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Archive for May, 2013

May 31, 2013

Live With Fire – Reebok Review

For those who follow Housewife Glamour on Instagram or Twitter, you might have caught on to a recent hashtag I have been using quite often.

Live With Fire means living life to its fullest. Live With Fire is an intent, a passion, and a purpose to what you do and who you are. Living with fire brings out the best version of you. Live With Fire is a kick-butt attitude and motivating mantra created by Reebok.

If you are more of a visual person, here is a quick video to help:

Chills. I love it! #livewithfire

I am excited to share that I am now in a partnership with Reebok and will be receiving new products from the brand on an ongoing basis. (Squeal!) Here on the blog, I will share my thoughts and reviews on what’s new, as well as host exciting product giveaways for you!

Not just every day giveaways, either.

I am talking stuff-I-will-be-jealous-to-raffle-off-to-you kind of inventory.

I don’t know about you guys, but I find more motivation to get to the gym or go for a run when I feel good. When I look good, I feel good. There’s something about putting on new workout attire that lights an extra fire under me to get out there and test it out/show it off. It may sound silly, but I know I am not alone here!

Last week I received a box full of Reebok goodies, geared up, and headed out to spin class sporting it that very day. The next morning, I put on another head-to-toe outfit hours before getting a workout in. Everything is that comfortable.

May Reebok Review Cover

Across the board, I am in love with all of the materials used in their clothing. All three tops I wore had PlayDry technology, which moves moisture and aids in ventilation. Even being sweaty post-workout, I did not want to change into other clothes. I am seriously enamored by the softness!

Yoga Pocket Tank

Reebok Yoga Tank Review

Yoga Pocket Tank

• Single jersey in a tried-and-true tank design for a no-frills, accessible look
• Regular fit – not too tight, not too loose, perfect for all workouts and everyday activities
• Moisture wicking PlayDry technology so you can concentrate on your poses
• Deep racer back for unrestricted back and shoulder motion
• Extra length means it’s perfect for layering
• Draped pocket at left chest adds subtle detail

The “who made the rules” message on the front is powerful! It might just be as comfortable as wearing silk pajamas, and has the loose and flowy fit I love to wear with leggings. It was designed for yoga, but you could sport it to any group exercise class and even keep it on after to run errands (I did!).  I adore the design of the back, and kind of never want to take it off…

Reebok Yoga Tank back


ZigKick Ride Running Shoes

I was stoked to see a pair of shoes in the big blue box of glory! I purchased a new pair of running shoes not too long ago, and was excited to try out a new new pair. At first glance, I did not think these looked like running shoes.

Generally speaking, most supportive running shoes are not the cutest… and well, these are.

Reebok Running Shoes ZigKick

ZigKick Ride Running Shoes

• Synthetic/mesh upper for comfort with a high abrasion rubber outsole for durability
• Low-cut design for mobility with removable sockliner to accommodate orthotics
• ZigKick is designed with unique energy return for cushioning where it is needed most – at the point of impact
• Vertical and horizontal cushioning for enhanced comfort while running and jumping
• Upper support design for lateral support and stability

Before I even put them on, I noticed the zig-zag teaser design on the heel. Totally diggin’ it!

Reebok ZigKick Running Shoe

For only having these for a little over a week, I have really put them to the test. I have worn them spinning, gone for a few treadmill runs, and even walked about ten city miles of Boston in them!

Reebok ZigKick Ride shoes 2

I have to admit that I did not think these would be good running shoes. I figured they would be good to throw on for a group fitness class, to lift weights, and to walk around in, but didn’t like the idea of straying away from my Mizuno’s for a long distance run. I have yet to run more than four miles at a time in them, but have to give credit for the extra support I felt in the heel area. They were great and super comfortable the entire time I had them on!

PWR Leggings

Not one, but a set of two of these bad boys from the new ReebokONE line.

Reebok PWR Legging Review

PWR Legging (black + print)

• Nylon-Lycra blend for flexibility and durability during any workout
• Compression like fit for motion
• Contrast stitching lines on outside seam, hips and ankles adds flattering detail
• Anti-microbial gusset helps minimize odors and ensure a comfortable workout

Let me start by saying I am one hundred percent obsessed with leggings. As a dancer and blogger who works from home, I am in gym, dance and workout apparel for the majority of my day. Every day.

Leggings are my favorite piece of fitness clothing, unless I am going for a run outside in warm weather. I will find any excuse to wear them, and you better believe that I have already put these pairs of PWR leggings to good use!

Reebok PWR leggings #livewithfire

(The shoes pictured above are the Reebok Dance UR Lead Mid Shoes I previously reviewed.)

Like I mentioned earlier, the material of this legging is out-of-this-world comfortable. I cannot get over how soft and light they feel, like I am almost not wearing anything at all. (Tee-hee!) The height of the top sits in exactly the right spot and does not hug the waist.

As someone who often has to wear leggings and a half top, I really appreciate this. The cuffs at the bottom didn’t bother me (as I thought they might), and I didn’t have to worry about bending over and flashing anybody – no see through material here!

Reebok PWR Leggings closeu

PWR T-Shirts

As if things could get any softer…

They did.

Reebok PWR t-shirts

PWR Love Fit Tee + PWR Short Sleve V-Neck

• 96% Polyester/4% Elastane
• Slim fit – wears close to your body making it ideal for high-performance exercise
• PlayDry technology moves moisture and aids in ventilation
• Engineered armholes are built to move with you, not get in the way
• Flatlock stitching to reduce rub and irritation

Holy geez are these the best. Probably the most comfortable workout shirts I own, I am finally a fan of breaking a sweat in sleeves!

The material is fitted, but super stretchy. I thought I would get irritated by the tightness of the sleeves (as I often do with t-shirts over tanks), but they didn’t get in the way at all.

I am really impressed on how dry it became after I worked up a sweat running in the white one. After a few miles of sprints, I was drenched on my stomach and back. Before I even got home from the gym thirty minutes later, I was dry enough to keep the thing on and not even notice. PlayDry, you are my hero!

Reebok PWR tank for cardio kickboxing

I am truly excited for this new PWR collection by Reebok. I like the look of the printed fabric, but love the motivational words and phrases. Feeling tired? All you have to do for an extra push is look down at your clothes:

One More. Strength. Power. From the Core. Make Every Rep Count.

Live With Fire!

Reebok is a strong brand to me. They produce cute clothes (and some of the coolest sneakers I have seen), but more importantly have a strong and infectious need to succeed lifestyle and attitude. I am extremely grateful to be able to work with them, and promise to have more from them for you in the very near future.

*Disclaimer: I was provided with these products by Reebok, free of charge. I was not compensated in any way for this review, and simply exchanged my time for product. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own!


Only one more day to enter to win a FREE Drenched 5K entry. <- wet and wild summer race! Don’t be afraid to sign up and join me in Columbus, either.

Have a great weekend!

May 30, 2013

Boston Day 3: Duck Tour + Seafood

Hey, hey everyone! How is your week going?

I am excited to say it is actually starting to warm up here in Detroit. Hallelujah! But enough about this place.

If you have been paying attention this week, then you already know that Scott and I recently came back from out of town. While I normally do not spend more than a day or two covering a trip, my focus on writing this week has been everything Boston!

If you are not the slightest bit interested in the city, then I apologize, because the two of us have become completely smitten.

Since our arrival, we spent every hour exploring as much as we could which is really the only way to travel, according to Scott. I can’t say I disagree though… this trip is one we will remember and think about for a long time.

We spent Saturday and Sunday exploring the North End, the Boston Marathon Finish Line, and several other famous city spots along the way. Monday was Memorial Day, and it could not have a better day to spend entirely outside!

Boston Duck Tour

Anyone we ran into who found out we were tourists all said the same thing, “you have to do the Duck Tour!” Booked and ready to go, we started our walk over to the starting point around 9:30 a.m Monday.

On our way, we saw a lovely little Australian coffee shop called CuppaCoffee, and I suggested we give it a try.

CuppaCoffee Boston

Some of you may not know that Scott worked over in Australia last summer. He loved it there and in fact, we were pretty darn close to accepting a job offer over there. (Shh – don’t tell the families!) Obviously, we didn’t, and instead enjoy the Aussie culture whenever we get a chance.

One thing I remember Scott saying is how thorough they are in making coffee drinks. Unlike a traditional Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts, they take extra time to make every drink special and the results are delicious.

Check out Scott’s iced mocha latte!

CuppaCoffee mocha iced coffee

Yum. But enough about coffee…

I was excited to spend the morning exploring the city on a Duck Tour! Say hello to our chartreuse wheels and our informative conDUCKtor, Quackinmack. (<- or something similar).

Duck Tour guide boston

The DUKW (colloquially known as Duck) is a World War II inspired amphibious landing vehicle, able to travel by land or sea for a complete tour of the city! With a full truck, we set off with our camera ready to capture the sights.

Since Scott and I had already done a lot of exploring on our own, we knew this tour would be a good gauge on how well we did finding what there is to do! First major land mark: Trinity Church. You can see the beautiful reflection of it as well as our DUCK off of the John Hancock Tower.

Duck Tour reflection on John Hancock Building

Quack quack!

As we made our way around the city, we saw a lot of familiar spots, including the Kings Chapel + Burial Grounds.

Duck Tour Kings Chapel

The last forty-five minutes or so were my favorite. We traveled into the Charles River and enjoyed a view of both the cities of Boston and Cambridge.

Duck Tour in water Boston

What separated the two was the Longfellow Bridge, also referred to as the “Salt-and-Pepper-Shaker Bridge”.

Cambridge Bridge salt and pep

With a slight breeze and the sun out in the 70s, it was my absolute favorite hour of our trip! Slowly, we floated across the river and soaked in the view. Towards the end, we spotted our future place of residence if we ever decide to move here. (Right on the river, no big deal!)

Boston Condos on Charles River

On our way back to land, we passed a few other Ducks and acknowledged them with a few waves and a lot of quacks.

Duck Tour going in water Boston

Loved our Duck Tour!!

Duck Tour having fun

Revisiting the City

While quacking, we also took some notes on things our guide pointed out to revisit. One notable building was right across the street from our hotel! The Old State House held the first reading of the Declaration of Independence back in 1776. Actually, it was right there on that balcony.

Old State House Boston

So cool!

Starting to get hungry for lunch, we did a quick search of where to find the best clam chowder in the city. According to ratings on Zagat, it was right here in Quincy Market. We had briefly passed through it the first day here, and were excited to give it a full visit with hungry bellies, as our concierge suggested.

Quincy Market outside Boston

This time, the crowds were here as well as a bunch of street performers!

Quincy Market Street Perform

After watching a few shows, we made our way through the hallways a few times without any luck finding our destination.

Quincy Market Boston inside

We eventually asked for help and made it to Boston Chowda Co. with clam chowder on our minds! Wanting to try other things, we split a large bowl and it sure was “a pretty good bowl ‘a cowda!”

Quincy Market Best Clam Chowder Boston Chowda Co

For lunch, we made note to visit Dick’s Last Resort. Things have been known to get pretty rowdy here, with full blame on the servers as instigators.

Around the restaurant you will hear yelling, whining, and jokes from servers and staff with you as their punchline.

Dick's Last Resort Boston

Anyone could be a subject of embarrassment, so Scott and I felt that starting with two Angry Orchard Ciders might be a good idea.

Angry Orchard Cider Dick's

I have to admit that I was not very impressed by our server. I don’t know if he was having an off day, but he was actually nice to us, and did not make fun of us in any kind of way. We were at least expecting hats with embarrassing messages on them, but that was also a no-go.

Instead, we made our own.

Dick's Last Resort making our own hats

I ordered the Southwest Salad, and Scott ordered the Wrap It Up Sandwich. Both were pretty good, and the best part was the side of jalapeno ranch dressing!

Soutwest Chicken Salad Dick'

We enjoyed everything else about the restaurant, and hope that the next time we get to visit one that the server will play more into the environment. Not everyone can be a “dick,” I suppose.


We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening walking around and enjoying the sights. I could not tell you how far we walked, but I if I had to guess I would say at least ten miles. No joke!

The Paramount South Boston

From the North End to the South End, from China Town to Little Italy, we just kept walking and walking.

Chinatown Boston

Eventually, our appetites were back and it was time to find dinner.

We first tried to get into Giacomo’s Ristorante in Little Italy, but the line was literally out the door with at least an hour wait. Everyone around assured us the wait was well worth it, and we only left with an understanding that we would try for lunch the next day instead. It was a total bummer when we went back to find they don’t open until 4:30 p.m. on weekdays. Next time!

Legal Seafood

With a plan of returning to Little Italy the next day, Scott and I headed back towards the water for the next best thing… sea food. As the sun set, we stopped to take the scenery of the shore in and enjoy a few moments waterside.

Lewis Wharf water and boats

So pretty!

Everyone kept telling us to go to Legal Seafood. Since we were in Boston, we used that as an excuse to load up in fresh sea food and order up the menu. (Oops!)

Our plans to split one appetizer and one entree changed when our waiter somehow talked us into much, much more. We started with Rhode Island style calamari, which was out of this world.

Legal Sea Food Rhode Island

I ordered the crab cake combo that included scallops, shrimp and a side salad. The crab cake was very chunky and didn’t have an ounce of breading on it. Everything was dreamy!

Legal Seafood Crab Cake sca

Scott went with an old faithful of steamed lobster. He got the “small” 1.5 pound portion with a side of white rice and sauteed spinach. Bib on and hands up, he was ready to go!

Legal Seafood Steamed Lobster

By far, the best lobster I have had in a while.

“If it isn’t fresh, it isn’t Legal!”

Ugh, I could just go on and on. By now you realize we absolutely loved our time in Boston, and instead of rambling on for another few paragraphs, I am going to separate our Day 4 adventures into a post for tomorrow.

Have I lost you guys yet?

Questions of the Day

• Have you ever been to Boston? What was your favorite thing to do/see?

• What is your favorite type of seafood?

My favorite seafood is everything you see in the above photos. Shrimp, lobster, calamari, crab, scallops… all fantastic in my eyes. Oysters, mussels, tuna, and fish on the other hand, I am still trying to get used to. I have to say this trip has helped conquer my fears, and I am now open to trying more!

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