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August 22, 2014

Friday Favorites #51: Week of 8/22

Hello and Happy Friday! Did the week fly by for any of you guys too?

Holy cow. But hey, I guess that’s never a bad thing.

I noticed a lot of new faces in the comments section this week, so if you are still getting used to the weekly shenanigans that happen around here, you should know that Fridays are spent looking back at what I loved about the week.

From funny videos to new health and fitness finds, I gather things that I like or that made me smile and share them with you.

The best part about Friday Favorites is that these types of posts have grown like wildfire in the blogging world! At the bottom you will find a link-up to share your #FFavorites as well, and if you’re not a blogger and still want to play, I invite you to utilize the comments section to tell me yours!

Friday Favorites #51: Week of 8/22

Friday Favorites Button Housewife Glamour

(And, PSSST… there may or may not be a giveaway at the bottom too!)

• Scentsy

My sister first told me about Scentsy a little over a year ago. Back then she owned a few of their scented warmers and now has purchased so many (for herself and gifts to others) that she became a consultant!

scentsy scent warmer

If you are a fan of nice smells and night lights, I have a feeling that you would love these warmers.

scentsy warmers

I ordered the Tunis Scentsy Warmer from the Deluxe collection with Business Casual scented wax from the Scentsy Man collection. I kind of have a thing for house scents that smell like Abercrombie Man… remember?

scentsy business casual wax

Really though, I am loving this! It comes with a light bulb and all you have to do is plug it in and turn it on to get a large area to smell fantastic. Warmers can replace the need for candles and over time, can save you money since all you have to replace is the wax!

scentsy scent tulis warmer

And if you’re a true lover of all things that smell good and light candles nightly like me, that will only have to happen about every 3-4 weeks.

• Harmless Harvest 100% raw coconut water

I sampled this Harmless Harvest coconut water at my last trip to Whole Foods. It was pink in color, which intrigued me.

Harmless Harvest coconut water

An explanation of the hue, taken straight from their website:

“All of our coconut water is completely clear when bottled. After bottling, the color simply signals antioxidants interacting with light. Variation is (more than) normal in nature, but everyone thought we were crazy to put pink bottles on the shelf. Rather than change the product, we decided to educate people and trust that they would understand. We hope we’re paving the way for the acceptance of variability, and reconnection with the truth that nature comes in many colors.”

harmless harvest coconut water pink

Rarely do I sample and buy something right away, but this stuff is PHENOM. It is easily the best coconut water I have tried thus far, and the biggest downfall is the price. At almost $5 a bottle, it’s expensive, but very delicious and “worth it” according to online reviews.

I certainly think it is refreshing!

• Whole Foods hot bar

Speaking of Whole Foods, how many of you haven’t visited their hot food bar? For the love… if you are close to one… go NOW.

While I used to stick to getting monster salads or have some sort of theme to my meal, these days I just load everything up into my bowl. It’s fine.

whole foods hot bar salad

This honker weighed two pounds and cost about $15 upon checkout. (!!!) Once again, rarely do I pay $15 for a salad, but when I do it’s when I make my own at Whole Foods. With a side of Whole Foods sorbet, this one served as both lunch and dinner that day!

• IDEA World Fitness Convention & BlogFest

I know I have raved about it throughout the entire week, but I just can’t complete this #FFavorites post without mentioning IDEA. It was an absolute blast and I brought so much useful information home with me!

having fun at IDEA World Fitness Convention

In case you missed the stories or tips I have already shared, read up:

IDEA BlogFest 2014 – Day One

IDEA BlogFest 2014 – Day Two

IDEA World Fitness Convention

I finished up the recaps with my personal tips on what to expect from the conference. My DO’s and DONT’s of attending IDEA, if you will.

The Do's and Don'ts of attending the IDEA World Fitness Convention and IDEA World Fitness BlogFest

For those of you who are fitness and/or blogging professionals (or even enthusiasts!), I hope this helps you decide if you would like to join next year. Many of you have expressed an interest, so I am looking forward to sharing more about the sessions coming up!

• egg white ch(ips)

I also found these oddly fascinating.

egg white chips - ips

At first glance, I wasn’t sure how egg whites would taste in a chip form, but I went over to their both at the IDEA EXPO anyways and I’m so glad I did. Hands down, the cinnamon flavor is where it’s at!

egg white ch(ips)

I took the bag to a session and devoured it all in about ten minutes.

• yoga mats with straps

This is the last mention of IDEA, promise.

But how cute is this yoga mat Reebok surprised us with at our Strala Yoga session with Tara Stiles?

Reebok yoga mat for strala with tara stiles

(similar, similar, similar <- just the holder strap)

I already had a thick yoga mat at home, but have been on the hunt for a thinner one that is more portable with a handle or removable strap.

Or if you’d prefer, I’m digging these yoga totes that fit your mat right into the bottom. Thanks, Reebok!

• favorite HWG post

See? I did more than just talk about the conference this week…

seven tips on how to overcome the annoyances that come with healthy active living

This post was shared a lot on multiple social media channels and I was excited to see your responses in the comments section!

And last but not least…

• National Waffle Day + Van’s giveaway!

I got an email from Van’s this week letting me in on a little secret: This Sunday, August 24th, is National Waffle Day

To celebrate, I whipped up one of my favorite ways to eat them to share the news.

Van's gluten free waffles with yogurt and fruit

Two Van’s Gluten Free Apple Cinnamon waffles topped in Peach Greek yogurt and fresh peaches.

Sick of hearing me talk about Van’s waffles and want to try some?

van's gluten free apple cinnamon waffles with yogurt and peaches

Van’s wants to give one lucky Housewife Glamour winner a handful of coupons for free waffles as well as a Van’s water bottle and tote!

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite waffle topping or way to eat waffles. The winner will be announced Monday, August 25th!

Your Turn

Housewife Glamour

Have a great weekend! xo

August 20, 2014

How To Overcome Annoyances with Healthy, Active Living

I was recently asked to provide some of my best tips on how to overcome the not-so-awesome part of staying fit and healthy.

You know, the frustrations that come along with having to wake up at the crack of dawn to fit in a workout, or skip the late night dinner with friends because you don’t want to indulge in all the calorie dense foods and beverages.

In the past ten years of dancing in college and then professionally, I have acquired tips and tidbits from friends and fitness professionals on exactly how to combat this.

seven tips on how to overcome the annoyances that come with healthy active living

I have always been an advocate in fueling and treating your body the right way, but also understand that situations like travel and celebrations come up and can put a serious damper in your healthy living lifestyle.

It’s completely normal, and in fact, I encourage taking advantage of those opportunities to keep you sane and on track the other eighty percent of the time.

I fell in love with healthy living years ago. I started eating cleaner and spending more time at the gym because of the tiny costumes I had to wear in front of crowds, but eventually I didn’t even have to put an effort into “trying” to eat healthy or staying active. I loved how I felt, I thrived off of the post-workout highs, and I wouldn’t still be living this way if it didn’t make me feel like the best me I can be!

Below are my tips on how to overcome the annoyances that come with staying healthy and active on a regular basis. And don’t worry… we all have them!

1. Workout when it makes sense for you and your schedule.

I have never been one to wake up when the rooster crows and go for a run. Unless I literally have no other choice.

I used to feel guilty sleeping longer and not having my workout for the day done by 9 a.m., but I eventually got over it.

Barre studio

I also used to teach 6 a.m. barre classes three times a week, and I really did enjoy being done for the day by 9 a.m. But, it wore me out over time and wasn’t always for me. Overall, I prefer to do my workouts in the late morning, afternoon, or even evenings.

I know what you’re thinking. And I do have the luxury of a schedule that allows me to workout when I please, but it hasn’t always been that way.

Back in the days of working full-time and dancing part-time (but more like a full-time commitment), the only time that I was able to squeeze in a workout was after work, before practice or after practice. So that’s what I did.

I already had to be at the gym, so I went a couple of hours early to get in a good sweat, take advantage of the steam room, shower, and head off to practice feeling great. It never felt like a chore that way.

elliptical workout

Some people prefer to knock their workouts out first thing after they wake up, while others like to go to a group fitness class over their lunch break.

I change when I like to workout depending on what’s going on in my life, and the most important thing to remember is to get into a habit of working out when it makes the most sense for you and your schedule.

Nobody else’s.

2. Lay your gym clothes out ahead of time, or pack them with you.

Before I taught classes or worked at a restaurant and danced professionally at night, I worked a full-time desk job that had me nailed inside until six o’clock on the dot every weeknight.

I still enjoyed going to the gym back in those days, but after a nine hour day at work, the last thing I wanted to do after getting home was go right back out to the gym.

After a couple of months of playing “do I really need to go today?”, I got the idea of taking my gym clothes with me. If I had them accessible and ready to go, I was more likely to go straight there and get it done.

fairmont fit program reebok

The same goes for early workouts! If you need motivation to get to the gym in the mornings, try laying out your workout gear the night before or, better yet, sleeping in it. Getting dressed is half the battle!

3. Two words: vodka soda.

I have never hidden the fact that I like to enjoy a glass of wine or celebratory drink from time to time. I have also been known to order a specialty drink if a restaurant is known for it, and choose a sugary drink like hard cider on occasion.

Hush specialty drinks

The problem, of course, comes when you enjoy too many too often, or out of moderation.

Back when I danced for the Orlando Magic (and in my younger twenties), I loved joining a group for late-night dinners and outings. If you end up doing it often enough, it can definitely impact your healthy living lifestyle and the best two words I learned from teammates were: vodka sodas.

Instead of wasting calories in margaritas and flavorful cocktails, stick to ordering a stripped down, simple vodka and soda water with a lime or lemon, or even whipping up a pitcher of infused fruit vodka soda “punch” at your next get together.

cucumber and lemon water

With all of the flavored liquor out now, it’s usually what I prefer to indulge in, and now indulging means less then 100 calories. It’s a beautiful thing.

4. Find the types of workouts you actually enjoy doing and grab a workout buddy!

You don’t have to have a gym membership to take group fitness classes. Get out in the community and try out new classes in your area that appeal to you!

Yoga, Pilatesbarre, and Dance Trance are all great examples of specialty studios that offer specific workouts. I usually prefer taking a challenging cardio or toning class over doing a workout by myself, and always have more motivation to go if I have a friend joining as well.

fitness pilates equipment

Most recently, I tried PiYo, BodyPump and have in interest to get into Piloxing. I would love to find a gym that offers a consistent change-up in fitness classes to include some of my favorites on a regular basis.

When you find what types of workouts or classes work for you, getting to them becomes less like work and more fun. Stick to it!

5. Moderation schedule.

I frequently mention how I allow myself to eat dessert and pizza if that is what my body is craving. I never cut out a specific food from my diet (unless it’s on a short term basis like preparing for a photo shoot), and have always believed in eating everything your body asks for in moderation.

To balance it out, I try to watch what I eat and do over the days surrounding my cheat meals or even cheat days.

If I dive face first into two pounds of pasta for dinner, I am probably going to lace up my running shoes and get in a long run the next morning, followed by egg whites and protein for breakfast.

scrambled egg white with turkey and cheese

Always listen to your body and remember that most of your “off-limits” foods aren’t… in moderation.

6. Eat the rainbow.

Don’t be afraid of color! I am always adding fruit and vegetables to my meals any way possible. Whether I am topping my salads with fruit or sneaking spinach into my smoothies or pasta sauces, I try to make my plates as colorful as I can.

chopped veggie salad

Hooray veggies!

7. If cost is an issue, there are plenty of activities you can do at home for free.

Running is the best free workout I can think of, and that is just one of the many reasons I think you should try it.

Running in Fall leaves

If paying for a gym or studio membership isn’t for you, try pinning workouts you can do at home or streaming them online.

I have an Amazon Prime membership that allows me access to tons of different styles of professional workouts!

Go for a swim, take your dog for a daily long walk, and get creative with what is around you. Try new things that keep you moving!


Questions of the Afternoon

• What is one thing you hate about working out or eating healthy?

• How do you combat that?

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