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September 26, 2014

Friday Favorites #56: Week of 9/26

Hi there and Happy Friday! I’m looking forward to catching up on some studying and reading today and have plans to lay low tonight before a busy weekend begins.

I might sound lame today, but tomorrow Scott and I are heading down to Ohio for the day to experience our first HalloWeekends at Cedar Point. (Thank you so much for the tickets, Anna-Marie!) Woo hoo!

Any fun and exciting plans on your end?

Getting right to business around here, let’s move on to this week’s edition of Friday Favorites. Below you will find a collection of things that made me smile this week, and as always, I invite you to share (and link up) some things you have been loving in the comments section!

Friday Favorites #56: Week of 9/26

Friday Favorites Button Housewife Glamour

• Tervis tumblers

I’m pretty sure Tervis produces the best plastic cups, water bottles, and to-go insulated beverage containers out there.

Thanks to our talented and very generous friend who is a graphic designer for them (Hi Rusty!), our Tervis collection keeps on growing. How cute is the colorful line?

tervis colorful tumblers

This bright bunch of 16 oz. tumblers has been what I gravitate towards for almost anything throughout the day. I absolutely love them!

I am also infatuated by their water bottles. I own the “H” initial bottle as well as a Detroit Pistons bottle, and they both continuously rotate in and out of our dishwasher. I literally use one of them almost every day, and have been ordering the same ones as gifts for friends too.

tervis tumbler water bottles

So far I have a handful of people hooked! I love that they are insulated, keep warm beverages warm, cool beverages cool, and feature a spill-proof flip-up top. (Thanks again, Rusty!)

6 Things That Happened When I Gave Up Dairy via FitSugar.

Interesting! I might just have to consider this with all of my recent upset tummy spells.

• fall (comfy) clothes

Nothing says Fall is here like an oversized sweater, skinny jeans, and boots.

combat boots and oversized sweaters

I posted this photo on Instagram earlier this week and a lot of you agree!

The sweater is from Stitch Fix (similarsimilar, similar), the jeans are from Forever 21, and the combat boots are from ALDO (similar, similar, similar), for those who asked.

• Weird Things All Couples Fight About via Buzzfeed.

Hahaha… that is SO us!

• kitchen gadgets from Pylones (Paris)

I was so excited to see Scott when I picked him up from the airport yesterday! As soon as he started driving us home, he popped a cute packaged present onto my lap and I couldn’t wait to open it. Isn’t is adorable?

Pylones store paris

It was from a unique home and office accessories store called Pylones that (good news!) is also over here in America. Woot!

Inside were three awesome and very useful kitchen gadgets.

pylones kitchen gadgets

(Umbra drinking buddy charms and topper, Monkey Business Lid Sid + Pylones Salad Servers)

I wish I could find the salad servers online to share. They’re so fun!

• pumpkin munchkins

After I finished up my work at Dunkin’ Donuts yesterday, I couldn’t leave without trying a couple of pumpkin munchkins.

dunkin donuts pumpkin munchkins

I know I enjoy most things pumpkin, but donuts aren’t always a win for me. These, friends, are amaze-balls! And I’m only using that term because they are literally amazing balls of dough and pumpkin.

Anddd the middle is orange, so there’s that. Go try some!

90’s Slang We Need To Bring Back Immediately via Hello Giggles.

Home Skillet Hello Giggles 90s slang



• impromptu trip to the cider mill

Scott suggested we stop by Yates Cider Mill on the way home from the airport. Who am I to say no?

We brought home a half gallon of apple cider and couldn’t leave without getting a couple of cider slushes for the road.

cider slush cider mill

That’s right… cider slushes. They’re ridiculously delicious.

We also might have taken a Yates dutch apple pie home with us as well. Funny how it came with a piece missing…

yates cider mill apple pie


• favorite HWG posts

>> Coffee Talk: Keeping It Real (Vlog)

Coffe Talk with Housewife Glamour - Keeping It Real

>> 2014 Fall Bucket List

2014 Fall Bucket List

and to leave you with a laugh…

• doodles from an artist who draws funny replacement heads on passengers during his commutes!

funny doodles artist



Your Turn

Housewife Glamour

Have a great weekend!

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, and simply features items I genuinely want to share with you. Please understand, however, that affiliate links may pop up on occasion. I always, always appreciate your support!

September 25, 2014

2014 Fall Bucket List

I can’t get over how nice the weather has been this week. Fall is in the air!

Don’t worry… if you are in a part of the country (or world!) that is currently experiencing temperatures warmer than what we deem “sweater weather”, you can still participate in all things Autumn because the season officially started this week.

Last year I shared my Fall Bucket List and thought it would be fun to continue the tradition annually.

It has easily become my favorite season living in Michigan!

2014 Fall Bucket List

Here is what I am looking forward to most this year:

• apple picking

I still have yet to do this in my lifetime.

fresh cider apples

I couldn’t tell you why.

• all the pumpkin things

This is obvious. If you share my obsession, feel free to tag me in your photos (@hwglamour) and use the hashtag #givemeallthepumpkinthings.

I love seeing what’s out there that I might be missing!

• fall scents

Already all over it, my friends.

Yankee Candle Autumn

Still loving the smell of these wallflowers throughout our house.

• hot apple cider

This is a given that will happen sooner than later.

Trip to a cider mill, anyone?

• visiting a haunted house

One of the first things Scott and I did after we moved up to the Detroit area was visit one of the scariest haunted houses in America.

Erebus Haunted House

I hate to love them and actually turn into a huge baby when I’m inside.

I guess I just enjoy the thrill!

• making pumpkin pie

We made pumpkin pies for a Thanksgiving dessert last year and I already can’t wait to indulge. YUM!

• boots and scarves

Part of the agreement to move up north between Scott and I included a free pass for me to slowly acquire a cute winter wardrobe.

October Winter Clothes Fashion

(Throwback to blonde hair and hotel living two years ago!)

My absolute favorite thing to wear all year long has to be tall (or combat) boots, skinny jeans (or leggings), a big oversized sweater and scarves.

• holidays with family

For the past two Thanksgivings, we were fortunate enough to have Scott’s father and step-mother in town with us to celebrate the holiday. This year, my mother will most likely be joining us and it’s comforting to know family will be around!

• decorating pumpkins

I swear I’m going to make this happen this year.

Fall pinterest board

Whether we go the old fashioned carving route or I get paint and glitter happy and pull something from my Fall Pinterest board, I fully plan on getting into the season with pumpkin crafts.

• crunching leaves

Don’t act like you don’t to it. I shared my love to crunch leaves as one of the things that I get embarrassingly excited over and I’m not ashamed of it. Go on and fall, leaves, I’m waiting for you!

and last, but definitely not least (speaking of leaves)…

• fall foliage

The tops of a lot of our neighborhood trees are already turning red, and my heart gets a little giddy every time I see a yellow tree on a drive.

neighborhood trees in fall

Growing up in Florida, I never got to experience “real” seasons and it has to be one of the best things about living here!


Questions of the Afternoon

• What are you most excited about this fall?

• Anything I left out that’s on your Fall Bucket List?

See you in the morning with Friday Favorites!

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