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April 25, 2014

Friday Favorites #34: Week of 4/25

Good Morning! Who’s excited for Friday? This girl right here!

I am spending the day with a very good friend of mine, Nichole. Earlier this week, she messaged me saying she was going to steal me for a girl’s day I can’t wait to just hang, grab some yummy food and chat the afternoon away. Oh yeah, today is also my birthday!

I guess that’s a valid excuse to do everything I just mentioned on a week day. All while quite possibly drinking a mimosa or two. Because I now officially only have one more year until the big 3-0. Yowza.

In usual Friday fashion, here is a fresh bash of Friday Favorites coming at ya. Don’t forget to tell me about what have been loving this week in the comments section and bloggers, link on up too!

Friday Favorites #34: Week of 4/25

Friday Favorites Button Housewife Glamour

• customized Pistons Dancer tumbler

Scott teamed up with a very talented friend of ours over at Tervis to custom design some special memorabilia cups for me and a handful of my close friends I shared the court with this season.

customized dancer cup heather

He gave them to us at our last home game of the season and it is a gift I will cherish for decades to come. I really don’t even think I’ll use it… ever.

It’ll go right next to my years of framed posters, cards, and calendars that will be on display somewhere in our home someday.

customized pistons dancers cup

Thank you so much, Rusty!

• (cheap + cute!) Amazon phone case

You will probably come to find out that I am a phone case junkie. Unless I find a good one I am in love with that lasts a while, I change them up quite often and have learned that Amazon has a stellar and very reasonably priced collection.

rose and gold stud iphone case amazon

It took a few weeks to get here, but I got this vintage floral with gold studs case for under $3!

• Al Fresco chicken sausage + meatballs

As someone who rarely buys and eats beef or red meat, I appreciate all kinds of creative lighter meats to substitute in our meals at home.

Lately, I have been turning to Al Fresco chicken sausage and tried their chicken meatballs for the first time the other night.

al fresco chicken sausage and meatballs

While heating them up on the stove top, I also sauteed red onion, tomato, and green pepper to add to the marinara sauce.

adding vegetables to spaghetti sauce

I then added the softened vegetables and “meatballs” along with a generous sprinkle of red pepper flakes and oregano for extra flavoring.

veggie noodles and chicken sausage meatballs

I served my special sauce atop veggie noodles (<- also a common go-to) and practically licked the plate clean.

al fresco chicken meatballs on veggie noodles

chicken meatballs = definite win!

• Pandora bracelet

I have always secretly wanted my very own Pandora bracelet. I have seen them on almost every woman’s wrist I know at one point or another, and because of that never thought to ask for one.

After going in on one with my sister to purchase for my mother a few years ago, I fell for the concept and adorable way to collect personalized charms. That’s when I knew I wanted one of my own.

Pandora bracelet

I received this beautiful double leather bracelet and charms as a birthday present from my best friend, Alex!

pandora braided bracelet

I love how it wraps around my wrist and also that it is more casual than the silver bands and bangles. I LOVE it and can’t wait to collect my own set of meaningful charms over the years. (Thank you so much, friend!)

• laughing out loud at silly things

Like this…

self control level expert


or this…

funny straw ecard


(Really though. I died. How true is that?!)

• Pure Leaf iced tea

The obsession started with a single serving bottle at a gas station. Since then, Scott and I have continuously been stocking our fridge with Pure Leaf Iced Tea.

Pure Leaf Raspberry Tea

Pictured is the Raspberry flavor, but I like the Unsweeted just as much. YUM!

• Google knows it’s my birthday

Crazy right?google birthdayWoot!

Your Turn

Housewife Glamour

Happy Friday! :D

April 24, 2014

Fitness Bucket List

I always see a number of Bucket List posts, pictures and inspiration boards floating around via social media. I think the idea of creating bucket lists are awesome, and I really need to document mine one of these days.

I started thinking about what would be on my personal Bucket List the other day, and realized that fitness related items take up a huge part of it. I remember Julie writing about her #FitFluential Fitness Bucket List a few years ago, and my very next thought back then was “why the heck don’t I have one?” Really though. And that was almost two years ago!

My Fitness Bucket List

If you happen to follow me on either Pinterest or Twitter, you probably know exactly where this is going. After publishing this morning’s post, I got very “pinspired” and created a new #FitFluential Fitness Bucket List board.

#FitFluential #FitnessBucket List Housewife Glamour

As some of you already know, I am a FitFluential Ambassador. I fell in love with the idea of the company and what they are doing to make an impact on the fitness industry. In 2012, I applied to be an Ambassador shortly after I started following all of their channels and using their hashtags.

Just as an FYI, you don’t have to be a blogger to join the community, and I highly recommend checking out their free memberships if you like anything health and fitness related.

So without dragging this intro on any further, here is my first draft of my personal Fitness Bucket List!

• teach group fitness classes

I used to teach barre classes back in Orlando. At times, I felt like I lived at that studio. When I wasn’t teaching, I was taking classes and loved everything about the environment and people that walked in and out of those studio doors. I would love to teach barre again, but would also like to expand my horizons and train to teach other classes like Fitness Pilates (<- my fav!), Zumba, Kickboxing, and BodyPump.

teaching barre classes

• become a certified personal trainer

Unlike most gyms, I didn’t need a certification to teach barre classes. I have always had a life goal of becoming certified in personal training, and think it’s important to put myself through the process before I even think about teaching again. (More news on this specific goal coming up!)

• learn how to surf

I have a brother who has always wanted to be a professional surfer. I feel like he is talented enough to do it and the only thing holding him back is that little thing called a J-O-B. I have always wanted him to teach me how to surf, but I’m afraid. I mean, there are sharks out there.

Plus, dark water really freaks me out. Now, if we were in Hawaii it might be another story. Maybe one day!

family surf


(And this WILL be our family.)

• compete in a triathlon

Triathlons exist in all sorts of levels and distances, and the most common combination of events involve a timed competition race in swimming, cycling, and running. While I don’t think it is realistic for me to have a goal of completing an Ultra Distance (Ironman), I do think the beginner’s Sprint Distance is feasible. 750 meters (0.47 miles) swim, 20 kilometers (12 miles) bike, 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) run.

• run a race in a another country

I just started hearing about international races and seeing them sparked my interest right away. I always knew they existed, but to actually see friends I know (of) register for them makes me wonder what’s holding me back from doing the same. How cool would it be to say you’re an international racer?

paris marathon


• conquer intense obstacle races

GAH. I have been wanting to do the Warrior Dash for years. YEARS. Somehow, there is always a conflict when there is one close to us, and as a result Scott and I have never done an intense obstacle race together.

We’ve already done a mud race at the 5K distance, but I’m talking about a long, horrible, incredibly challenging, long and firey race that scares people. Like the Spartan Race, for instance. Please, oh please come to Michigan!

Spartan Beast Race in VT 2011


• learn more about nutrition for fitness

Along with my desire to become a certified personal trainer, I think it’s important to further educate myself in fitness nutrition. Yeah, I’m not awful at putting healthy meals together, but I really want to learn what works the best for certain training plans and programs. I would also love to call myself a Fitness Nutrition Specialist one day.

• run in the Disney Princess Half Marathon

I’m from Orlando, ya’ll.  I have always wanted to run in a Disney race, so why not do it alongside the idols from my childhood? Plus, I’ll get a free pass to wear a tutu and tiara while doing so. So there’s that.

disney princess half fitness bucket list


• be able to do a headstand, without a wall

I love taking yoga classes, but still consider myself to be a beginner at the practice. While I can hold positions and even extensions pretty well, I am a complete goober at headstands.

Clearly, handstands are in the same boat here. One day I would love to practice on the beach and conquer the handstand, without walls.

yoga headstand on the beach


• go hiking

I run the trails on a weekly basis, but I don’t think I have actually been on a real hike before. (Does exploring the base of Monchu Picchu in Peru count?) I have a couple of friends that live in Arizona and always see their hiking pictures pop up in my newsfeeds. Sooner than later, I’m making a point for us to go hiking right here in Michigan.

• add CrossFit to my regular fitness routine

And at the complete opposite end of the spectrum of the princess run, I would like to also become a badass and actually incorporate CrossFit into my fitness routine. I’ve played with the idea before, but have never attended and participated in a “real” WOD in a “real” box before.

Reebok CrossFit Fifth Ave workout center

• run a marathon

I have always been kind of hesitant about this one. Do I really want to run a marathon? After training and running for my first half two years ago, I now realize that long distance races are pretty serious. And can kind of feel like a part time job during training weeks. For now, my goal is to run five half marathons.

I have a later in life goal (post-kids) to run a marathon, and hope to do so with my husband when it happens!

reasons to stay fit


Now I would love to hear from you…

What are some of the things on your Fitness Bucket List?

April 24, 2014

Mini Melon Send-Off

Good Morning! How’s the week going for you so far? I really can’t believe it’s almost over. Slowww down, April!

I’m popping in a little pouty, as the fur kids and I just said goodbye to Scott for the weekend. He’s heading overseas for a work event in Barcelona, Spain! I know. I was upset when he didn’t pack me in his suitcase too.

I wanted to soak in as much time as I could with him this morning, so I spent the majority of it helping him pack and running last minute errands for the trip. Things started off extra sweet this morning when I came downstairs to a cut in half mini-melon!

mini melons

We picked it up on our trip to the marketplace over the weekend and I was pleasantly surprised at how fresh and juicy it was five days later. I wrapped half of it up for later, but the two of us abandoned any fancy table manners and dove right into the other one, spoons first.

mini melon and coffee

Maybe I’ll actually slice it up next time… maybe.

While we were chatting over coffee, I noticed an incessant beeping noise coming from the den and knew it needed to be dealt with before he left.

All right, I’ll admit it… I typically get out of doing as much handy work as I can. I love decorating and putting shelves together, and I keep the house pretty clean, but when it comes to actually fixing things, I’m the worst. I just have no interest.

I asked Scott to take a look at the fire alarm and instead he got a step stool and had me go at it. I felt like I was being tested for something. While the looks I gave him weren’t the most pleasant, I’m actually glad he did it. Changing a fire alarm battery is really simple, and now I know how to stop the beeping myself. #winning

As expected, I was still hungry after the battery nonsense and quickly whipped up a couple of yogurt bowls to complete our breakfast.

greek yogurt bowl

Plain Greek yogurt mixed with honey and topped with fresh blackberries, coconut shavings and flax seeds.

Sounds random, but I assure you it tasted great!

Before I go, I wanted to address an issue I have occasionally been having on Bloglovin’. For those of you who don’t use the site, it is an easy way to keep track and stay on top of all your favorite blogs in one spot. Thank you to all who follow HWG!

I am one of those people who follow my own blog just to make sure everything appears right. Every time I publish a post, I take a scan on Bloglovin’ and make sure it’s there. Well, yesterday my post never showed up, and for the remainder of the day I couldn’t help but to keep refreshing my page and huffing and puffing over it. It was super frustrating.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed my new posts show up in real time, but if they don’t I apologize and will work on getting them up again.

First world problems. I know.

Well friends, I hope you have a great little Thursday! I’ll be back after lunch.

April 23, 2014

WIAW #50: Too Many Sweets

Holy fiftieth What I Ate Wendesday, you guys!

Has it really been that many weeks since I hopped on the WIAW train? That’s almost a year’s worth of them.

As long as y’all still enjoy the weekly recap of my daily eats (which the majority of you seem to!), I’ll keep on posting them.

I spent the morning working on an assignment and left for an appointment at the eye doctor’s directly after. It turns out that I need glasses for nighttime, especially for driving. But more about that fun later!

Currently, I am coming to you from Panera. I have had serious cravings for their soup lately and decided to hang around and get some work done while I’m here. I like to escape my home office/basement and join a regular hustle and bustle environment every now and then, and this is one of the places I can also grab a healthy meal.

Now onto yesterday’s eats!

What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday

You might have already seen breakfast, as I shared it yesterday.

healthy oatmeal breakfast

Rolled oats, raisins, and fresh sliced strawberries drizzled in honey with a cup of Dunkin’ French Vanilla coffee flavored with Stevia and almond milk.

It was just as yummy as it was comforting!

That seemed to last both Scott and I until I stumbled upon these bad boys on the kitchen counter. Looks like some bunny brought home some bunny corn… and it wasn’t me.

bunny corn easter candy corn

I worked my way through the morning and before I knew it, it was time for me to get out the door for a dancer appearance in Detroit.

Since our microwave is currently en route (the old one broke last week), I heated up the rest of my Monday night dinner leftovers in the oven for lunch. The shrimp, bacon and pesto pasta bowl was just as good the second time around!

baker pesto pasta bowl leftovers

I met Scott at our arena and also grabbed an Orange Melon Starbucks refresher on our way.

Starbucks orange melon refresher

I just love those.

We arrived at Greater Media Detroit right before 2 p.m. and helped announce a new radio broadcast partnership between 105.1 and The Palace Sports and Entertainment!

DPD radio station appearance

They had a small snack area set up for anyone working the event that included deli meat, cheese and crackers, fruits, and vegetables. I mostly nibbled on the cheese and veggies.

Oh, and then there were these cupcakes just staring at all of us when the press conference was over.

chocolate cupcake with lots of icing

I finally broke down and split one with Nichole.

I want to say it was worth, it but it really wasn’t. Not even the slighted bit. In fact, even though I scraped off the majority of the icing, I felt sick to my stomach the entire ride home.

I could have easily drifted off into a nap, but instead I used my discomfort as motivation to get to the gym. I grabbed an apple to have something a little more substantial in my belly and showed up a half hour early to Fitness Pilates class to allow enough time to get in some cardio.

granny smith apple snack

Even after just 25 minutes on the elliptical, I felt so much better.

elliptical workout

I walked into class eager to tone up my sweets-filled belly and knew it would be a challenging one when our instructor told us to grab bosu balls.

fitness pilates with bosu ball

Per usual, I left with my core screaming at me and worked up quite the appetite. I rounded out the night with a trip to the steam room and grabbed a shower before treating myself to a Mediterranean Salad in the cafe.

mediterranean salad life cafe

Spinach, romaine, chicken, turkey, tomatoes, cucumbers, and kalamata olives with a light drizzle of ranch dressing.

After reading the label, I realized this salad was Detox approved and only provided 190 calories. I purchased a side of hard boiled eggs to make it more of a dinner and ate two of them.

Looking back on my past week of eating, I definitely haven’t been on my best behavior. With the NBA season coming to a close, I kind of let loose a little and didn’t care about anything I put into my body.

I’m all for “cheat” meals and even days, but wouldn’t recommend blowing an all over well-rounded diet just “because you can”. Every time I go through this get everything into my belly phase, I always come out of it feeling like complete crap both mentally and physically. As of last night, I am happy to say I am back on the healthy every veggies, fruits, healthy carbs, proteins, and whole grains diet. A combination of everything I just mentioned really is what fuels my brain and makes me feel most like me!

Realizing I am completely over desserts (for now), I grabbed a large glass of dark chocolate almond milk before bed and called it a night.

dark chocolate almond milk

I truly am looking forward to getting back to my normal healthy eating habits and ditching the candy and sweets for a while. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on how that’s going.

Questions of the Day

• Have you ever gotten to the point of having too many sweets?

• What are some things you have replaced “dessert” with?

Have a great Wednesday!

• If you liked this WIAW post, head on over to Peas & Crayons to check out plenty others, or even link your own!

• Also, you can always find my latest What I Ate Wednesday posts by exploring the “WIAW” tag on the right hand sidebar.

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