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December 18, 2014

Holiday Workout & Party Playlist

Hello, hello! I feel like I have been raving about holiday music this year.

An upbeat holiday tune never fails to heighten my mood, even on a dreaded Monday morning. If you haven’t been listening to holiday stations and songs throughout the month of December, what are you waiting for? They’re pretty enjoyable, y’all.

While I do appreciate the slower classics, I recently put together a fun workout-worthy playlist you can listen to at home, in the car, and even play during workouts and group exercise classes! Below you will find 21 awesome holiday jams you could also put on at your next holiday party.

Scroll down to give it a listen online!

awesome holiday workout and party music


(You can always access my public playlists on Spotify!)

I would bet that listening to even one of those songs made you smile and/or gave you a reason to break out your “jazz hands”. If this type of music doesn’t put you in the holiday spirit, I don’t know what will. Maybe a go see a show? I’m excited for Cirque Dreams tonight with Scott and friends.

Sorry to make it short, but I need to get going. See you in the morning!

Question of the Afternoon

• What is your all-time favorite holiday song?

I have too many. I love Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree (<- fun video that brings be right back to my childhood), mainly because it reminds me of growing up watching Home Alone! I’ve also been loving Holiday a cappella music over the past few years. O Holy Night gets me every time!

December 18, 2014

Thinking Out Loud #4

Hello! Happy Thursday, my friends. I hope you are enjoying the day so far.

Thursdays are great for Thinking Out Loud for a lot of people, myself included. We’re at the point of the week were Friday is so close, yet so far. I have a few different projects to get to before leaving for work this afternoon, then come home to quickly get ready for a show in Downtown Detroit later tonight! Today will fly right by I’m sure.

Let’s get straight to it!

Thinking Out Loud Button

I went to a Pistons game solo last night, so a lot of these random thoughts are coming straight from my seat in the arena!

• Things I really should have bought stock in 10 years ago include:

Starbucks, Facebook, Apple, and… any type of hand lotion there is available in the winter time.

yes to carrots nourishing hand cream

Are any of you guys absolutely addicted to it like I am?

• I really need to start taking care of my nails again.

And, I don’t know, paint them every once in a while? Sheesh.

• I seriously can’t believe the holidays are here.

Like here! Happy Hanukkah!

You know what’s weird for an Orlando Magic Dancer alum?

Seeing guys from my former team play on other teams at The Palace.

We had the Clippers in town last week, which meant Big Baby Davis, JJ Reddick, and Hedo Turkoglu were all on court together. Last night Jameer Nelson started for the Mavericks! It was so weird, but also cool to see the players from Scott and I’s former NBA Finals days appear here in Detroit.

pistons vs mavericks

Oh, and not to mention that it’s also a treat to have Stan Van Gundy on court every game as our coach too! #magicindetroit

• Upbeat Christmas music makes me embarrassingly happy.

It’s true. I literally haven’t stopped listening to it since the first of December… unless it’s to change the station to slower holiday music, of course. It might be a problem, come January 1st.

Please tell me I’m not alone on this.

• Do really big infinity scarves look better with hair up?

I’m starting to think so.

black and brown outfit with infinity scarf

If not, maybe I’m justifying being lazy about styling it two days in a row?

Out of all the cups and tumblers I can choose from, I have been using the same mason jar for weeks now.

coffee and water every morning

(Don’t worry, I wash it.)

I just love mason jars. They’re perfect for storing snacks and drinking anything out of. Especially water throughout the day.

The Sing Off is back… well almost (for us)! 

Scott and I realized this on our way home from the game last night and went to the DVR as soon as we got inside. As it turns out, we totally forgot to watch the finale from last season. So, we watched that instead. I’m excited to tune into the season premiere of Season 5 this weekend!

• I’m getting back to loving lifting weights. 

While I was transitioning between gyms and training for races, I wasn’t doing a lot of strength training. If I was, it was Pilates, which is great, but not exactly the same as using equipment like cable machines and heavier dumbbells in a fully stocked gym.

lifting at the gym

Every day I complete a workout at the gym, I impress myself on how quickly my muscles are coming back. I kind of dig it.

• It hasn’t snowed since my mom was here over Thanksgiving! 

Is there a possibility that we won’t be having a white Christmas in Michigan? (Gasp!) That’s crazy to even think after last year’s Polar Vortex.


All right, I better go. I’m hoping to check back in this afternoon before work. If I don’t get to… I still love y’all and will see you back in the morning with Friday Favorites! <3

Question of the Morning

• What is one thing you would share for Thinking Out Loud?

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