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Archive for October, 2012

October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween?

Boy, it is chilly and gloomy outside today!  It’s almost like there is something kind of eerie going on around here…

Happy Halloween Cats

Oh yeah, Happy Halloween everyone!

For some reason, today does not feel like the usual Halloween Day for me.

Maybe it is because we are living in a hotel and are not surrounded by fall scents and decorations.  Maybe it is because we haven’t carved any pumpkins.  Maybe it is because I have not been able to make anything pumpkiny since before we moved.  Maybe it is because we don’t have any dynamic duo costumes to put on or any candy to hand out to the adorable (and sometimes scary) trick-or-treaters… or…

Maybe it is because I am saddened by the aftereffects of Hurricane Sandy on the upper east coast.

Being from Florida, I can relate to how scary it is to know a hurricane is coming.  Hurricanes Andrew and Irene hit pretty hard a few years back, and I know we all remember the devastation that was Hurricane Katrina onto New Orleans.  No matter how much we prepare, however, no one is ever really ready to deal with the losses and damage after such a shockingly catastrophic storm.

To those of you who have been affected by “Frankenstorm” as people have been calling it, I am so very sorry! The most upset we have seen in Michigan is a drop in temperature and a few tall waves on the lakes.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you!

Looking around, I feel like I am not the only one who does not feel exactly Halloween-ey.

Roadie on couch 3

I am beginning to think Roadie might be more anxious than we are to get into our new condo.  Good news! We get the keys today! Whoooo hoooo!  Did you hear that girls?

Cali in a ball

I said… we are getting the keys to our new home today!

Aspen sleeping

I guess I am the only one who is jumping up and down over here.

Poor things!  Ever since we have been in the midst of moving, all three of them have become prettttty lazy.  The cats sleep about twenty hours of the day, and Roadie sleeps about half of it.  The cause is boredom, I’m sure.

I am crossing my fingers that we get set up and settled into our new condo by the first snowfall.  I promise it will all be worth it, kiddos!

For those of you with power, enjoying a nice (hopefully not too chilly) Halloween morning, I hope it’s a good one for you!  Stay safe and have a wonderful day!

Roadie says Happy Halloween

Oh, and Roadie says Muwahahahaha.

October 30, 2012

Train Like an Angel: Arms Workout

Okay everyone, I have a new workout program to share with you!

It is called the Train Like an Angel program from Victoria’s Secret.  Yes, the same VS company that produces sexy lingerie and also who sponsors an incredible Fashion Show each year.

With the show only being about a month away, the company released a program sharing workouts, nutritional tips and behind the scene exclusives on how their runway models get in shape for it.

Yesterday, I re-tweeted the first workout I have seen on this program via Shape.com.  After watching the video, I jotted down the workout and wanted to try it out for myself.  I was a little sore from working my lower body out the day before, so an arm workout seemed right up my alley for the day.

Victoria's Secret Arms Workout

Since our resistance bands are conveniently packed away with the rest of our house in storage right now, I decided to use the five pound dumbbells in the hotel gym.  I would have loved to use tens instead, but my selection was slim.  Even with a light weight, my arms began to burn at the end with the rotational pulls.

*If you would like to see these moves demonstrated, check out the video and/or download details of the workout.

Nice work, VSX trainers!

Feeling good, I finished off my time at the gym with thirty minutes on the elliptical.  Gosh, it has been ages since I have used that machine!  Trying to get back into the swing of things, I went for three miles, changing up the resistance every so often.  Next time I will be sure to share a clear workout with you!

For now, here is an easy way to keep the VS Runway Arms Workout handy.

Train Like an Angel Arms Workout

*Please note: the second set of bicep curls are done to the side (changing up the angle).

After I got back to my room, I grabbed a new recovery snack to try.  The wonderful folks over at Premier Protein sent me a care package of different shakes and bars to try, and after sharing a photo via Instagram, I received feedback that the chocolate flavor is mighty good.

Premier Protein Chocolate Shake

That is was! I have tried a lot of different chocolate flavored protein shakes in my day, and I really think this one – by far – has been the tastiest.  I can not wait to dig into the vanilla flavor tomorrow.

After a quick shower, I finished off lunch with a Healthy Choice Steamer.  Living in a hotel, I have been living off of these things lately.  Today’s meal was the Rosemary Chicken and Sweet Potatoes.

Healthy Choice Select Turkey and Sweet Potato

It tasted way better than it looks in this fuzzy photo.  Gotta love hotel lighting!

I am really looking forward to trying out more of the Train Like an Angel workouts!  When we finally move into our new condo and settled, I hope to test out an actual program and share my experience with you.

Have a great Tuesday!

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