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April 23, 2014

WIAW #50: Too Many Sweets

Holy fiftieth What I Ate Wendesday, you guys!

Has it really been that many weeks since I hopped on the WIAW train? That’s almost a year’s worth of them.

As long as y’all still enjoy the weekly recap of my daily eats (which the majority of you seem to!), I’ll keep on posting them.

I spent the morning working on an assignment and left for an appointment at the eye doctor’s directly after. It turns out that I need glasses for nighttime, especially for driving. But more about that fun later!

Currently, I am coming to you from Panera. I have had serious cravings for their soup lately and decided to hang around and get some work done while I’m here. I like to escape my home office/basement and join a regular hustle and bustle environment every now and then, and this is one of the places I can also grab a healthy meal.

Now onto yesterday’s eats!

What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday

You might have already seen breakfast, as I shared it yesterday.

healthy oatmeal breakfast

Rolled oats, raisins, and fresh sliced strawberries drizzled in honey with a cup of Dunkin’ French Vanilla coffee flavored with Stevia and almond milk.

It was just as yummy as it was comforting!

That seemed to last both Scott and I until I stumbled upon these bad boys on the kitchen counter. Looks like some bunny brought home some bunny corn… and it wasn’t me.

bunny corn easter candy corn

I worked my way through the morning and before I knew it, it was time for me to get out the door for a dancer appearance in Detroit.

Since our microwave is currently en route (the old one broke last week), I heated up the rest of my Monday night dinner leftovers in the oven for lunch. The shrimp, bacon and pesto pasta bowl was just as good the second time around!

baker pesto pasta bowl leftovers

I met Scott at our arena and also grabbed an Orange Melon Starbucks refresher on our way.

Starbucks orange melon refresher

I just love those.

We arrived at Greater Media Detroit right before 2 p.m. and helped announce a new radio broadcast partnership between 105.1 and The Palace Sports and Entertainment!

DPD radio station appearance

They had a small snack area set up for anyone working the event that included deli meat, cheese and crackers, fruits, and vegetables. I mostly nibbled on the cheese and veggies.

Oh, and then there were these cupcakes just staring at all of us when the press conference was over.

chocolate cupcake with lots of icing

I finally broke down and split one with Nichole.

I want to say it was worth, it but it really wasn’t. Not even the slighted bit. In fact, even though I scraped off the majority of the icing, I felt sick to my stomach the entire ride home.

I could have easily drifted off into a nap, but instead I used my discomfort as motivation to get to the gym. I grabbed an apple to have something a little more substantial in my belly and showed up a half hour early to Fitness Pilates class to allow enough time to get in some cardio.

granny smith apple snack

Even after just 25 minutes on the elliptical, I felt so much better.

elliptical workout

I walked into class eager to tone up my sweets-filled belly and knew it would be a challenging one when our instructor told us to grab bosu balls.

fitness pilates with bosu ball

Per usual, I left with my core screaming at me and worked up quite the appetite. I rounded out the night with a trip to the steam room and grabbed a shower before treating myself to a Mediterranean Salad in the cafe.

mediterranean salad life cafe

Spinach, romaine, chicken, turkey, tomatoes, cucumbers, and kalamata olives with a light drizzle of ranch dressing.

After reading the label, I realized this salad was Detox approved and only provided 190 calories. I purchased a side of hard boiled eggs to make it more of a dinner and ate two of them.

Looking back on my past week of eating, I definitely haven’t been on my best behavior. With the NBA season coming to a close, I kind of let loose a little and didn’t care about anything I put into my body.

I’m all for “cheat” meals and even days, but wouldn’t recommend blowing an all over well-rounded diet just “because you can”. Every time I go through this get everything into my belly phase, I always come out of it feeling like complete crap both mentally and physically. As of last night, I am happy to say I am back on the healthy every veggies, fruits, healthy carbs, proteins, and whole grains diet. A combination of everything I just mentioned really is what fuels my brain and makes me feel most like me!

Realizing I am completely over desserts (for now), I grabbed a large glass of dark chocolate almond milk before bed and called it a night.

dark chocolate almond milk

I truly am looking forward to getting back to my normal healthy eating habits and ditching the candy and sweets for a while. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on how that’s going.

Questions of the Day

• Have you ever gotten to the point of having too many sweets?

• What are some things you have replaced “dessert” with?

Have a great Wednesday!

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April 22, 2014

Early Birthday Celebration

I got a few different surprises yesterday. One of them was this beautiful bouquet of pink roses I spotted coming in from my late afternoon run.

birthday roses

Aren’t they gorgeous? I just love that pattern!

birthday roses close up

At first I thought that Scott was just being nice, but then I remembered we were going out to dinner to celebrate my birthday that actually takes place later this week.

Without much time, I hopped into the shower and got ready as quickly as possible for what I thought was going to be an intimate dinner for two.

on our way to birthday dinner

Some of you might even recognize this photo I posted on Instagram, followed by #datenight. Clearly, that’s what I was expecting.

We pulled up to a new (to me) part of Royal Oak right around 8 p.m. and valeted in front of a very cool and trendy looking spot called Vinsetta Garage.

Vinsetta Garage Custom Detroit Eats

Neither Scott or I had been to the restaurant before, and were instantly intrigued by the garage looking feel of decorations.

vinsetta garage restaurant

As soon as we got out of the car, we were told to expect at least a thirty-five minute wait, which didn’t seem to phase Scott. I should have known something was up when we walked straight past the hostess stand, but didn’t realize we were also there to meet a small group of friends until I saw them smiling at us from across the room!

Birthday Dinner at Vinsetta Garage

They were all very, very sneaky!

While I was giving out hugs, I realized that there was also something surprising slash awesome about Alex’s attire.

matching stitch fix dresses

We were both wearing the same exact dress from our latest Stitch Fix! What are the odds that we both received the same dress, kept it, and wore it out for the first time on the same night? Ha! I loved it.

Since Scott will be out of the country on my real birthday on Friday, it was so nice to know he took the time in advance to coordinate something to acknowledge it anyways.

The menu and food at this restaurant was unreal. From the union mac and cheese and coal-fried breadsticks we ordered as appetizers to my ginormous Baker Bowl, everything tasted incredible!

vinsetta garage pasta bowl

Campanelle, rocket pesto, gulf shrimp, Canadian bacon, roasted red peppers, and shallots.

We finished the night off with dessert (because I can… it’s “kind of” my birthday) and I had such a great time!

birthday gifts

birthday candle in dessert

Thank you so much for helping me ring in the big 2-9, Scotty (and friends!). I still have a few more days… but you sure do know how to make a girl feel special!

birthday dinner me and scott

Hate to make it short, but I need to jet outta here.

Have a great rest of your Tuesday! :)

April 22, 2014

Earth Day + Running Hills

This morning started on a high note with a warm and comforting breakfast.

oatmeal breakfast

Rolled oats, raisins, and fresh sliced strawberries drizzled in honey with a cup of Dunkin’ French Vanilla coffee flavored with Stevia and almond milk.

healthy oatmeal breakfast

I usually make my oatmeal with milk, but decided on water this morning on account of the mess I made last time by over-boiling. This way, if it happens to boil over, it’s water that is stuck to the stove, not milk.

Well, what do you know… it didn’t. I think I finally learned the trick to oatmeal, ya’ll. Keep it on medium heat or below and give it a good stir every now and then. Just don’t leave it!

Happy Earth Day

Hey, did you know that today is Earth Day? Woo hoo! Here is a little more information on little things you can do to raise awareness and help preserve the great outdoors:

What can we do to help?

Invest in a recycling bin if you don’t have one already. Last year, I contacted a handful of people about how to get one from our official neighborhood collector, but after all the hassle we ended up just purchasing one at Home Depot ourselves. It’s pretty easy!

Also, get outdoors and utilize public transportation if you live in a city where it makes sense. We live in the middle of the suburbs, so walking and biking to work and events would not be realistic for me.  Also, public transportation is not the most reliable or safe in my area, so I don’t think I will be trying it anytime soon. BUT, if you do happen to live in a city where there is easy access to buses, trains, or subways, why not give it a go?

While in New York, Scott and I fully embraced the subway system and loved it. I actually despise driving, and there are many days I wish we lived somewhere where we did not even need to own a car.

I am also a very big water bottle re-user. Once my bottle is finished, I rinse it out with warm water and refill it. Sometimes I will even throw some into the dishwasher to get a few more uses out of them. Then I throw them in the recycle.

Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970, and has now coordinated by the Earth Day Network. Their website gives tons of information on little things you can do every day to preserve our Earth.

When the weather becomes a little more consistently warm, I would love to finally plant a tree. It is something I have always said I wanted to do, and just haven’t gotten around to doing so.

And of course, you can always help out by donating small or large to their organization.

Running Hills (In Shorts)

After Roadie and I’s short morning walk in the 48 degree wet and windy weather, I am glad I took advantage of the beautiful weather yesterday to get outdoors and appreciate it.

When I was done with my work for the day, I shut down the computer and had a plan of running longer than I had in a while. After a step outside, I realized I could finally tackle a run outside in shorts!

running outside in shorts


I also grabbed a tea bottle and filled it up with water to run with. If I go for anything over five miles, I like to make sure I stay hydrated and I had a goal of six.

Still fueled from some serious Easter Weekend eats, I set out with an upbeat playlist and tried out a new running route. I love when they include surprise overlooks!

running outside river scenery

I crossed the street after taking this picture and then stumbled upon a series of hills. Hello, heart rate!

running hills outside

running hills outside in spring

They actually gave me something to stay focused on, besides how much longer I have to go. Once I passed the hard patch, it was smooth sailing… especially on my turnarond when I got to run all of the same ones downhill.

It was definitely a run that had me sweating, and I have a feeling that the red face running season has officially begun!

red running face

Hey, I’ll take that over a frozen blue ice face any day. Just sayin’.

All right friends, I must boogie. I’ve got a dancer appearance this afternoon in Detroit and plenty to keep me busy until it’s time to get ready for it.

See you in a bit!

Questions of the Day

• What are some things you do (or want to start doing) to help conserve our earth?

• Have you taken time out of your day lately to go for a walk enjoy the great outdoors? (Do it!)

April 21, 2014

Spinach + Pear Spring Salad

Good Afternoon! This morning I hinted towards a side salad recipe I wanted to share with you and… well… here it is.

With the sunshine and warm temperatures finally showing face, I can’t help but to want to make everything a little more springy, including my food.

When we were asked to bring a salad to Easter dinner, I took it as a challenge to try something new and now I can’t stop eating it.

spinach and pear spring salad recipe

Here’s hoping you enjoy pears, spinach, and blue cheese as much as I do!



4 pears, cored and sliced

2 bunches fresh spinach leaves (roughly 2 bags)

1 1/2 cups blue cheese crumbles

1 cup red onion, thinly sliced or diced


3 Tbsp. vinegar

3 Tbsp. olive oil

3 Tbsp. honey

3/4 tsp. ground pepper


cook time: 15 mins.

servings: 10 – 12


You can easily cut this recipe to serve 4 by cutting everything down a third. Example, use 1 Tbsp. vinegar, oil, and honey in the dressing and 1/2 cup blue cheese crumbles, 1/3 cup red onions, and about 1 1/2 pears instead.


1. In a small bowl, whisk together the vinegar, olive oil, honey, and pepper.

2. In a large bowl, add the pear slices and a just a little bit of the dressing and toss to coat. (Skip this step if you’re preparing the salad ahead of time.)

3. In a large bowl, combine the spinach, pears, onions, blue cheese crumbles, dressing, to toss and coat. Refrigerate any leftovers.

This is a great salad to serve immediately at home or even take to a dinner party later on. Simply prepare the ingredients ahead of time and mix them together when you’re ready!

spinach and pear salad ingredients

Looking back, I should have sliced the pairs a little thinner, and would have preferred to cut the onion in thin slices rather than chopping it.

spring pear salad ingredients

Regardless, I prepared this salad early in the morning and served it later at night as part of dinner. To make it travel better, I combined all of the ingredients but the dressing into a large serving bowl, covered it, and didn’t mix it together until close to serving time.

preparing spring salad

Just minutes before eating, I drizzled on the dressing and tossed everything together with tongs. To avoid making a mess, I actually used two big serving bowls, then transferred everything back into one.

spring pear and spinach salad

Everyone seemed to like the combination of ingredients, and the picture above was taken a day later, which tells you it also holds well without becoming too soggy.

Gotta love leftovers!

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