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December 2, 2014

Fashion Favorites: November 2014

Good morning! Today I thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of my favorite outfits from November.

By no means is this a fashion blog, but I do enjoy highlighting my finds (most likely on a budget) from time to time. From what I gather from your Reader Survey Results, a lot of you like to see fashion stuff pop up on the blog too! So here we are.

Considering I spend the majority of time in leggings and gym shoes, it takes something pretty special to get me dressed in “normal” clothing. There weren’t any fancy dinner party outfits this month, but there were a whole bunch of casual fall and winter comfort accessories.

I have included links to pages where you might find similar items, and truly hope you enjoy the fashion flashback!

Fashion Favorites: November 2014

fashion favorites november 2014

• Top: xhiliration via Target (thanks for letting me keep this, Kelley!)

• Scarf: Calvin Klein via Nordstrom Rack

(they’ve got great winter accessories)

• Jeans: Stitch Fix (see details here)

• Boots: Urban Outfitters

red skinny jeans leopard sweater

• Top: Merona via Target

• Jeans: Forever 21

• Boots: Urban Outfitters

(same outfit with a pea coat over it!)

fashion pea coat and red skinny jeans

• Coat: Tulle – hand me down! (similar)

(same leopard sweater, different outfit)

fall and winter fashion 2014

• Top: Merona via Target

• Beanie: Calvin Klein via Nordstrom Rack

• Jeans: Stitch Fix (see details here)

• Boots: Charlotte Russe

marshalls sweater dress colored tights and boots

• Sweater Dress: Marshalls

• Tights: Target

• Clutch: Waverly Three Way Bag via Stella & Dot

(splurge with jewelry party credits!)

• Boots: Urban Outfitters

fitness fashion favorites november 2014

• Tank: Reebok via Marshalls

• Jacket: The North Face Outlet

• Headband: Frank and Me

• Leggings: Reebok (<- get 40% off everything until 3 p.m. today!)

• Watch: Polar FT 60

• Shoes: Reebok ZQuicks

november fashion favorites 2014

• Sweater: Target (all clothing is buy one get one 50% off online this week!)

• Jeans: Hollister via Marshalls

• Boots: ALDO

Scott and I Milleium Park Chicago closeup

• Top: Marshalls

• Jacket: Pac Sun (30% off site wide for Cyber Tuesday!)

• Scarf: Merona via Target

• Jeans: Hollister via Marshalls

• Boots: Urban Outfitters

(same scarf, super casual)

casual fashion fall 2014

• Sweater: Guess

• Scarf: Merona via Target

• Crossbody Handbag: Merona via Target

• Jeans: Forever 21

• Shoes: Converse Outlet

fitness fashion winter 2014

• Top: lucy Run Your Heart Out Long Sleeve

• Puffer Vest: Old Navy (thanks, Alex!)

• Leggings: Lorna Jane Amy F/L Tight

• Shoes: Reebok Crossfit Nano Speeds

• Headband: SportBandit via Track Shack (Orlando)

housewife glamour fashion november 2014

• Top: Forever 21

• Scarf: Target

• Beanie: Calvin Klein via Nordstrom Rack

• Crossbody Handbag: Merona via Target

• Corduroy Pants: Forever 21

• Boots: ALDO


So yeah, with the temperatures dropping quickly up here, I’ve been all about layering with winter accessories like scarves, beanies, and ear warmers. I love the pop of color in a skinny jean between my black coat and boots (often worn in the winter!) and always enjoy a warm, comfortable flannel.

What kind of outfits or fashion trends are you drawn to right now?

Disclaimer: The Fashion Favorites series features items I genuinely want to share with you. Please understand, however, that affiliate links are included. I always, always appreciate your support! <3

January 9, 2013

Quick + Healthy Budget Friendly Meals

I do not get to share as many quick and healthy meals as I would like to here on the blog.  Because I have been so wrapped up in adjusting into a new home and city, there are so many other things I end up writing about.

If you follow me on Instagram, however, you will see a lot of my daily creations and recipes posted there.

It is hard to explain what I do to new friends.  A lot of the time, I say I write a healthy living blog, and get a cocked head and a confused look as a response.  If I could, I would include at least one quick and healthy meal into my posts every day.  Unfortunately, things like entertainment, events, holidays, and even fashion recaps tend to take over.

Eating healthy is a choice.  It is also takes a commitment to make it a lifestyle.  We all have our moments of weakness and indulgences, and I will never deny you of that.  Instead, I am here to show you that eating healthy does not have to be complicated.  With the right outlook and products, it can also fit into your budget.

Today, I am sticking to my healthy living blog focus and am highlighting five super simple, quick, and budget friendly meals you could easily replicate to keep your every day healthy diet on track.

healthy 5 minute budget friend

Just in time for lunch!

“Subway Inspired” Deli Chicken Wrap

I admit that I have a slight addiction to Subway sandwiches.  Getting to go in and order a sandwich with the option to add endless veggies is so enticing to me!

It may sound weird to some, but there are times I literally add every veggie possible.  That, my friends, is called “the works.”

I did not get to hit all of them at home, but nevertheless the wrap below is in fact inspired by my favorite healthy Subway lunch.

subway inspired turkey wrap

Instead of bread, I used a fresh tomato basil tortilla sent by a sweet Housewife Glamour reader from Tortillas Nuevo Leon.  (Thanks Olga!)

To replace the dressing, I smeared a hearty helping of Sabra Spinach and Artichoke Hummus and filled the rest right on top.

While I usually use turkey, I mixed it up by using deli chicken as my meat.  Putting a serving (or two) of that down first, I topped it off with romaine, cucumbers, tomatoes, pickles, and black olives.  If I had more vegetables around like onions, jalapenos, and green peppers, I would have added those as well.

subway inspired wrap

Served alongside two cuties, this has been one of my latest repeated go-to lunches at home.

Organic Burrito

There is no denying that both Scott and I have a love for Mexican food.  The only problem with that is it does not always love us (and our waistlines) back.

While recently perusing the freezer section of the grocery store, I was excited to find a new solution to our burrito cravings: Amy’s Natural and Organic Burritos!

One of my favorites is the Black Bean Vegetable burrito, with only 290 calories, 8 grams of fat, 8 grams of protein, and 6 grams of fiber.

There are 45 grams of carbohydrates, but I have a feeling that number is inevitable with almost any type of burrito out there.

Amy's Organic Burritos

To make it feel a little more homemade, I like to add a little bit of salsa and shredded cheese to the top.

When it is almost ready, I sprinkle a little just long enough to melt everything together.

organic burrito

This one is definitely husband approved!

Fiber/Protein Cereal with Fresh Fruit

You might be thinking that cereal is an obvious choice here.  I wanted to include it on the list of meal ideas to share a side that provides enough fiber and protein to last you until the next meal.  A few favorite brands of mine are Fiber One, Cascadian Farms, and Kashi GO LEAN cereals.

I know some of you might be thinking… “Fiber cereal? You are officially eating the breakfast of my grandparents,” but let me assure you they are not all that bad.  In fact, they are pretty darn tasty!

Moreover, one single serving of the Kashi GO LEAN Original cereal below supplies 40% of your daily fiber needs and 20% of your daily protein needs.

Go Lean crunch cereal

Top it off with slices of banana, and/or fresh berries and you have one well balanced breakfast to keep you full and power you through your day!

Healthy Turkey + Avocado Wrap

Wraps are so easy to make and load up with healthy ingredients, so I had to include another.

This time I used Sabra Roasted Red Pepper Hummus to line my tomato basil tortilla (again, thanks to Tortillas Nuevo Leon!).  I used a Cajun deli turkey as the meat and topped it with baby greens, sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, red peppers, avocado and ground pepper.

healthy turkey and avocado wrap

I love to mix up what kind of meat I buy at the deli counter at the grocery store.  If you are ever bored with your sandwiches or wraps, try a new meat and/or cheese!  A little variation goes a long way.

To complete the meal,  I sided my plate with a serving of low-fat cottage cheese and a handful of fresh strawberries.

healthy lunch wrap

Fresh and delicious.

Black Bean Burger Salad

If you are a long time follower of the blog, you have seen me write about MorningStar Farm products.  From their veggie burgers to meatless breakfast meat, I am completely obsessed!

At any given time, I would say I have at least five to eight boxes of different products in my freezer.  Possibly ten.

When it is late and I am wanting to stay on track withe healthy eating, I will often make a salad with whatever vegetables are in the refrigerator and add a veggie burger or Chik Pattie for some protein.

This time, I chose my absolute favorite: the Spicy Black Bean Burger.  I first lined my bowl with a mix of baby greens and romaine, then added sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, and black olives.

black bean burger salad

Do you notice a repetition in my vegetables?  That is the beauty of how much you can do with one trip to the produce section.

Occasionally, I will spice it up by adding canned corn, peas, chick peas, and even black beans to my salads.  This time, I chose to keep it simple and finished it off with a drizzle of oil and vinegar for dressing.

And there you have it!  Five quick and healthy meals you can turn to in five minutes or less.  Instead of driving thru for lunch, I challenge you to use this list as inspiration to think ahead and purchase healthier alternatives on your next trip to the grocery store.  Any one of you can do it! :)

Question of the Day

• What are some of your quick and healthy go-to meals?

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