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February 28, 2011

Wedding Day Lashes

As much as getting together exactly what you’re going to wear on the day you walk down the isle to be married, it can be just as important to put together YOUR look.  What am I talking about you ask? Hair, make-up, your color, nails, eyebrows, and everything in between.

I could go on and on about what I do on a weekly basis to feel my best inside and out, but for today I’m just going to share with you something I came across a few weeks ago to help complete MY Wedding Day Look:

My Perfect Pair of Wedding Eyelashes

I know I have a mixed crowd of viewers: some are very familiar with this concept, and others have never heard of such a thing.  So, here’s a rundown on what I’m talking about:

Make a little more sense? I hope so.

Like I said in the video, I have been a wearing false eyelashes since I was in middle school for dance performances, but have been wearing them on my own for fun ever since high school.  They can make a HUGE difference in photos, and really make your eyes stand out like they are 10 times the size they really are. 

Sold yet? the next step would be finding YOUR perfect set of false eyelashes.

Everyone’s eye shape is different and what may fit my eye perfectly may not fit another as perfectly.  It takes a lot of trial and error to see what exactly looks the best for what occasion, and my best piece of advice on how to find your perfect pair of lashes is to buy and try. You can find false eyelashes at almost any convenience store including your local CVS or Walgreens, or even at the bigger supermarkets like Target or Wal Mart.

Sometimes grocery stores have them in their beauty isle, but your best bet after convience stores is to go to a Beauty Supply store, such as ULTA, or Sally’s Beauty Supply.  They have the widest variety and are known to have specials on certain brands and styles of lashes.  When I’m in the mood to switch things up, I always check out a Sally’s to see what’s on sale and what I should try out next.  And of course, all of the higher end of make-up brands sell their own false eyelashes as well.  If you want to go all out, my first reccommendation is always and will always be MAC.  I swear by ANY of their products – especially eye make up.  But, if you’re like me, you just can’t justify spending $15-$20 on a pair of lashes when they are available elsewhere for a fraction of the price.

You may also be interested in purchasing your set of lashes as part of a starter kit, like the one pictured below.  I would recommend purchasing the DUO glue separately that I was talking about in the video, but if you’re just getting used to the idea of wearing falsies, something like this should work to start with:

Once you’ve found the pair you want to try, it’s time to try those puppies out.  Here are some instructional videos I found on how to apply your own false eyelashes – and my biggest piece of advice here is to be patient.  It doesn’t always come as an easy thing to do for everyone, so just keep at it and eventually it will become as easy as putting on mascara.

A few HOW TO videos to check out:

Here is a little bit of a different technique, including using a brush to help you actually push down the lash:

Seems pretty doable right?

I also mentioned in my video the new trend of Eyelash Extensions.  I have not personally tried these out myself, but I know plenty who have and LOVE it.  The only issue I have with this is the amount of maintenance it requires to upkeep.  In order to keep the lash extensions looking their best it requires fills, just like acrylic nails every 2-3 weeks.  But hey, if you have the time and the money to do so, by all means this would be the easiest way to go!
Here is the website where the girls I know go to get their lashes done:
And if you don’t live in Orlando, simply google eyelash extensions followed by your city name, and there should be plenty of locations you can choose from to get a set of your own.  Who knows, maybe one day I will have both the time and money for the higher end of fake lashes…but for now, I’m sticking with what I know…the cheapies but goodies!
As always, let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll be checking in with more tips and updates soon. :)


February 27, 2011


I can’t believe it’s already been almost 2 whole months since we found and now (officially) have adopted the newest member into the Hess family – our puppy…

OMG – isn’t he the CUTEST! I just want to squish his face!!! ;)
 Like always, it’s easiest to explain the lengthy tales through video, so here I am trying to explain most of it:

From our vet visit, we found out the following information:

  • Roadie is part rhodesian ridgeback, but obviously part something else – possibly a lab, boxer, or pit bull mix. He is about 45 pounds, so could get prettttty big!
  • He is just about a year old – perfect age for us!
  • He NEEDS a good home because we sadly found out he has some critical conditions that need to be treated immediately!
  • He is actually really good at vet visits! :)
Things that make me fall in love with him more every day:
  • He plays nicely with the cats, and doesn’t have to be separated from them – YAY!
  • No matter how long we are gone from the house he is always SO excited to see us!
  • He’s a great snuggler and wants to be loved on every chance he gets!
  • Mr. Hess LOVES him and they are very cute together.

And the list could go on and on, but I’ll stop there.  I LOVE HIM!!! Did I say that yet?  So there’s PUPDATE #2 for you.  I’ll keep you all posted along the way about how his treatments for heartworm are going – it can be a pretty scary process.  But for now, I’ll leave you will a collection of Roadie pics from the last month or so – ENJOY! :)

YUP – collar complete with nametag means hes OURS! :)

Mr. Hess is giving that “Really?” look to me as we get the total for his stuff!

Making his nametag!

Somebody doesn’t like to be wet – but he’s pretty tolerant of showers!

Our first vet visit – poor thing!
Roadie’s positive heartworm test and vet bill for treatment – OUCH!
BUT….he’s worth it, don’t you think?!?!?
Here’s some more photos of us on our walks – he also loves to run with me and we go alllll the way (about 2 miles total) around our block – he’s a beast! 

Taking a break by the lake on our run…ahhhh!
And I’ll leave you with one of my favorites!!!!!!
L.O.V.E. him!

Hope you enjoyed the PUPDATE!!!! I’m sure we’ll have more to come on our crazy journey to all becoming part of the “Hess” family in less than 5 months! :)

146 days to go…

Until next time,

February 22, 2011

5 Months To Go

Today we hit the 5 month mark and boy does the time keep flying by! I know I am going to say this each month, but REALLY….the time seems to go by faster and faster!

Since today hits another reality check in my brain that we really are getting married, I wanted to share a few updates by video.  I normally do a Monthly Focus video at the beginning of the month, but in lieu of doing 2 similar videos pretty close to one another (boring), I combined the March focus video AND the 5 month update into one video update.

You can thank me later for not wasting your time…. ;)

I’m sure you’ve gotten the basic ideas of what’s been going on in the last month and what we’re hoping to get done in the crazy month ahead!  The challenge for Scott and I will definitely be staying productive even though we will be traveling a lot of the month.  Regardless of what we DO or DON’T get done, I’m getting to the point of truly enjoying this entire process.

We’ve gotten a lot of the headaches out of the way and I’m so excited to do some of the TO-DOs for next month, especially register for our wedding gifts and pick out our wedding bands…it’s almost like getting the best double birthday present(s) ever!

And as far as the wedding dress hanger goes (purchased from my favorite handmade accessory website), I’m happy to report that it’s finally here!!!! :)

As I mentioned in the video, I hired a company called Weddings in the City to help the day of our wedding day run as smooth as possible.  WITC is well known in Orlando and know exactly how to help you organize how you’re going to get everything done for your big day!  My friend Britt had Ashlie Shea as her wedding coordinator, and after I met her and went through Britt’s wedding day with her I knew I didn’t need to look any further…

Here is the time line information I was talking about in the video:

The company is centered around “the city” and the packages go off of characters from the TV Show Sex and the City – which is one of my favorites.  Scott and I decided to go with the day of coordination package, or the Miranda, so we could be as involved as possible in everything to do with planning.
I knew hiring a coordinator for the day of was an absolute MUST, just to have a piece of mind that everything WILL be done and will run perfectly...and if something is missing or doesn’t turn out exactly as planned, I’m confident she will do her absolute best to fix it and I probably won’t even know about it! :)
For more information about WITC, check out their website:

By now you know I am trying to be as organized as possible.  Well, what can I say? I’m a planner. ;)

February 17, 2011

DIY Wedding Notebook

Every bride has the essentials to get her through her wedding planning: bridal magazines, bridesmaids, parents, bridal shows, days at the spa, and of course her groom right?  I am very fortunate to have all of those things help me through this process, but there is one thing I can think of that has been the most important hing to keep me sane so far, and that is my…

HBSH Wedding Notebook!

Also known as my Wedding Bible.

I debuted it before during the November Update Video, but when we started meeting with our invitations lady, caterers, and DJs I realized she just wasn’t up to par. Originally, I had simply put all of my vendor information into one place, organized it with dividers, and that helped…but I didn’t realize how much I didn’t have in there that I absolutely needed.

I really wanted to start carrying around a notebook that reflected our wedding filled with pictures, print outs and ideas to help show our potential and current vendors what the heck we’re talking about!  First, I wanted to just go out a find something that looks a little more like me and that would keep me more organized…but I quickly realized that a new wedding notebook would be an unnecessary expense, and I could easily make a great and personalized notebook myself!

I took it upon myself to jazz it up a little and use my wedding notebook to her full potential…

Here is the cover I actually designed myself with the photo we used for our Save the Date magnets!  Now that I’ve done this, I kind of wish we used THIS for our Save the Dates – oh well.  I still loved those too :)

Creating your own Wedding Planner & Organizer may seem a little tricky, but it’s a lot easier than I thought it would be and it turned out better than I’d imagined.  All you need to do to create your own wedding organizer is have the following materials:

  • 3 Ring 1 1/2′ Notebook – I got it in white, but you can get it in a different color if you wish!
  • Divider Tabs – I got a 10 tab organizer complete with a table of contents in the front
  • Ribbon to accent and decorate with – I used 3 different kinds
  • Scotch tape – I used regular and double sided
  • Scissors
  • Pen and Sharpie

To start with, I knew the cover of my new and improved Wedding Notebook HAD to reflect the entire theme of our wedding.  I wanted it to show our contemporary style, so I chose to start out a cover design with our Save the Date photo.  It was also important for me to have our monogrammed HBSH logo easily accessible, so I decided to add that on the cover picture so that I always had it in front of me.  Next, I wanted to spice it up a little so I added a pink border to the picture, printed it out and put it in the front cover slot.  Not completely pleased with this, I noticed there was enough room to add some of the clear and black ribbon on each side as well as on top of and below the photo.  Good thing – because this was a great opportunity to show off our wedding colors, and I guess the cat’s out of the bag now on that one huh?!

All I’m going to say is that our cover completely says it all! ;)

When I sat back and looked at it…I thought it was cute, but that it was STILL missing something.  So, I got the lime green ribbon out and decided to add a big green bow to the left side…perfect!

Next, I wanted to make the side of the notebook reflect what the front looks like by adding a strip of the black and white ribbon down where you would put a vertical label.  I used the white and black ribbon, as opposed to the clear and black ribbon for this because it was a little sturdier and easier to slide down.

Now, it was time to start the harder part: organizing this baby.  I already knew tabs were the way to go with this, but it hit me to use the perfect amount of 10 tabs after I sat down and wrote out exactly what I wanted to go in each section.  I had looked at Wedding Planners online and had finally picked out what categories would work best for me.  So, I created a Table of Contents, and labeled the sections as follows:

  1. COORDINATION: checklist, budget, calendars
  8. TRASNPORTAION and RENTALS: accomodations
  9. BRIDAL PARTY and PARTIES: registries

I think that pretty much covers all of the bases.

To explain further, let’s start with COORDINATION.  I’m obviously not going to go into every tab with you, but I wanted to mention a few things about this one.  First, this tab is the key to keeping my entire notebook and planning process on track.  I printed out a calendar for each month remaining so I can write in appointments and deadlines, a budget spreadsheet, and a TO-DO checklist for each block of time left.  you can find printable versions of all of these things just by googling it, but here are a few options to help get you started:

OR, you can make your own spreadsheet in excel to make it as accurate to your personal needs as possible!  Follow this video, this lady from makes it so easy

You can go on any wedding planning website like or and sign up for an account if you want to handle all of your budget analysis and to-do lists on the computer. Example:  Otherwise, there are plenty of printable timelines for you to go off of to get ready for your big day.
Example: and there SO many more out there! Simply google “wedding checklist timeline” and you’re bound to find something that suits you.

Also under the COORDINATION tab, is where I keep all of my wedding coordinator’s information.  Not only her contact info, but also her preferred vendor list, wedding checklist, and anything she has sent me so far.  I feel like this tab keeps the entire Notebook organized.

OK – moving on to what I really created this new notebook for: PICTURES! Now, I can’t share too much with you because obviously that would give too much away.  What I can show you though, are some pages I printed out and put together to keep in my notebook.

I wanted to have a screen shot of our website printed out so I can show our vendors what that looks like, as well as in this page in particular, the feel of our reception site:

This way, even from this page they can tell a little bit about what we’re going for.  Next, of course I have TONS of pictures printed off and stuffed throughout this thing of ideas for floral, decor, invitations, and everything else.  I can’t really show you all of that, but I can show you one of the floral pages.  Originally, Scott and I were planning on using more white mixed in our floral, so I pulled and printed all of these pictures up.  We have changed our minds since then, and you’ll see what we’re talking about when the day finally gets here!

For now, this will do:

Also, you can use the pockets in the front and the back of the notebook to display magazine pictures, or other ideas you want to keep with you in your notebook.  And of course, I have to include a page from the BAKERY section…this is an easy way to keep the business cards you would actually use straight.  Here, I made a “dessert” or “bakery” page filled with all of the companies we are contacting:

One thing I found A huge help to myself that I can’t believe I didn’t to all along is printing out e-mails.  I am always putting e-mails together and sending them to myself, my groom, my mom and sometimes members of my bridal party for ideas, meeting times, notes, and questions.  When I put something together that has a lot of useful information – like catering company information – I print it off and stick it in that section of the notebook.

I mentioned before in the February Focus Video – I am a bit of an Organization Freak!  Can I spell it out any more than this? lol…sheesh!  I have always had a thing for using different fonts, colors, highlighters, tabs, and pictures to organize EVERYTHING.  Anyone who has ever sat next to me in any class from middle school on, knows this about me and are probably laughing to themselves about this one.

I LOVE my new Wedding Notebook, and I’m very proud of her! :)

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