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Archive for December, 2011

December 28, 2011

More Than Anyone

Since the day Scott and I really started talking, we have shared a mutual love for Gavin DeGraw‘s music.  Before I even met Scott, I had been in love with the Chariot (Stripped) Album and would listen to it every single night as I was falling asleep – literally – for at least a year.  Although Gavin became popular for more upbeat songs like “Chariot” and “I Don’t Wanna Be” his voice on this album in particular is very soothing, soulful and calming.

I LOVE his music.

Fast forward a few years and there I am on a 20+ hour plane ride to China, with Scott sitting next to me.  Eventually, we got to talking and I was curious to what he was listening to in his ear buds…

Lo and behold, it was the Chariot (Stripped) Album.  Who would have thought?  Right away, I asked him to share and for the duration of the trip we both listened to it, pretty much on repeat.

Although I love every single song on that album, if I had to choose a favorite, it would definitely be “More Than Anyone.”

Well…what do you know…that’s someone else’s favorite too.  To make a long story short, fast forward another few months and Scott eventually sang that song to me when we first starting dating as our phone conversations came to a close, almost every night.

THIS was our song.

When it came time to choose a first dance song at our wedding, I immediately turned to it.  I found it very odd that Scott refused to agree, but didn’t think much more of it.  For months, we debated back and forth and eventually agreed on “Hold Us Together” by Matt Maher.

So where did “More Than Anyone” come into play?

His ring.  I wanted to engrave something special in the inside of his ring and rather than going with the standard “Scott + Heather 7.22.11,” I decided to engrave “More Than Anyone 7.22.11.” I’m sure you can figure out why…

*Ignore the PROOF on these 2 photos.  Both came from our wedding photographer: Elegant Imagery and we are still, very patiently waiting to get our photo CD in the mail.

After the toasts, Scott surprised me by singing the song to me, in front of everyone.  I laughed, shocked that he pulled this off without me knowing, cried because all of those emotions of falling in love resurfaced, and became smitten with my new husband: +100 brownie points for you, Mr. Hesington.

To avoid doubling the post size of this one, I’m going to give you a preview of a complete surprise that Scott pulled over on me…this time, it was worth +500 brownie points.

The full story to come tomorrow….

To be continued…

December 28, 2011

Pumpkin Whip Dip

When I post recipes, I like to include a step-by-step photo example  how to make things.  This recipe, however, is so simple that step-by-step photos would seem silly.  It literally takes under a minute to make.

I decided to make Pumpkin Whip Dip for a Christmas Ornament Exchange Party.  I got inspired by one of the blogs I follow and decided to put her recipe to the test!  Looking for more amazing dips, baked goods and unique party dishes? Check out her site…it’s filled with them: Love Veggies & Yoga.

It was a hit.  Okay, it was more than a hit… they LOVED it and I think you will too!

Pumpkin Whip Dip

Pumpkin Whip Dip


1 15 oz. can of pumpkin puree

2 cups of Cool Whip (I used Cool Whip Lite)

1/2 cup of brown sugar, or to taste

1/2 tsp of vanilla extract

1/2 tsp of pumpkin spice

1/2 tsp cinnamon

*serves enough for a large party of people.

To make a smaller batch, reduce all of the ingredients in half:

1/2 can pumpkin, 1 cup of whip, 1/4 cup of brown sugar and 1/4 tsp vanilla extract, pumpkin spice & cinnamon.

prep time: 5 minutes

The recipe is SO easy, I don’t think I really needed picture how-to’s anyways.  There are several different versions out there that includes adding cream cheese, vanilla pudding, or yogurt to the base and even nutmeg, cloves and caramel sauce.

Although all of that sounds deliciously sinful, I had a goal to keep this dip more on the healthy side.  The worst thing involved is the brown sugar, and you could replace that with splenda, truvia, or stevia if you prefer.


1. Thaw cool whip by placing it in the refrigerator before hand, or out to room temperature.

2. Mix whip and pumpkin in a large mixing bowl.

3. Add in brown sugar, vanilla extract, pumpkin spice and cinnamon until well blended.

4. Stick dip in the fridge to cool, or serve immediately!

I served this dip with red and green apples because I like the taste of sweetness combined with fruit.  Pumpkin Whip Dip would also go great alongside gingerbread cookies (more Holiday flare), sesame crackers, pretzels or graham crackers.

If you have a minute, you can have all the whipped pumpkiny goodness you can handle.  Enjoy!

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