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June 30, 2013

How To Find the Perfect Fitness Shoe

Attending FitBloggin’ has been nothing short of an incredible experience. In just three days I made new friends, talked (blog) shop, and broke more than a few sweats in all types of new-to-me fitness classes!

As I finish packing up my stuff to get ready to head towards the airport, I am leaving this adventure feeling inspired and ready to put everything I learned to good use. I have an abundance of positive energy flowing, and can’t wait tell you all about it!

First, I wanted to dedicate this post to a topic I mentioned in yesterday’s post that a handful of you expressed interest in: how to find the perfect fitness shoe.

Reebok shoes at FitBloggin 13

How do you decide on which type of running or training shoe to buy?

If your answer is based around colors or design attractiveness, then you might want to read on. Just like any other type of footwear, fitness shoes come in all different shapes and sizes, and are designed for specific purposes to enable you to have the best workout experience possible.

Although each brand is different, the base of what is covered below could be applied to any type of fitness shoe line.

How to Find the Perfect Shoe, By Reebok

As a huge sponsor, Reebok had the entire FitBloggin’ conference living with fire. They sponsored a Cardio Dance class, a CrossFit class, and even held a presentation on the do’s and don’t’s of running, training, walking, and dance shoe purchasing.

Our on-site Reebok shoe expert, Chris, did a wonderful job presenting not only the different lines of their shoes, but what the difference actually is between them. Finally, I feel like I have a good understanding of basic athletic shoe design.

My main conclusion? Know what you are looking for in a fitness shoe.

If you are a runner, you need to find the running shoe that is best for YOU. If you are a dancer, you need a flexible workout shoe with the right amount of cushion and type of material that allows you to control your movements. It may seem like common sense, but there is so, so much more to it than what is obvious.

Here are my notes!

 #1 Tip: Get a Gait Analysis.

Reebok Shoe Discussion FitBloggin 2013

The gait cycle of a runner is the order of how the foot lands during a run: heel, midfoot, toe.

A gait analysis gives you feedback on your form. Most running specialty stores will do a basic analysis your stride for free. Here is a great article on what to expect in a gait analysis, via Fitsugar.com.

All runners have different strides. If you are unsure of what kind of runner you are, you can watch these informative videos on neutral runners, runners who over-pronate, and runners who under-pronate via Runnersworld.com.

Here is a breakdown of the four different types of Reebok fitness shoes.


Example: Reebok ONE Cushion Series – (read my review!)

This specific shoe is built from back to front. There are three density zones to help your foot act as efficiently as possible. Materials in the upper change throughout the design of shoe.

• Minimalism – Barefoot Running

Although Reebok does not sell barefoot running shoes, they have designed a line with a flexible, natural feel.

Example: Real Flex Shoe

This is a zero drop shoe, which means there is no change in drop from where your heel is to where your toe is.

• What is Difference Running vs. Cross Training Shoes?

Running shoes are built to run in one direction, while cross training shoes are built to move in multiple directions. Cross trainers do not have as much cushion, but are more stable.


Example: Reebok CrossFit Nano 2.0

This shoe was designed for CrossFit, but is built to sustain different training activities. There is not a lot of cushioning (opposed to a running shoe). The mid-sole material is a flattened platform, which makes it thinner. This allows your foot to lay flatter and closer to the ground, making it more stable. This type of shoe will have a carbon rubber on the bottom to help you move laterally.


Example: Reebok EasyTone Lead

Walking shoes are good for trailblazing and hiking, (not running). They are uniquely constructed for how your foot connects with the ground. They are made with multiple densities, which are tougher in heel.


Example: Dance UR Lead Mid – (read my review!)

Dance shoes are built with four critical dance movements in mind.

1. Forward & Backward: Forefront Grip: Specific rubber placement for traction while on the ball of your foot.

2. Side to Side: Flex Groves: Uniquely angled flex grooves based on foot movement.

3. Jumps & Stomps: Reebok’s softest and most responsive mid-sole compound.

4. Turns & Spins: Pivot Point & Turn Zone: Circular rubber insert for enhanced traction surrounded by directional siping details to keep movement smooth.


I participate in multiple types of activities and training. What type of shoe should I get if I want to go the gym to run on a treadmill and then weight train?

Everybody has their own answer and opinion. Our on-site Reebok shoe expert, Christopher, recommends a CrossFit shoe, if you aren’t concerned about having a lot of cushioning.

Should my sizing change when I purchase running shoes?

Everybody’s preference is different, and you don’t necessarily need to go up dramatically in size for a running shoe. Generally, a half-size up is enough to give you a little extra room.


Did you find any of this information useful? It sure helped me out. For the first time… ever… I finally understand what makes a training shoe a training shoe and why it is best for me to wear the appropriate type of fitness shoe to coordinate with type of fitness activity I am doing.

Questions? Go for it below in the comments section. I will give it my all to answer them.

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To those of you who have already entered, (thank you! and) Good Luck! ;)

More on FitBloggin’ and the rest of my time in Portland coming tomorrow.

Happy Sunday!

June 29, 2013

FitBloggin’ 2013 Portland: Day 1

Yesterday was the first day of my very first blog conference, FitBloggin’!

I have been wanting to attend a conference for bloggers since I started writing one. When I found out there are conferences specifically for bloggers in the health and fitness community, I made it a goal of mine to attend one by the end of the year.

Just like any other type of industry, this conference is packed with a few days of education, networking, classes, and fun. We all just happen to attend in fitness gear and run healthy living/fitness blogs.

As a FitFluential Ambassador, I was sponsored by Reebok to attend the conference and represent the brand alongside the talented group of lady bloggers you see below. They are all rock stars, and run blogs I have followed for a considerable amount of time.

To say I feel honored to be a part of their team this weekend would be the understatement of the year. I feel so blessed!

FitFluential Ambassadors fo

Back row: Anne, Tina, Gina.

Front row: Julie, me.

I have been absolutely blown away by this entire experience, and it started with a generous product delivery from Reebok. Everything fitness related you see me wear in these recaps were either sent to me beforehand, or given to me at the conference.

Day One, I dove right into their new dance line.

Reebok Dance Gear FitBloggin Day 1

The top and the shorts were samples, and I am guessing that is the reason I cannot seem to find them on the website. I will have to ask them where I can find a link today! The Dance UrLead 2.0 shoes, however, are available and up for grabs.

Reebok Dance UR Lead

Dressed and ready for the day, I met my group to head downstairs for breakfast. I think my eyes were bigger than my stomach on this one, because I only ended up eating about half of this food!

FitBloggin Breakfast Day 1

I didn’t want to get too weighed down before attending the two fitness classes I was looking forward to the most: Cardio Dance and Zumba.

FitBloggin Schedule 2013

(This schedule is just for activity in this ballroom only. Lots more to do!)

Ready to get our cardio dance groove on, Gina and I took a moment to capture our matching outfits. #twinzies

FitFluential Ambassadors in

(I promise to give you more information on this cut-out style tank soon!)

We started our intenSati class with Patricia Moreno at 8 a.m. sharp. What I expected was cardio dance, and what I got was an hour long mixture of high-energy aerobics, martial arts, dance, yoga, and strength conditioning.

The intenSati method is something I have never heard about before, and did one heck of a job getting me to break a sweat. Not only was my body working hard, but my mind and soul came to life with mantras and outspoken chants as we transitioned from move to move.

Patricia Moreno Inten Sati instructor and blogger

Everyone had a blast and left feeling empowered. The dancing was great, but my favorite class moment has to be when Julie came over to do a teamwork “fish out of water” move with me during a dance break. She’s wonderfully hilarious.

After a thirty minute break (and a well deserved cup of coffee), it was time for Zumba! I have only taken a handful of Zumba classes before, but they have all been really fun.

I was especially looking forward to this one from Sue and Samatha, knowing Gina was planning on teaching her own moves for one song. She did an amazing job!

Gina teaching Zumba at FitB

I love taking classes out of my normal comfort zone because it reminds me how much I am missing out on at my home gym. I just might have to pop into Zumba every once in a while.

After an hour of booty shaking and jumping around, we all left sweaty and tired. Since that was our last fitness class for the day, we took a break to shower and get ready for the remainder of the day.

Reebok Dance Outfit FitBloggin Day 1

Reebok Outfit #2: Studio Stripe Long Bra Yoga Top (the design with the black stripes might also be a sample?), Maxi Capri Pants, Dance UrLead 2.0 shoes.

These pants are unbelievably comfortable, and I am loving the pockets on the sides! Once again, Gina and I rocked them as a team.

Reebok FitFluential Ambassadors FitBloggin

(Totally stole this cute picture from Julie.)

Yay for being so fresh and so clean, clean!


Just like breakfast, lunch was provided by the conference. I was excited to see some fresh greens and loaded my plate with a makeshift salad of lettuce, turkey, chicken, tomatoes, onions, some kind of pepper/pickle mixture (?), and blue cheese dressing.

FitBloggin Day 1 Lunch

The mixed vegetable pasta salad on the side was better than I expected with roasted corn and red peppers added into the noodle and broccoli mixture I originally went for. You already know how I feel about the fruit! I think I feel a bit of a fruit kick starting up again…

Two exciting things happened during lunch:

1. I got to finally meet Kelly Olexa, founder of FitFluential, and basically the definition of awesome!

2. There was a fitness fashion show with over a dozen smiley, confident women who seemed to have a blast on stage.

FitBloggin Fashion Show 2013

(Sorry for the blurry photo.)

After a few laps around the booths, the group of us headed over to what has turned into my favorite Portland stop: Kure Juice Bar. Remember, I just went there Thursday?

Kure Juice Bar Portland

This time I made sure to capture their team of juicers in action to share just how fresh everything is.

Kure Juice Bar Portland fres

Today’s juice of choice was called Liquid Sunshine with apple, orange, kale, lemon and ginger.

Kure Juice Bar fresh juice

It was great, but I could definitely taste a bite from the lemon and ginger combination. Scott would loooooove that.

Looks like we brought a new fan to the juice bar, too. Charissa came over to sit by us at lunch and ended up spending the next few hours with us!

new friend at Kure Juice Bar

Fueled by juice, we walked back over to the hotel to attend a discussion about how to find the perfect shoe by Reebok. More to come on this and a continuation of FitBloggin’ fun tomorrow!

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