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December 24, 2014

12 Days of Christmas Survey

Hello! I really can’t believe that today is Christmas Eve. Here’s hoping you are spending the day with loved ones celebrating your special holiday.

I saw this survey appear on Jen’s blog last week, and saved it to answer myself today. There’s only one more day to soak in the anticipation of the arrival of Christmas, so I want to take advantage of it. I couldn’t help but to include a few throwback family photos in the mix too. Enjoy!

12 Days of Christmas Survey

• Favorite Christmas movie? 

There’s too many! I have been loving Elf and Home Alone lately, but National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is definitely an all-time fav!

funny christmas vacation quote


• Favorite Christmas song?

I’ve shared this before, but Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree instantly puts me in the holiday spirit! I can’t help but to think of the famous Home Alone scene when Kevin “hosts a party” to scare off the wet bandits.

• White or colored lights?

Both! Over the past couple of years, Scott and I put both strands of white and multicolored lights on the tree.

christmas tree 2013

• Christmas Eve traditions?

Scott and I always go to a Christmas Eve service. We both love the worship songs and look forward to the candlelight. Growing up, my family always went to Christmas Eve service too.

funny christmas photo from childhood

(Yes the grinch at the bottom is me!)

Afterwards, we joined another family to celebrate since as long as I can remember. Every year, we went over to their house, ate appetizers, exchanged presents, and watched National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Yep. Every single year.

Some of those quotes are ones we bring up and laugh about all year long! #thebest

I’m really going to miss being home for that this year!

• How did Santa deliver gifts?

We usually had some presents under the tree before we went to bed on Christmas Eve, but Christmas morning is when all of the big presents came out! Santa and his reindeer are pretty sneaky…

christmas with trish growing up

• Christmas Day traditions?

Growing up, my family went up to Jacksonville, Florida to spend the day with my mom’s side of the family. We would wake up and have Christmas morning at our house, then pack up and go to Jacksonville for a day or so. When my sister started a family of her own, we celebrated Christmas in Jacksonville the weekend before and spent the day at her house in Orlando.

When I started dancing for the Orlando Magic, we had three consecutive Christmas Day home games in a row! One year we had most of the family out at a game and then celebrated after.

family christmas at the magic game 2008

This year is Scott and I’s first year spending Christmas in Michigan.

It will feel different for sure!

• Favorite Christmas cookie?

My Nana made the best Christmas cookies. I always used to look forward to driving up to Jacksonville and eating all of them when I got there! I especially loved her Russian tea cakes. <3

• Favorite Christmas candy?

Peppermint bark… hands down!

• Eggnog… yes or no?

Yes! But, diluted with milk. Too much eggnog puts my stomach into twists.

• White Elephant gift exchanges… love them or hate them?

I think they are fun! Depending on the crowd, they can become really competitive and funny with the content of the presents. This year we are celebrating Christmas Eve with friends and I am looking forward to the White Elephant exchange we are doing with them tonight.

• Do you send Christmas cards?

I remember my family sending them out!

merry christmas stahl christmas card 1989

Scott and I sent our first card together out two years ago, and we included a letter of updates since it was also the year we moved away from Florida.

• What do you want for Christmas this year?

I may regret saying this, but I really want a white Christmas. It’s certainly been cold enough up in Michigan, but it’s currently raining without any snow in the forecast.

scott and i in fox theatre christmas

C’monnn Santa!

Your turn:

Tell me about your holiday traditions.

Answer any of the questions above!

January 3, 2014

Friday Favorites #18: Week of 1/3

Wait a second… we’re already into the week of 1/3/14? I am well aware that there was a New Year’s celebration and all, but holy geez. Typing that just made it real!

Are any of you back to work yet? If so, then I have some good news for you: it’s Friday! And to get you ready to dive right into the weekend, lets have some fun with week’s installment of Friday Favorites.

Here are a handful of things I have been loving this week. For those of you who are new around here, there is a link up for bloggers at the bottom and an open welcome for all to play along and share some of your favorites in the comment section. Woo hoo!

Friday Favorites #18: Week of 1/3

Friday Favorites Button Housewife Glamour

• coffee mug warmer

After seeing me take coffee down to the computer and watching how long it takes me to finish a cup while typing away, my mom suggested I invest in a coffee warmer.

Mr. Coffee mug warmer

While I attended practice, I dropped her off to wander around the mall and I picked her up a few hours later with shopping bags. One of them had this Mr. Coffee coffee warmer from Bed, Bath & Beyond in it just for me.

I have really been enjoying the extra time to drink hot beverages downstairs without the inconvenience of having to microwave them when they cool. The plate gets pretty toasty and does a great job of keeping everything warm!

• quality time with Mom

Since I brought her up, I might as well highlight how much I have been loving catching up with my mom this week. She came to visit us and I am grateful to be able to spend some much needed mother-daughter time with her during the holidays.

driving with mom

She even made a trip to the gym with me yesterday!

gym with mom and mizuno running sneakers

I am so glad she brought her go-with-the-flow mindset while she’s up here. She’s been great at hanging with our crazy schedules and making the most out of our time together!

This husky video that might just be the most adorable thing ever.

This one‘s pretty cute too. I have always had a thing for huskies! They remind me of snow dogs that always seem warm and cuddly and the majority of them have the most captivating blue eyes. SO stinking cute.

(Earmuffs Roadie… and, speaking of…)

• Roadie helping us unwrap presents

roadie opening presents

He’s been getting into everything lately! It’s like he’s a teething puppy or something. Gotta love ‘em (and that face)… but what gives?


Free internet video calling that makes opening presents from loved ones across the miles so much better!

scott skyping with mom

Avicii’s new song that inspired me to start a new workout playlist. Stay tuned for that share next week!

• winter coat steal

I found this navy and pink plaid coat at Target this week for $17.98. Seriously. A lot of their outerwear is on mega clearance right now.

target coat for new years

Oh, Target. How I love thee!

• William-Sonoma hand soap and lotion sets

Gah! I’m obsessed. I first purchased a set of hand soap and lotion to keep in the downstairs bathroom at the William-Sonoma Outlet back around Thanksgiving. Since then, I have bought two more sets as gifts, and two more sets for our other bathrooms in the house.

williams-sonoma hand soap and lotion set

I included them in this year’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide and I stand firmly on that decision. They come in a variety of scents and packages, and I am currently displaying the Basil and Lemongrass fragrances.

• rain boots

Speaking of presents, I am absolutely loving these Style & Co. ‘Drizzle’ rain boots, courtesy of Scott’s Mom and Step-Dad. Wrapped up with them were rain boot liners, which seem super practical for this snowy, slushy weather we have been having this week.

houndstooth print rain boots

I actually saw the same exact pair in Stein Mart over two years ago and wanted to get them for myself then. I didn’t. But now I have them. Such a good call!

• winter ready

I am proud of a big step that happened this week for me: not being terribly afraid to drive in the snow or bear the freezing temperatures in order to go through every day life.

Don’t get me wrong… there are still times I question why we live in these snowy conditions, and they may or may not happen on a daily basis. But, every now and then I get an answer to my own question and take a step back to capture it.

village of rochester hills

Getting to experience different seasons and winter wonderlands softens the blow just a little. It’s beautiful!

And I guess that’s it for this week. Today I am really looking forward to showing my mom around town. We have plans for brunch with a possible day trip to Canada, then back with just enough time to catch the Harlem Globetrotter’s perform tonight. Should be a fun day!

Now, the floor is yours…

Housewife Glamour

Have a great start to your weekend! :D

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