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Archive for February, 2012

February 29, 2012

Out with Our All-Stars

{what i wore out after NBA All-Star Jam Session.}

Out with All-Stars Fashion

Top: Express

Skinny Jeans: Forever 21

Necklace: Aldo Accessories

Shoes: Steve Madden via Ross

Clutch: Express

*Post: NBA All-Star Jam Session

February 29, 2012

NBA All-Star Jam Session

Although I was feeling a little under the weather over the weekend, I pushed through it and joined a few friends for NBA All-Star Jam Session at the Orange County Convention Center.

I’ve been to a few All-Star games and events before, but I’d never experienced Jam Session: which is a great experience for any NBA fan.

The games at the Amway Center cost a pretty penny to attend, so it’s nice that there’s an option for the average basketball fan to get to participate in the weekend.  Already being in Orlando, Scott and I took advantage of this, and saw a lot without having to drop a few grand on tickets.

Friday at Jam Session: Hanging with the Players

Scott and I with Dwight and Kobe

Scott and I invited friends, Kari and her boyfriend JT to join us, and they seemed to have fun right off the bat!

Kari and JT at entrance

Scott was the only one who had ever been to Jam Session before, so he took the liberty of showing us around.

We started by looking all of the NBA History exhibits and Scott seemed to fit right in, naturally.

Scott in huddle

I got to see the inspiration for my favorite go-to dunk I performed in almost every dunking dancers show:

The No Look Back: Dee Brown.

No Look Back: Dee Brown

Kari and I both performed with the team and will be happy to take questions on dunking at the end of the post…

Me and Kari NBA Jam Session

in the comments section. :)

We also found some crazy Renaissance basketball gear back from the 1920s.


Too cool.

Oh look what trouble we found over by the Kia booth: It was Coyote from the San Antonio Spurs.

Scott and Coyote


Before long, it was time for the main event at Center Court: The 2012 Sprite Slam Dunk Show Down.  Sitting sideline were the Kicks City Dancers!  I was happy to see some familiar faces from the Knicks vs. Lakers Game we just went to in New York.

And the winner of the Dunk Contest is…

Kenny Dobbs. Even Lebron was impressed by the blindfold!

K-Dobbs and Lebronsource

Great job!

As we were winding down, Scott and I got to pose by the Larry O’Brien trophy…or a version of it at least.

Larry O'Brien trophy

We had a great time and no matter where we end up, we’ll always have a special place for the NBA in our hearts.

NBA Flags

(Ironically, all of our favorites are next to each other.)

That’s how we met, after all.

Friday Night: Out with Our All-Stars

Scott and I continued the weekend celebrating with some of our (former) NBA friends.  Kelly just so happens to be one of my favorites.

Me and Kelly at Kres

Although I was still feeling stuffy, a nice dinner at Kres Chophouse and an opportunity to see these girls made leaving the house worth it.

Me and girls at 23

We spent the remainder of the night having our own little “Jam Session” on the dance floor.  All in all, a great day!

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