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November 23, 2011


Hi! My name is Heather, and I am the writer behind Housewife Glamour.

Heather Girl on the Go

I am a blogger, writer, professional dancer, animal lover and fitness enthusiast. I ran my first half marathon last March and felt on top of the world that day.

First Half Marathon

I have committed to maintaining a healthy, fit lifestyle from here on out and hope to inspire others to follow by sharing my journey.

I met my husband, Scott, in 2007 working together in the NBA. I was a dancer and he was in entertainment in Orlando, Florida.

Magic Dancer Heather and Scott

After three and a half years of dating, we got married on 7.22.2011 and you can read all about it on the Wedding Page.

Bride at Groom black and white reception photo

Five years later, we moved to the suburbs just outside of Detroit, Michigan. I am still dancing and he is still in entertainment!

J-Lo routine


I started my dancing career on the dance team at the University of South Florida. I graduated with a B.A. in Mass Communications, with a specialization in Advertising. Although I may not be working directly in my field of study, I thoroughly enjoy putting my creative writing background to use through blogging.

I generally spend my days creating healthy recipes, editing, and writing for local publications and websites.

Heather Hesington Blogger

I am currently the Social Media Assistant for Victoria Angela Photography, responsible for daily posts, wedding and engagement highlights, and running her blog.  I also submit weekly recipes to Recipe Adventures, a community blog for

You can also find me and a few of my articles on Health, Beauty and Fashion on Fullout.TV.

I was a barre instructor for almost two years in Orlando, and miss it every day since we moved in October of 2012.

Since our move, I spend my days and nights focusing on blogging and dancing. I am extremely excited to add FitFluential Ambassador and  Mover and Shaker: Friend of Drink Chia to my background, representing a girl-on-the-go living a healthy, active lifestyle.

Behind Housewife Glamour

I blog to inspire anyone and everyone to join the healthy living lifestyle by introducing quick and healthy meals, snacks, recipes and workouts you could easily incorporate into a hectic schedule. Every once in a while you will come across a fashion post, but those are mostly to highlight my latest budget finds.  Being beautiful is not just skin deep, and I believe feeling good about who you are is what makes you glamorous.

I am a housewife, but I am not just a housewife. I do not believe anyone is just anything. I titled this blog Housewife Glamour with a clear purpose. Read about what that is here.

Health and Beauty pics

Fitness pic

Basically, this blog is me.

I write it to share information, inspire you to be your best you, and hopefully make you smile from time to time.

My Family

I come from a family of five. They all live in Orlando, Florida which is where I grew up. I miss them every day, and I am still adjusting to them being so far away.

Family Wedding Photo

This is my mom.

Mom and me after the 10K

I guess I have her to thank for bringing me up in a healthy home. She has always been active, and I will forever be proud of her for training and running her first two half marathons this year.

Scott and I do not have children – yet – but we do have three overly needy, expressive, and unconditional loving furry family members.

Cali is “the chill one” on the left, and Aspen is “the bossy one” on the right.

Twin Cats

If you say you aren’t a cat person, then you haven’t met ours yet. They are almost always together, come when called, sit on our laps, and constantly make us laugh.

We unofficially adopted their brother, Roadie two years ago.

Roadie in car

Roadie is mostly Rhodesian Ridgeback, but is also mixed with… who knows what.

We found him wandering around our parking lot during the Holidays in 2010 and took him in for the night. You have probably figured out that we never found his owners and now count him as part of the Hesington Family.

Roadie and Cats snowball fight

(They love each other.)

If you have any questions or would like to contact me directly, feel free to e-mail, or suggest a topic for me to write about.

I love hearing from you!

Running outside with Roadie

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I'm Heather, a 28-year-old blogger, writer and NBA dancer who recently moved up north from down south. Housewife Glamour is a spirited blog that follows my love for health, food, fitness, beauty, and finding the every day "glamour" in life. ♥
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I am not a registered dietician, nutritionist, or certified fitness professional. The workouts I post are what work best for me, but might not be the right type of exercises for you.

I do NOT post everything I eat. All content I post on this blog stems from my personal experience and knowledge, and I recommend consulting a doctor or health professional before making changes to your diet or fitness routine.

Also, please understand that affiliate links may pop up on the blog from time to time. I acknowledge when they appear and always genuinely appreciate your support! ♥