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December 31, 2014

Café Zola and New Years Eve

Hello! I hope your last day of 2014 has been a good one. Scott and I had a very spontaneous afternoon that brought us back to Ann Arbor today.

ann arbor main street restaurants

If you clicked over this morning, then you already know that we made the hour drive over and back yesterday for a halftime performance at a University of Michigan Basketball game. This time we were determined to try out a new-to-us restaurant before returning home!

cafe zola ann arbor

Main Street is filled with a strip of great spots we would like to experience, but today we were on a mission to be in and out in half an hour. I looked up restaurants in the car and stumbled upon Café Zola.

zola cafe & bistro ann arbor

The original menu was influenced by French cuisine with breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner options. They offer a variety of sweet and savory crêpes, along with sandwiches, salads, waffles, specialty entrées, and pastries.

Their menu today also features Italian, Mediterranean, and Turkish inspired cuisine! Scott ordered the Adana Kofte with spiced Turkish lamb meatballs.

cafe zola kofte

I ordered the open-faced Omelette Provençale with the same rosemary-garlic roasted red skin potatoes on the side.

cafe zola omelette

I loved the combination of caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, scallions and fresh garlic! Everything was really good.

This trip was a quick one. We ordered as soon as we sat down, then politely asked for our check as soon as we got our food. We had a furball named Roadie waiting for us in the car!

hesington road trip

So… why did we drive all the way over to Ann Arbor and back just to hurry through lunch? My husband and his awesome memory (or lack there of) to grab all of his belongings. That’s why.

We couldn’t find his phone after the game yesterday. We went back into the arena to search for a while, then finally gave up. He received a call today with good news that it was found and in the hands of the Athletic Director. He left it on top of his laptop (!!!) and both items were taken to their office for him to pick back up. Smooth move, buddy.

hesington fam in the car

Roadie came along for the ride and the three of us enjoyed our time on the road, even though it wasn’t really planned.

Now I have some cleaning up to do before a couple of our friends come over to celebrate the New Year. We aren’t doing anything crazy this year.

Alex is bringing her pup over to keep Roadie company while we go out to grab sushi for dinner. We plan to come right back and break out some games and wine until the ball drops at midnight!

new years eve at home 2014

Ringing in the New Year will definitely be low-key this year. I’m perfectly content with it.

*Wishing all of you a very happy and safe New Year!*

I’ll see you tomorrow with a new at-home Tabata workout to help kick off 2015 sweaty and strong!

December 26, 2014

Friday Favorites #69: Week of 12/26

Good morning! I hope you were all able to enjoy time with loved ones yesterday. Even though Scott and I were far from our families, we spent some much needed quality time together for Christmas, and I am so very thankful for it.

Things are slowly getting back to “normal” around our household… whatever that is. I plan to spend the day going through a lot of our closet and belongings, sorting through things we need and things we can give away. There’s a Pistons home game later tonight, but that’s really the only thing on the radar as far as plans go this weekend.

Here’s hoping you have a great day doing whatever you’re doing. If you happen to be home, or traveling to see friends and family, soak it up!

Now onto this week’s edition of Friday Favorites. As always, I invite you to join in on the party in the comments and link-up sections at the bottom!

Friday Favorites #69: Week of 12/26

Friday Favorites Link Up Winter housewifeglamour.com

• complete Friends series DVD set

It’s no secret that I’m a Friends fanatic. I’ve mentioned it on the blog plenty of times, and am one hundred percent guilty of recording episodes on our DVR that I have seen at least ten times before. I might have a problem.

Knowing this, I received the complete (ten season) series on DVD as a Christmas gift from Scott’s Dad and step-mom this year!

complete friends series DVD set

I was pretty excited to unwrap this beautiful red box of entertainment when we skyped with them on Christmas Eve! Let’s just say that Scott is… thrilled.

• monogramed phone charger labels

I mentioned that a unique phone charger would make a great gift in this year’s Holiday Gift Guide for Him. After finding these cloth wrapped cords online, I knew I wanted to order at least a set of them for Scott and I. As I was checking out, I saw it would take 2-3 weeks for them to arrive, I became inpatient, and bailed on the order. I wanted them sooner.

With the same cloth cord idea in mind, I searched all over the Internet, but was unable to find exactly what I was looking for. Eventually, I ended up on Etsy and found this custom monogram iPhone charger decal. It was perfect for Scott, since he has a habit of stealing my charger.

personalized iphone chargers

I ordered him one in black and then found this adorable Lily Pulitzer inspired monogram iPhone charger decal for me too.

customized initial label for iphone charger

I found a set of Mercury cloth wrapped iPhone chargers at Nordstrom Rack for $19.99 each. The decals arrived around three business days later, and I applied them, re-boxed them, then wrapped both boxes up for us to unwrap on Christmas morning.

custom monogram iphone charger decal

They light up when you plug them in and charge our phones very quickly. It was a great gift for both of us!

16 Reasons You Should Never Reenact Pinterest Photos via Buzzfeed. This pretty much sums up what happens every time I try.

• family photo album (Christmas gift)

I shared a few throwback family photos earlier this week, and almost couldn’t wait to also include where they came from. My mom made my brother, my sister, and I all copies of this holiday album of family Christmas photos from our childhood!

shutterfly christmas family photo book

The inside took me back to my very first Christmas, and getting the book was a total surprise!

holiday family photo album book

I don’t have too many photos from the early days in our home, so this was the best present I could have received.

family christmas photo book

She put the book together through Shutterfly, and from what I understand, it only took her a couple of days to do so. What a thoughtful present for any holiday, birthday, anniversary, or special event!

PS: If you ever end up using Shutterfly for photo albums, prints, or cards, look for coupon codes online! I simply googled “shutterfly coupon codes” and ended up getting almost 60% off our holiday cards that way.

• ear warmer headbands

I absolutely love ear warmer headbands.

They are similar to beanies, only don’t cover the entire top of your head. They’re great for keeping your head and ears warm during the winter without leaving you with as much “hat hair” when you take them off.

flower ear warmer with fleece

The ones I rotate the most include the one you see above (I got from Frank & Me in Clarkston), and two others I brought home from Paris. They all have a fleece lining on the inside that feel extra cozy and keep me warm!

I even wore one during the entirety of my last half marathon. You can wear your hair up with them, as opposed to only being able to wear a low ponytail with regular beanies. Genius!

• pancakes

I almost forgot how much I love pancakes until we made some for breakfast on Christmas morning. Almost.

pancakes with bananas

I usually make Fiber One or protein pancakes, so it was a treat to have the Bisquick buttermilk pancakes I grew up on. SO good!

• local products (Made in Detroit)

Both Scott and I thoroughly enjoy finding and trying produce and products made locally or throughout the state of Michigan. We often frequent the Made in Detroit shops when we have out-of-town visitors, and always come home with something for our pantry as well.

Scott brought this gift basket filled with Michigan-made goodies home from the office this week and we can’t wait to dig into it!

made in detroit gift basket

Aren’t locally made products the best?

• quality R&R time

Scott and I spent the entire day being anything but productive yesterday. I really can’t remember the last time we did that. We watched a total of four movies, picked up take-out for dinner, and spent the entire day in sweat pants! It was glorious. <3

• Williams-Sonoma hot chocolate

After hearing Julie and a handful of other friends of mine rave about the gourmet hot chocolate from Williams-Sonoma, I went to the store and bought the sampler pack to give to Scott as part of his Christmas present.

williams-sonoma hot chocolate

He’s a huge hot chocolate fan, so I knew he would instantly love the gift. We broke it out while watching a movie last night, and I absolutely see what all of the fuss is about. Each bag is filled with real chocolate shavings flavored differently.

williams-sonoma hot chocolate shavings

The peppermint bark was dreamy and I can’t wait to dig into the other bags too! Oh, and all of their hot chocolate is currently on sale too. (I might just be going back…)


I apologize for not announcing a giveaway winner earlier this week.

Thank you for all who entered in the Hands-Free Jogging Leash giveaway at the end of last week’s Friday Favorites!

hands free hipster jogging leash

Congratulations to…

Entry #84: Jennifer K! You have been emailed and are asked to respond within 48 hours to claim your prize.

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Both accurate today.

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Housewife Glamour

Have a great holiday weekend!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. The Friday Favorites series features items I genuinely want to share with you. Please know that affiliate links may be included. Thank you for your support! <3

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