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April 15, 2014

Easy, Every Day Teeth Whitening

Hello, hello! Although I am well aware that it is Tuesday, today kicks off an exciting series on the blog I deemed Beauty Week.

For the remainder of the week, my afternoon posts will answer specific questions I have received from you guys about beauty tips and tricks.

First up, I am revamping one of my very first non-wedding related blog posts. I have kept it up for reference since I wrote it back in 2011, but figured it was time to spruce up the information and make it a little easier to follow.

Here, friends, are my go-to products and strategies of getting and maintaining a sparkling white smile!

Easy, Every Day Teeth Whitening Routine

We all brush (and hopefully floss!) our teeth every single day.

We all buy products to keep our mouths and dentists happy, and here is the routine I keep up with on an every day basis to achieve the healthiest, pearliest whites I can get!

every day easy teeth whitening routine

1. Listerine Whitening Rinse

(This is – hands down – my favorite whitening product out there!)

I have always turned to Listerine and rotate a few different versions, including a regular strength, Multi-Action Vibrant White (for extra whitening) and a Whitening + Restoring with Fluoride (pictured).

I used to only buy the Pre-Brush version, but have mixed it up with others over the years. I do, however, gravitate towards using it before I brush anyways. I love the way it gets rid of that first layer of who knows what after you wake up in the mornings!

Simply use this rinse for 60 seconds, at least once a day but no more than twice a day. Since I started using this rinse over eight years ago, I can’t go more than a few days without it and even bring a travel version with me on trips longer than a weekend.

2. Vibrating Toothbrush

Having a toothbrush with a built in vibrating motion really helps you get into all of the tiny spaces in-between your teeth, on your gum line and even on your tongue. There are a lot of fancy electric toothbrushes out there with replaceable heads and different speeds equipped with a rechargeable battery.

Personally, I prefer the disposable version of the electric toothbrush because of the medium brush size, versus the usual small circle pattern of brushes on most. They come in single or value-double packs and I like that I have to replace it when the battery runs out, which helps me stay fresh and fight even more germs.

I’ve tried a lot of different brands and sizes over the years, and the Oral-B Pulsar is what I consistently turn to.

3. Whitening Toothpaste

I always try to go for a whitening toothpaste. Recently, I’ve been loving the Crest Complete Whitening + Scope flavor, and it feels a little more gentle.

I know I am not a dentist, but I would recommend getting a Complete or Pro-Health version of your whitening toothpaste if you decide to go that route. Whitening is great, but having an all around health focused toothpaste protects against tooth sensitivity and helps fight tartar, plaque, stains, gingivitis and bad breath.

4. Floss

Believe it or not, flossing every day can do more than just keep your gums happy. Removing excess build up every night also prevents stains and tartar build up!

I prefer to use some kind of Pro-Health thick, coated floss that feels more comfortable weaving in and out of the hard spots.

5. Soft Picks

Thanks to a dinner date with a friend, I discovered these GUM soft picks made to keep your teeth clean after meals and in-between brushes.

I love the travel case they come with and always have them accessible and in my purse.

Stain Preventing Tips + Tricks

• Try to limit the intake of dark liquids and staining foods.

I said try. It’s no secret that I am an avid coffee, tea, and red wine drinker, and I know those beverages are the biggest culprits of my teeth fading. When drinking, try to be conscious of where it touches and if you can, brush or at least rinse your mouth with water afterwards.

• Drink through a straw.

It may look silly, but if you can drink those teeth staining beverages through a straw, go for it.

coffee through a straw

No one will judge you while you are at home or in the car enjoying your morning cup through a straw.

• Brush your tongue!

Do you brush your tongue every time you brush your teeth? If your answer is no, why not? Not only will it keep your breath fresh, but it will also rid your mouth of extra bacteria that happens to be lingering.

• Drink plenty of water.

I admit that I have a water problem. I drink it all day long, and as a result have to visit the potty quite often. But you know what? That’s a small price to pay for staying hydrated.

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day will keep help keep your skin clear and your saliva production up, which coats your teeth.

fitness water bottles

Also, if I just finished eating something sticky (candy) or crumby, I’ll do a good few swishes while I’m drinking it.

• Chew sugar-free gum after meals.

I don’t always chew gum, but when I do I make sure to buy a sugar-free, whitening pack. Trident White is my favorite, and I have to admit that my mouth always feels minty and fresh after a few minutes of chewing!

Teeth Whitening + Bleaching

A few months ago, I mentioned that I received an at-home whitening kit from my dentist as part of a new costumer package.

Since I am good at staying on top of my every day whitening habits, I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to purchase a whitening kit, but since the cost was covered I gave it a try.

poladay whitening kit from dentist

The kit is from the Pola line, an advanced tooth whitening system.

The package from my dentist included a full Poladay package with four hydrogen peroxide gels, as well as customized whitening trays made from my teeth mold.

teeth whitening trays

You don’t have to be that fancy, and can find easy fit mouth whitening trays in most drugstores as well as on Amazon.

Inside the box was four gel syringes as well as a whitening tooth scale.

poladay teeth whitening kit

Besides the trays, all you really need is the whitening gel, which you can purchase refills for online for much cheaper.

My dentist recommended using the trays for 7-10 consecutive days, thirty minutes each night. The box tells you to only use the gel for a few minutes at a time, which is a total scam. Coming directly from my dentist: “They only tell you three minutes versus thirty so you have to purchase refill gels more frequently.”

After seven nights of using the trays, my teeth started feeling sensitive, so I stopped there. I also came close to running out of gel and went ahead and ordered more for future treatments.

poladay polanight whitening gel refills

Do I think it did a world of difference? Possibly. Here are two shots of me mid-way and all the way through the treatment.

teeth whitening photos

I failed you by not taking a before photo, but the biggest difference I noticed was around my gum lines. By the time I finished the process, my teeth were closer to all the same color, rather than more discolored closer to the gums.

Now that I have it, I plan to do the gel treatment a couple times a year.

Besides the kit pictured above, the only other whitening treatment I have done was ZOOM whitening at a dentist office back in 2008.

The process took a little over an hour and I went through three different treatments, twenty minutes each. It didn’t really hurt, but with each treatment my teeth became a little more sensitive, and by the third one I was really feeling it. But, I got through it an by the end of the visit I had noticeably whiter teeth.

In-office treatments, like ZOOM are said to last up to six months. In-office whitening treatments have a national average of costing $650, and professionally dispensed take-home whitening kits from the dentist office average anywhere from $100 – $400. Yeesh.

For this reason, I created and turn to my easy, every day whitening routine you see above. I hope this helps!

Question of the Day

• Do you do anything special to keep your teeth healthy and sparkling?

I’m sure we would all love to hear more tips and tricks in the comments section below!

April 24, 2013

Earth Day, Week, Month

 Happy Earth Day!

green trees in front yard

What… I am a few days behind? Hmm.

Well, that’s too bad… (or, just fine.)

You see, I got a little reminder from my friends over at Yes To™ that it does not have to be Earth Day to celebrate and respect our Mother Earth!

Happy Earth Month from Yes To

To raise Earth conservation awareness, they are currently running an Earth Month campaign, and have passed on a few fun facts about their company I will be sharing in a minute.

Enjoying the Green

I remembered it was Earth Day late in the afternoon on Monday, while we were still in Chicago.  I saw pretty flowers and trees pop up in my news feeds, and felt a little bummed I did not write about it, or even acknowledge it.

Growing up, I remember learning about environmental awareness through classes at school, and wore my Save the Earth Girl Scouts t-shirt proudly year after year.

It may not seem like much, but an incredibly easy way to celebrate the Earth is to get out there and enjoy it.  Moving up north has increased my appreciation of seeing green, and I plan to fully take advantage of the weather getting warmer.

neighborhood lake

Yesterday, Roadie and I spent a few more extra minutes by our neighborhood pond to soak in the calm sounds and green grass around us.  I enjoyed sitting on the bench while the pup preferred to actually roll around in it.

Roadie rolling around in gras

I bet that felt good after being at a pet hotel for the weekend!

When we got back in from our stroll, I decided to add a little green to my smoothie too.  Trying to be creative with some white chocolate whey protein sent over from Designer Whey, I came up with the following combination that tasted pretty darn good.

Designer Whey Green Prote

I also made it extra fancy for you guys with the martini glass!  So classy.

While enjoying the rest of my lunch, I took a moment to read up on these Yes To™ face towelettes, and found out what their company is doing to celebrate Earth Day/Week/Month.

Yes To Carrots Towelettes

*Disclaimer: All the above products were provided to me, free of charge from Yes To™.  I was not compensated in any way for this post, but simply have a desire to share them and what the company and products stand for.

It is easy to feel good about using Yes To™ products.  In case you missed my Full Review + Video, the company strives to be more than just skin and hair care.

All products in their lines are ninety-five percent all-natural, recyclable, and free of parabens, sulfates (both SLS + SLES), and phthalates.  They care about what their name stands for, their organic ingredients, and give back to communities through their Yes To Seed Fund.

You can imagine how excited I was to receive an impressive collection of their compostable towelettes!  Just as I was about to add them to my grocery list, there they were.

Yes To Compostable Towelettes

As months go by, I hear about more and more of you eager to try the brand and I completely encourage you to do so!  Here is a little jump start coupon just for Housewife Glamour readers to get you goin’.


Earth Day Network

Sharing their passion for conserving the Earth got me thinking.  What can I do to help?

For starters, I can finally invest in a recycling bin and stop throwing my cans, boxes, and bottles into my neighbor’s on trash day.  That’s just silly and I cannot believe I have been doing it since November!  If you work in an office that does not have one, consider pitching investing in one.

We live in the middle of the suburbs, so walking and biking to work and events would not be realistic for me.  Also, public transportation is not the most reliable or safe in my area, so I don’t think I will be trying it anytime soon.  BUT, if you do happen to live in a city where there is easy access to buses, trains, or subways, I encourage you to give it a try!

While in New York, Scott and I fully embraced the subway system and loved it.  I actually despise driving, and there are many days I wish we lived somewhere where we did not even need to own a car.

I am also a very big water bottle re-user. Once my bottle is finished, I rinse it out with warm water and refill it.  Sometimes I will even throw some into the dishwasher to get a few more uses out of them. Then I throw them in the recycle.

Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970, and has now coordinated by the Earth Day Network.  Their website gives tons of information on little things you can do every day to preserve our Earth.

When the weather becomes a little more consistently warm, I would love to finally plant a tree.  It is something I have always said I wanted to do, and just haven’t gotten around to doing so.  This Earth Month, I’m ready!

And of course, you can always help out by donating small or large to their organization.

I have a busy day ahead of me, but on my list is to find a recycling bin.  I’m currently browsing online!

Questions of the Day

• What are some things you do (or want to do) on a daily basis to help conserve our earth?

• Have you taken time out of your day lately to go for a walk and appreciate the green around you?

April 18, 2013

Hey, Vitamins! (GNC Wellness Review)

Take your vitamins.  Those three little words put together will always be a reminder to me from my mom, doctors, and healthy living community.

I, for one, need to be better about taking them, but know I am not alone in saying a daily vitamin routine is something I should be doing.

When I received a trio of supplements to review from GNC a few weeks ago, I had no excuses!  At home and in front of me sat three different types of supplements meant to take daily and help me to a happier, healthier self.

GNC Wellness Supplements Review Cover

At the very least, I always recommend taking a daily multivitamin.  Life gets crazy, diets change, schedules get hectic, and bodies get tired, which is even more of a reason to let the vitamins and minerals in supplements fill in the nutritional gaps for you.

As an active woman in her late twenties, I try to fuel myself with the foods I need to keep my bones strong and my body happy.  Just like anyone else, my diet and eating habits fluctuate every now and then, depending what is going on in my life.  Traveling, late nights, celebrations, stress, and lack of sleep always affect my mood and in turn, overall health.

So what can we do?

If nothing else, a simple every day vitamin routine can help.  For the last few weeks, I have been consistently starting my day with this combination of supplements.

daily vitamins for GNC review

Hey, Vitamins!

Living a healthy lifestyle is – in a sense – an investment.  It is often portrayed that healthier (organic, for example) food is expensive and gym memberships, specialty classes, races, and the need to replace fitness gear is not easy on the wallet either.  The end result of all of these decisions along the way is a healthier, happier life (i.e., a healthier, happier you!)

Like most of you, I feel pretty clueless when it comes to what kind of vitamins I need and which ones will be the most beneficial to me.  By complete chance, these three types of supplements came to me at the perfect time, and this specific combination seems to have done the trick.

GNC Supplement Review Breakdown

As a professional dancer and runner, I know I can be hard on my bones and joints.  There were a few weeks of the season this year where I had trouble simply walking down stairs after a good workout or long rehearsal.

While taking these supplements, I also made a point to stretch before and after any run or practice.  I have made a few changes to my diet (mostly cutting down my intake in dairy) to help my stomach issues, and I have to admit that I am feeling on top of my game and better than ever.

Is it the vitamins? I cannot tell you a definite yes… but I have a feeling they have a lot to do with my improved mental and physical health.

Wellness Formula Breakdown

Women’s Ultra Mega One Daily: ($19.99)

Provides twenty vitamins and minerals at one hundred percent daily values, geared towards women by promoting healthy hair, skin, and nails.

Beyond clearing my complexion, I like how this multivitamin is also blended to improve heart, brain and eye health.  To top it off, there is an extra kick of energy through B-vitamins, which also helps support metabolism (and fat burn).  It sounds odd, but the smell reminds me of Flinestones chewable vitamins I used to devour growing up, which I strangely enjoyed.  (Just don’t chew ‘em!)

- An all around great one-a-day!

TriFlex Mobility: ($34.99)

This one is all about keeping your joints happy.  By taking two per day, it is proven to enhance flexibility by thirty percent, while helping with joint stiffness.  As the oldest dancer on my team, this supplement intrigued me the most.  My muscles have been extremely sore recently finishing up my season dancing on top of running.  There is no real way to tell, but I think these little guys helped push my old knees and joints through rolling around the court for routines.  I also haven’t felt much knee pain since I have been starting to run outside again.  Coincidence?

- Take two a day to improve flexibility and help with achy joints!

Ultra 25 Probiotic Complex with Enzymes: (regularly $34.99, now $23.99)

Probiotics help keep a healthy intestinal balance.  They minimize the amount of harmful or “bad” bacteria by replacing it with “good” bacteria.  I have been having issues with my stomach over the past few months, and since I have been on this supplement my stomach discomfort has been very minimal.  I also noticed a reduction in days I feel bloated.

- If you find yourself stressing out, making unhealthy food choices, or frequently suffer from an upset tummy, this one just might help you!

GNC Wellness Formula review

 Overall Thoughts

I have yet to review a set of products I really don’t like.  This combination of vitamins and supplements from GNC came at the perfect time to help me get through the home stretch of an NBA season.

After being on them for a few weeks, my every day mood, joints and soreness in my body has improved.  Whatever has been going on in my stomach has settled down (for now), and I feel pretty darn good!

For this one, I have to thank GNC for reminding me how easy it is to add an extra step of “feel good” into my day.  You guys rock!

*Disclaimer: I was provided with these products by GNC, free of charge through their partnership with FitFluential.  As always, all thoughts and opinions in this review are my own!

March 22, 2013

Yes To Carrots

It is no secret that I am a lover of all things organic.  It is also pretty clear that I am a lover of practically every fruit and vegetable out there.  Now, what if I told you that both of these loves co-exist in a line of affordable skin and hair care? (Gasp.)

Yes To™ is a natural line of paraben-free shampoos, conditioners, body butters, daily skin care, and lip balms.  Every product is made with organic fruits and vegetables, and categorized into five different sub-brands: Carrots, Tomatoes, Blueberries, Cucumbers, and – their newest and latest – Grapefruit.

Each one serves a different purpose from clearing acne to fighting wrinkles, and all products are made to mix-and-match to create your own regime recipe.

I was recently contacted by the Yes To™ Team to try out a few samples of their new Grapefruit line, and at the time I have never heard of them before.  After browsing around their website, I became instantly interested.  Their passion and brand is best described in their mission statement:

“We strive to make affordable, kick-ass products that work and make people feel good.”

Well said.  The more I read about the products, the more I wanted to give them a try!  So I did.

Yes To Review Cover pic

*Disclaimer: All products were provided to me, free of charge from Yes To™.  I was not compensated in any way for this review, and simply exchanged my time for product. As always, all thoughts and opinions in this review are my own!

All products in their lines are ninety-five percent all-natural, recyclable, and free of parabens, sulfates (both SLS + SLES), and phthalates.  They care about what their name stands for, their organic ingredients, and give back to communities through their Yes To Seed Fund.

But are the products any good?

While pictures are great, I thought it would be better to video my thoughts on each and every one.  Everything I tried out will be linked below, and I will also breakdown my overall thoughts.

Ready… Set… Say Yes!

Cliff Notes

Here are my favorites… although they are all pretty wonderful.

Yes To Carrots favorites 2

My perfect Yes To™ combination I used the most looks pretty similar to what you see above.

As I explained in the video, the Blueberries and Cucumbers lines stood out the most to me, while I went back and forth on the Carrots and Tomatoes lines.  Somewhere in between lies the Grapefruit, which I still enjoyed very much.

I did not care for the shampoo, thought the conditioner was a lot better, and absolutely loved the leave-in conditioner.

I found the lip balm and butters to be very soothing and like that they are packed with Vitamin E.

I have had all of the products for about a month now, and still switch up and enjoy a variety of them every day!

Product List

Yes To Carrots – Nourishing

Yes To Carrots line

Yes To Carrots Makeup Removing Cleanser

Yes To Carrots Exfoliating Cleanser

Yes To Carrots Rich Moisture Day Cream

Yes To Carrots Leave-In Conditionerfavorite!

Yes To Tomatoes – Clear Skin

Yes To Carrots cleansers

Yes To Tomatoes Daily Pore Scrub

Yes To Grapefruit – Correct & Repair

Yes To Grapefrut face creams

Yes To Grapefruit Dark Spot Correcting Serumfavorite!

Yes To Grapefruit Even Skin Tone Moisturizerfavorite!

Yes To Grapefruit Correcting Body Cream

Yes To Blueberries – Age Refresh

Yes To Blueberries

Yes To Blueberries Cleansing Facial Towelettesfavorite!

Yes To Blueberries Daily Repairing Moisturizer

Yes To Cucumbers – Soothing

Yes To Cucumbers cleanser a

Yes To Cucumbers Calming Night Creamfavorite!

Yes To Cucumbers Daily Gel Cleanser

Yes To Cucumbers Color Protection Shampoo + Conditioner

Color Balms + Lip Butters

Yes To lip balm and chap stick

Yes To Carrots Color Balms

Yes To Carrots Lip Buttersfavorite!

Shop Yes To™

Yes To™ is available internationally online and can be found at many major retailers nationwide.  See a full retail list to get your hands on some product!

For the remainder of March, enjoy a gift from Yes To™ to YOU with 25% OFF your first online purchase.


Simply enter the promo code YESTOBLOG upon checkout to redeem.

Happy skin + hair caring!

Questions of the Day

• Have you tried any Yes To™ products? If so, what is your favorite sub-brand and product?

• Would you be interested in a product giveaway on the blog? (raising my own hand high!!!)

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