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April 24, 2014

Mini Melon Send-Off

Good Morning! How’s the week going for you so far? I really can’t believe it’s almost over. Slowww down, April!

I’m popping in a little pouty, as the fur kids and I just said goodbye to Scott for the weekend. He’s heading overseas for a work event in Barcelona, Spain! I know. I was upset when he didn’t pack me in his suitcase too.

I wanted to soak in as much time as I could with him this morning, so I spent the majority of it helping him pack and running last minute errands for the trip. Things started off extra sweet this morning when I came downstairs to a cut in half mini-melon!

mini melons

We picked it up on our trip to the marketplace over the weekend and I was pleasantly surprised at how fresh and juicy it was five days later. I wrapped half of it up for later, but the two of us abandoned any fancy table manners and dove right into the other one, spoons first.

mini melon and coffee

Maybe I’ll actually slice it up next time… maybe.

While we were chatting over coffee, I noticed an incessant beeping noise coming from the den and knew it needed to be dealt with before he left.

All right, I’ll admit it… I typically get out of doing as much handy work as I can. I love decorating and putting shelves together, and I keep the house pretty clean, but when it comes to actually fixing things, I’m the worst. I just have no interest.

I asked Scott to take a look at the fire alarm and instead he got a step stool and had me go at it. I felt like I was being tested for something. While the looks I gave him weren’t the most pleasant, I’m actually glad he did it. Changing a fire alarm battery is really simple, and now I know how to stop the beeping myself. #winning

As expected, I was still hungry after the battery nonsense and quickly whipped up a couple of yogurt bowls to complete our breakfast.

greek yogurt bowl

Plain Greek yogurt mixed with honey and topped with fresh blackberries, coconut shavings and flax seeds.

Sounds random, but I assure you it tasted great!

Before I go, I wanted to address an issue I have occasionally been having on Bloglovin’. For those of you who don’t use the site, it is an easy way to keep track and stay on top of all your favorite blogs in one spot. Thank you to all who follow HWG!

I am one of those people who follow my own blog just to make sure everything appears right. Every time I publish a post, I take a scan on Bloglovin’ and make sure it’s there. Well, yesterday my post never showed up, and for the remainder of the day I couldn’t help but to keep refreshing my page and huffing and puffing over it. It was super frustrating.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed my new posts show up in real time, but if they don’t I apologize and will work on getting them up again.

First world problems. I know.

Well friends, I hope you have a great little Thursday! I’ll be back after lunch.

April 22, 2014

Earth Day + Running Hills

This morning started on a high note with a warm and comforting breakfast.

oatmeal breakfast

Rolled oats, raisins, and fresh sliced strawberries drizzled in honey with a cup of Dunkin’ French Vanilla coffee flavored with Stevia and almond milk.

healthy oatmeal breakfast

I usually make my oatmeal with milk, but decided on water this morning on account of the mess I made last time by over-boiling. This way, if it happens to boil over, it’s water that is stuck to the stove, not milk.

Well, what do you know… it didn’t. I think I finally learned the trick to oatmeal, ya’ll. Keep it on medium heat or below and give it a good stir every now and then. Just don’t leave it!

Happy Earth Day

Hey, did you know that today is Earth Day? Woo hoo! Here is a little more information on little things you can do to raise awareness and help preserve the great outdoors:

What can we do to help?

Invest in a recycling bin if you don’t have one already. Last year, I contacted a handful of people about how to get one from our official neighborhood collector, but after all the hassle we ended up just purchasing one at Home Depot ourselves. It’s pretty easy!

Also, get outdoors and utilize public transportation if you live in a city where it makes sense. We live in the middle of the suburbs, so walking and biking to work and events would not be realistic for me.  Also, public transportation is not the most reliable or safe in my area, so I don’t think I will be trying it anytime soon. BUT, if you do happen to live in a city where there is easy access to buses, trains, or subways, why not give it a go?

While in New York, Scott and I fully embraced the subway system and loved it. I actually despise driving, and there are many days I wish we lived somewhere where we did not even need to own a car.

I am also a very big water bottle re-user. Once my bottle is finished, I rinse it out with warm water and refill it. Sometimes I will even throw some into the dishwasher to get a few more uses out of them. Then I throw them in the recycle.

Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970, and has now coordinated by the Earth Day Network. Their website gives tons of information on little things you can do every day to preserve our Earth.

When the weather becomes a little more consistently warm, I would love to finally plant a tree. It is something I have always said I wanted to do, and just haven’t gotten around to doing so.

And of course, you can always help out by donating small or large to their organization.

Running Hills (In Shorts)

After Roadie and I’s short morning walk in the 48 degree wet and windy weather, I am glad I took advantage of the beautiful weather yesterday to get outdoors and appreciate it.

When I was done with my work for the day, I shut down the computer and had a plan of running longer than I had in a while. After a step outside, I realized I could finally tackle a run outside in shorts!

running outside in shorts


I also grabbed a tea bottle and filled it up with water to run with. If I go for anything over five miles, I like to make sure I stay hydrated and I had a goal of six.

Still fueled from some serious Easter Weekend eats, I set out with an upbeat playlist and tried out a new running route. I love when they include surprise overlooks!

running outside river scenery

I crossed the street after taking this picture and then stumbled upon a series of hills. Hello, heart rate!

running hills outside

running hills outside in spring

They actually gave me something to stay focused on, besides how much longer I have to go. Once I passed the hard patch, it was smooth sailing… especially on my turnarond when I got to run all of the same ones downhill.

It was definitely a run that had me sweating, and I have a feeling that the red face running season has officially begun!

red running face

Hey, I’ll take that over a frozen blue ice face any day. Just sayin’.

All right friends, I must boogie. I’ve got a dancer appearance this afternoon in Detroit and plenty to keep me busy until it’s time to get ready for it.

See you in a bit!

Questions of the Day

• What are some things you do (or want to start doing) to help conserve our earth?

• Have you taken time out of your day lately to go for a walk enjoy the great outdoors? (Do it!)

April 12, 2014

Fit and Fun Weekend So Far

Hello, hello! This weekend is already flying by, and I feel like I have so much to share already that I decided to pop in early with some photos and blurbs.

In about an hour, I am driving over to Royal Oak for a hair appointment and then have plans to attend the Miley Cyrus concert tonight with Scott and a handful of friends. He scored tickets through work, so we couldn’t turn them down. It should be interesting, that’s for sure!

Okay… weekend highlights part one, here we go.

Friday Me Date

Thank you to everyone who came over and linked up in yesterday’s Friday Favorites! You all make me smile. And, just so you know, the link up stays open for six days so it’s never to late to play along!

Yesterday morning started early with an appointment to get the oil changed in Scott’s car. It was long overdue, so I volunteered for the job while Scott went into the office.

Somehow, I found a Belle Tire right next door to a Barnes & Noble and my waiting time went by in a flash! I really need to get out of the house and make my “office” more portable more often.

By 10 a.m., I had a Jeep for the day and made the most of it by running some errands. I made it home by lunch time and spent the day spring cleaning. The weather is perfect outside right now in the sixties, which always translates to me turning off the heat and opening the windows. For some reason, that also then makes me want to clean.

Anyways, the day also flew by and I spent the remainder of my day and night with me, myself, and I.

I got my eyebrows threaded (have you ever heard of that? I love it!), went to the gym, and enjoyed some quality time with the fur kids.

(Expect a new cardio workout up early next week!)

stretching at the gym

I also might have been dressed obnoxiously bright. It’s fine.

Since Scott was driving across the state for a work event, I was left on my own for dinner. To me, this means I can stop by the cafe on the way out and gets me out of cooking. Woot!

I ordered a fruit and protein smoothie to start, and found an intriguing shelf of pre-made healthy dinners on my way over to pay. Check it out!

life cafe pre packaged healthy meals

I enjoyed my Almond Delight smoothie on the drive home and couldn’t wait to heat the rest up.

life cafe almond delight smoothie

Almond milk, strawberries, mango, VegaMax protein, and Dynamic Greens.

It really was the perfect meal for one, and I will definitely invest in more of them on nights where I don’t feel like doing the whole dinner thing.

lifetime cafe pre packaged microwaveable meals

After a shower, I spent the rest of my night organizing my costumes for our uniform return tomorrow.

organizing costumes for uniform turn in

organizing costumes for check in

It is our very last home game of the season and I can’t believe it is already here! I’ll be sure to share all about it next week.

The Perfect Saturday Morning

Even though Scott didn’t get home until after midnight, he was a trooper and woke up at 7 a.m. with me for a group run at our church.

Team Kinsington Training Hope Water Project

We are officially running in the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon this October, and are a part of a huge fundraiser hosted by Kensington called the Hope Water Project.

training for kensington hope water project

I am so proud to be representing such a great cause and will be back with more details on that very soon!

As a large group, we kicked off our first training weekend with 3.2 miles. It felt great to be surrounded by such a positive environment and people, and am really looking forward to spending my next six months of Saturdays training with Team Kensington.

first team kensington team training finished

Hungry, Alex (above), her boyfriend Alex (<- hilarious right?), Scott and I thought brunch and coffee sounded amazing and headed over to Madison Heights to an adorable mom & pop type of joint called The Breakfast Club.

Just a few days after Scott and I moved up here, we found this restaurant and always rave about it to friends. Everything I have tried is original and delicious… like this cronut, for instance!

the breakfast club cronut

(Jelly filled donut + croissant = cronut. Incredible!)

As we sat down, I joked that even though they have a variety of things I want to try, I just can’t stray away from my go-to: Penny’s Favorite omelet.

the breakfast club pennys favorite omelet

(Egg whites, spinach, feta, black olives, avocado, and pico de gallo with tomato slices.)

As expected, it tasted great and I almost forgot about the best part of breakfast here. Chocolate covered strawberries with the check!

the breakfast club chocolate covered strawberries

Feeling more than satisfied, Scott and I were on our way home when we passed a market we had been wanting to visit for quite some time.

Nino Salvaggio Internatinoal Marketplace

Nino Salvaggio Internatinal Marketplace is for sure one of my new favorite things in Michigan. Not only is the produce fresh, but the displays inside are absolutely beautiful.

Nino Salvaggio Internatinoal Marketplace fresh produce

Nino Salvaggio Internatinoal Marketplace exotic fruit

Right away, Scott spotted the dragon fruit, so we had to get one, regardless of the shockingly high price tag. Just this once.

I felt like a weirdo taking pictures of a marketplace, but I just couldn’t help it. Even the beans and vegetable section made me want to buy everything!

Nino Salvaggio Internatinoal Marketplace beans

Nino Salvaggio Internatinoal Marketplace fresh vegetables

And then there was the ginormous gourmet bakery…

Nino Salvaggio Internatinoal Marketplace bakery cakes

Basically, I left wanting one of everything and am excited to revisit again soon. Hopefully running outside and a stop here will become our little Saturday ritual!

Somehow, I got my basket down to the essentials and snapped one more photo before leaving.

Nino Salvaggio Internatinoal Marketplace antique car

I have a feeling that was Mr. Salvaggio’s orignal vehicle back in the day. Too cool!

All right. I must get out of here before I am late for the rest of our weekend festivities. I hope you have had a great start to yours!

April 8, 2014

5 Miles on the Treadmill Workout

Good Morning! Today, I was up early enough to see the sunrise and it was kind of nice. Actually, it was really nice.

The reason wasn’t all that great… (getting our kitties to the vets for a dental cleaning), but regardless, it just reminded me that I need to make a point to enjoy the sight more often.

This morning, I also awoke sore after a great workout last night. Scott and I had plans for a nighttime gym date, which actually turned into a productive evening of grocery shopping and calling it a night early for once. Hopefully, this was just a preview of what the off-season will be like!

Late Night Gym Date

You know what is extra sad? Mostly due to our recent car situation, I haven’t been to the gym in quite some time and have relied on running outside and at-home workouts to stay in shape.

I left my membership card in the locker room on my last trip to the gym, and when I went to go ask for it, the date printed on it was 3/23. Wow. I couldn’t believe it had been that long since I got in a good gym workout.

Knowing this, I wanted to jump right back into it and hopped on the treadmill without any plans of a structured workout. I just wanted to run.

Well, what do you know… after a warm up, I created a goal of 5 miles and wanted to be able to share it with you guys. My hopes in this is to show you that longer distances can be attainable when you least expect them.

Fly Through 5 Miles Treadmill Workout

Before you get intimidated, don’t. If you have no interest in ever running past a mile, then this workout is probably not for you. If what is holding you back is that you think you won’t ever run past a mile, however, then maybe you could give one a go.

But please, please, only try for five if you have done at least three or four in the past. Here’s my go-to 5K Treadmill workout to help get you started!

As always, I recommend only selecting speeds (m.p.h.) that work best for you, which may be lower than mine.

5 miles on the treadmill workout

(Although I encourage you to try the workouts I post, please note that they may not be right speeds or exercises for you. Also, please note my full disclaimer in the right sidebar!)

Since it had been a while since I have run hard on a treadmill, I did have to take a few rest moments where I split my legs on the sides and took some deep breaths, as well as a sip of water.

treadmill resting

I honestly could have gone for another mile, but called it quits to knock out a quick series of dumbbell exercises instead. Over at the free weights station, I completed the following:

• 20 bicep curls (12.5 lbs) x 2

• 20 walking lunges with weights (15 lbs) x 2

• 12 dumbbell military press combo (12.5 lbs)

• 20 dumbbell side bends (20 lbs) x 2

• 20 chair leg raises x 2

Before heading downstairs, I knew I wanted to get in a good stretch and finally tried out the stretching bars I have been glancing at over the past year. Have you ever seen this contraption before?

stretching bars

Scott mentioned he used to stretch on something similar as part of his rehab after his shoulder surgery a few years ago.

It might look a bit intimidating, but the instructional pictures help guide you into exactly what to do. If you haven’t tried one out and have one accessible, I highly recommend it!

Both leaving hungry, we decided to grab dinner in the cafe that included two protein smoothies and a whole wheat chicken quesadilla to split.

green smoothie and fruit smoothie

(Guess who’s smoothie was green?)

chicken quesadilla at lifetime cafe

We had to have something in our bellies before doing some damage at the grocery store…

grocery shopping cart

I don’t usually prefer to workout at night, but I have to admit that after our trip to the gym, the grocery store, and a nice hot bath, I crawled into bed feeling quite content. I really enjoyed are late night gym sesh. Better late than never!

All right. It’s officially time to get the day started. I’m not sure what’s on today’s workout agenda, but I’ll be sure to share anything interesting.

Hope you have a great start to your Tuesday!

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