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October 20, 2014

Half-Marathon Training: Week 6

I did it! I ran my second half marathon, and I can’t wait to share the details in an upcoming recap with you!

While I am waiting to receive my photos from the race, I can go ahead and share my final week of training with you, including a few sneak peeks of what race day looked like!

The week before a long distance race usually doesn’t require a crazy amount of miles to log in. I incorporated two three miles runs, a strength training day, and a long walk before the weekend into my plan. While I had every intention of completing all of them, life happened and I didn’t.

It all worked out just fine. Here are the details!

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Half-Marathon Training: Week 6 Recap

Please keep in mind that this is a six week half-marathon training plan I came up with on my own, specifically catered to what works best for me. Feel free to take a look in the archives for my first half-marathon training plan (you will find the section under the Fitness Page) that lasted a duration of ten weeks if you are looking for something closer to a beginner level.

The plan…

6 week half marathon training plan

What I did (Week 6: October 13 – 19, 2014)

• Monday – REST

I wanted to get out there and knock out the three miles, but since my CPT test was the next day, I decided to spend every moment I could studying.

• Tuesday –  REST

As you can imagine, I dedicated my entire morning studying for the test too! I passed, so I guess it was worth it!

I planned to go for my run or even complete a run and workout later that night, but by the time I got home it started raining. I just wasn’t feeling it, and besides, I had some serious celebrating to do. Woo hoo!

• Wednesday –  3 miles + strength training

I knew I needed to get to my run in on Wednesday.

It was my last scheduled training run before my race day, and I also wanted to make up my strength training workout.

I grabbed Roadie for 3 miles around the neighborhood and we had a great run!

post run with roadie

He’s been a little better at not stopping every two seconds to sniff everything. I’m very thankful and excited about that.

Distance: 3 miles

Time: 28:28 mins.

Pace: 9:29 min./mile

After a good ten minutes of rest and stretching, I went down to the basement and put together a dumbbell strength workout.

at-home dumbbell strengthening exercises

It alternated between upper and lower body exercises and Roadie kept me company the entire time.

roadie playing

He’s seriously the best!


After a shower, I turned to the pantry for inspiration and figured it wouldn’t hurt to start carb loading for the race.

shrimp with veggie noodles pasta

I went with penne veggie noodles topped in marinara sauce with spinach and shrimp for protein.

• Thursday –  REST

I always take Roadie for long walks in the afternoon, but didn’t record anything for training purposes. I’m sure one of them equaled a mile or two.

• Friday –  REST

Same as Thursday, workout wise.

• Saturday –  REST

I’m pretty sure I walked enough around the Henry Ford Museum and Downtown Detroit to cover that 30 minute walk I was supposed to do Thursday.

• Sunday –  Half Marathon

Sunday was race day!

I couldn’t believe the day finally came. I was ready for it!

I plan to share a more detailed recap once I get some of the race photos back, but for now here are a few sneak peeks.

Detroit Free Press Half Marathon Hope Water Project race

(Yes, I am apparently “raising the roof” on my way to the finish line…)


Detroit Free Press Marathon finish line 2014

We did it!

Detroit Free Press Half Marathon Hope Water Project 2014

I am so proud of my best friend, Alex! She has been battling an extremely tight and most likely injured IT band for the last couple of weeks and could barely get through the last two long distance training runs.

Going into the race, my goal was for us to cross the finish line together!

I could tell she was hurting pretty bad around the three mile mark. The trainer in me wanted to tell her to stop, but the friend in me pushed her to keep going. I knew she would be really upset with herself if she stopped. We went a lot slower than both of us planned, but we did it. And that’s all that matters to me!

Distance: 13.1 miles

Time: 2:22:47 mins.

Pace: 10:53 min./mile

That said, this half was so much easier for me to get through than my first one. I literally felt like I could run another couple miles when we were done, which was not the case my first go around.

I currently have the itch to race the half distance again and am on the lookout for one coming to my area sooner than later.


After the race, the boys treated us to brunch at a new-to-us and well-known restaurant in Ferndale: The Fly Trap.

the fly trap resetaurant ferndale michigan

It’s a tiny space, but a very popular breakfast spot in the greater Detroit area. Their waiting area is actually out the door to the outside, so we figured it has to be good for people to brave the cold to keep it in business after the last winter we had!

The Fly Trap inside

I was happy to get inside to see what was on their “blunch” menu, as they like to call it.

I ordred the B.L.A.T. + C. omelet that came with a side of breakfast potatoes and wheat toast with the jam of the day.

The Fly Trap omelet breakfast

You can’t see what was inside of it (pepper bacon, spinach, avocado, tomato and cheddar), but the omelet was so good!

Scott ordered the gingerbread waffle and I gladly helped myself to a few bites of that as well. We will definitely return!

Week 6 Thoughts

As I mentioned above, I created the training plan you see at the top of this post for my second half marathon based on what I thought I could do and what I thought my body could handle in a short amount of time. I only trained for six weeks for this race, but I felt one hundred percent ready for it when I finished my training.

It is important to remember, however, that I formed this plan knowing I could complete six consecutive miles (or roughly a 10K) prior to training.

Now that I have run two half marathons, I have the desire to run more!

I’ll be sure to keep you updated on any future races I sign up for.

Thank you for following my training journey!


Question of the Afternoon

• What is your favorite race distance to run?

I used to say 5Ks. They’re short and sweet and I can really push myself to run for time. I am planning to run an upcoming 10K, but I have only run one prior to that. I remember liking that distance as well. After this weekend, I might have a new found love for halfs… if I’m trained, however. 

Coming off of the race, I hope to keep up my mileage better than I did after my first half. My goal is to at least run 8 or 10 miles every couple of weeks so I don’t have to start my training from the beginning again!

October 13, 2014

Half-Marathon Training Week 5

I legitimately cannot believe that my half-marathon is less than a week away! I remember signing up for it back in May, thinking it was sooo far down the road. Does anyone else feel like this year has absolutely flown?

I am currently in my final week of training and feel great. I ran my last long distance run (11 miles) over the weekend, which is the longest I have ever run solo. It really wasn’t all that bad!

I’m actually getting the itch to sign up for another half. I mean, I’m already trained… so why not? We shall see.

Week 5 was the first time I completely skipped a training day. Instead, I pushed my run to the next day and combined it with my strength training. It all worked out just fine. Here’s how the rest of the week went!

Need to catch up?

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Half-Marathon Training: Week 5 Recap

Please keep in mind that this is a six week half-marathon training plan I came up with on my own, specifically catered to what works best for me. Feel free to take a look in the archives for my first half-marathon training plan (you will find the section under the Fitness Page) that lasted a duration of ten weeks if you are looking for something closer to a beginner level.

The plan…

6 week half marathon training plan

What I did (Week 5: October 6 – 12, 2014)

• Monday – REST

I wanted to get out there, but decided to stay productive indoors and push my run to the next day instead.

• Tuesday –  3 miles + at-home circuit workout

I wasn’t in too much of a hurry on this one. I took Roadie with me and made our standard loop in and out of the trails. The weather was gorgeous!

trail run with roadie in fall

Can you please just do me a solid and stay like this forever, Michigan?

fall foliage on trails

Distance: 3 miles

Time: 30:19 mins.

Pace: 10:06 min./mile

When we got in from the run, I took a fifteen minute break to stretch and roll around on the floor with Roadie (he always pummels into me and goes crazy when I am on the floor) before starting this dumbbell circuit workout in the basement.

(If you read last week’s WIAW post, you’ve already seen it!)

Cardio + Circuit Workout

I purposely chose one that included cardio at the beginning and only required an additional 20 minutes of work.

at-home circuit workout

I had been at least a week since I had done any kind of squats or lunges, much less with the added weight of dumbbells. Whoops.


I quickly dove into a Subway 6-inch I picked up earlier in record time.

subway turkey with veggies and cheese on wheat

Turkey, American cheese, lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, green peppers, banana peppers, jalapeños, black olives, and pickles sprinkled in pepper and drizzled with oil + vinegar on wheat bread.

I also ate my fair share of these Popped Wheat Thins Scott brought home.

wheat things popped chips

(You must try them!)

• Wednesday –  4 mile tempo run

I was excited to see my tempo run miles went down to 4! This gave me a pep in my step to knock ‘em out and I had an enjoyable trail run.

tempo run intensity on my PolarFT60

I thought I did a good job at the tempo, however, my intensity records hinted towards me getting a little too pace happy. Now that I think about it, I don’t ever remember slowing down my pace once I sped up after the 12 minute mark. Oh well!

Distance: 4 miles

Time: 36:12 mins.

Pace: 9:03 min./mile

Quick and easy.


I had just about two seconds to grab something after my shower before Scott and I needed to get out the door to attend a mid-week service.

I brought a Lemon Larabar with me and ate it on the way. (By the way, that flavor is amazing! If you like lemon meringue pie, you’ll be a fan too.)

After church, my tummy was rumbling and I was happy Scott suggested getting dinner at Noodles & Company. I craved pasta and ordered the Penne Rosa with shrimp.

noodles shrimp and pasta

I was surprised (but not really) when I ate everything on my plate!

• Thursday –  3 miles easy pace

To be brutally honest, the last thing I wanted to do Thursday was run.

My legs were extremely sore from my circuit workout earlier in the week and I could barely power walk without looking ridiculous.

(Note to self, lay off the squats until after race day.)

It was probably a good thing I had Roadie as an excuse to stop every now and then…

Training Run in Mizuno WaveRunner18 sneakers Thursday

Distance: 3 miles

Time: 29:19 mins.

Pace: 9:46 min./mile

I somehow made it through three miles, but I felt like a turtle crawling through peanut butter. Seriously. It was so hard!


Another day, another stop at Subway in the afternoon to save for dinner later. Shocking, I know.

This time I mixed it up (kind of) by asking them to put onions on it before they toasted the turkey and cheese. It warmed them up and brought out the flavor. You should try it!

subway 6 inch healthy

Turkey, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, green peppers, banana peppers, onions (toasted), black olives, and pickles sprinkled in pepper and drizzled with oil + vinegar on wheat bread.

• Friday – REST

I spent my entire day cleaning and studying, then joined some friends for a girls’ night in with pizza and wine. It was a perfect Friday night for this grandma.

• Saturday –  11 miles

I strategically planned to run in the late-afternoon Saturday.

The weather predicted to be the highest and sunniest around 3 p.m.

It’s crazy how my planning has done a complete 180 since moving out of Florida! (I always used to plan to run during the coldest hours without the sun there.) (Obviously.)

Saturday’s weather and views were beautiful.

running path in the fall

It was the first time I set out to run 11 miles on my own, and since I didn’t want to carry anything with me I planned two 5.5 mile loops with a stop back home for water and a Gu chomp.

(I also ate one and chugged water before I left.)

Mizuno waverider18 stretch

Distance: 11 miles

Time: 1:37:39 mins.

Pace: 8:52 min./mile

I paused my fitness watch every time I got stuck at a light to cross the street and also when I briefly went into the house. I know I won’t be stopping on race day, but I was really happy to see my time when I finished!

I have been loving my new Mizuno Wave Rider 18 shoes I am currently reviewing (more on that later!) and felt great. I spent a good ten minutes stretching and then went straight for this pumpkin donut staring at me before a shower.

pumpkin krispy kreme donut

The last thing I wanted to do was cook when I got out, so I turned to another Pacific soup ready and waiting in my pantry for me. While it was heating up, I threw a couple of corn tortillas with cheese on the stovetop and made mini cheese fajitas.

vegetable lentil roasted red pepper soup and corn tortilla fajitas

I ate two servings of soup and also dipped a couple generous handfuls of blue corn tortilla chips into it once my fajitas were gone. I will definitely be repeating this combo!

• Sunday –  REST

More stretching, foam rolling, and short walks with Roadie, naturally.

Week 5 Thoughts

I missed a training day this week. Well – technically – I didn’t miss it, I just moved it to another day. To be honest, I am doing the same thing this week. Sometimes you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do, and aren’t always going to be able to stick to a plan one hundred percent of the time.

The point of me sharing my training weeks with you is to show you exactly that! I put the plan together, so you’d think I could follow it to the tee. I could, but I didn’t. I came close, but as always, life happens. You learn to roll with it and can’t beat yourself up for not being perfectly trained.

I have a lot of confidence going into the race this weekend. I know I will be fine and think (er… hope) it will be an enjoyable run alongside a lot of inspiring people!


Question of the Day

• Do you have any specific goals that pertain to racing?

I do! I have shared them before on my Fitness Bucket List and fully plan on crossing as many things off the best I can. I don’t necessarily have PR goals, but I do have a dream of running at least five half distances before we start a family. I’m hoping to sign up for a third sooner than later, just in case you are wondering when that will be. We’ll have to see how the year (and freezing weather) goes, but I have an itch to sign up and run a couple more before the summer!

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