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January 21, 2015

What I Ate Wednesday #78

Good morning! I hope the Hump Day has started on a great note for you. I have a lot to get around to on this little ‘ol laptop of mine today, so I’m going to dive right into yesterday’s eats for What I Ate Wednesday.

Have no idea what I’m talking about? Check it out!

What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday



Breakfast couldn’t have been easier. I poured a tall cup of coffee and scarfed down a bowl of Fiber One Cranberry Almond protein cereal. It was really good, and I had the same exact breakfast this morning too!

fiber one protein cereal and coffee

(Go Hogs!)

Scott talked me into running some errands with him before lunch that included picking up a new washer and dryer across town. We forgot our dolly at home, so it was a real adventure. At least I got to play (slash fear for my life of slipping) in the snow, right?

winter snowfall michigan

playing in the snow

I was hungry for lunch right when we returned. Scott left for work and I made a giant monster salad to last as side salads for a couple of days.

making a monster salad

Power greens, baby spinach, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, red peppers, chick peas, black olives, and feta cheese.

I scooped out a plateful, then heated and cut up a veggie black bean burger for substance.

monster salad with veggies and garden black bean burger

It all tasted great with this cilantro dressing!

stonewall kitchen cilantro lime dressing

I went downstairs to work on the computer for a couple of hours and stopped for a coffee and clementine snack mid-afternoon. I didn’t get much sleep the night before, so I was draggggging.

clementines for snack with coffee

I had a video chat meeting around 3 and then drove up to the gym to put together a handful of workouts.

special k blueberry bliss snack bar

(I was grateful to find a Special K snack bar in my purse two hours in.)

I returned home around 8:30 p.m. ready to eat my arm. Per usual, Scott requested pasta so I compromised with my version of extreme veggie pasta.

making healthier pasta sauce

(About half of that glass of wine was happily consumed in the process.)

Scott got home with a trailer holding our new washer and dryer right after 9 p.m. He had impeccable timing and wanted to unload them right after I dished up dinner.

We successfully moved both pieces into our garage, but I’m pretty sure I got a hernia in the process.

I planned on completing a workout in the basement before dinner, but that didn’t happen. Instead, I’m going to give it a go after lunch and hope to share it with you all later this afternoon.

Dinner got heated up as soon as I walked into the door. My plate was considerably full, but I ate every last bite.

vegetable spaghetti with turkey meat sauce

Vegetable spaghetti noodles topped in marinara with Italian seasoned turkey sausage, tomatoes, spinach, onions, and crushed red pepper flakes.

It’s impressive/scary how much veggie pasta I can put down y’all.

Just like every other night, I grabbed a tall glass of dark chocolate almond milk before bed and went upstairs shortly after.


If you’re ever curious to see what another complete day of meals and snacks looks like for me, this is just one of the many examples you can find exploring the “WIAW” tag on the right hand sidebar. If you liked this WIAW post, head on over to Peas & Crayons to check out plenty others, or even link your own!

Question of the Morning

• Veggie noodles: yes or no?

• When is the last time you took an unintentional “rest” day?

January 14, 2015

Day in the Life #3 + WIAW

Good morning! Happy Hump Day! I thought I would mix things up today by combining two posts that have been popular on the blog in the past.

Since it’s Wednesday, I will be covering an entire day of my eats for What I Ate Wednesday. Just for fun, I broke down my Monday with more detail than I usually do to incorporate another “Day in the Life” type of post.

The last time I posted a DITL, I was in a major transition period. I just got certified for personal training and was ready and looking for what the future held for me in the fitness industry. I enjoy putting these posts together every once in a while because I think it will be interesting to go back and revisit my days as they evolve and continually change throughout the years.

Plus, I enjoy reading other people’s DITLs. I can’t be the only one, right?

Currently, I spend my days training clients at the gym, glued to the computer when I am home to run this blog, working out (mostly at home because it’s freezing), volunteering at church, exploring the eats and activities in the Metro Detroit area with Scott, working on specialization certifications, scoping out possible group fitness instructor positions, and trying to find a balance on how much to take on outside of the home!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Day in the Life Cover photo

5:45 a.m.: alarm goes off, definitely not happening

6:15 a.m.: finally roll out of bed, hop in the shower

6:30 a.m: get dressed and ready for the day!

7:15 a.m.: share pre-drafted post on social media channels and quickly scroll through news feeds

(I love when my Mondays start off like that!)

7:30 a.m.: review my notes and get ready for my personal training session at the gym, grab a granola bar and small coffee to-go

7:40 a.m.: the snowfall last night slowed my quick drive up a bit, but I didn’t mind… thanks to the winter wonderland scenery

snow and ice in trees

8 a.m.: time to give my first official fitness assessment and workout!

9:30 a.m.: finish workout (we spent some extra time stretching)

9:45 a.m.: head home after stopping by the bank

10 a.m.: cook breakfast #2

scrambled eggs with turkey bacon tomatoes and sriracha

(2 eggs & 1 egg white scrambled with turkey bacon, cheese, and tomato drizzled in Sriracha)

10:30 a.m.: clean up in the kitchen and straighten up our room

(I kind of have a complex about making the bed as soon as possible)

10:45 a.m.: start drafting this post

11 a.m.: check emails and respond to blog post comments

11:45 a.m.: take Scott to work

His Jeep’s power steering needs to be fixed, so it’s better that I take him than having him slip and slide around in the snow! Roadie came along for the ride too.

12:20 p.m.: return home and start afternoon blog post

flavored kale chips urban remedy

(while noshing on bbq flavored kale chips)

12:30 p.m.: iPhoto keeps freezing. Boo. Go down to the basement and work on the desktop for the rest of the afternoon and realize Roadie pooped down here a few days ago. Awesome. (He only does that when we aren’t home a lot. It’s definitely out of spite!)

1:00 p.m.: neighborhood snow plowers clear out our drive and walkway (awesome perk of condo living!)… Roadie FREAKS for ten minutes.

1:10 p.m.: FedEx Delivery. Once again, all my efforts go into calming Roadie down. Get distracted by pretty things and clothing for upcoming campaigns (!!)

1:15 p.m.: back to work

1:35 p.m.: Aspen jumps on my desk and knocks my water bottle and bowl of kale chips over. This is just another example of how our animals are prepping us for children.

kale chips all over the floor

1:45 p.m.: my entire typed out post vanishes as I press “save draft”… one of the most frustrating things that can happen to a blogger

2:03 p.m.: Another delivery, this time from UPS. Of course, it takes a while to calm Roadie down again. I guess the campaign swag makes up for it.

products for campaigns

2:05 p.m.: Must. Retype. And. Finish. Post.

2:40 p.m.: Publish post! Whoo!

2:50 p.m.: Clean out litter box and all the random messes from the pets in the basement

3:00 p.m.: Must. Find. Food!!

Luckily, I had some veggie quinoa ready to heat up.

vegetable quinoa with chick peas

I washed and drained a can of chick peas and warmed up a big handful to throw on top of it with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese.

vegeable quinoa with garbanzo beans and cheese

It was yummy!

3:30 p.m.: drive back to the gym

3:45 p.m.: go over class format for two (new-to-me) classes

4:15 p.m.: online meeting with marketing director of coaching app

5:00 p.m.: getting excited to finally give online training a go! (Yup, that means I will eventually be able to virtually train some of you guys (!!!)… more details coming soon.)

5:15 p.m.: drive back home and pick out a workout… I don’t have much time, so it has to be quick and effective

HIIT It workout Fitnessista Housewife Glamour

(HIIT Blitz Workout from The Fitnessista!)

5:30 p.m.: sweaty girl with jello legs

6 p.m.: shower and get ready for bible study

It’s a good thing sweats are welcomed since that’s all I want to slip into.

6:45 p.m.: Scott gets home from work, so I talk to him while dinner is defrosting

7:00 p.m.: enjoyed the last of this bean soup from the freezer for dinner

ground turkey bean soup

7:15: p.m.: drive to bible study

9:45 p.m.: return home. It was a great session with the girls!

10 p.m.: eat handfuls of triscuits dipped in hummus, followed by this Special K brownie

special k brownies

10:15 p.m.: brush teeth and go upstairs

10:30 p.m.: finish watching The Family Man in bed (I love that movie!)

11 p.m.: Night!!


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Question of the Morning

• Has your life become any busier since the turn of the New Year?

I would love to get a glimpse into a day in your life. If you are a blogger and have recently shared your own and DITL post, feel free to paste your link here in the comments section. <3

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