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April 5, 2014

Hopeful Vet Visit

Hello and a Happy Weekend to ya!

First of all, I want to thank you for all of your sweet comments and suggestions on Tuesday’s post concerning our fur baby, Roadie.

To answer a lot of your questions and to give you a little bit of a background, we found Roadie as a stray dog in our neighborhood around the holidays at the end of 2010.

After a couple of weeks and no luck in finding his owner, we finally took him to the vet and found out he was about a year old, came from a shelter and then from a house in a bad part of town. He acted timid and unsure around most people, which makes us think he didn’t come from a good place, and also had a case of hook worm and heart worm.

Roadie at vets

We decided to treat him (which cost us more than a pretty penny) and from that day forward, considered him part of the Hesington family!

Roadie at dog park

To make a long story short, Roadie has been the perfect dog for us! He is as sweet as can be, sociable and very active.

After we moved up north and into the frigid winter seasons, however, something changed about him.

Roadie likes palm tress

Roadie is part Rhodesian Ridgeback (hence the name!) and part who knows what. We are guessing some kind of mut, boxer, or pit.

Rhodesians are protective by nature, but can easily be trained and we have been working with him since Day One to sit, stay, wait, lay down, and to “take it easy.” He still does a good job of minding our commands, but now it seems to be more on his terms and not ours.

He has become more protective, aggressive, and less trusting of strangers.

Running with Roadie

Since we aren’t sure how he will react to new people, we have to keep him on a very tight leash and avoid contact with people and animals on our walks and runs.

My theory is that he isn’t used to being cooped up in the house as much, and due to the freezing weather for up to six or seven months at a time, has caught some kind of cabin fever. He misses being able to go for long walks and runs outside just as much as we do!

During his annual check up Thursday, I brought up my concerns about his change in behavior and our vet said the weather could very well have something to do with it.

I mentioned that I now get nervous about taking him out in public, and she affirmed that some of his protective instincts might be directly coming from me. He senses my nervousness and feels the need to protect.

roadie at vets 3

To help, she suggested getting him outside as much as possible and keeping him active inside during the winter.

A friend of mine from high school suggested playing with a laser and having him chase it, which seems like a great idea! Another good one was to take treats on our walks and reward him for staying calm when people pass. Also, we need to try giving treats to new friends who enter our home!

roadie on the floor

The biggest step our vet suggested was to check into professional training. He is very good with commands, but we feel like he might be missing out on important social interaction with other people and dogs if our concerns continue.

Bringing someone in who has handled this situation before might help calm him down and help us trust him to interact with new people.

Going for a run with Roadie

We left the vets with a healthy pup, two healthy (but very grumpy) kitties, and high hopes for Roadie’s future happiness. Because as much as I snuggle him, I know he is missing out on a part of life he deserves.

roadie at vets 2

So that’s what the situation is as of now. As time goes by, I’ll be sure to check in with updates on how he is doing.

Thank you so much for all of your words of encouragement and suggestions!

February 18, 2014

What I’ve Learned Living Up North

Hi friends! Today I have something kind of random to share that I thought some of you might find interesting.

While driving home in a serious snow blizzard last night, I started thinking about all of the things I have learned while living up here. For those of you who are new to the blog: I am a Florida native, born and raised in Orlando, who just moved up to Michigan under a year and a half ago.

Last winter was considered “mild” and this one is off the charts unbearable. I guess it is comforting to know that locals are even saying it is by far the worst one they have seen in over twenty years!

If I can survive this I should be just fine from here on out. Or so I think! ;)

10 things i've learned living up north

• The four seasons do exist.

I often joked with my Florida friends that we could only tell what season it was by the Starbucks flavored lattes available. It’s fall because there’s Pumpkin Spice right?

Since moving to Michigan, I have found a new appreciation for the changing of the seasons and it is something I really look forward to as the months pass by.

neighborhood trees in fall

winter snowfall

Seeing the autumn leaves and spring blossoms puts me in the best mood. Ahhh I can’t wait!

neighborhood flowers

• Winter clothes are expensive… but you can build a (cute + warm) wardrobe by investing in a nice piece (or two) of winter apparel per season. 

Check out the outlets and look for the essentials during the off-season. I have been calling our local North Face outlet asking them for a specific coat I have had my eye on for a year now! I refuse to pay over $200 for it but need it in my closet, so I am being patient. This one is second on my list.

That’s also where I got my one pair of versatile snow boots I wear almost every day.

north face cute snow boots

• Layering is key.

If you live in cold enough climates where it snows, you need to layer. And I’m not just talking about an overcoat and gloves here.

If you are going to be outside walking around in frigid and windy conditions, throw on a tank top, an extra pair of socks, and tights under your jeans. Also, bring a spare pair of socks in case yours get wet from the snow. I learned that one the hard way!

• Cider mills are the ish.

Any time somebody plans a visit, we try to get them to come during cider mill season. Generally, they only open the weekend after Labor Day and close the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Yates Cider Mill in front of water mill

If you haven’t ever tried freshly pressed cider (and cider mill donuts!) I highly recommend you put that on your bucket list. YUM.

Yates Cider Mill donut

• Nobody says ya’ll. You might as well go ahead and replace that with yuh guys or eh.

When we first moved up here everyone said I had a Southern accent. To me, I have a regular accent, but doesn’t everyone say that?

Our friends thought Scott had an extreme Southern draw (being from Arkansas) and say we both over-pronounce our words. Actually, people just combine words up here. This article nailed the Michigan accent right on the head.

• You have to really need that gallon of milk.

After our first snowfall, I finally understood why people get real friendly with their neighbors around here. Running to the store down south seems like a breeze compared to the process you have to go through to pick up that one grocery item during the winter months up here (i.e. October through April) Eek!

(Get bundled up, warm up the car, scrape the windshield, drive extremely slow, walk in the cold wind into the store, un-bundle, get your item, re-bundle and do the same process all over again!) Sigh.

• Goodbye, humidity.

Coming from someone who grew up fighting the humidity and frizzy hair that followed, I am extremely grateful that is now a thing of the past. It doesn’t rain that often in the Greater Detroit area, and when it does the humidity doesn’t even compare to a “low humidity” day in Florida.

It may sound weird to some, but this does wonders for my hair washing and styling schedule. Spray a little dry shampoo in your hair, throw on a cute hair accessory (ear warmer headbands are becoming my fav!) and you’re good to go for days!

snow bunnies

• Basements are also the ish.

When looking for a place to rent or buy, the basement doesn’t even count in the square footage. All of the ones I have been to up here are fully furnished with carpet, paint on the walls, and even some furniture. Ours serves as my home office slash home gym slash entertainment area.

home workout equipment

The best part of it all is if you have people over you don’t have to worry about it getting loud. Take the party into the basement and your neighbors will never know!

And the last few are specifically related to driving in the snow… because it’s a real struggle.

• Slow and steady wins the race.

Before attempting my first drive in the snow, “slow and steady” is all I heard. I didn’t realize it meant actually drive 20 m.p.h. on the highway. Also, I have learned that you should drive “where it makes sense” as opposed to in the real lanes. If there is a tire track, follow it.

driving in the snow

Also, another huge tip is to only stop when it’s absolutely necessary. Breaks tend to disappear in the snow and ice and it’s not the most comforting feeling.

If you ever find yourself in this position, give yourself more than enough time to stop and more than enough room to do so. Try to follow tracks to avoid getting stuck, and NEVER slam on your breaks!

• Rear wheel drive is ridiculous.

Both Scott and I moved up here with rear wheel drive cars. In Florida, if you purchase an all wheel drive you’re just wasting money. If the car you want even comes in all wheel. Up here, rear wheel drive vehicles get sent right back down south.

My first time driving in the snow (in my rear wheel) was awful. My breaks jumped ship, I was slipping and sliding all over the place, and I ended up turning around right outside of our neighborhood to have Scott drive me. I replaced my tires the next day, but even with brand new grips the experience of driving with rear wheel power is scary. Always go for the front or all wheel option!

ice storm

Other than driving and freezing my butt off for more days of the year than necessary, I have enjoyed living in the mid-west. Fall runs are my favorite way to break a sweat and I really want to check out more hiking trails when the snow melts.

Heather Hesington Asics Styling Contest 4

(By the way, this picture is from yesterday’s post I shared about the Asics shoe styling contest. THANK YOU to all who voted and for your sweet comments. Roadie is certainly feeling the love!)

I love having the excuse to enjoy a warm beverage at any (or all) time(s) of the day, and sitting by fireplaces. I adore the copious amounts of running leggings I now own that I could never pull off wearing in Florida, and I learn something new about handling the cold temperatures every single day.

I have to admit, however, that I am really ready for spring to get here already. Until then, I’ll just keep bundling up and think of more things to share with you!

I’m hoping to check back in with a soup recipe before I need to get ready for tonight’s home game. Stay tuned!

Question of the Day

• Have you ever relocated to an extreme temperature difference? How have you/did you handled it?

• Any tips for this Southerner turned Northerner?

November 21, 2013

Still Getting Used To Surroundings

Hi friends! How’s your Thursday going so far? Mine’s been a cold, but good and busy one.

The morning absolutely flew. I was originally going to sneak in an early workout, then listened to my (sore) body and decided to give it a rest after last night’s workout and practice.

I left the house right after 9 a.m. to get a spray tan for our big calendar release tomorrow during the Pistons vs. Hawks game! To say I’m a little excited about it is a huge understatement. I’ll be sure to share more details after tomorrow!

I spent some time chatting it up with the salon owner, then hit up the Subway right next door for a late breakfast.

Subway breakfast sub

(Whole wheat bread, egg whites, turkey, pepper jack cheese – toasted – with tomato slices and green peppers.)

While I was there, I also went ahead and ordered a chopped salad for lunch, knowing I would only be home long enough to type up this post before getting out the door again!

Subway chopped salad

(Spinach and lettuce mix, plain chicken strips, cheddar cheese, and “the works” for vegetables, minus the red onion and jalapenos with oil and vinegar on the side.)

I also plan on enjoying the unpictured bag of Baked Lays in the car shortly. And just in case you didn’t catch the hint at the bottom of yesterday’s WIAW post, yes, I did in fact have Subway last night for dinner as well. Whoops. I should seriously consider buying stock in that store! Are you guys in need of any Subway Ambassadors? Jared’s got it covered? Oh… okay. ;)

I made a few stops on the way home and one of them was to a Bank of America.

Funny story… after realizing my local branch by the house is relocating I then searched for other locations in my good ‘ol iPhone Navigation app. Several popped up, and I drove over to the closest one. Turns out that was a PNC bank, so I searched again. The second stop took me to a highway ramp entrance. I really felt like someone was trying to play a prank on me or something!

Good news, I finally found a new BOA to handle all of my banking needs just a few miles away from home and paid my first visit this morning. I was on my way home when I then remembered I needed to pick up a few greeting cards and pulled over to a Walgreens.

Walgreens, CVS, Target, you name it this always happens.

walgreens purchases

I go in for one or two items and come out at least a hundred dollars lighter.

I would usually be more disappointed in myself, but I did pick up a few steals I am excited to feature in tomorrow’s Friday Favorites link up. So we’re all good.

Still Getting Used To Surroundings

Since moving up here, I have relied heavily on my GPS apps on my phone. I really don’t know what I would do without them. If this were thirty years ago and I had to put my driving fate on an old fashioned paper map I would be in some serious trouble, ya’ll.

Anyways, over the past few months I have been trying to ween myself off of the navigation. I have figured out the essential direct routes I need to know (how to get to the arena, to major shopping areas, to the airport, downtown, to the grocery store, etc.) but just can’t seem to put together how to get from one area to another just yet.

After my side trip to Walgreens, I wanted to see how on or off my sense of direction was and decided to head home without any clues. After all, I was only three miles away.

What do ya know… leave it to me to turn the exact opposite way I needed to. I ended up hanging a right instead of a left on my major road home and finally noticed it was the wrong way when I ended up here.

bare trees on back road

At first I got frustrated, but then I took a second to look around and appreciate the little back road I stumbled upon. Wouldn’t it be cool to live off of one like this?

winter trees in michigan

You definitely don’t get the sight of bare trees like this in Florida!

Eventually, I caved and found my way back home via my iPhone navigation. Sigh.

And here we are! I only have a few minutes to catch up on some emails before I need to get over to Royal Oak for a hair appointment, then I’m off to get my eyebrows threaded. Yup, today is just one of those beauty days. I guess it could be worse.

I am looking forward to a dinner date with Scott tonight (finally!) followed by errands we’ve been putting off as long as we can, like picking out a new vacuum. Ours officially kicked the bucket the other day and I don’t think I can handle tiny green tree needles everywhere anymore.

We both have our hearts set on the Dyson Ball. One of it’s versions. Do any of you own one? Thoughts?

Upcoming Reebok Sales

Before I go, I wanted to let you know that I just got word from Reebok that they’re planning to offer a handful of HUGE Black Friday Weekend promotions. Stay tuned! I’ll release more details the day before Thanksgiving.

Have a wonderful rest of your day!

Questions of the Day

• Have you ever moved to a completely new city? If so, how long did it take you to get used to the surroundings (not rely on maps or apps to get around!)

• Ever tried a Subway breakfast sandwich, pita, or wrap? What’s your favorite kind or combo?

October 12, 2013

One Year Ago Today

Something pretty neat dawned on me as I was driving home from the airport this morning…

sunrise drive

Today is our one year move-iversary!

Out in October with Scott

(Collaborative photo at midnight last night to celebrate.)

One year ago today, Scott and I packed up our lives and embarked on a new chapter together by moving and driving up north for good. We had my dad and our fur babies along for the ride too!

Driving on the road with pets

Two days in the car with all of them certainly was interesting…

But, we seemed to manage and enjoyed what we could along the way!

Welcome to Georgia

It’s crazy to think how quickly time passes by. I mean, I knew starting another season meant we have been here for a while… but really? It’s already been an entire year? Wowww.

Just for kicks, I wanted to take a few minutes to reminisce over the highlights that have happened since we arrived. Feel free to scroll, click, and join in on the memories!

Lived in a hotel for a month. <- Quite the experience.

Scott’s surprise birthday and my first time hanging with the Pistons fam!

• Moved into our condo and started exploring the neighborhood.

• Attended a ton of events and Detroit Pistons games at the arena.

Detroit Pistons game with HOOPER the horse

• Roadie’s (and my real) first snow!

• Learning to drive and live in snow.

• Our first Thanksgiving here with Scott’s Parents.

• My first performance returning to the NBA court!

Detroit Pistons Dancers January 201

Holiday celebrations with friends.

Christmas in Chicago.

Mom’s first visit!

Running in snow. And slush.

no sweat

• Getting invited to dance with the Pistons Dancers!

• Snow storms + Winter Festivals.

• Our first time being snowed in.

neighborhood snow

* 1 Year Blogiversary!* <- woot!

St. Patrick’s Day in Detroit.

• First Tigers and Red Wings Games.

First Red Wings Game

Boston Trip.

• First trip back home to Florida.

Fitbloggin’ in Portland. (My first blogging conference!)

• Megan’s visit over the 4th of July.

Looking at Windsor from Detroit

Weekend in Ohio.

• Celebrating our 2 Year Anniversary (kind of).

Auditioning to be a member of the 2013-14 Pistons Dance Team (with a new hair color!).

• Visiting Traverse City (with Dad!) and staying with Grandma up north.

ggrandma's house in the woods

• Trip (to Scott’s) home in Arkansas/Missiouri.


Cider Mills and a visit from Surely!

• Starting the new NBA season with Media Day, a 5K and pre-season games!

Can't Hold Us ending pose 10813

WHEW! Is that it?

No wonder it all feels like a blur.

I’ve spent the day around the house cleaning up and working on a few projects. As soon as I hit “publish”, I plan to finally get outside and enjoy the gorgeous fall weather we’re having with a run on the trails before sunset. I’m sure I’ll have plenty to think about on the miles ahead. :D

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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