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September 17, 2013

You Know What’s Funny?

I started putting together a Photo Shoot Tips + Tricks post today. The more I typed, the more I wanted to spend a decent amount time and effort on it and not just throw it together. With that said, keep a lookout for a post on that subject later in the week!

For now, I thought you might enjoy some random occurrences that have happened in my life lately that may or may not be worth a laugh.

You Know What’s Funny?

• At this moment in time I have zero fruit in the house. I wanted to top my cereal this morning with something colorful and came to the conclusion that gummy bears just aren’t the same. Needless to say, I had my first bowl of basic cereal and milk in ages. Like, probably years.

cascadian farms cinnamon toa

(Cascadian Farm Organic Cinnamon Crunch)

• Speaking of basic…. I feel like I shouldn’t be sharing this, but I just can’t with this You Tube video. #sorryimnotsorry

This article I read this morning on Y Generation Yuppies (most of you reading this!) and why most of them (us) are unhappy. I found myself relating to a lot of it all too well and thought you might have a chuckle too.

• I was practically begging for cooler weather last week and it’s definitely here. Now that we are officially running the heat in our house and I am wearing sweats to bed, I think I might have jumped the gun on that one.

• The air conditioning repair man came over a week ago to fix our unit (yes, when it was still hot outside JUST a week ago) and in doing so Scott removed all of these boxes from our basement storage to give him a path.

basement storage

Even though I cleaned the house yesterday, the boxes are still there. I actually vacuumed around them.

• I feel like the type of music I listen to lately completely affects my mood. I’ve been drawn to the slow jams with deep lyrics, but after an hour or so with it on the background I feel almost too mellow. Just kind of blah. I’m not sure if that’s the best “let’s get the day going!” motivation.

(Note to self: less emo, more Spice Girls Radio <- so wonderful.)

• We had a few people over last night and Aspen was all about hanging downstairs with the group, soaking in as much attention as she could get. Cali, on the other hand, was chillin’ upstairs on her own and gets really overwhelmed by house guests.

Aspen is awesome

While Aspen loves petting, she hates to be held. Cali will sit calmly and let you hold her for hours. I think it’s interesting how each pet handles company in their own way and how different cats and pets in general can be.

• I haven’t had any motivation to make salads at home lately. I have been enjoying them at restaurants and while out running errands, but haven’t made a good monster salad in close to two weeks. That’s just weird.

• It’s no secret that I am allowing myself a day or two of splurging after eating extremely clean for my photo shoot over the weekend. I think it’s funny that my first “big cheat meal” was ordered off of the light menu, and I even went out of my way to substitute the regular spaghetti for the Barilla Plus penne pasta.

Bravo chicken and vegetable pasta

For what it’s worth, it was delicious.

• And last, but certainly not least, this.

Scott dressed like joe dirt

The fact that my husband feels the need to change into something ridiculous when people come over is beyond me. Although I was mostly embarrassed about it, the cut off plaid paired with the jorts and fuzzy slippers make me laugh a little.

I hope these random fun facts about my latest happenings provided you with some kind of comic relief on this Tuesday afternoon. I am leaving you today actually excited to go to the grocery store to stock up on produce and get the rest of my day going. I promise there will be more inspirational material to read later this week. For now, I’m curious…

What’s a “You Know What’s Funny” moment of yours?

July 27, 2013

“Really?” Moments

Happy Saturday! Ours is a rainy and lazy one as of right now.

After a long night out with friends, and a 6:30 a.m. airport pick-up time for Scott (an hour away from home), I am enjoying every minute of it before a work event, birthday party, then early morning appearance tomorrow!

Sometimes you just need a few hours to kick your feet up and do nothing on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

Morning coffee

Today’s post is kind of different, but hopefully entertaining. There have been a few things that have happened in my life recently that are in no way dramatic, or big deals, but just make me take a step back and say… “Really?”

Scott gets really irritated when I say the phrase, and don’t even get him started on when I say “Seriously?”. He gets an annoyed look on his face and cringes every time. Sometimes I just can’t help it.

I feel like the most random stuff happens to me!

Most of the time, I am simply amused by it, and there have been a handful of “Really?” moments in my life lately that I need to share with you.

This week was the first time I have actually been out socially in quite some time. While getting ready for a friend’s birthday last night, I was putting my makeup and hair stuff away and getting ready to walk out the door. I only realized I didn’t zip the section that holds my eyeshadow in my makeup case when my entire palate of MAC eyeshadow fell on the floor and shattered everywhere.

broken eyeshadow palate

All of the missing shades are still happily resting on the carpet. Remember how we just got our carpets cleaned this week? Gooood timing.

I came across this DIY make up fixer upper approach (via The Beauty Department) on Pinterest a while back and immediately thought of it.


I figured I would give it a shot today, and that I might be able to salvage some of my colors.

Well, I could have tried it… if my animals didn’t see the broken eye shadow clumps as play toys and didn’t smear them all over the wood and carpet in our bedroom and closet.

When I got home last night, I walked into our bedroom and thought someone had actually wiped their butt all over the carpet. Nope, just eyeshadow. Everywhere. Pretty epic.

Speaking of my night out, it was a fun one! It was great to hang out and celebrate with friends, but we for sure had a few “Really?” moments as the night progressed.

courtneys birthday

The best one was the party bus we scheduled to pick us up and take us to her birthday venue broke down on the way over. After being a half an hour late, the company showed up with a sketchy van and a car instead. Like a regular car. I was one of those who rode in the car, and as soon as we got in the driver told us the blinkers didn’t work, he was missing the light that lights up the license plate, and that he hoped that we didn’t get pulled over on the way there. Then, he asked us where we were going and if we knew how to get there.

I mean… did we or did we not hire you to know this information? And, did we not pay a pretty penny to rent this so called party bus to take us (as a group) to and from our fun night out? “Really?”

It really wasn’t that big of a deal… but how unprofessional is that? Things like that really irritate me.

Let’s back up a little bit. I don’t ever do this, but I actually posted a small rant on Facebook yesterday about e-mail hacking.

facebook status

In a nutshell, someone or a few someones have been trying to hack me for years. Read above for details (the free porn was the best one yet), but the latest kicker happened on Snap Chat.

I actually avoided Snap Chat for a long time. I saw it as a pointless app, when I could just text someone if I wanted to send them a message. One day, my friends finally talked me into downloading it, and I have to admit that I was on it quite a bit. I am a complete goof ball, and this was a great way to send funny photos, videos, and even “Really?” moments to friends.

Checking on me with concern, I got a message from my friend the other day asking about my recent activity on Snap Chat. To make a long story short, someone hacked into my account, snapped almost my entire contact list a picture of “cleavage” that obviously wasn’t mine, and tried to take screen shots of people’s responses.

Everyone I asked about it thought it was really odd, then had a laugh about it, but for the most part were wondering what was going on with me. Well, it wasn’t me. It was probably the perv who tried to send out adult links from my old email, or even the guy who tried to sell “iPadd 2′s” (<- still kills me) on my Facebook page a few years back.

It is a little re-assuring to hear some of my friends saying they are also having problems with Yahoo lately. I guess it’s not just me. The number of “reset your password” emails I have gotten not only from Yahoo, but from Snap Chat and Photobucket, however, is ridiculous.

People. “Really?”

But that’s enough ranting.

I mainly wanted to share these things with you because I am past the point of being irritated, and more onto being amused.

To any Saturday Night Live Fans out there, you might remember a segment of Weekend Update called “Really?” With Seth and Amy. This might have been where the whole “Really?” phrase came from.

Every now and then, the duo sat down to chat about something that just doesn’t seem right in the world, and mostly called out political figures or companies that were doing something controversial in the news. I thought the segment was hilarious, and Scott and I still laugh at them when we catch a re-run on from time to time. Here’s a great one about the Swine Flu.

To close, I will share one of my best “Really?” moments yet. I debated back and forth on this one, and against my better judgement am going to share it with you.

Do you remember how I mentioned I sewed a bra into my dancer audition top?

I needed something more in the top to feel more secure as I danced, and the cups I chose had some padding in it, and some of it was gel. Apparently when I sewed each cup in my bathing suit top, I wasn’t very careful with the placement of my stitches. Right before going to bed the night before, I realized the cups were leaking. Not very bad, but they both were popped.


ready for NBA dancer auditions 2

Instead of freaking out, I simply sewed in a layer of tape to hold everything in place. No harm no foul… or so I thought.

The morning of the audition, I showed up with my yellow tank top over my dance top. Within a few minutes of talking with friends, one of them asked what was all over my top. It was the gel leaking through! It literally looked like I was nursing, and leaking milk. Wonderful.

I spent the rest of the audition trying not to think about it. Every so often, I used my sweatshirt to wipe the gel that had run down to my stomach, and went on my way. But…. “Really?”

After wearing the outfit for two days, I un-stiched the cups, saturated the top in stain remover (for both the gel and spray tan removal), and washed it inside out on the delicate cycle. It ended up coming out sparkly clean, but I just couldn’t believe my luck with it.

It totally reminded me of the Will & Grace episode when Grace wears a water bra to look more endowed. When she went to hug someone, they popped and it cuts to what you see below.

Will and Grace das boobs



I hope this post provided you with a few smiles and at least some degree of entertainment. It’s times like these where I am glad I have a blog to share stories to people, because they are just too good not to.

Hope you have a wonderful rest of your Saturday!

Question of the Day

• What is your best “Really?” moment? I’m dying to know!

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