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Archive for December, 2010

December 23, 2010

Wedding Hint #1

As the BIG DAY is starting to approach, I will randomly give out hints about our wedding and what it you can expect to see come together in our ceremony and reception, without giving TOO much away.

Both Scott and I were on the same page with this one…
And (hopefully) LOTS of them! :)

December 23, 2010

December Update: 7 Months Away

OMG! Today, the wedding is officially…7 MONTHS AWAY!

I can’t believe it!  I feel like we have a lot of the big stuff covered, but I’m also starting to feel all of the pressure of having to get everything done.  Good news is I now have a monthly “TO-DO” list, and I seem to be checking off almost everything every time!
So far, in December we have:

  • BOOKED a Florist! Can’t wait to see the final designs…
  • Attended 2 cake tastings, called around for more pricing, and BOOKED our wedding cake baker for a steal!
  • Begun to discuss and book our table and chair rentals with our venue!
  • Set up our Engagement Photo Session (less than 2 weeks away!)
  • Contacted a linens company that we met at the bridal show.  CAN’T wait to see their stuff in person.
  • Contacted DJs and lighting companies.
  • Gotten a LOT done on our wedding website…not releasing it until it is fully COMPLETE!

By the END of the month (about a week and a half to go!) we need to get the rest of the list checked off:

  • Order our signature monogrammed stamps.
  • Go over our budget (eek!)
  • Finalize guest list and begin to put addresses together for Save the Dates! (AHH!)

In retrospect, we seem to be well on our way for now.

Barnes & Noble Owl Planner

On a side note – I was in the best mood today thinking about our wedding.  7 whole months is all that’s standing in our way to being married, that’s CRAZY! :D On my way home tonight from a long day, I was thinking about what we need to do and completely out of nowhere BAM! There is a guy in the middle of the road who apparently ran out of gas and failed to put his blinkers on right in front of me.  Well, the road was dark, and he was wearing all black, so of course I didn’t see it until it was too late.  I slammed on my breaks but hit the car head on, my airbags went off, and I knew right away my poor little car was totaled.

I have been debating for the last year on when a good time to start car shopping would be, and let me tell you now is NOT the time.  It’s WEDDING SEASON people, don’t you know this?! Luckily, there were no citations and the cops understood where I was coming from.  Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that my insurance company is very nice to me.  For now, I do not have a car and I start the search for a new car….well, right now.

A BIG THANK YOU to Scott tonight for saving me from a horrible nightmare.  It’s so good to know that he will always be a phone call away to come whisk me away from life’s uncertainties and it’s crazy how great just a hug from him can feel.  I’m so lucky to have him on my side no matter what, and instead of getting upset he kept me calm and told me everything was going to be okay.

Also, he happened to notice today was 7 months until our big day, and decided to bring home something special for me.  Someone must have told him I was going to need these today…

They are even lime green…one of our colors! :)
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