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September 2, 2014

Arts, Beats, and Eats 2014

Hi friends! After a long and busy four-day weekend followed by a night and morning of cleaning and gearing up for the week, I am here to share our whereabouts and highlights of it all.

Spending eighty percent of our time in Downtown Royal Oak, I am slowly getting back into the groove of a normal day of working at home again. Kind of. (Are any of you struggling at work today?)

But enough about that. Here’s what went down over the weekend!

Arts, Beats, and Eats 2014

Arts Beats and Eats is considered to be Oakland County’s favorite summer festival celebrating art, music, cuisine, and humanity. It’s certainly ours!

Arts Beats and Eats Labor Day 2014

Falling on Labor Day weekend this year, the four-day festival featured hundreds of local artists and shows, ten music stages with over two hundred live performances, and specialty areas like the deaf arts festival, carnival, and kids zone.

Deaf Arts Festival Arts Beats Eats

Arts Beats and Eats carnival and music stage

Correctly labeled, this festival is one of the biggest I have been to and features the best in the area when it comes to seeing, hearing, and tasting what is great in the Metro Detroit area.

Located in the heart of Royal Oak, I always enjoy walking the surrounding streets to find new places to check out and bookmark for later. On our breaks from working our corner in NBA Nation, we admired the arts.

Arts Beats and Eats Art

Stayed after hours for the beats of popular bands.

Arts Beats and Eats Michigan Lottery Stage

And consumed our fair share of eats!

Bozii at arts eats and beats

Bozii chipotle chicken at arts eats and beats

arts beats and eats food loaded corn on the cobb

(That loaded corn on the cobb WILL be re-created at home!)

Baja Smoothies at arts beats and eats

We spent the majority of our time, however, on the courts with NBA Nation.

NBA Nation Arts Beats and Eats 2014

NBA Nation Detroit Pistons entertainment teams

Last year, the Detroit Pistons had a booth and area for entertainment, but this year surged with activities and exhibits specifically centered around teams and players from all over the NBA.

I tested my high jump (nothing impressive), compared my shoe size to the giants in the league, and measured my wingspan!

NBA Nation wingspan test

NBA player shoe size exhibit

Feeling extra short, we went to the back and tried our best to shoot the 18 and 25 foot baskets. Scott made his in and I gave my best attempt with the granny shot style.

NBA Nation hoops at Arts Beats and Eats

Throughout the weekend, almost all of our entertainment teams made an appearance. I specifically helped out with the Flight Crew dunk shows and our crazy horse of a mascot, HOOPER.

HOOPER with detroit sports 105.1 knockouts

He can’t always be trusted to stay in line, ya know.HOOPER on the basketball backboard NBA Nation

Between the events, I got to hang with a few familiar faces I miss seeing on an every day basis.

arts beats and eats NBA Nation Nichole

(Oh hey, Nichole!)

Scott kept busy at the booth and helped out wherever he could. The two of us left the festival completely wiped each day… except for Saturday.

friends in royal oak

We caught a second wind and joined some friends for late night beats and eats of our own, then went back to the festival to catch the tail end of Third Eye Blind!

Third Eye Blind concert Arts Beats and Eats Detroit

They started an hour later than planned, played a lot of current music not a lot of people recognized, but it still proved to be a blast.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t obnoxiously jamming out to How’s It Gonna Be on their double encore. But really, that was to be expected.

Yesterday was our shortest day on the courts, so Scott and I took the rest of our late afternoon to walk the festival. We saw art we would love to buy for our imaginary foyer in our one-day dream house, treats like homemade fudge, and almost anything you can imagine fried on a stick.

Detroit Lions Drumline Arts Beats and Eats

Taking a break from the crowds, we ran out of tickets and had our last meal of the weekend at a local restaurant while listening to the beats of the Detroit Lions drumline followed by a nearby local artist on stage. We were pooped, so it was a great way to enjoy the experience while taking a couple of minutes out of it.

ferris wheel arts beats and eats

Another year of AB&E is in the books and it was fun to be a part of it over the past two of them. We had our admissions covered, but for those of you who are near the area and are interested in attending next year it’s definitely worth the $5 entry fee.

Arts Beats and Eats Royal Oak 2014

You then, of course, have to factor in parking, and ticket purchases to use on food and such, but overall the experience is well worth the investment. Hope to see you there next year!

August 6, 2014

WIAW #60: First Concert, Then Turkey Burger Mosh

Good Afternoon! Well, posting this morning didn’t happen did it?

I apologize to those of you who click over to the blog hoping for a new post of inspiration or a laugh in the mornings just to find the previous day of news featured. Some days I am great about getting material up bright and early, while others I just go with the flow and post whenever I can. I’m working on trying to stick to more of a schedule for ya!

To spare you from a long story, I woke up feeling under the weather this morning. The server was slow. Migranes are the worst. The end.

But, I’m feeling much better now! To celebrate, let’s move right onto What I Ate Wednesday, highlighting a full day of eats. (It is time for lunch yet?)

What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday

I returned to an old, pretty friend of a milk frother for breakfast. That was exciting, but the star of the meal goes to one of my favorite cereals.

breakfast kashi island vanilla cereal.jpg

Kashi Organic Promise Island Vanilla topped in almond butter with organic skim milk.

That did a great job of holding me over until I started thinking about lunch after a couple of hours. Ten minutes later, there it was.

Another Amy’s soup for the win!

amy's lentil soup closeup.jpg

Amy’s Organic Lentil Soup with a side of Scott’s leftover chopped salad.

amy's lentil soup and salad.jpg

Spinach, cucumbers, yellow and red peppers, banana peppers, carrots, black olives, and ground pepper drizzled in balsamic vinegar.

chopped side salad closeup.jpg

A couple of hours later, I got into a predictable snack with a new twist.

dill pickle wheat thins and hummus.jpg

Dill Pickle Wheat Thin crackers with Sabra Pine Nut hummus.

Yup, dill pickle flavor. Don’t knock it ’til you try it, ya’ll.

My day flew by and before I knew it my friend Alex was at my door to pick me up to go to a concert in Plymouth! We stopped by her place first and I got to meet a new puppy friend of her’s named Lincoln.

lincoln the puppy.jpg

He has similar facial structures and markings as Roadie! I wanted to eat him up right then and there.

Instead, I settled for another snack of pretzel crisps and hummus… (again). I might have a problem.

Pretzel crisps and hummus.jpg

Just after 6 p.m. we left with her boyfriend for the Hillsong Young and Free concert!

Hillsong Young and Free concert plymouth.jpg

Some of you may have heard of this mega youth ministry from Australia, but I know a lot of you haven’t. Check out their story. I love their music and everything about them!

Hillsong Young and Free concert.jpg

Ready to eat anything, the three of us drove back to our home area and Scott and our friend Adam joined us for a late dinner. We chose Bar Louie for their dollar burgers on Tuesdays!

We ordered an (un-pictured) appetizer of chips with a trio of salsa, queso, and guacamole dips that lasted all of two minutes.

And, just so you know, all burgers don’t have to be “burgers”. Alex and I both ordered the same exact turkey burger, bunless, with added vegetables like grilled onions, mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and a ton of lettuce with a side of steamed broccoli.

Bar Louie dollar burger night.jpg

As soon as it got in front of me, I pulled my classic move of cutting it all up, covering it in pepper, and making one big turkey burger mosh salad.

bar louie turkey burger salad.jpg

We didn’t discuss it until we were about to leave, but somehow that strategy of eating meals came up in natural conversation. Alex shared how it freaks her out when her food touches, and I shared that I almost always cut it all up and make it some kind of salad or casserole. If it has a lot of veggies, anyways.

I don’t do that with all food, or at nice restaurants, but if I order a turkey burger without the bun and a ton of toppings, you better believe that’s what will happen! Am I alone here?

Question of the Day

• Does it give you the heebie jeebies when your food touches, or are you one to chop it and mix it up?

Like I mentioned above, I usually like to chop everything up before I eat it. I don’t necessarily mix it together, but if there are a lot of vegetables involved I usually do and make one big salad. Ha, I know some of you are cringing reading this! To each it’s own I guess.


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