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January 30, 2015

Friday Favorites #74: Week of 1/30

Good morning! I don’t know about you guys, but I am stoked it’s Friday!

We have a handful of friends coming into town this weekend, so there are several fun events and outings penciled into our calendars over the next few days. We are taking them to our favorite Mexican restaurant with karaoke later tonight, so that will definitely prove to be interesting.

Per usual, Fridays are meant for celebrating and sharing favorites. Below you will find a list of things that I have been loving this week, and I invite you to tell me your recent faves in the comments and link-up sections too!

Friday Favorites #74: Week of 1/30

Friday Favorites Link Up Winter housewifeglamour.com

• subtle eyebrow definer

I fought eyebrow pencils, shadows, and fillers for years. The first time I ever applied anything to fill in my eyebrows was about two years ago, and that was only for games and special nights out. I often get my eyebrows threaded, and the lady shaping my brows automatically filled them in with this pencil when she finished threading a couple of visits ago.

eyebrow definer filler

Unlike anything I’ve tried before, this pen felt super light and natural. I have been enjoying using one at home (on the days I actually do more makeup than mascara and concealer) and for nights out ever since!

Van’s soft baked granola clusters

My friends over at Van’s sent me a care package this week that included their new line of soft baked whole grain granola clusters.

van's granola clusters

Both the Cranberry Almond and Blueberry Walnut flavors are fantastic! The granola is soft and chewy, and you can easily grab a handful or two for a substantial snack at home or on-the-go.

van's soft baked granola

I also love that they are gluten-free! I would have never known unless I looked at the package. I never used to think of having granola outside of breakfast and snack bars, but these bites had me digging in all day long!

This video (and song) from Maroon 5

I have been crazy about the song Sugar for weeks now. Have any of you seen the video? It’s actual footage of Adam (swoon) and the guys from Maroon 5 literally crashing weddings and giving surprise performances during their receptions.

I might have actually died if that happened to us. #sodreamy

• this winter

I might regret saying this… but… this winter has been awesome!

Roadie walking in the snow

After last year’s crazy polar vortex, I guess anything less (unbearably) freezing would seem great. As I was walking Roadie yesterday morning, I kept noticing patches on the ground without snow.

winter walking

This would have never happened around the same time last year. So far, the temperatures have been considerably tolerable, so I really have nothing to complain about. It’s actually quite beautiful!

winter trees in michigan

Now if we could only work on getting the sun to show it’s heat and face a little more often, that would be great.

• noodles on salads

As most of you already know, I will pretty much put anything on top of my salads. Veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds, cheese, you name it. Any time I have leftover noodles, I like to save a small amount to throw on top of my salads and mix things up.

salad with noodles

I really enjoy the addition of carbs and couldn’t tell you why I don’t think to do it more often.

21 Animals Who Aren’t Even Trying At All via Buzzfeed

If one of these doesn’t make you smile, I’m not sure we could be friends.

• hanging ball parking guide

After two years of over and undershooting the ideal parking position in our garage, I finally nailed it.

tennis ball parking guide

Have you ever seen these tennis ball parking guides? I remember my parents having one while I was growing up. I’m so glad Scott brought it home for me this week. Total game changer!

CHI straight guard cream

If I’m counting correctly, I have been using this product on my hair after the shower and before a blow dry for over five years!

CHI straight guard cream

One bottle generally lasts me a long time (okay, maybe I don’t wash my hair that often…), and I love the extra coat of protection it provides from all the heat abuse my hair endures. I have blow dried my hair a couple times without it, and I have to say that it’s not as soft and controlled without it.

Definitely a beauty go-to!

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• Friday funnies

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Pretty much.

let's roll


Why is it so funny?

 I can’t.

 Your Turn

Housewife Glamour

Have a great weekend!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. The Friday Favorites series features items I genuinely want to share with you. Although the hands free jogging leash was gifted to me, I was not compensated for a review. As always, all opinions remain my own. Also, please know that affiliate links may be included. Thank you for your support! <3

January 29, 2015

Funny Search Terms & Answers

Hi friends! I wasn’t really planning on posting this afternoon, but I just couldn’t help but to share some funnies I came across earlier today.

Google Analytics is a great thing, y’all. Whenever I need to report my site stats and offer brands reliable information like monthly pageviews or unique visitors, I simply pull my analytics up and grab what I need.

Every now and then, I will browse around and see other helpful information like reader demographics, popular pages, and site searches. I recently found Presley’s post on site searches and answers, and after scrolling through some of mine, I thought it would be fun to share some of the good ones with you.

Mind you, there are thousands of them. To narrow it down, I asked for search terms throughout the year of 2014. Here are some that have questions and others that really just made me laugh.

• “Hotelwife”

Is that a thing? Ha, I guess so. I once lived in a hotel for a month with Scott and our animals. Gah. I’m so glad those days are over!

• “michigan so far”

That seems like a really random search term, but I do have a post labeled exactly that.

Afternoon Walk in Auburn Hills

Click to read about our first few weeks of living in the mitten.

• “taller”

I wish I was a little bit taller… wish I was a baller? No? I really don’t know how to help you on this one.

• “678”

It’s taking every bit of the dancer in me not to say “5… 6… 7… 8.”

I’m pretty sure this is in reference to the 6, 7, 8 interval treadmill workout I posted way back in my extremely early blogging days!

Cardio Intervals 678

I actually really like this workout, but it’s horribly documented. I need to revisit it and try again soon. Enjoy the awkward while it’s there!

• “chicken liver pate” & “chicken liver paste”

The fact that someone searched this on my blog is hilarious. I have tried chicken liver pate once in my life and will never be voluntarily eating it again. Here’s why.

• “anorexia” “eating disorder” “bloat” “binge” & “body image”

I’m not sure exactly what you were looking for, but I can tell you that I am currently feeling extremely bloated. I guess I’m not as lucky as Melissa McCarthy on that front.

Melissa McCarthy doesn't bloat

On a more serious note, if you are struggling with any of those things listed above (you’re not alone… hugs to you!), I highly suggest that you refer to my recent review of BODYpeace. <3

• “how much do you weigh?”

I don’t think I have ever shared that on the blog before, but it’s not because I am embarrassed or afraid to. That’s a great question. Considering I haven’t weighed myself in months, I really don’t know… but if I had to take a stab I would guess around 120.

• “scott job”

Welp. He would be an Entertainment Director for the Detroit Pistons. I have mentioned that several times on the blog before, but it’s interesting to see that someone has actually searched it!

• “wedding video” & “cheap chic wedding dress”

I will take any excuse to resurface our wedding video. #sorrynotsorry

Heather & Scott’s SugarPop Short from SugarPop Films on Vimeo

And hey, I did get a killer deal on my wedding dress! So I guess there’s that.

• “friends my age”

Are you nearing the big 3-0 too? Let’s be friends.

funny friends quote

And watch Friends together.

• “BABY FOOD” (in all caps)

Clearly, I have an obsession too. It’s fine.

• “isapassportneededtoenterwindsorfromdetroit”

(is a passport needed to enter Windsor from Detroit?)

Yes! Even though Windsor is only located minutes from Downtown Detroit, you will have to drive through customs and need a valid passport ID to enter Canada.

detroit to windsor on ambassador bridge

You also need one to run the Detroit Free Press International Half Marathon!

• “break from working out”

We all go through periods of needing a break from working out. Whether it’s for a day, a week, or even a few weeks, I am always an advocate of listening to what your body is telling you.

Here are some of my suggestions on how to dive back into living a consistent and active lifestyle when you’re ready to jump back!


And finally, here are some that I just don’t even know how to answer…


“ham cuke”

“hummers wanted”

“won 70 dollars”


“lil critters”

“loved you for”

“taller than” <- what is it with the tall searches?


“1200 calories”

“dating an athletic girl”

“denim knee length shorts”


And there’s just so many more. I feel like I could do a series of ten of these posts! At least. You guys really do make me smile!

I hope you found this half as entertaining as I did and have a great rest of your Thursday!

I’ll see you back here bright and early tomorrow with Friday Favorites. <3

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