italy!

orlando magic dancers in rome italy

My first year was “the best.” But then again, I said that after the closing of every single season. I went into my first veteran season knowing I was in for a great year in 2008.

final auditions orlando magic dancer auditions 2008


I put my heart and soul into this job, and got to dunk more basketballs and travel with the team to watch the 2009 Eastern Conference Finals in Cleveland and NBA Finals in L.A.!

heather dunking

orlando magic dunking dancers


going to la to watch the nba finals

scott and i cavs game

heather nba finals

I sat on the sidelines while my dad took the court over with the 3D Dancing Dads!

orlando magic dancing dads


Yes, those are our “real” dads out there. The grey hair on the far right belongs to me! Check out one of their hilarious fun routines!

Over the course of four seasons, I met so many great women and souls I still stay connected with to this day. I went through four(ish) different hair colors and styles and feel so grateful to be able to reconnect and relive all of it in just a couple of days.

While searching Google for at least an hour (don’t you hate when that happens? Sucks you right in!) I found the mother load. I remember one of our die hard Magic Fans named Jose who came to every single home game, documenting it all every time!

From intros and basketball plays to timeout routines and sidelines, he somehow captured it all. And did it very well!

While aimlessly searching for photos to share with you, I found all of his albums for every single game, starting in 2005. Can you imagine how many photos he has gone through and edited?

I thought it was great at the time, but never realized how appreciative I would be of this super fan today. He even created Magic Dancer albums, and organized them by each game, complete with captions.

I am so, so thankful I now have a place to find the photos he so lovingly took the time to take, edit, and upload for all of those years.

orlando magic photographer

All of the following photos are from his albums. Thank you so much, Jose!

orlando magic dancers routines 2010

heather sidelines 2010

orlando magic dancers routines 2010

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 12.31.18 PM

orlando magic dancers routines 2010

orlando magic dancers christmas routines 2010

orlando magic dancers christmas routines 2010

orlando magic dancers routines 2010

orlando magic dancers dunking 2010

orlando magic dancers sidelines 2010

orlando magic dancers sidelines 2010-11

orlando magic dancers burlesque

orlando magic dancers sidelines 2010-11


I finished my fourth season dancing for the Orlando Magic in 2011. I had every intention on trying out for one “final” season that summer, but there were other plans God had in store for Scott and I.

You all know the rest of the story. We moved up to Michigan for Scott’s job opportunity with the Detroit Pistons, and I am now close to finishing my second season dancing for them! I feel very fortunate and blessed to say I have danced in the NBA for six years and will always remember my twenties filled with these precious dancing memories.

heather orlando magic dancer with shalize


dancing on court orlando magic dancers


orlando magic dancer intros


orlando magic dancers 2011


Today, it is incredibly hard to stay focused on everything I need to get done to enjoy the weekend away! I keep finding more pictures, messaging friends, and can hardly contain my excitement to start the festivities already. Sadly, I must.

I know I will have many stories to share about the weekend when I return home Monday. I am looking forward to a very magical weekend and can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Thank you for sharing these memories with me. See you bright and early tomorrow morning with this week’s Friday Favorites!

November 5, 2013

That Time We Went To Florida

Holy guacamole you guys. I feel like I say this a lot, but this past week has been nothing short of a whirlwind.

I’m sorry for the temporary blogging hiatus yesterday. You see, I was smack dab in the middle of “Not Growing Up” and enjoying spending as much time possible time with our friend, Barry, while he was in town from Chicago.

I guess it all started with a quick and insanely eventful three days in Florida! Putting the good food and spots we ventured out to aside (I’ll be covering some of my favorites later this week!) this post will be filled with friends and family photos. Because after all, that’s really why we went there.

After an action packed Opening Night Wednesday night and close to zero sleep, Scott and I set off for the south and arrived home in Orlando, Florida about 1:30 p.m.

We were instantly welcomed with warm weather, sunshine, and palm trees. As much as I adore experiencing the seasons and changing of the leaves up in Michigan, I do miss the feeling of calmness I get when I see palm trees.

Florida Trip palm trees

They just scream home to me.

After lunch, we drove over to my parent’s house in Longwood to say hello to them before the craziness of our plans started.

<Enter continuous chaos!>

Florida trip craziness

Scott and I came into town for a friend’s wedding but wanted to make the most of our time there by seeing as many people as we could. With only two and a half days to do it in, we most definitely lost sleep and quite possibly may have also lost our minds. But, we’re home now and are doing our best to catch up and get back to reality.

In the grand scheme of things, all of the running around and stress of coordinating was well worth it, and getting to pop into town to see people I love couldn’t have come at a better time. Below is a compilation of the highlights, which may include an unexpected (and ridiculously awesome) twist in the end. Here we go!

Friends and Family Time in Florida

Like I mentioned, we met my friend Meggan for dinner Thursday in Winter Park. She was the very first person to come visit us after we moved up north and I was excited to catch up with her over a nice dinner at Prato.

Florida Trip with Meggan

(Happy Halloween colors!)

We got home and went straight to bed ready to tackle the next few busy days of visiting. While I planned to sneak into a barre class while I was home, I completely slept past my alarm and missed it Friday morning. Bummer. Instead, my body caught up on some sleep (temporarily) and we finally made our way out the door to meet another Megan for lunch.

Florida Trip with Megan

She also came to visit us over the summer! Must be a Meggan/Megan thing. ;)

We spent the afternoon wandering around the city, got pedicures (yes, that “we” includes Scott!), and made it home to my parents’ house just in time to drive over to my sister’s for a family dinner. It was SO great to see her and spend time with my brother, grandmother and their families.

Florida Trip with Trish

We also got to see Courtney, who I have known since I was two years old!

Florida Trip with Trish and Courtney

As I made my way around the house catching up with everyone, I started to realize our time together was way too short. I really wish I had at least another day with them!

Florida Trip Family Photo

While I was home, my mom booked a flight to come see us right after Christmas which made me feel a smidge better about leaving so abruptly.

Florida Trip with Mom

Can’t wait to show her around our area in the wintertime!

Directly after dinner, we set out for an after rehearsal dinner party hosted by the bride and groom we came in town to celebrate. While I forgot to snap a picture of us all together, I did, however get the camera out for this guy.

Kings Bowling DJ

Eh, you win some, you lose some.

After an hour of mingling, we then made our way downtown to catch the tail end of Megan’s birthday celebration!

Florida trip Megans Birthday

Once again, it was wonderful to see familiar Florida faces and left the night feeling sad that our time together was cut so short.

Saturday was just plain AWESOME.

With only a few hours of sleep under our belts, Scott and I got up at sunrise to meet a group of our church friends for breakfast at 7:30 a.m. I’m a bit upset I didn’t snap a photo of us all, but it was with the same group of folks that threw us our send off party before we moved away last year!

We chatted it up for about and hour and then followed them over to our church to pop into their morning rehearsal for the Singing Christmas Trees. (Remember when I was in that show?) Once again, our time with friends was short but sweet.

We made it back over to my parents’ house with just enough time for me to drop off Scott and bring my mom along for brunch with Katie and Ashley (who were both bridesmaids in our wedding!). Since Ashley lives two hours away in St. Augustine, I was so excited to hear she could make it down for a quick visit. She recently became a mother and I was SO happy to finally meet baby Rylan in person!

Florida trip meeting Rylan

That bow. That outfit. That smile. I couldn’t stand all of the cuteness!

Florida Trip Meeting Rylan 2

We spent the rest of our morning talking about life and Katie’s upcoming wedding. I can’t believe how grown up we all are already. It seems like just yesterday we were in high school figuring out how to straighten our hair. ;)

Florida Trip First Watch with katie and ashley

I sure do miss them!

After wrapping things up, my mom and I stopped by the mall to pick up a pair of heels and lipstick for me to wear to the wedding later on. As soon as I got home I hopped in the shower and got ready as fast as I could. Ready, set, here comes the bride!

Scott and I Kirkpatrick wedding

While I normally take more than enough photos at events, this one was different than any wedding I have ever been to. Our friend Karly was marrying someone you may happen to recognize, along with the rest of the ushers.

Kirkpatrick Wedding

No I am not lying.

This really happened.

And I’m still freaking out about it.

As soon as we arrived, we told security we were there for a different event (the “secret code words”) and were handed off to a few different escorts until we got to just outside the reception area. We were asked to check our cell phones and cameras, and were told that we couldn’t post anything about the event anywhere.

I guess that was a small price to pay for getting to attend this event. As we made our way to get seated, I just about died when I saw Justin Timberlake appear in real life. There he was, escorting the couple in front of us to their seats… no big deal. Trying to stay calm, I couldn’t wait to see who our usher would be and may have squealed like a little girl inside when I saw it was Lance Bass.

I only had a million posters of him hanging up in my room in middle school. Since Justin was an obvious favorite of the boy band, I always had a thing for Lance instead.

He approached us and held out his arm for me to grab onto. I for sure thought I would trip or say something ridiculous, but instead kept my composure pretty well.

Just a few minutes later, it was time for the ceremony to start and I put my excitement over what just happened aside to see the beautiful bride walk down the aisle. She looked absolutely stunning and giggled a few times as she made her way towards her groom. Ah, I just love the two of them together!

The wedding was everything I pictured it being. Fabulous. I can’t share much, but I will include a few photos of the after party outside the reception area when we were allowed to get our phones back.

Florida Trip Kirckpatrick wedding chris

(Get it, Chris!)

Kirkpatrick Wedding scott playing cowbell

(And Scotty.)

Kirckpatrick Wedding teletubbies band

It was truly a party and everyone had a blast into the wee hours of the morning. As exhausted as I was, we held strong and celebrated the night away with the newlyweds.

Florida Trip Kirckpatrick Wedding after party

They even did a birthday shout out to him at midnight when he officially entered his forties! What an amazing way to kick off the day!

As you can imagine, the lack of sleep continued on with a wake up call of 6 a.m. for our flight home which we almost missed. A late start paired with a slow shuttle and unfortunate security check points almost did us in this time.

Luckily, we made it on just in time for last call and arrived back in Detroit with just enough time to get to the arena for a home game, followed by an outing for the birthday boy.

Florida trip barely made it

Now that I am home looking back at it all, we seem crazy. At least that’s what my family tells me. But you know what? We live in the moment and make the most out of every opportunity. Call us nuts, but we’re on a mission to enjoy this last year or so before things settle down a little.

Today, I’m off to get ready for another home game. Thanks for checking in and I will have more stories for you tomorrow!

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