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January 6, 2015

BODYPeace Book Review

Hello! Today I am sharing a book review, so I am going to skip the small talk and get right to the content…

green smoothie powercakes

Right after I finish sipping this delicious green smoothie, that is.

It’s similar to the green smoothies I usually make for myself, only with the addition of egg white liquid. I got the idea from Kasey. In fact, I got the whole recipe from her in her book BODYpeace, co-written by Heather.

green smoothie recipe

I had the pleasure of meeting Kasey last summer at the IDEA BlogFest Convention. I noticed her vibrant personality right away and have always admired her work. She is so sweet and so strong! I haven’t had the opportunity to meet Heather, but I have been following her blog and spiritual journey for years. When the two of them hit it off as soul sisters a while ago, it was easy to see they bonded a deep and meaningful friendship by balancing each other out perfectly.

It’s no secret that both women are passionate about helping people find a peace and balance with healthy eating and fitness. Both of them have struggled with eating disorders and body image issues. I know that some of you reading this might have the same issues, and to you, dear friend, I strongly urge you to keep scrolling!

Heather and Kasey worked hard as co-authors and create their BODYPeace book that launched at the end of 2014!

BODYpeace is a 30-day inspirational journey designed to help those struggling with self-shaming and body image. They share their personal stories (both struggles and triumphs), meditations, healthy fueling recipes, and exercises to help you break free and awake the purpose of your body.

What is BODYpeace?

BODYpeace book

(Taken directly from the text)

BODYpeace is…

A transformational experience and a guide for the modern day soul sister (that’s you!). We promise that if you put 100% of your effort into this journey, you will be guided to fall in love with your body – FOR REAL.

A support system. Not only do you have exclusive access to the BODYpeace community, but we are energetically supporting you every step of the way. Sound trippy? That’s okay… just trust us.

A guide book. That’s right. This is a guidebook – not a Bible. If something doesn’t resonate with you, feel free to skip it. However, if you simply feel resistance to doing something, DO IT! Your ego really wants to keep you in the dark and wants you to stay stuck in your BODYshame spiral. So it will try to tell you to resist doing certain exercises that, deep down, you know your soul is calling you to do. DON’T SKIP THOSE! The things we resist the most are often the things we need the most.

A safe haven. You can return to BODYpeace over and over again. Every time you go through this journey, you will receive a new insight and new shifts. That is the miracle of evolving your soul!

A supportive community. We are ALL in this together. No shame is welcome here and no judgments are EVER gonna go down. We support, we guide, and we nurture.

BODYpeace quote

BODYpeace is NOT…

A diet book. We don’t dig diets. Every BODY is different, and we don’t like people telling us what to feed our bodies. So we will not be doing the same for you.

A weight loss book. We’re here to release emotional weight, and, if you do need to loose physical weight, you’ll notice that usually comes as a by-product of releasing emotional weight. So, stick around and see what happens. You’ve truly got nothing to lose!

A quick fix. We believe that small steps lead us to lasting transformational changes. That is how we got where we are. Every day we choose to love our bodies in the moment. Not tomorrow. Not yesterday. But today. Right here and right now. And, most importantly, we really take time to marinate in what’s going on with us.

A journey for you to BS. If you’re looking to be healed in a week, if you’re a chronic procrastinator, if you’re lazy, or you don’t want to put in the good ‘ol elbow grease… this may not be the journey for you. But if you’re ready to live a soulful, energizing, enriching life experience and ready to make that change and put in the work, then you are home.

A cookie-cutter plan. Feel free to split up your days. If you want to meditate in the morning and then journal in the evening, go for it. The only thing we ask is that you commit to doing the BODYpeace meditation every morning upon waking. This is SUPER important. Trust us!

My Experience with BODYpeace

My story is a bit different from the stories of the two wonderful souls who wrote this book.

While I was a professional dancer, there were certainly times where I would restrict myself from eating “danger” foods and felt bad for indulging in things that were “off limits”. There were also times of the season where I thought it was completely normal to go to the gym twice a day and then practice for four hours. I consider myself lucky to have caught those unhealthy habits early on and ease off of them as soon as I did.

Today, there isn’t one food I will restrict myself from eating. Of course, there are foods I simply don’t care for (I’m talking to you – tuna fish), but it’s for other reasons than fear of gaining weight.

When Heather asked me to do this review, I felt honored that she thought of me, but I didn’t necessarily think it would be for me. I didn’t think I *needed* it, but I wanted to support both of them and their book!

So, instead of going through the full book and 30 day program, I completed two days of the BODYtruths challenges and two days of BODYfuel challenges. During the four day process, I realized that I have more insecurities about my body than I thought. And that’s okay. It’s good to take yourself out of your comfort zone and deal with any hidden issues that activity uncovers head on. And that’s exactly what happened!

BODYpeace ebook

As soon as I saw myself writing “I don’t like this…” or “I wish I could finally change that…” I giggled to myself a little. Why? Where was this type of negative thinking coming from?

That’s the difference between 2015 Heather and 2009 Heather. I acknowledge those negative thoughts, but don’t obsess over them. In fact, I usually ignore and laugh them… hence the giggles (essentially, I’m laughing at myself).

I think that we all deal with even a shred of insecurity about our bodies at one point or another.

My point in sharing this with you is that I think that BODYpeace would be a beneficial read for anyone. Obviously, the book was written for those struggling in mind, but that doesn’t mean everyone can’t get something out of their message. Like me, you might just discover there is a bit of self-consciousness buried under all of those smiling photos after all.

And if or when that happens, they’re right there to snap you out of it!

30 Day BODYpeace Challenge

Starting January 12th, Heather and Kasey will be hosting a 30 Day New Years Challenge for you!

BODYpeace 30 day challenge

Check out all of the information to sign up and be a part of it if you’re interested!


You can purchase BODYpeace on Amazon. (<- my personal affiliate link) Thank you for sharing this wonderful book with the world! <3

Please note: I am not an affiliate for BODYPeace and will not receive compensation for this review. I was sent a copy of the eBook from the authors to review. As always, all opinions are my own.

December 30, 2014

7 Quick Tips For a Healthier 2015

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Special K Snack Bars. Although I was compensated for this post, all opinions remain my own. I hope you enjoy the healthy living tips!

It’s no secret that every New Year comes with resolutions. If you have ever had the goal of “getting in shape” or “getting healthier”, I have great news for you: it isn’t as hard or time consuming as you might think.

Here are some quick tips to get you healthier and on track through 2015!

healthy living tips for 2015

• eat the rainbow

Think about it… the more color you bring to your plate, chances are the more nutritious it will be.

cacao tree cafe zucchini noodles salad

Think outside your normal food box when you buy produce, make meals at home, and even order out. Aim to hit all areas of the food pyramid and make sure you are getting enough fruits, veggies, and whole grains!

• get outside

Go and enjoy the outdoors. If the only free time you have during the day is during a lunch break, try bringing your lunch and taking a walk around the building or block a few times before or after you eat.

It’s amazing how much even a little bit of fresh air can heighten your mood and motivate you to be productive throughout the rest of the day.

trail running along river

Try picking up an outdoor activity on the weekends like going hiking, biking, or trail running. I would be lying if I said that simply getting out on the trails hasn’t helped tame a lot of my stresses!

• satisfy your cravings without “cheating”

Ditch the candy bars and find chocolate and/or drool-worthy snacks that are better for your health and waistline.

new special k snack bars

I recently got the opportunity to try the brand new Special K chewy snack bars from Kellogg’s. This line of granola bars is made with tasty, wholesome ingredients that actually look like the package on the outside.

special k snack bars

From the rich chocolate chunks and crunchy salted pretzels to the pieces of real fruit and rolled oats, these bars deliver a delicious taste with a great crisp texture. Special K Chewy Snack Bars offer the perfect combination of treats you can grab any time for a quick and healthy 100 calorie snack.

Special K snack bar flavors

I love being able to snack on bars that have sweet treat ingredients without the guilt! Over the past couple of weeks, I have been grabbing them on-the-go, enjoying them at home, and even crumbling them up in my yogurt.

special k bars in yogurt

They taste fantastic!

Special K Chewy Bars will be available January 2015 at grocery and mass retail stores nationwide at a suggested retail price of $2.69 for six bars a box. Visit www.specialk.com for more information and stay updated on the release of this line by following them on Facebook and Twitter!

• subscribe to solid content instead of aimlessly browsing online

It’s really easy to get sucked into the black hole of social media and entertaining articles, especially at night. Why not take a break from the computer screen and dive into a book or magazine filled with health and fitness inspiration?

Health Magazine Anne Mauney

I have been gifted a subscription to Health magazine (thanks, Mom!) over the past two years, and can’t wait to dig into the new material each month. It’s hard not to get motivated to do something better-for-you after reading even an article or two.

• move every day, even if it’s for 20 minutes

Get your blood pumping! Even if you don’t have time for a full-blown trip to the gym or motivation for an intense workout at home, consider popping in a yoga video or tuning into a barre workout online.

yoga at home in barre socks

I don’t have an Amazon Prime membership for the 2-day shipping y’all. That’s a great perk, but I continue to pay to be a member to have access to all of the free workouts offered through instant video streaming.

Ballet Beautiful is a favorite of mine, and I have also loved Jillian Michaels workouts and yoga flows. I need to search for more workouts and get into the habit of utilizing the videos more!

• fully unplug on at least one vacation

Letting your hair down and trying more types of food and adventure than your normal home life allows is so refreshing.


Nothing revs me up to fully get back on track like an extended vacation away from everyday life. It’s important for both the body and soul to vacation at least once a year. If you’re still skeptical… give it a try.

I dare you!

• carry a refillable water bottle with you

It’s extremely crucial to stay hydrated. Half the time we think we are hungry, it’s really just our bodies telling us to drink more water.

You’d be surprised at how much water you end up drinking in a day if you have it easily accessible.

camelbak water bottle

I started carrying refillable water bottles with me in college and now drink more water than ever. Whether you are at home, in the car, or at your desk at the office, try carrying bottle of water with you for a day and see how many times you drink it all, refill it, and repeat the cycle without even realizing it.

I continuously refill my bottles while working at the gym or at home!


You see? Healthy, active living isn’t the scary stretch you might think it up to be. It doesn’t take dramatic sacrifices to make small, almost effortless changes to your lifestyle to make 2015 your year to get healthier.

Have some tips of your own? Feel free to share them below!

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Special K Snack Bars.

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