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October 29, 2014

Ultimate NASM CPT Study Guide

A couple of weeks ago, I successfully passed my CPT exam through NASM and promised you a Study Guide. Today I am here to deliver my best tips!

I have received a number of questions from people currently in the process of studying for their own exam as well as from those who are moving towards making the commitment to getting their certification.

I am going to do my best to answer all of them!

Please let me know if there is anything I am missing or if there is anything you are still curious about. If you have taken the test as well and have something to add, I invite you do so in the comments section at the bottom.

It’s going to be a long one, so let’s get to it!

The Ultimate NASM CPT Study Guide

• What made you choose this specific certification through NASM?

I wanted to get certified in personal training so I could study the science of fitness. Whether I use it to actively train clients at a gym or not, I wanted to back my workouts and information I share with you all with facts and research. I wanted to really dive in and understand how the body functions.

After doing an extensive amount of research and talking with a handful of people in the industry, becoming a CPT is what I needed to do to move forward and the National Academy of Sports Medicine seemed like the clearest answer on how to get there.

NASM is one of the (if not THE) most accredited and highly respected online fitness education programs you can get certified with, and is immediately recognizable on professional resumes.

I am currently scoping out my next educational move, and getting certified specifically in group fitness is next on my list.

• What do you plan to do with your CPT?

I have always been interested in having a career in the fitness industry.

Heather Hesington CPT NASM hoodie

I used to teach barre classes in Orlando. My time in front of a group fitness class was short lived, however, when we decided to move our lives up north and work for the NBA again. After six seasons of dancing professionally, I decided to retire my dancing boots and move on to the next chapter.

I really miss teaching group fitness! Currently, I am looking into teaching small group personal training sessions as well as a variety of group fitness classes (from barre to Zumba to anything I can get hired to train for!).

I am also looking at specialty certifications and am seriously considering checking out the NASM Fitness Nutritionist and Weight Loss specializations.

• What exact program did you purchase?

NASM offers several different levels of study programs.

The cheapest is taking the Exam only (no textbook) for $599, and they keep building up to in-person learning classes and programs. I chose the CPT Self-Study program that includes the textbook and online resources.

NASM CPT self-study package

The CPT Self-Study starts at $699, and I received a generous discount off of my package after speaking with my contact.

(Scroll to the bottom for a special discount offer if you’re interested!)


Specific CPT Test Related Questions

Before we go any further, check out my Tips for Studying with NASM post I shared a while back!

The CliffsNotes version:

– Don’t get overwhelmed. Take it one chapter at a time.

– Make notecards and review them often!

study notecards for NASM CPT

– Access the online Syllabus for a structured plan that makes sense.

– Watch the videos and really utilize the eLearning Center!

• How much time do you have on test day and did you use it all?

I shared my full experience taking the CPT test the day after I completed it.

In that post, I mentioned you have 120 minutes to take the exam. There are 100 graded questions and 20 extra ungraded research questions they throw in to gage the success or fail rate for possible future test questions.

I finished the exam in about an hour, then spent another half hour going through my marked questions. I ended up using all 120 minutes!

• Is there anything I should know about taking the test?

All of the questions are multiple choice, so you don’t have to worry about spelling vocabulary correctly or anything of that nature.

anatomy questions on CPT with NASM

You have the opportunity to skip and mark questions along the way and can go back to re-answer those specific questions later on.

I utilized this option and marked absolutely everything I thought I might get wrong. I wanted to see how I did before I submitted it, or at least how I thought I did.

I’m pretty sure I marked a lot of the research questions. Don’t let them freak you out!

• Is there anything you wish you knew early on?

YES. While I had plenty of help with study guides and blogs I found online, nothing helped me more than the discussion threads on bodybuilding.com.

Specifically this one!

The grammar isn’t awesome, but the information discussed is on point.

It started in 2011, so some of the information may be old, but everything discussed is still very useful. To get to the most recent posts on the version of the test I took (CPT 4), I clicked over to the last page and went backwards.

I found these thread forums the night before my CPT exam and wished I found them months before that. There were very question specific tips, and I know my score improved because of them.

• What exactly did you see appear on the test?

The amount of information thrown at you in order to prepare for this exam can be overwhelming.

As soon as I got home from the test, I whipped out the official CPT Study Guide from the eLearning Center, circled what I saw on the test and crossed off what I didn’t.

I fully recommend reading everything in the book and everything the Study Guide suggests, but here are specific subjects I saw pop up on the exam.

Ready? (It’s a long list… so Aspen is sending you good vibes!)

NASM CPT package delivery

• The Certification Handbook – pay attention to how long a personal trainer should keep client records (4 years)

• OPT Model (differences and goals in all phases)

• overweight + obesity statistics

• Diabetes (Type I and Type II)

• proprioception

• prime movers

• hypertrophy

• Definitions in Chapter 2

• Muscle as Movers

(Agonist, Synergist, Stabilizer, Antagonist functions of exercises)

• Figure 2.34 (page 41) concentrate on Epimysium, Perimysium, Endomysium

• the function of bones (as levers)

• stroke volume

(The way they worded this one tricked me! Pay attention to this definition.)

• Functions of the right/left atrium and right/left ventricles

(and Figure 3.3 on page 57)

• arteries and veins

• depressions and processes in bones

• mechanoreceptors: muscle spindles fibers and golgi tendon organ (GTO)

• aerobic and anaerobic metabolism (ATP-PC, Glycolysis, Oxidative)


• force and force-couples

• Pay special attention to definitions and concepts in CHAPTERS 5, 6 & 12!

(The majority of the test stems from information here.)

• planes of motion (Frontal, Sagittal Transverse)

• flexion/extension movements + abduction/adduction movements

• muscle actions (Isotonic, Eccentric, Concentric, Isometric, Isokinetic)

• Guidelines for Health and Fitness Professionals (Table 6.1 on page 108)

• subjective vs. objective information for assessment

• motor behavior, motor control, motor learning, motor development

• Be familiar with all assessments:

(PAR-Q, YMCA 3-Minute Step Test, Rockport Walk Test, etc.)

• Max Heart Rate formula and Target Heart Rate Training Zones

• Davis’s Law

• Pronation Distortion Syndrome, Lower Crossed Syndrome, Upper Crossed Syndrome

• Checkpoints for Single-Leg Squat Assessment, Pushing Assessment, Pulling Assessment

• Self-Myofascial Release (foam rolling), Static, Active-Isolated, Dynamic Stretches (know differences)

• Definitions in Chapter 7

• Appendix D (the name of each muscle and it’s isolated function)


• Training Zones (Table 8.9 on page 215)

(Know the HRmax percentages and RPE numbers.)

• Circuit Training

• Local, Global, Movement Systems

• Phases of Plyometric Exercises (loading, transition, unloading)

• Integrated Performance Paradigm

• SAQ Training for Youth, Weight Loss, and Seniors

• General Adaptation Syndrome and SAID Principle

• Periodization: Macrocycle, Mesocycle, Microcycle

• Chronic Health Conditions and Physical or Functional Limitations

(Chapter 16)

• protein, carbohydrates, and fats

(Know how many calories are in 1g of each.)

• lipids

• Essential Amino Acids (Table 17.4 on page 468)

• daily recommendations and importance of water

• Table 18.2 Dietary Reference Intake Terminology

• SMART Goals

• active listening

• Stages of Change

(Precontemplation, Contemplation, Preparation, Action, Maintenance)

• Ten Steps to Success (be familiar with the order)

• Four Ps of Marketing

Whew! That list looks crazy long, and it is. Just like studying, take it one chapter and one subject at a time. It will all come together!

• Any last tips?

>> If you’re like me and had a hard time remembering anatomy terms, consider purchasing an Anatomy coloring book.

I chose The Human Body Coloring Book on Amazon and it was a great tool to help break it all down one muscle at a time.

Anatomy Coloring Book and crayons

I also found explanations of the nervous and movement systems extremely helpful. I took pictures of the diagrams and labels on my phone and referenced it whenever I was on-the-go.

>> Use the Practice Test!

The format and questions on the Practice Test in the eLearning Center is a great preview of the real thing. In fact, I recognized a handful of questions that were taken straight from it. Be careful, however, not to just memorize the right answers when they are revealed. Really dig back into the material when you get something wrong.

>> Download at least one good NASM Prep App

I personally used (and paid for) the NASM Test Prep app on my iPhone.

There are several great ones to chose from, and I highly recommend using at least one throughout your entire studying process. Whenever I had a free couple of minutes, I would whip through twenty questions or so and it really helped with reviewing information and vocabulary along the way!


Phew! Is that it? I know… that was a lot to take in.

But, I really wanted to make the Ulitmate NASM Study Guide, so I’m not apologizing for it.

To anyone in the study process or who will soon be in the study process, my biggest piece of advice for you is:

Take earning this certification seriously, but don’t let it run your life and stress you out. Schedule a specific study time every night, couple of nights, or block of time on the weekends to knock out the material and stick to it.

Actually engage in the information and don’t be afraid to ask your friends or spouse to help review Fitness Assessments or muscle movements.

Focus on learning one chapter of material at a time. If something overwhelms you (I’m talking to you, Appendix D), skip it and return once you feel more prepared to soak in the information.

And finally, use all of the tools available. Online, on your phone, in forums, through eTeach (if you purchase that package) and talk to people who have been through the process. I am always here as a resource and invite any questions you may have!

Good Luck!!

NASM Special Offer

I recently received a phone call from Michael Golembewski, my contact at over NASM. I had emailed him sharing the good news and he wanted to offer any of you interesting in becoming a CPT a special offer!

For the next 30 days, they will be offering 10% off the CPT package (which – believe me – helps!), but you have to contact Mike directly via phone (602-383-1263) or email (Michael.Golembewski@nasm.org) to receive this specific discount.

Simply shoot him a message and let him know you got his contact information from my blog, Housewife Glamour. He is very welcoming and has been a pleasure to work with throughout this entire process!

Disclaimer: After choosing to get certified through NASM, I reached out to the company and received a discount on my package. Even so, please know I had already decided to purchase the program, on my own, and as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

October 29, 2014

WIAW #70: I Heart Grits

Good morning! How is the week going for you so far?

Mine is just trucking along over here. Nothing crazy.

Today I will be covering an entire day of eats, which is in no way altered for the sake of this post. I’m also linking up for What I Ate Wednesday!

Everything I eat (usually on the Tuesday before) is listed with an end goal of inspiring you all to take a step back and look at what you are putting into your bodies.

Is what you’re eating helping you grow stronger or holding you back?

To me, food is fuel. Just like all of you, I have my cheat days/weeks, but I always re-check myself and get back into an overall healthy eating style. And, yes, that most certainly includes dessert.

My hopes of featuring these WIAW posts is for you to do the same! Let’s roll.

What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday

wiaw fall into good habits button

My Tuesday morning started with a good old fashioned breakfast.

eggs apple chicken snausage grits breakfast

Real eggs, Al Fresco sausage links and a side of grits with coffee.

real eggs grits and apple chicken sausage breakfast

I can’t believe how long it had been since I had eaten grits!

Please tell me you like them. Half the people I dine out for breakfast with up here don’t even know what they are. The Southerner in me drops my jaw every time I hear “What are grits?”.

They’re amazing. Plain, buttered, with or without cheese, alone or under something substantial, they’re really good. That’s all you need to know.

My breakfast did a great job of holding me over for hours. I felt hungry around Noon, but wanted to wait until after my workout to eat lunch.

I was in the groove of working on the computer, so I reached into the refrigerator and grabbed two of these No Bake Maple Syrup Energy Balls for a snack to power me through!

pure canadian maple syrup energy balls recipe

I need to make more of them. Like, now.

I had a personal training appointment at 2 p.m. and made the short drive over to Rock City Fitness for my afternoon workout.

Rock City Fitness outside

I briefly mentioned this in last week’s Friday Favorites, but I am currently reviewing their 30 Day training program. I have been loving the sessions and the offer couldn’t have come at a better time.

As I go through the Fitness Assessments, I am also getting to see a lot of the material I learned while studying for my CPT in person.

(By the way, I am hoping to finish my NASM Study Guide to share with you all later this afternoon!)

I completed a strength workout that targeted exercises to compliment my running training. I also went home with a list of exercises to help correct my left winged out scapula. Who knew I had that nonsense going on?

I’ll be sure to share more about that as the program goes on!

Directly after my workout, I went a couple doors down and tried something new at Quizno’s for lunch.

Quiznos Spicy Monterey Sandwich

Spicy Monterey Sandwich (no mayonnaise) with extra veggies on wheat.

I usually go with the Turkey Lite, but I wanted to mix it up. The Spicy Monterey was a great choice!

I got home and took Roadie for a walk before getting back on the computer. The weather has been so gorgeous lately… even though it was raining off and on, I wanted to be outside to enjoy the warmth.

I got back to work around 3:30 p.m. and pummeled through projects and updates on the back end of the blog until about 7:30 p.m.

I realized I was pretty hungry, and without much motivation to get too creative, I turned to an easy dinner for one ready in about ten minutes.

healthy dinner quinoa vegetables quorn chicken nuggets

Quorn Chik’n Nuggets (<- non-GMO!) with bean salad over quinoa.

It did the trick, but I was still wanting something to finish it off a few minutes later. When in doubt, chips and salsa it out, friends.

sweet potato gluten free chips and salsa

Finally feeling satisfied, I turned on the Halloween movie marathon and didn’t look back.

I was home alone at the time, so I distracted myself by turning all of the lights on and working on the computer. That seemed to (kind of) work.

Plus, the Halloween III movie is just weird. It has nothing to do with Michael Meyers and I can’t take it seriously. So I guess that helped.

I might have had a couple of sugary snacks too.

Yates cold apple cider

Yates apple cider over ice

rainbow sherbert dessert

More rainbow sherbert… (same pic as last week)


So there you have another entire day of my unfiltered eats.

This is just one of the many examples you can find exploring the “WIAW” tag on the right hand sidebar if you’re ever curious to see what another full day of meals and snacks looks like for me.

If you liked this WIAW post, head on over to Peas & Crayons to check out plenty others, or even link your own!

Have a great Hump Day and I’ll see ya back later!

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