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November 7, 2014

Friday Favorites #62: Week of 11/7

Hello and Happy Friday!! I have a feeling this weekend is going to fly, but then again… what’s new, amiright?

How was your week? Mine was great and filled with activity. Scott and I spent our weeknights entertaining family and exploring new things to do and see in the Detroit area. We are really starting to become acclimated to our surroundings! It’s a nice feeling.

I’m not sure how I feel about the projected cold temperatures in the 30s, however. We’ll see how running that race in it goes.

Anyhow, it’s time for another edition of Friday Favorites! I love to hear what you have been enjoying over the week too, so feel free to play along in the comments section and link up at the bottom!

Friday Favorites #62: Week of 11/7

Friday Favorites Fall Link Up Button Housewife Glamour

• patterned knit tights

Ever since we moved to somewhere seasons actually exist, I have been admittedly obsessed with leggings and tights.

pattern knit tights

I received this pair as a Christmas gift from Scott’s mother two years ago, and they have been my favorite pair yet! I’m pretty sure she got them at a store like TJMaxx or Marshall’s.

I get compliments on them every time I wear them, so I think it’s time to invest in more. Loving: this black & white sweater print, this pink aztec print and this Jacquard-knit print.

• Pure Michigan (with family)

Speaking of Scott’s mother, we really enjoyed her visit here earlier this week! You can catch up on what we have been up to here, here and here.

To kick things off on Scott’s Birthday, we made a trip to Yates for hot cider and donuts for breakfast, per his request.

Yates Cider Mill donuts and cider

You can’t really go wrong with a trip to the cider mill. The food and drinks are always scrumptious, but visiting the apple tents (when they’re open) and walking the beautiful trails are my favorite part.

Yates Cider Mill trail

Any time we have family or friends in town, we make a point to visit Yates!

Scott and Becky yates cider mill trail

Family + Pure Michigan = <3

• L’Oreal Sublime self-tanner

I know I have mentioned this specific product on the blog close to a handful of times.

L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Lotion

There are plenty of different self-tanners out there, and you can find a full list of my favorites in my Spray and Self-Tanning 101 post.

This exact version of Sublime (Instant Action) works immediately after you put it on, and I have been applying it every couple of days to keep somewhat of a “tan” going. I chose to quote “tan” because it’s necessary. Tan is one thing I am not these days. But hey, at least there are self-tanners like these to help a sister out!

• Fox Theatre

I’m quickly becoming smitten by all of the historic buildings in Detroit.

Fox Theatre Detroit

The Fox Theatre is known as Detroit’s crown jewel, and the reason is obvious. Everything from the architecture to the (literally) jeweled details in the wooden structures is rich and luxurious.

Fox Theatre inside ceiling

It’s a truly ornate performing arts center unlike any I’ve seen before.

I was blown away by the lobby and in awe of the main stage and auditorium design and details.

Fox Theatre inside details

Fox Theatre stage detail

Scott and I attended our first show at the theatre last night with the Jason Mraz concert as part of his birthday gift.

Scott and I at the Fox Theatre

It’s absolutely gorgeous, and we can’t wait for an excuse to get back!

• Jason Mraz

While we’re on the subject, Jason Mraz is really good in concert. SO good that we have purchased tickets to see him twice now!

Jason Mraz Fox Theatre

(The last time we saw him was a surprise in Tampa, Florida!)

Not only is his voice amazing, but he is hilarious. He was quarky and quick with funny statements and jokes in and out of his songs. Just like before, he had me cracking up the entire time!

One of my favorite parts was him singing live with Raining Jane to this video of them goofing around while performing in Antarctica. I died at the animal dance break at the 3:25 mark. So flipping cute!

I’m just going to go ahead and wrap this section up with Jason Mraz radio.

You’re welcome.

• shawarma

Before the concert, the group of us stopped into the Shawarma Festival in Royal Oak.

Shawarma Festival Royal Oak

What the heck is shawarma, you ask?

shawarma pita and hummus

Shawarma is a sandwich with sliced lamb, chicken, or vegetables and often tahini or salad wrapped in pita bread.

Also known as… delicious.

This particular stand included pickles in their sandwiches and the combination was so, so good! Scott and I washed our meals down with a couple of strawberry lichi (lychee) juices which were also very tasty.

strawberry lichi juice

The only downfall was the amount of garlic I consumed. It tasted great, but without access to gum or mints afterwards (fail), I’m pretty sure I could have killed a vampire just by saying “hello”. Yikes!

• Usher Concert

This week was very concert heavy. Scott got tickets to see Usher Tuesday night through work, and we were excited to go see him live!

Alex and I at Usher Concert

As I was getting ready at home, I threw on Usher radio and had a blast singing along to hits dating all the way back to my middle school days. Any U-S-H-E-R or Ur-sher fans out there? Ohhh yeah.

Usher Concert Detroit

He was a great performer and didn’t stop! We were all very impressed with his moves and vocals hit after hit. He was also very grateful and seemed genuinely appreciative of all of his fans. I loved him as a judge on The Voice and admire his work even more after this concert!

Scott and I at Usher Concert

Peace up, A-town down. #Yeah

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and to end on a laugh…

• Friday funny

after halloween christmas someecard



(Now if I could only get the husband on board! Sigh.)

Your Turn

Housewife Glamour

Have a wonderful weekend!

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. The Friday Favorites series features items I genuinely want to share with you. Please understand, however, that affiliate links may be included. I always, always appreciate your support! <3

November 5, 2014

The Whitney for Scott’s Birthday

The last couple of days have been nothing short of a whirlwind!

With a visit from Scott’s mom and a special birthday, we have been quite the busy bees touring around the city and surrounding areas of Detroit.

I knew I wanted to take Scott somewhere special for his birthday dinner Monday night. We had passed this gorgeous castle-like mansion several times, so I thought celebrating his birthday would be a great excuse to finally check it out. I’m so glad we did!

The Whitney for Scott's Birthday with mom

The Whitney – David Whitney House & Restaurant

The Whitney is a mansion turned restaurant on Woodward Avenue in Midtown Detroit. True to it’s name, the giant home was completed in 1894 and designed for lumber baron David Whitney, Jr.

The Whitney Mansion Restaurant

It was described as the most elaborate and substantial residence in this part of the country in the 1900s. I wouldn’t be surprised if that held true today!

The Whitney Jr. Residence mansion

We need to revisit in the daytime so I can truly capture the beauty of this structure inside and out. For now, I’ll do my best to cover the highlights.

For starters, the exterior features a rare variety of pink granite.

Yes, I’m referencing the same granite people upgrade to inside on their kitchen countertops.

David Whitney House Detroit

(Exterior photo taken here)

The 21,000 square foot mansion originally had 52 rooms, 10 bathrooms, 218 windows, 20 fireplaces, an elevator, and a secret vault in the original dining room. Construction took about four years at a $400,000 price tag, equalling about 10.5 million dollars in today’s economy!

The Whitney House entrance

The inside is just as impressive of the rich and extravagant looking outside.

As soon as we got through the entrance, my eyes went straight towards the grand staircase that dominates the Great Hall.

The Whitney Grand Hall

My pictures aren’t even close to doing any kind of justice to how cool these details were to see in person. I fully plan on coming back in the day time with a better camera in the future!

The Great Hall is adorned with bronze and is accented with colorful Tiffany stained glass windows and panels on the second and third floors. (!!!)

The Whitney Tiffany window panel

This piece alone is worth around $6,000,000. No big deal.

Here’s another Tiffany piece, designed and made just for this house.

The Whitney Tiffany lantern

The Great Hall is considered to be the biggest attraction, besides the ghost stories.. but we’ll return to those in a minute.

The Whitney Grand Hall and dining area

The fireplace dominates the space with a mantel that holds a famous and antique bronze clock. The light fixtures surrounding the clock were installed by Thomas Edison! Yep… the Thomas Edison.

The Whitney Grand Hall clock and mantel piece

The interior walls and ceilings of the rooms in the house are all elaborately constructed and unique in their designs.

The Whitney music and dining room

The Whitney ceiings

Adorned with hand-woven silks, tapestries, and hand tooled leather, each wall and ceiling piece has a completely different and impressive design!

The Whitney stained glass windows

The Whitney leather walls

David Whitney, Jr. died in 1900, but the family continued to live in the house until the late 1920s. Today, the Whitney mansion is now called “The Whitney” and has become “an American restaurant in an American place,” according to one of their brochures.

The Whitney Dining Hall

Bub Liebler, the current owner and former Chrysler executive, had a vision to revitalize the property and keep it as a treasured Detroit icon open to the public. He invites anyone to come visit, host parties, and offers an exquisite menu for dining.

As nice as this place was, we expected the expensive price tag to come with our meals. It was Scott’s birthday, so it was okay to splurge a little!

The Whitney Happy Birthday menu

(I thought it was so cool that they printed his name on the menu!)

We started by ordering a bottle of Grand Traverse Riesling and took our fabulous waitress, Jill, up on a lot of her suggestions.

Grand Traverse Riesling The Whitney

The kitchen brought out a small plate of cucumber relish, a complimentary drink for the birthday boy, and a plate of Eggplant Bruschetta we ordered.

The Whitney appetizers

Scott and I split a wedge salad and we each ordered different entrees.

The Whitney wedge salad

(Seafood Sauté for me, Beef Wellington for the birthday boy, and Vegetable Risotto for his mom.)

The Whitney dinner courses

We each got a small spoonful of sorbet to cleanse our pallets right before our entrees came out, which I thought was a great touch. We ordered a side of the sizzling mushrooms (they come out like fajitas!) and jalapeño creamed corned to split as well.

Everything was incredibly delicious and filled with flavor!

As we finished our dinner, I was looking forward to surprising Scott with a plate of German Chocolate brownies we secretly brought in with us. That is his favorite kind of cake, and the brownies were the closest we could find earlier that afternoon with limited time!

Happy Birthday brownies

The pianist played the “Happy Birthday” song as our waitress brought out the plate, and we soon realized there were also three other birthdays in the dinning room! We each grabbed a brownie and shared the rest with the birthday tables and staff.

Scott's birthday brownies

Everything was so very good!

As we were wrapping things up, the manager came over and asked how everything was. We expressed our gratitude for an outstanding meal and also our interest in hearing more about the supposed haunted tales we heard before coming in.

His eyes lit up and I could tell he was excited to tell us more. We were the last ones in the house before closing, so we grabbed our stuff and took him up on his offer to give us a complimentary house tour!

Everything was really neat to see. I have been in huge houses and mansions before, but I have never seen one this personally crafted and enhanced with this level of detail. It was unreal!

The Whitney house upstairs

We made it up to the third floor and arrived at the Ghost Bar.

The Whitney Ghost Bar

Properly named, he went on to tell us a couple of haunted stories he and his staff have witnessed themselves. I won’t go into too much detail, but let’s just say there has been documented activity roaming the floors as well as guest interaction with people who don’t actually exist.

He continued on to note that the elevator often follows him between floors. It opens and moves on it’s own, and he is so used to it that it doesn’t even phase him anymore. Freaky, huh?

It was getting late, so we made our way downstairs and kept telling him how wonderful our experience was.

The Whitney staircase

If you ever find yourself anywhere close to Midtown Detroit, I highly suggest making a reservation to come check out The Whitney.

The food, the environment, and the stories were all very impressive!

Scott's Birthday at The Whitney

Happy, Happy Birthday Scotty! 

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