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July 9, 2014

WIAW #57: I Tend To Do That

Hi friends! I hope you have all had a great Hump Day.

Today proved to be eventful, as I spent the early morning and majority of the afternoon working an outside event at Belle Isle with HOOPER and the Pistons Entertainment teams. I might just share more stories tomorrow!

As expected, a full day in the sun left me zonked, so I’m currently sipping on coffee #2 for the day. I tend to do that from time to time.

Getting right to it, I’m here to share a full day of my eats and participate in another week of What I Ate Wednesday!

Or… yesterday, which would technically be What I Ate Tuesday.

Whatever works.

What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday

Breakfast came after dropping Scott’s Jeep off to get looked at. It was doing some kind of shifting nonsense that was scary, but I’m happy to report everything is back to being a-okay today.

On the way over to Scott’s office, we stopped into Crates Coffee House for the first time and I treated myself to a Crates Mocha which had magical ingredients like white chocolate, swirls of caramel, (<- already amazing) steamed skim milk and espresso.

breakfast at crates coffee house

I also ordered an Quaker Real Medley Apple Walnut Oatmeal. Not too shabby for something warm and filling to grab in a pinch!

I made it back home with enough time to work for a little bit before lunch and then came upstairs and decided to create a salad out of my normal ten ingredients bubble.

salad with quinoa and beans

Fresh spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, black beans, feta, and quinoa drizzled in grapeseed oil.

It was good, but seemed to be missing a little bit of flavor. I think next time I’ll season the quinoa and add balsamic vinegar to the mix. Loved the addition of the quinoa, nonetheless.

That held me for about an hour before I wanted a snack. I’ve been loving these gluten free peanut butter and jelly sandwich bars Van’s sent me!

van's gluten free peanut butter sandwich bars

Apparently, the pup wanted a piece of the action as well. (What’s new.)

Later in the afternoon, I wrapped up my projects for the day and took Roadie on another long walk around the neighborhood. I have a feeling he’s going to be pretty spoiled with time outside if this nice weather keeps up.

We wandered around for about 2.20 miles and ran into a fun surprise at our neighborhood “lake” on the way home.

neighborhood lake

Do you remember when I mentioned that we have plastic swans sitting about that had me fooled as real animals for the longest time? Ha.

Well, I’ve been seeing another species of bird this summer and I can confidently say that they are no kind of plastic. Check ‘em out!

baby geese

Goose babies! So squishy… I wanttt one!

I put Roadie back inside, grabbed a pair of leggings and gym clothes for Scott and met him at work to pick up his Jeep. From there, we both sat in a traffic for a while and eventually made it to the gym to take our favorite Tuesday night group fitness class.

I ate a crunchy braeburn apple on the way!

braeburn apple

We actually arrived twenty-five minutes early, which gave me at least fifteen minutes to do something before class. Since I already went on a walk I deemed that my cardio and moved on to a stretching machine I haven’t visited in quite some time.

precor stretching machine

Have you ever seen these before? They have pictures of stretching positions with instructions and I went through every single one.

I followed that up with another five or so minutes of foam rolling and headed into class feeling extra ready!

using the foam roller at the gym

(Umm… sorry about the cat hair. It’s inevitable.)

Scott and I claimed our spots fifteen minutes before class started, and I’m so glad we did. The room filled up quick!

group fitness equipment

This Fitness Pilates class was taught by the best (Hi Val!) who always knows how to give us a challenge. Both Scott and I agreed that either we’re out of shape or… her classes aren’t getting any easier.

Not letting us get fully comfortable and always changing up the exercises is what keeps us coming back so much!

Still getting over a little bit of the sickness that consumed me over the weekend, I wanted to go to bed as quickly as possible when I got home.

But first, dinner. I ate considerably light throughout the day, so I didn’t realize how much my body wanted to skip a salad and eat a real “meal” until late in the day. I tend to do that. (Whoops.)

Since it was later than normal, I wanted to keep my choice of pasta on the healthier side. I opted to grab Garden Delight Vegetable Penne pasta and threw some extra substance into the spicy marinara sauce.

adding veggies to spaghetti sauce

(spinach, banana peppers, tomatoes + Al Fresco chicken meatballs)

I also seasoned it with extra oregano, basil leaves and red pepper flakes! Everything turned out great, and I barely convinced myself to snap a photo before I faceplanted into it.

chicken meatballs al fresco

Combinations similar to this plate have been happening very frequently around here!

After dinner, we made a run to the arena to get ready for today’s event. We returned around 11 p.m. which gave me just enough time to grab a tall (unpictured) glass of dark chocolate almond milk and get into bed.

Nice little Tuesday!

Questions of the Day

• What do you add to your pasta sauce to make more nutritious?

• Favorite snack of the summer?

Besides these chicken meatballs, I love cooking with ground turkey and adding as many vegetables to my sauce as I can get away with! If I’m just cooking for the two of us, I prefer to make my sauce with a kick, since both Scott and I enjoy spicy dishes. My favorite snack this summer has to be fresh fruit or pretzels dipped into hummus!


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July 8, 2014

Stop to Smell the Whatever Those Are

Yesterday was a weird one for me. I woke up feeling sick, then as I was just about to lay down and take it easy I started getting bursts of energy.

I ended up spending the day at the computer, and even took Roadie out for another long walk around the neighborhood. I wasn’t looking to overdo it, so I settled on a slow pace and put on a slow playlist to keep us at a power walk at most.

It was kind of nice to slow down and notice my surroundings instead of running through them in a hurry.

giant trees on our walk

Backing up to lunch, I wanted to share a better-for-you choice if you’re like me and only crave Ramen noodles when you’re not feeling well.

There’s still some questionable ingredients on the all natural label, but I do like the fact that they don’t include MSG and preservatives.

Annie Chun's Soup Bowl

Since the sodium levels are through the roof, I tried to leave out a decent portion of the flavored sauce and didn’t miss it all that much.

Annie Chun's Sopu Bowl Chinese Chicken Soup

I also enjoyed my soup with a side of vitamin gummies and a nectarine.

vitafusion multivites adult vitamin gummies

Scott returned from work just after 6 p.m. and asked me to join him at his work league softball game. I was starting to feel like myself again and since that sounded more fun than studying, I agreed to go for support. (Whoops.)

His games started later than usual, so I had about an hour to kill before we needed to be out the door. I took advantage of the sunshine and hooked Roadie up for another stroll around the neighborhood.

I think we have both been enjoying the fresh air and walking loops!

neighborhood walk with roadie

While I snapped this photo, I couldn’t help but notice the flowers next to us in the grass. Or are those weeds?

flowers or weeds

Whatever they are, the sight of them brought me right back to my pre-school days when I used to play in the grass and catch (and smoosh) frogs outside with my friends. (Disgusting.) Clearly, that was a trillion years ago!

Throughout the duration of our walk, I started thinking about life and how fast we can all become guilty of speeding through it. Between logging in the miles or speeding in and out of the gym doors, I think it’s important to slow down and enjoy a leisurely walk every now and again.

Stop and smell the roses, if you will. Or… whatever the heck this thing is.

nature on my walk

Obviously, I’m no Floriculturist, and those of you who know what types of flowers these are might be cringing at my descriptions of nature.

I’m okay with that.

flower on my walk

The point is that I have never really stopped to notice the natural (as in unplanted by humans) beauty lining our running path before.

While I wasn’t too keen on coughing up my lungs or feeling less than awesome over the past couple of days, I think this unwanted sickness of mine came at a great time to remind me to slow it down a little.

There’s a time to push yourself and there’s a time to slow down and go through the motions to enjoy the ride. Take advantage of those slow days, look up, and open your eyes to see something new!

Both Roadie and I came in from our two miles ready for dinner. In a hurry, I threw together whatever veggies we had available into a monster salad and enjoyed it all with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar on top.

salad with lots of veggies

Fresh spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, black olives, banana peppers, and feta cheese (with balsamic vinegar).

salad with banana peppers

I loved the colors and complimenting flavors of this combo!

I also heated up a spicy quinoa burger – topped in salsa and shredded cheese – to eat on the side.

Qrunch quinoa burger

Yeah, I’d say my appetite is slowly working it’s way back to normal!

I grabbed my books and left for the softball field with Scott around 8 p.m. On the way, he wanted to stop and get a double shot from Starbucks, so I also treated myself to a Skinny Vanilla Latte.

I realize we are almost to mid-July, but the last time I sat on the bleachers for over two hours I was freezing. I came prepared this go around wearing a sweatshirt, with a warm beverage and a blanket to layer with!

starbucks at softball

As it turns out, I ended up needed both to fight the chill once the sun set, but soon realized I forgot the most important thing… bug spray.

Currently, I am trying my hardest not to scratch all over. Womp Womp. Next time I’ll just become a bag lady and bring everything possible.

You live you learn, right?

Have a great rest of your Tuesday!

Questions of the Day

• When was the last time you slowed down your workout to soak in your surroundings?

• Do you listen to music on your walks or just enjoy the sounds of nature?

I’ll almost always have music with me, but every once and a while I will intentionally leave my ear buds at home. When Scott and I run together, I actually play music through my phone but don’t wear my ear buds so we can both listen to the music and engage in the occasional conversation. Sometimes people look at us funny when we run by them on the trail, but to be honest, that almost makes it even greater.

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