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October 21, 2014

Mizuno Wave Rider 18 Review

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Mizuno. Although I was compensated for this review, all thoughts are honest and opinions are my own!

Hi guys! Wow. I have been spending a lot of time reading through your responses to this morning’s reader survey and I am ecstatic!

It sounds like the majority of you all are on board with the idea of making some changes on the blog front and that makes me so happy to hear.

It’s very comforting to know I won’t lose your readership throughout the process. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your opinions and also for the encouragement for me to do what I believe in.

Ya’ll really are the best, and I am grateful for each and every one of you!

Quick note…

I decided to include a section on sponsored posts into the survey because I have kept busy collaborating with what seems like several different brands in a short amount of time this month.

I want to make it clear that I don’t say yes to everything I am approached with, and in fact, I only agree to work with a small percentage of companies and products I’m prompted by. I reserve the “sponsored post” label for things I would honestly go buy myself, and in many cases I do!

I hope you understand that I am very true to my word in my reviews. I don’t gain anything different by giving a positive or extremely positive or just “okay” review. If I come across something I just don’t like, you probably won’t even see it on the blog.

I have never been in that situation before, but if I was, I would be sure to contact the company and reassure them that they probably don’t want the review to happen if that was the case.

(The end.)

That said, now you can trust me when I tell you these shoes are the ish.

Mizuno Wave Rider 18 shoe review


The Mizuno Wave Rider 18 might just be my favorite running shoe to date!

(No but really.)

I had the opportunity to review the Mizuno Wave Rider 17 last year, and I still use those in my shorter run rotation. (I always suggest buying a couple pairs of running shoes to anyone training for races and continuously rotate them to extend the wear!)

I thought I would enjoy these shoes just the same, and didn’t have high hopes for them past that. I figured they would be great, but would end up being just another addition to the running shoe rotation collection.

Two weeks ago, I laced the Wave Rider 18 sneakers up for the first time and completed a quick three miles around the neighborhood.

Mizuno Wave Rider 18 review

I really liked them! They were the perfect blend of comfortable and supportive, so I put them on for my next run too.

I was still a big fan after that run, and wanted to put them to test by wearing them on my 11 mile training run the week before my half marathon.

I was actually pretty nervous about this. Mizuno has been my go-to long distance running brand for several years. For the past two, I have sworn by my Wave Enigmas and put them on my feet any time I feel more than five miles coming on.

It’s always been a complex for me. Long run = Wave Enigmas because that is what the kind people at Track Shack specifically put me in to train with years ago. Whenever I need a new pair, I hop on Amazon and replace that exact pair with a new version.

Knowing all of this, you can probably understand when I say that I don’t have super high hopes for any new running shoes that I come into contact with. They have to be pretty darn special for me to pick them over what I am already comfortable with.

After my 11 miles in the Mizuno Wave 18 running shoes, I was in love!

Mizuno waverider18 stretch

I put my running sole inserts in them, and wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

What I got was a comfortable run that was easy to get through without the slightest bit of knee pain or sensation of numb toes.

That almost always happens with anything over eight miles for me, even in my trusted Wave Enigmas.

I kept my inserts in my Wave Rider 18s and wasn’t sure which pair I would end up running my half marathon in. Do I really love the Wave Rider 18 sneakers that much to race in them? I mean… that’s kind of a big deal.

Well… the answer is yes.

Detroit Free Press Half Marathon Hope Water Project 2014

I went off of my good feelings about the 11 mile run in them and decided to try them out for the 13.1!

I experienced a slight discomfort (pain on the bottom of my foot) around mile 12, but really… that was to be expected. I remember my feet hurting about eight miles into my first half.

Logging in over forty miles in these bad boys, you can definitely say I have given them a fair try. I absolutely love them!

Here are some of the features of the Wave Rider 18:

• a neutral running shoe with enough support for a wide range of runners

• provides the ideal balance of fit and performance

• smooth ride in a sleek, light running shoe

• U4ic midsole delivers optimal shock attenuation, resiliency, responsiveness and superior ride that is 30% lighter than AP+

• Dynamotion® Fit™ relieves the stress the foot naturally places on footwear which can help in eliminating distortion

• Mizuno Wave Technology® provides a stable ride from landing to toe-off and features a Double Fan Wave with articled forefoot Wave Plate for the optimal blend of shock attenuation guidance and lightweight flexibility

Mizuno WaveRider 18 running shoe review

The Mizuno Wave Rider 18 is now on sale and retails at $119.99.

I plan on wearing mine on a rotation with my other running shoes, but that is only to make them last longer. I might need to evaluate the next time I go to replace my “normal” long distance running shoe!

Overall, they felt perfectly supported and extremely lightweight.

Thanks for the chance to test out the goods, Mizuno!

October 16, 2014

Newest (fluffy) On-The-Go Accessory

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Puffs through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Puffs, all opinions are my own.

If there’s anything I have learned since moving up north, it’s to never be caught without tissues or lip balm.

As beautiful as the seasons are to experience, they always come hand-in-hand with seasonal allergies. Tissues have easily become a staple in my wardrobe, and I know I’m not alone with (secretly) accessorizing with them.

Since we are well into October, I am enjoying the last scenes of green and leaves on the trees while I can! Fall is my absolute favorite time of year, but I know it will be short lived and my longing for hot cocoa, moisturized lips and a happy, dry nose is only a couple of weeks away.

fall is coming neighborhood run

Just looking at pictures from last winter makes me want to stuff my coat with tissues to prepare myself for the worst!

winter snowfall

In the past, I have grabbed Purse Packs to throw in my bags, car, and even coat. While I am a fan of those little guys, I feel like they only last a day or three, tops. Am I right?

I buy boxes of tissues and have at least four open and spread throughout the house at a time. Upstairs, downstairs, in the bathrooms, and on my desk, they’re everywhere. I’m a girl who loves her tissues, what can I say?

It’s never really bothered me to have them out and about, but why use up the extra counter space when you can equip your house with these…

Puffs SoftPack in kitchen

Puffs SoftPacks are sealed in flexible, water-resistant packaging that makes it easy to store (and hide) in drawers or take with you on-the-go!

Puffs SoftPack on the go

They remind me of bigger versions of the purse packs I have turned to for years, just more ideal for when you need more than just a few tissues here and there. Plus, there’s no need to worry about crushing or tearing the box you always end up carrying around on road or day trips. (Is that just me?)

I threw one into my gym bag the other day and loved the accessibility. I didn’t have to dig around until I found the smaller version I used to carry, and could easily find them when I needed a quick pat down.

I love the soft feeling of Puffs tissues and it has been nice to have something dry, handy, and ready when I am in need of a fresh wipe to the face.

Puffs Softpack tissues in gym bag

I used to keep a box of tissues in both my car and in Scott’s, but I haven’t replaced them in years. I couldn’t tell you why, since I have mastered the art of spilling things on myself.

I can assure you that we are now more prepared, thanks to Puffs.

Puffs softpack tissues in the car

I also like that I don’t have to break down boxes when they run out!

These bad boys are friendly to our environment and came out just in time to stock up for winter. Without the cardboard, you can pretty much squish them into fitting anywhere including the back seat of your driver’s seat or carry-on suitcase. Anybody need a tissue? Boom.

Just think of all the friends you’ll make!

I joke, but really, these new Puffs SoftPacks are great. I wouldn’t share the word if I felt any differently.


Are you also a fan of a fresh face and happy nose? Puffs invites you to go try the new SoftPacks and share how they fit into your life on the Puffs Facebook Page. Sayonara, cardboard tissue box in my carry-all!

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