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October 23, 2014

Pumpkin Spice Overnight Oats

I’m not sure how I feel about waking up to frost on the grass this morning…

first frost of the fall season

From the distance, it actually looks like there is snow on the top of the condos across from us. I know, I panicked too.

No need to fret though, it is indeed frost. I checked.

As beautiful as the sights of snow and winter can be here, I need the fall foliage and weather to hang in there a little bit longer for me.

Say… a month?

Fall is my favorite season for many reasons, but one very important one is the abundance of pumpkin and pumpkin spice products.

limited batch chobani pumpkin greek yogurt

I finally got my hands on a handful of limited batch Pumpkin Spice Chobani Greek yogurts a few weeks ago and have been absolutely loving them.

They taste pretty legit.

Before bed last night, I got the idea to make overnight oats to have ready for breakfast in the morning and couldn’t resist experimenting with it.

I have never done a full post on how to make overnight oats before, and that is probably because I always think of making them at the last minute right before I go to bed… (i.e. not caring to measure things or make them photo-worthy.)

Here’s the gist!

Pumpkin Spice Overnight Oats

pumpkin overnight oats

Overnight oats are a great way to enjoy oatmeal ready and waiting for you when you wake up.

I was first introduced to them years ago by following Julie‘s blog, and she did a wonderful job explaining exactly how to make them.

They really have been a lifesaver for me. I used to make them 3-4 times a week to fuel me on the way to teach 6 a.m. barre classes!

Since I first started making them, I have found a number of go-to delicious flavor combinations that I really need to share with you.

(Making a mental note to snap more photos…)

I hardly ever measure out the ingredients, but I’ll do my best to stab a guess at what I did to make these Pumpkin Spice Overnight Oats.


2/3 cup old fashioned rolled oats

1 (5.3 oz.) container Pumpkin Spice Greek yogurt

1/2 cup organic milk (or almond milk)

2 Tbsp. chia seeds

sprinkles of pumpkin spice (to taste)

sprinkles of cinnamon (to taste)


Combine all ingredients in a glass or plastic container with a lid. Mix well, cover, and let sit and soak overnight.

I usually start by spooning all of the yogurt in first, then the oats and chia seeds. I wait to add the milk last so that I can see how much I really need.

To avoid them getting “too liquidy” I just pour enough for it to cover a little higher than all of the ingredients.

pumpkin spice overnight oats

I usually give them a good stir in the morning, transfer them to a bowl, and top them with fresh fruit when I am ready to eat them.

For the pumpkin spice flavor, however, I figured a generous sprinkle of cinnamon would fit better. They were very good and very filling!

For those of you who still aren’t sure about the whole “cold oatmeal” concept (I promise it’s not as scary as it sounds), check out this hot pumpkin oatmeal I made last year. It’s still a dish I currently make and enjoy!


I am excited to get the day going. I have a consultation to check out a new program at a training facility in the afternoon, and then another Pistons Pre-season home game to attend with friends tonight!

I’m hoping to be back this afternoon with my half marathon recap.

Have a great Thursday!

Question of the Morning

• Have you ever tried overnight oats?

• What is your favorite “Pumpkin Spice” product of the season so far?

October 22, 2014

20 Min. Plyometric Circuit Workout

Can’t get to the gym tonight but want to get in a good sweat after work?

If you have access to a set of dumbbells, you can complete this fat burning circuit workout in twenty minutes or less!

Plyometric exercises generate quick, powerful movements that work multiple muscle groups at the same time. They are great to get your heart rate in the “fat burning zone” and are very popular in boot camp and Insanity type of workout classes.

I often incorporate plyometric exercises into my workouts and absolutely love them. Something is always burning somewhere.

I didn’t want to spend too much time working out last night, but I wanted to still get the most out of my workout session.

Keeping that in mind, I put together the total body workout you see below, and am happy to report that it had me sweaty in no time!

at home plyometric circuit workout

There are three circuits with three exercises included in each one.

Simply go through each circuit of exercises three times, consecutively.

Rest until you feel ready to start the next circuit.

Each circuit takes about five minutes to complete, so (technically) you are resting for about five of those twenty minutes!

living room workout at home

I have a feeling that I will need to start taking pictures of me actually doing the workouts I post.

I love trying and posting new exercises, but the more dynamic they are, the harder they are to explain in words.

For now, I have included video or picture demonstrations for each exercise. Please use them and listen for form cues!

Videos + Demonstrations:

plie squat jumps

bridge chest presses

(If you don’t feel comfortable doing the bridges, take them out and do floor chest presses!)

(Watch your form if you do the bridges.)

v crunches

split jumps

diamond push-ups

(You can put your knees on the floor for a modification.)

(Be careful not to arch your back!)

side elbow plank twists

single arm dumbbell swings

single leg reaches

plank knee twists

If you aren’t comfortable doing high intensity power movements like jumping, this workout probably isn’t for you.

Please be mindful of your posture during all of these exercises. Avoid arching your lower back and keep your core tight! If you decide to give this workout a try, I would love to hear if you liked it.


Well I’m off. I am going to be spending the rest of my day and night traveling back and forth to Lansing. I am meeting my dad and grandmother for dinner before they fly back to Florida and am excited to see them!

Have a great rest of your Wednesday!

*Although I am a certified fitness professional, I will always recommend checking with a health care professional before adding anything new into your fitness routine. I create and share workouts at various levels that work for me, which may not always be the best exercises and/or workouts for you. Always listen to your body and modify as needed! <3

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Although I am a certified personal trainer, the workouts I post are what work best for me and might not be the right type of exercises for you.

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